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Top 12 Best City Building Games on PC In 2022

Best city building games on PC will be described in this article. You are the one who plans, leads, is the major, and is above. We’re seeking for the best city-building PC games if you want to fumble in control of a city, a village, or an empire.

We’re entering a thriving genre with a tonne of innovative and expanding works, like the Civilization series. We’re here to highlight your possible next time-consuming adventure, not to overwhelm you.

In essence, that is what city-building games provide. You may play for hours on end using their mechanics and modes without having to make any further purchases.

Since The Sumerian Game, a text-based game released in 1964, city-building games have been around.

The genre has remained a mainstay of PC gaming for many years. Since these games require numerous key, mouse, and button combinations to function, it cannot be found anywhere else.

Having said that, picking games from the category takes familiarity with the genre. Therefore, the following elements are combined or given a unique twist in the best city-building games:

Gameplay: The focus is on gathering, directing, and building a city. A bird’s-eye view or anything similar would be used.

City-building video games are always single-player affairs. Therefore, they ought to contain enough content for you to play for months.

Game Modes: These games do, however, necessitate some campaigns. It should also provide more imaginative angles for investigating its workings and objectives.

Similar to this, there ought to be some variety in these games. That might mostly take the shape of civilizations or tech branches.

Tech Trees: In several of these games, as your city and stockpiles expand, you can explore new technologies. Your empire will become more effective and powerful as a result.

Economic Challenges: In city building or management simulation games, the economics is the main focus. Finding the resources and applying them both provide challenges.

Construction Mechanism: These varieties are built in different ways. Generally, if you can afford it, you construct on unoccupied spots.

These games’ plots have an impact on the gameplay’s mechanics. They differ greatly and have a big impact on the game’s quality.

Goals: Similarly, the goals may change based on the plot. You can play a dictator developing a nation or struggle against the climate.

Interface: These games will succeed or fail based on their user interface. It should be easy to use and comprehend while also providing access to all the features with only a few clicks.

Overall, city-building games ought to be challenging and entertaining. They provide the excitement and difficulty of building a city, overseeing its resources, and overcoming obstacles based on narrative.

Since city-building naturally falls under the umbrella of management simulation, we are also looking into more fantastical categories as long as they provide a similar experience.

Top 12 Best City-Building Games on PC In 2022

Top 12 Best City-Building Games on PC are explained here.

1. Civilization VI

Civilization VI

Architect: Firaxis Games

The author is 2K Games.

Date of Release: October 2016

Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Android are the platforms supported. Also check Crypto Games

The most recent instalment of the 4X series is Civilization VI. The core gameplay is called 4X, which stands for “explore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate,” and is done on a board, every turn, and from a bird’s eye perspective.

By choosing a civilisation, you can begin a campaign. Then you join a huge world map, but it is completely shrouded in fog. Building a small town from scratch is the first step toward someday ruling the globe through conquest, economic might, or technological might. This is another city building games.

Each turn, you can develop structures or conduct technological research with your available resources. Additionally, you can explore the world by moving forces around the map and establishing friendly or unfriendly relations with other countries. Additionally, the other civilizations will follow suit when you end the turn.

Every time you join, you can play completely fresh campaigns thanks to these components. There are numerous methods to go after victory, hence there are no set routes. Additionally, as you play, you’ll observe how your decisions affect relationships, cities, and cities themselves.



Architect: 11 Bit Studios

11 Bit Studios, the author

Availability: April 2018

Windows, macOS, iOS, PS4, Xbox One, and Android are supported.

Frostpunk combines survival techniques with city-building. The narrative forces you to assume the role of the head of a post-apocalyptic society as you struggle to survive in a harsh world.

The year is 19th century, and the layout of your city is steampunk. In fact, you may complete many plot quests and survive a lava winter by using engines. Although the objectives of each differ, the mechanics are the same.

For instance, managing your survivors is necessary in order to gather coal, which you need for energy. Politics is another important gameplay element; how your subjects feel about you will have a big impact on how the game plays out.

The game also has other game types, multiple settings, and a campaign. It can take you several tries to fully understand its physics, which adds to its difficulty. Still, it provides a sophisticated experience as one of the most recent city builders.

3.Tropico 6

Tropico 6

Limbic Entertainment, the creator

Kalypso Media is the author.

Availability: March 2019

Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

A construction and management simulator is Tropico 6. The Caribbean Sea’s fictitious Tropico Archipelago serves as the scene. You control “El Presidente,” a king with a variety of ways to rule.

Older games in the series’ can be compared to the gameplay. The Colonial Era is followed by the World Wars, the Cold War, and finally the Modern Era. You must develop, grow, and change your country over the years.

You want to make the islands into a superpower. You control the resources, occupants, and structures. Your actions have an impact on productivity because of how your residents see your government.

The game mimics a variety of islands with hundreds of residents and intricate building characteristics. In particular, you begin on a small colony and can reach neighbouring islands by building bridges and other structures of a such nature.

4.Pharaoh + Cleopatra

Pharaoh + Cleopatra

The PC version of Pharaoh + Cleopatra is available on Steam. However, since it isn’t a remaster, the 1999 game can appear dated. But it’s one of the best city-building games ever made. If you enjoy old games, you should test it out because a 4K remaster is in the works.

It takes place in ancient Egypt. As the ruler of an Egyptian empire, you oversee practically all of its operations. The game has everything you can think of, including culture, religion, military training, trade, diplomacy, roads, water, residences, commerce, farming, and more.

The game’s (and its expansion’s) campaign has imaginative stages in particular. Building in and expanding a city around the Nile valley takes up the most of the experience. Different objectives may require you to gather resources, construct illustrious structures, or eliminate enemies. This is another city building games.

And your city will suffer if you are a bad Pharaoh. Your adversaries will be economic collapse, starvation, fire, and looters. The adversaries will remain the same no matter which century the game’s plot is set in. Nevertheless, Ancient Rome – Caesars 3 has a similiar game, although the PC port is rather shaky.



A colony simulation game with city-building and settlement management features is called Frozenheim. Additionally, it provides a number of advancement trees and a plot that affects the mechanics.

The objective of this game is to survive the winter while running a Norse colony. However, there are RTS combat components, so you’ll need to get ready to fend against adversaries and invaders. You can deploy the unit squads produced by some of your structures, in particular, to defend or raid.

There are 21 missions in the game’s single-player campaign. A free-form city-building game mode, skirmish, survival, co-op, and multiplayer competition are also available. In the latter case, a match can include up to eight players. Also check TorrentKing Proxy Alternatives

However, each game mode uses the same mechanics. You expand a tiny Viking settlement into a powerful empire. You gather supplies for the winter via fishing, growing things, hunting, and foraging. And you do technological research to advance your empire as a whole.

6.SimCity 4

SimCity 4

The last instalment of EA’s city-building and simulation game is called Sim City 4. Even though it is ancient, it is renowned for its sophisticated terraforming tools and numerous mechanisms for controlling various parts of a city.

Players have a great deal of freedom in the game. By incorporating residential, commercial, industrial, and other site types, you can construct a city. To balance out citizen needs, you provide services like transportation, education, and law enforcement. Finally, taxes and trade with other cities provide resources.

God mode, mayor mode, and MySims mode are some of the available game modes. You can access the latter version once you’ve built your first city. You can import characters from your copy of The Sims or make Sims to populate a city.

This is another city building games. The Sims 4 also has options for adding user-generated content. This allows you to tailor your experience and include any type of third-party structures and material in your game.

7.Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia are all supported platforms.

SimCity’s replacement, Cities: Skylines, is a more recent game. It gives a traditional method for running, growing, and building a city. However, it has a special emphasis on urban planning, which can be interesting and difficult.

You handle things like zoning, roads, public utilities, transit, and taxes, for instance. The city’s finances, jobs, traffic, pollution, health, etc. are all under your management.

The city-building experience is playable in sandbox mode and other imaginative modes. You construct plots (commercial, residential, industrial, and more), roads, public utilities, and more regardless of the game mode.

You also need to maintain an eye on the needs and preferences of your inhabitants as the city expands. That mostly refers to jobs, energy, security, education, and traffic. Additionally, you can modify the experience by adding mods to the game.

8. Anno 1800

Anno 1800

Real-time tactics and city building are combined in Anno 1800. The most recent and seventh instalment in the Anno series is this one. The historical environment transports you to the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century.

The game includes both traditional city-building and maritime battle mechanics. There are also a tonne of features and technologies connected huge industrialization. For instance, while your enterprises produce resources, they also cause pollution, unrest, and decreased tourist appeal in the city.

As a city in the “Old World,” you play. You must provide for the requirements of your craftsmen, employees, and citizens. They are the driving force behind your supply networks and the means of production. You also expand your kingdom and establish trading routes with the New World.

The experience can be accessed in multiplayer, story campaign, or sandbox mode. In these game modes, users can engage in real-time battle and city construction with either the AI or other players.

9.Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars

Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One are the platforms.

A city-building and colony simulation game is called Surviving Mars. You are given the role of the supervisor of a developing colony on Mars. The colony’s survival on the hostile planet is your responsibility. Also check firstrow sports

Selecting a sponsoring nation is the first step. Each has distinct advantages, structures, and vehicles. Then, using rovers and drones, you start terraforming Mars. As the campaign progresses, the robotic assistants will ready the planet for the arrival of inhabitants.

Here, you construct “domes” instead of “plots,” such as resource depots, domes for housing and food production, and domes for building oxygen, power, or water. You’ll also get rockets from Earth carrying colonists who are prepared to move in as your colony expands. This is another city building games.

Finally, the game simulates Mars and its environment using data from the planet. Because of this, the world is equally menacing and immersive. Nevertheless, you can use its resources for Earth, conduct research, follow stories, experience events (including wars and AI uprisings), and deal with the weather.

10.Surviving the Aftermath

Surviving the Aftermath

Another colony management and building simulator is Surviving the Aftermath. Your objective in the game is to survive in a dangerous and harsh post-apocalyptic environment.

Although not as complicated as other games’ building systems, this one seems new and original. In the book, there are approximately 130 different building types and 80 different kinds of colonists who are specialists in various fields.

In order to manage your colonists, you must assign them to resource-based labour. Additionally, you outfit the professionals to aid in protecting the colony against predators and robbers.

This is another city building games. Finally, a procedurally generated world is included in the game. The engine also generates competing leaders, resource trading, and events. To preserve your existence, you must struggle in especially for these resources.

11.Going Medieval

Going Medieval

A city-building sim is called Going Medieval. It’s really simple to understand and welcoming to genre novices. Consequently, if you’re searching for a beginner’s game, this is it.

You can build forts and villages with multiple levels here. The objective is to protect your villages from ever-larger raids. Moreover, as your castle expands, you will mould the environment around you. This is another city building games.

The 14th century is the time period. 95% of the population was murdered by a plague, while some survivors retreated behind your walls. Wildlife, robbers, and other dangers are waiting to take what is yours outside of your limited world.

So, to expand your stronghold, you employ basic 3D terraforming tools. You can construct above or below the surface. You maintain a lot of creative freedom when building. Then, in order to increase your chances of survival, you set traps, arm your villages, and conduct technological research.



City-building enthusiasts will still enjoy the construction and colony management simulation known as RimWorld. That’s because it includes a mechanic—an AI storyteller—that you won’t find anywhere else. This is another city building games.

You begin Rimworld with two randomly selected crash survivors on a foreign planet. The colonists are given instructions by the game on where to work, what to explore, what to build, and other tasks.

More people will move in as your colony expands. Each one has unique benefits. Additionally, the system of the game will simulate and assess a large number of factors affecting how these colonists act. That covers everything you can think of, including good health, joy, tension, and hunger.

The AI storyteller is another option on top of that. You can select one of them, and it will change the level of difficulty and mood of the game. It handles the procedurally generating of events and the chaining of causes and effects. Every time you play, a new story experience will be created.


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