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Top Best 15 Business Voice Alternatives in 2022

Best and most efficient Voice alternatives will be described in this article. PanTerra created Business Voice. It is a business VoIP system that enables you to view files, talk to your team, make and receive calls from your post phone number, and much more. It is yet another Vonage Business option that adds some new capabilities to enable more potent espionage.

The solution comes with a wide range of capabilities, such as IM, unlimited calls, mobile apps, cloud sync, softphone, and additional programmes like call distribution, call recording, internet fax, and video conferences, among others. Additionally, Business Voice integrates with several other CRM programmes, including Salesforce, Outlook, and many others.

It is used by little and big enterprises across a wide range of sectors, including banking, healthcare, and legal services, among many others. The solution contains other notable characteristics as well, which add to its intrigue. Overall, compared to other VoIP options, Business Voice is one of the finest.

Top Best 15 Business Voice Alternatives in 2022

Top Best 15 Business Voice Alternatives are explained here.

1. ShoreTel


For conferencing, mobile apps, collaboration, and all the important features that serve companies of all sizes, ShoreTel offers a unified communication solution. It is a commercial system that manages business requirements for thousands of users worldwide.

It provides a fully customizable system to suit the demands of the business, much like other comparable systems. You don’t need any advanced IT knowledge to build your system. The UC application is expanded to mobile and desktop devices by the solution communicator. This is another business voice alternative.

Tablets and smartphones make it simple to take part in multi-party video conferencing because to their portability. Along with other essential features, ShoreTel offers a communicator, an agent manager, a user-friendly interface, call reporting, and much more. Additionally, there are many price tiers, and each tier has its own features, costs, and services.

2. CorvisaOne


Another cloud-based communications platform is CorvisaOne, which was created specifically for businesses who require tools for running incoming or outgoing contact centres. It includes all the major and obvious features that control your whole system, including call recording, queue and skills-based routing, ACD, and interactive voice response. This is another business voice alternative.

The suite includes a built-in cloud phone system with some extra features and services. The biggest feature of this suite is that it can be completely customised to meet a company’s present work processes thanks to Corvisa’s Summit Platform, which gives businesses access to the suite’s code at the code level. It allows system interconnections with third parties, much as the others.

Additionally, CorvisaOne is appropriate for all B2B and B2C ventures in any sector. It is advised for businesses that would require up to five users. The suite provides aid to businesses that require customisation and may be used without IT participation. CorvisaOne has essential features including Salesforce connectivity, process automation, 24/7 monitoring, staying compliant without compromising efficiency, and much more. Overall, it is a straightforward yet effective call centre solution for companies of all sizes.

3. Five9


Leading call centre software, Five9, enables agents to manage multi-channel, inbound, and outbound contact centres. It provides all the essential services and duties to manage your whole agent activity and is a simple, economical, safe, and dependable solution. Agents can handle your life viewpoint with the aid of the smart dialer tools. Customers can be contacted by the agent by landline or mobile phone, online chat, monitoring, and reporting of performance metrics.

Five9 may be tailored to fit enterprises that need to handle seasonal needs, peak call periods, and seasonal demands more. To utilise it, you’ll need internet-ready laptops and headsets. Additionally, the five9 solution may be combined with several CLM software programmes. Also check ebusiness pages alternatives

You can handle, monitor, and report on each customer integration from any communication channel and match them to the finest resources with this software, which is more than just a call centre. Additionally, Five9 has a number of key attributes that set it apart from rivals and make it more engaging. Please give it a try; you’ll be impressed at all the features of this effective solution. This is another business voice alternative.

4. NICE inContact

NICE inContact

With the cloud customer experience solution in the world from NICE inContact, businesses can easily and affordably deliver amazing customer experiences while fulfilling important business criteria. It is a call centre solution built on the SaaS platform that aids companies in maximising the quality of leads and lowering the expense of client interactions.

It has a lot of the functionality needed to handle incoming requests. Additionally, it benefits businesses to communicate with clients through a variety of channels, such as social media, voicemail, chat, email, and inbound/outbound voice calls. Additionally, NICE inContact introduces a number of call routing features including IVR, ACD, and workforce optimization tools like e-learning, recruiting, and WFM that draw in a larger global audience.

It connects with well-known CRM programmes like Salesforce and Oracle Service Cloud, much like all the other comparable systems. The solution has two thousand users, is accessible in over a hundred countries, and can be utilised by both small and large firms. Commercial NICE inContact is an easy-to-use Windows, Mac OS, and Web operating system solution.

5. Amp Telecom

Amp Telecom

Amp Telecom is an effective all-in-one cloud-based business Voice Over IP and calling platform for any midsize and big organisations. It offers crystal-clear calling, round-the-clock dependability, and may help you save more than 60% on your monthly phone expense. Call routing, interactive voice response, monitoring, voicemail-to-email, conferencing, extension directories, and other important features are all part of the system. Numerous additional SIP/VoIP phone service providers, including Cisco, Polycom, Grandstream, are also compatible with it. One of the numerous intriguing elements of this system is that the communication route between callers and clients is encrypted using Secure Real-time Transport Protocol and Transport Layer Security. This is another business voice alternative.

Additionally, the system features admin and user interfaces that display caller evaluations, voicemails, voice recordings, and call history. The solution’s features may all be blended and tailored to your business’s needs. The admin and user portals, business continuity, API access, automated attendant, call barging, call blocking, and caller ID, among other features, are some of its most notable features. Overall, Amp Telecom is among the top options when compared to the alternatives.

6. Simple Phone Co

Simple Phone Co

With Simple Phone Co, a potent cloud-based business VoIP solution for all sorts of small to midsize organisations, you can work from anywhere. To customise all the service features, the system adds a drag-and-drop call flow manager.

Email and faxes may be sent and received through email, and voicemail can be configured to be delivered to phones and smartphones. Custom conference call bridges that make advantage of unused lines are simple to design. Mobile phones may be added to the platform, and you can use any other phone to access the phone system, dial an extension, and mask caller ID, just like the other, comparable solutions.

The system also includes call flow, faxing, hot desk extensions, conferences, sophisticated voicemail, time of day, DISA dialling, and ringing groups. Regardless of the size of the plan, you may edit an infinite number of users, groups, and devices. Try it out; you’ll be astonished by everything on this wonderful site.

7. RingCentral Office

RingCentral Office

The most popular cloud-based business phone service in the world, RingCentral Office provides fax, video, voice, and text-based business communication solutions. It offers several new features and is an alternative to Vonage Business. The primary capabilities of the solution, including audio recording, limitless long distance, local calling, and conferences.

Additionally, RingCentral Office is a fully integrated mobile-based VoIP solution that keeps business linked across a range of professional and personal devices, such as tablets, smartphones, and PCs. It is also referred to as the all-in-one VoIP system that enables you to connect with clients, business partners, and staff members wherever you are at any time. It also interfaces with crucial email services as well as other programmes like CRM, Google Docs, and Dropbox. This is another business voice alternative.

With RingCentral Office, businesses can be operational in a matter of minutes. All phones are set up and ready to use right away. Without assistance from IT, you may manage your phone choices. The price plans for the solution are Essentials, Standard, Premium, and Unlimited, and each one has its own price and primary advantages.

8. Fusion Connect

Fusion Connect

A VoIP system that works with medium- to large-sized organisations in any industry is Fusion Connect, formerly known as MegaPath. In order to increase its strength, it provides businesses with Internet access, network service management, unified communications, security services, and more. A business may use this solution to connect with consumers over a secure network using a single provider. Also check business wire alternatives

Internet, business phone, cloud IT, PBX, broadband internet, call recording and conference are just a few of the features offered by the Fusion Connect system. Additionally, the solution provides a few extra options for managing your different business duties, such as tailoring the reporting system.

Fusion Connect begins at the most basic level and currently has thousands of members worldwide. Softphones, SIP trucks, internet faxing, and auto-attendant features are all included in the system. Fusion Connect may be accessed from any location at any time using a web browser and is agreeing with both Mac and Windows operating systems.

9. FluentStream VoIP

FluentStream VoIP

Another VoIP or business phone system created specifically for organisations of all sizes is FluentStream. It is one of the top Vonage Business Solution alternatives that provides a variety of additional features, including call monitoring, telemarking, reporting, and IVR. The system has both on-premises and cloud-based deployment options.

With the help of its robust auto-attendant feature, you may record call greeting messages and play them for incoming callers. This innovative function acts as a virtual receptionist and routes calls to the data, groups, or people you choose. It provides a conference system with a virtual conference room where any number of people can phone in to a joint meeting, just like other VoIP systems of a similar nature.

The whole conference and customer conversations may also be recorded, and you can utilise the recordings for training, quality control, and reference purposes. This solution’s ability to provide a personalised reporting system, which appeals to a global audience, is another wonderful feature. Try it out if you’re looking for an all-in-one business phone solution; it was designed with you in mind. This is another business voice alternative.

10. 8×8


In addition to providing all the same services as Vonage Business, 88 is a market-leading collection of all-inclusive web-based business VoIP solutions. Businesses in almost every sector can improve their communications with the aid of enterprise-grade phone services, mobile apps, virtual meetings, and many other tools. The solution works best for businesses of all sizes and provides a few extra services to set it apart from the competition.

Within the suite, Virtual Office provides PBX, mobile support, softphones, video conferences, internet fax, and a plethora of other applications. The fact that this application integrates with so many other systems, such as Outlook, Sugar CRM, NetSuite, and Zendesk, among others, is one of its most exciting and enjoyable features. Each of the price plans offered by Virtual Office by 88 has its own essential features and price. Give it a go.

11. Jive Voice

Jive Voice

A cloud-based unified communication solution for businesses of all sizes in the United States is called Jive Voice or Jive Communication. The solution consists of integrated Business VoIP, contact centre, and video conference products that can all be accessed via web browsers on the internet or by downloading a desktop application for Windows and Mac devices. All of these cloud-based services are available for use on these devices.

It is superior to others because it also provides a PBX call routing system, call recording, automatic call distribution, internet fax, softphone, and mobility. Its products are appropriate for a variety of businesses, including small and medium-sized enterprises, K–12 and higher education institutions, government agencies, hospitals, and other top educational institutions. One of the top cloud-based phone systems that supports both local and long-distance calling is Jive Voice. This is another business voice alternative.

You can completely tailor your calling schedules using this platform, and you can manage different aspects of calling from a single portal. With the help of its video, you can have face-to-face interactions with clients and coworkers via cloud-based video conferences. Jive Voice is superior to others because it offers a variety of services and tools. Try it; it’s the best option for everyone.

12. Nextiva


Nextiva, a VoIP (voice-over-internet-protocol) solution for small businesses enterprise-level telephony services, enables them to organise their internal business VoIP phone system and streamline their communications. It is a straightforward platform with lots of advanced tools and some fresh features that help you manage all of your different tasks.

The solution provides host call centres, integrated and scalable PBX trunks, online faxing solutions, etc. Numerous notable features are also included in Nextiva, including advanced call routing, mobile integration, caller ID, conferences, and many more. You can easily manage all of your options with the aid of this solution from the Nextiva Office Manage, a robust web-interface.

If necessary, VoIP phones and hardware accessories may also be included. It has several versions, including Call Center Pro and Call Center Enterprise, each with its own costs, resources, and primary advantages, just like other platforms of a similar nature. If you need a robust VoIP system, try it out. Also check Denali Business 

13. Vonage Business

Vonage Business

A cloud-based communication platform called Vonage Business is appropriate for all sorts of small and medium businesses. It provides a distinctive business phone system that enables organisations to link their VoIP phone system to any internet source and conduct voice, text, or video conferencing communications. The solution provides adaptable solutions that can be customised to any business’s needs, and there are no commitments necessary to use their service.

It is a simple and user-friendly programme that includes many new features and commuter functionalities that draw users from all around the world. The fundamental functions of any straightforward VoIP system, including call announce, screening, multiple devices on a single line, and do not disturb, are all included in its base package. The admin site, where managers can rapidly examine call records, modify employee dashboard visibility, set up dialling limitations, see billing data, etc., manages all calls on this platform. This is another business voice alternative.

There is also a mobile application for Vonage Business that users may use to access the service whenever and wherever they want. Additionally, the platform provides desktop plug-ins for users to modify the system, which provides all necessary services without charge. Users may also merge their contacts from Google, Outlook, and any other well-known CRM systems with the aid of this solution.

14. 3CX


Working with VoIP Gateways and IP Phones that adhere to the SIP standard, 3CX is a potent software-based PBX. Whether on an appliance on your servers or in your cloud account, it is a completely safe and dependable solution that makes installation, operation, and maintenance of your PBX so simple that you can operate it yourself with ease.

The amount of calls the system can accommodate determines how much the solution costs. Various business sizes, from those with four or less people to enterprises with more than 1000 employees, can benefit from 3CX solutions. You may utilise your business extension from any location thanks to the software-based PBX’s clients for smartphones, Mac, and Windows.

Additionally, it provides a free online video conference for up to 10 people. Along with other essential features, 3CX offers a management interface, web meetings, presence data, self-installation and management, among many other things. Try it out; it’s an effective software-based PBX option for enterprises of all sizes.

15. LANDesk Service Desk

LANDesk Service Desk

With the help of the feature-rich, process-driven LANDesk Service Desk software, users can efficiently manage and automate every stage of a business activity, including its inception, updating, and closure. Users may be confident that no business procedure is evaded thanks to its robust foundation. Businesses have the tools and capacity to effortlessly provide dependable and consistent IT to other businesses across the corporation with the aid of this strong help desk solution. This is another business voice alternative.

The highly adaptable platform may be installed on-premises or as a system hosted in the cloud. It functions similarly to previous help desk solutions but comes with a host of fresh tools and features to provide a more authentic experience. The standout feature includes social ITSM, mobile ITSM, ITIL procedures, and many others. There are many price tiers for LANDesk Service Desk; each tier has its own price and fundamental advantages.


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