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Top 15 Best Link Building Software In 2022

Best and Most efficient Link Building software will be explained in this post. Organic link building is the most effective approach to increase traffic to your website. Ranking in search engines is mostly dependent on link building.

The authority of your website on SERPs is increased by high-quality backlinks. If you do it correctly, link building has a lot of advantages that you can take advantage of.

However, this is not a simple task.

The process of acquiring high-quality backlinks has gotten more challenging since Google modified its algorithm.

PBN (Private Blog Network) is now recognised as a black hat SEO tactic and might further endanger your website. The best link building software on the market should be known to you in order to build quality links. You can create high-quality organic backlinks with the help of link building software.

You can develop a link-building campaign with this software that will increase organic traffic to your website. The top link-building resources for 2022 will be covered in this post. You may enhance your link-building effort and discover new prospects with the aid of this link-building software.

3 Must-Have Characteristics of the Best Link Building Software

Competitivity with other link-building tools is a requirement for the best link-building software.

The greatest link-building tools should ideally be able to assist you in discovering fresh opportunities. Finding new websites to receive a backlink from is part of this.

Top 15 Best Link Building Software In 2022

Top 15 Best Link Building Software In 2022 are explained here.

1. Email Outreach

The tool you use should be able to create new outreach opportunities first and foremost.

Even a novice should be able to operate it if it is simple to use and understand.

PitchBox is a popular email outreach tool used by blogger outreach firms.


Digital marketers have utilised PitchBox, a remarkable tool, for many years.

It has long been the go-to outreach method for getting in touch with bloggers and website owners.

PitchBox is used by our link-building specialists at LinkDoctorTM to contact bloggers.

Through PitchBox, you may simplify your outreach procedure.

Each project’s victory and response rates are displayed.

Which outreach initiatives are secure and which are crucial are highlighted in this summary.

Additionally, PitchBox includes statistics retrieved from reputable SEO measurement websites like Ahrefs, Moz, and MajesticSEO.

Additionally, PitchBox can help you discover new opportunities.

As a result, it ranks among the top link-building tools that are simple to use.

2. Find New Opportunities

It can be difficult to always know what the next big thing for your website will be.

You can’t pick which websites to reach out to because there are so many in the same niche.

Fortunately, link-building tools like Ahrefs can help you discover fresh prospects.

Ahrefs Site Explorer Tool

Ahrefs is one of the tools that is frequently used for SEO, as we all know.

Most digital marketers utilise Ahrefs for link building, according to a LinkDoctor study on link building.

Ahrefs, SEMRush, and Moz are used by SEO experts to plan their link-building campaigns.

By examining your website’s competitors, you can use the Ahrefs Site Explorer Tool to discover new prospects.

You’ll know which domains to approach if you are aware of which websites link to your rivals.

This creates a tonne of excellent link-building chances.

But that does not imply that you will link to the same website that your rival is linking to.

To acquire backlinks from trustworthy websites, you must carefully study the metrics.

These are the metrics that Ahrefs offers:

Using the Link Intersect Tool to accomplish this is the quickest method.

This enables you to determine which backlinks your rivals have that you do not.

If all of your rivals have connections coming from the same domains, seize the chance to establish relationships with them as well.

For SEO analysis, Ahrefs has a lot more to give.

To take full advantage of this potent weapon, opening an account is a wise investment.

3. Competitors Analysis

A good link-building software should be able to evaluate websites.

You can create fresh backlinks for your website by reverse-engineering the backlinks of your competitors.

The backlinks of your competitors are thoroughly analysed by the Moz Link Explorer Tool.

Moz Link Explorer Tool

For various SEO objectives, Moz includes a variety of tools. The Link Explorer Tool is MozPro’s most helpful tool for link building. It displays the websites that link to your rivals.

Here are a few URLs from your rivals that are simple to copy:

Backlinks from guest posts; resource links

  • Links created by users

The MozBar Chrome Extension is another another fantastic aspect of MozPro.

You may view the stats for websites you see in SERPs by adding this extension to Chrome.

It should resemble the following:

The amount of links that the domain has is displayed by MozBar.

The ideal links to contact can be found with the aid of this information.

Best Tools for Link Building in 2022

Now that quality assurance has been covered, it’s time to list the top link-building tools for 2022.

Due of its role in a larger link-building plan, this software is not graded.

You can use each of these pieces of software to help your link-building campaigns.

1. Ahrefs




Utilizing Ahrefs:

You can use several different tools in Ahrefs.

However, the Link Intersect tool is the most beneficial for link building.

  • Enter up to 10 domains from your rival’s URL or domain (up to 10 domains).
  • Put your domain name in the final bar.
  • Select the Show link opportunities option located at the domains’ bottom.
  • Examine the links that your rivals have but you do not.

You can take advantage of these link building chances. Also check crypto wallets

2. MozPro


Utilizing MozPro:

You can use Moz for nothing, just like Ahrefs.

You are only restricted to a tiny number of searches, though.

The commercial edition of Moz, called MozPro, gives you access to all of its tools.

And the Link Explorer function in Moz is the most helpful one.

  • You can examine your competitor’s website using a specific URL or domain.
  • Compare several rivals and check out the links that point to them.
  • Speak with them and reverse engineer their backlinks to use them as your own.
  • Use the Keyword Explorer tool to look at the anchor texts that your rivals are using for their links.



The greatest software to use while looking for email addresses online is, which has more than 100 million email addresses indexed on their website. This is another link building software.

You can reach out to your prospect by finding their precise contact information.

  • Enter the website or blog’s URL in the search box.
  • You will notice various email addresses for various firm employees.
  • Decide which email address to use to contact your prospect.

NOTE: To confirm that the email address is still operational, choose the contact details with the highest confidence rating.

4. PitchBox


Utilizing PitchBox:

Email marketers have been using PitchBox, an all-purpose outreach software, for years.

This is another link building software. This software can manage extensive link-building initiatives.

Additionally, you may create email templates to fully automate your campaigns.

  • Create your email’s content and send it to your prospect once you have obtained their email address from

You might also use a template for your email.

  • Take advantage of software opportunities.

If they aren’t at work, send them emails with opportunities scheduled.

  • Monitor your campaigns in a pipeline to ensure that you don’t miss any opportunities to build links.

5. Disavow Links Tool

Disavow Links Tool

As instructed, use the Disavow Links Tool. This is another link building software. Disavow Links Tool is a tool designed to help you remove undesired links from your link profile.

This software automatically generates the disavow file required by Google Search Console to remove backlinks from your page. Also check Omnify alternatives

  • Make a list of each link that you want removed or rejected from your website.

The file should be preserved as a.txt.

Make a disavow file, then upload the.txt file to it.

  • Verify your.txt file again using the software’s disavow file.

This will make clear which links are disavowed and which are not.

  • Check to see if the bad links have been removed when web spiders next visit your website.

6. SEMRush


How to use SEMRush: In terms of features, SEMRush is comparable to other link-building programmes like Ahrefs and Moz.

Additionally, SEMRush helps you acquire high-quality links by screening domains according to search metrics.

The SEMRush metric is the domain’s Page Authority (PA).

To access the dashboard, create a new account or sign in with an existing one.

  • You have access to a combination of tools depending on your link-building needs (keyword research, competitive analysis, link checker, and outreach tool).
  • You may also develop content trends and conduct a thorough SEO site analysis.

7. MajesticSEO


Utilizing MajesticSEO A backlink analysis tool like MajesticSEO costs about the same as more expensive SEO tools like Ahrefs or Moz.

This is another link building software.  But don’t underestimate the abilities of this SEO tool just because it has a large link index.

You may check the referring websites, broken links, and backlink profiles of the outreached blogs.

  • Type in the blog’s URL where you’ll be posting guest posts.
  • Look at the Trust Flow of the blog.

This demonstrates the level of a blog’s industry recognition.

  • Examine the Citation Flow of the blog.

This metric demonstrates the reliability of a blog’s citations when identifying whether websites are spammy.

8. Linkody


How to use Linkody: Linkody is a practical way to look at a website’s backlinks.

This is another link building software.  This application gathers its data from a variety of sources.

You can use the parameters supplied by this SEO tool to find high-quality links to your website (DA, spam score, and anchor text usage).

  • To start your backlink analysis, enter the domain of your (or a competitor’s) website.
  • Analyze results in relation to the metrics the tool provides.
  • Look for domains that link to your competitor.
  • Set up alerts for when your competitors acquire a fresh, standout link.



How to apply HARO

Digital marketers can contact journalists and reporters from respectable websites by using a tool called HARO (Help A Reporter Out), which is a type of digital PR software.

Use this cutting-edge tool for link building to monitor links and mentions made by journalists.

10. MailShake


Useful Instructions for MailShake:

To send out customised emails in bulk, a programme called MailShake is employed.

MailShake offers pre-made template responses for link prospecting. This is another link building software.

It’s an excellent tool for lead communication and marketing automation.

  • Create a new email from scratch or adapt one of their ready-made templates to suit your requirements.
  • Decide who will get your email.

To arrange a message or an automated response, click send.

  • Use the “virtual dialer” feature of the software to call one of your leads.

11. CognitiveSEO


Making use of CognitiveSEO:

Other backlink checker programmes, like CognitiveSEO, provide nothing unique. This is another link building software. Also check Sales software tools

This is the best tool for analysing the problems in your link-building campaign.

Additionally, you may see the reliable and strong links pointing to your website.

  • Look through your link profile for any artificial links that can hurt your SEO.
  • Check the percentage of reliable links on your website.
  • Your campaigns will be more effective if you recognise their weaknesses.

12. BuzzStream


Use BuzzStream as described below:

BuzzStream is a different type of outreach software that is comparable to PitchBox and MailShake. This is another link building software.

You can track your progress and streamline your campaigns using BuzzStream.

This tool can also be used to find the email addresses of your potential customers.

  • Compile a list of the websites in your niche into a CSV file.
  • After submitting the CSV file, wait while the programme locates the sites’ contact information.
  • Write an email or edit a template that BuzzStream has already created.
  • Send an email to your potential client.

Organize follow-ups if necessary.

13. Link Prospector

Link Prospector

Link Prospector usage One of the best tools for finding and capturing new opportunities for link building is Link Prospector. This is another link building software.

Given how precisely matched to your website the results from this tool are, you won’t need to go through a mountain of results.

It recognises and ranks websites in a specific topic automatically.

  • Start by typing keywords associated with your website to hunt for potential customers.
  • Based on the results’ Link Target Score, you can order the list that was produced (LTS).

14. Broken Link Builder

Broken Link Builder

Broken Link Builder usage: Broken connections are also beneficial for link building. The sites that had previously connected to your backlink were those. This is another link building software.

You can gain from broken links that are closely related to your area by using this link-building software.

  • Type a word or word into the search bar, then wait for the results.
  • From these results, pick the broken links that are most closely related to your field of expertise (Grade C or better).
  • Request permission to link to these websites from their owners.

15. GroupHigh


For reaching out to bloggers, GroupHigh is an excellent tool for link building. Use it as follows. This is another link building software.

If you will, consider it a blog search engine.

Your search query and keywords are used to generate a list of relevant blogs.

This link-building software makes it much simpler to find link-building opportunities in the blogging and social media communities.

You can use links to promote your website on social media or write a guest post for a blog.

  • Type a term into the pursuit bar to start looking for bloggers and influencers in that niche.

Sort the results according to relevance.

  • Pick bloggers who have a lot of followers and are very active on social media.
  • The software features an outreach programme that you may use to get in touch with these influencers.

Final Word

The ranking of the best link-building tools is now complete. Link building software is necessary to get the best outcomes. Using market analysis, rivalry research, and focused keyword searches

We can do any assignment if we have the appropriate link building software. For SEO and link-building projects, each tool can be used independently. Utilizing these tools will help you spend less time and effort building links.


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