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Top 15 Best Omnify Alternatives in 2022

Best and most reliable Omnify alternatives will be discussed in this article. Omnify is indeed a web-based platform that gives you the tools you need to effectively market and supply the services of your enterprises. With the help of this programme, you may provide connected shop services like memberships, sessions, and bundles. You may plan all of the services and associated management solutions, which reduces operating time and expense. The choices for staff schedules, family accounts, waitlists, contactless check-ins, etc. are simply accessible.

Using auto-emails, custom forms, liability waivers, notifications, and reminders, Omnify enables you to efficiently connect with your customers. Fitness, education, sports coaching, swimming pools, member clubs, hotels, the arts, parks, and many more industries are all compatible with the platform. By sending valuable messages and emails to your consumers, you may establish a solid rapport with them. The platform offers you round-the-clock customer service and gives you a tutorial to help you learn how the platform works.

Top 15 Best Omnify Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best Omnify Alternatives are explained here.

1. MuseMinder


Arts educators may successfully manage and oversee their companies and classrooms thanks to the web-based programme MuseMinder. The programme can arrange lessons and keep track of the upcoming calendar for many kinds of art companies, including those that teach cooking, cello, chess, dancing, singing, piano, needlework, and ceramics. The pupils receive emails and notifications automatically. This programme enables you to keep tabs on all accounting and financial-related tasks. This is another omnify alternative.

Your account receivable, tour fee, charges, tuition revenues, product sales, and other associated costs may all be tracked with MuseMinder. Additionally, you may make a customised invoice and email it straight to the recipient. You can quickly assign roles to your students, team members, and volunteers and set restrictions to prevent unauthorised access to data. It gives you comprehensive and in-depth information to help you comprehend the industry and your consumers. Also check Stream2Watch

2. Jackrabbit Dance

Jackrabbit Dance

The platform Jackrabbit Dance provides you with options to design, control, and manage all business-related operations. By using this platform, you can get rid of all the paperwork and have the option to register online. The platform includes a payment option that enables your customers to quickly deposit their unpaid balances and immediately notifies them of their unpaid balances.

This is another omnify alternative. With the full range of point-of-sale solutions offered by Jackrabbit Dance, you can improve the effectiveness and output of your dance studio. Maintaining worker hours digitally is simple and saves money on paper. It enables you to automate every procedure and draws in new clients to increase income. The platform’s interface is thorough and gives you access to all of your options in one location. You may share the performances with the parents and keep tabs on the students’ performances.

3. Dance Manager Software

Dance Manager Software

Dance Manager Software is a web-based programme used to oversee dance lessons and offers features to draw in more potential customers. The programme gives you access to a separate parent site where you can see all of your children’s activities, performances, and progress. The purchase order is simple to create and submit to suppliers or vendors. You may easily assign responsibilities to different users to safeguard the data and share access with them.

You may provide value-oriented content using Dance Manager Software, and you can give potential consumers the choice of registering online. Additionally, you may get real-time information and manage and track student attendance with the aid of the programme. The app has a very detailed and user-friendly interface. You may create personalised invoices and manage accounts with the aid of the programme.

4. YourVirtuoso


The studio management platform, called YourVirtuoso, gives you the tools and capabilities you need to oversee, govern, and manage all of the studio’s operations. It assists you in marketing your studio and enables you to draw in more clients. The programme allows you to register and pay online and is compatible with both the dance studio and the music studio. You can quickly inform the parents of the pupils’ progress and performance. This is another omnify alternative.

YourVirtuoso assists you in producing content that will convert more leads into prospective customers and provide significant money. You may plan your lessons and significant events, and it automatically notifies the students. You may obtain comprehensive reports on the site, which has been flawlessly linked with QuickBooks. The platform’s user interface is strong and comprehensive, allowing you to access all of the functions from a single location.

5. MedalTest Organiser

MedalTest Organiser

The dancing studio’s operations and activities are managed through the web-based programme MedalTest Organiser. With the aid of this programme, you can effortlessly communicate all the details and timetables with the kids. It gives you the ability to design examinations and lets you show the results to the parents. You may upgrade and promote pupils from the previous class to the subsequent class using the app.

You may give the students various assignments and retrieve the students’ full reports using MedalTest Organiser. Additionally, you may plan upcoming jobs, lessons, and activities, and it immediately notifies every student. It is a small, user-friendly programme with a strong user interface. The finest aspect of this programme is that it allows for online payments and makes it simple to keep track of all the studio’s financial transactions.

6. Dance Studio Management

Dance Studio Management

The programme known as “Dance Studio Management” is used to direct, oversee, and manage all of the dance studio’s administrative responsibilities. It offers you the capability to receive online payments from distant areas. It is simple to create a gateway for the consumer and enable self-registration online. The platform assists you in scheduling forthcoming classes and activities and immediately provides alerts. Customers may quickly access their accounts, keep an eye on their alerts, and track their calendars. Also check Rainierland 

This is another omnify alternative. Dance Studio Management gives you the ability to create invoices and fee vouchers that you can send directly to customers and other interested parties. All of your dance-related goods and other things are simple to sell. You may assign responsibilities to your team members and grant them access to an endless number of people. You may immediately inform the parents of your pupils’ achievements and development.

7. DanceBoss


DanceBoss is a web-based platform that you can use to market your dance studio and handle all of the responsibilities and operations of the dance school. The platform allows you to create a customer interface that integrates online class enrollment, registration, and payment. It gives you the means you need to run online classrooms, including the ability to manage members, track grades, schedule lessons, and organise daily tasks.

DanceBoss is a user-friendly platform that offers full customer assistance. The platform’s UI is really straightforward and gives you quick access to all the functions. The platform’s other key capabilities include print and email statements, attendance tracking, class administration, recital planning, family management, and student management. Online billing features including recurring bills, payment processing, and reporting are available.

8. Compete Services

Compete Services

The platform used to oversee and coordinate the operations of art studios and draw substantial amounts of traffic to your landing sites is called Compete Services. It offers you the tools to manage all of the responsibilities associated with being a student, including scheduling, event planning, preparation for examinations and tests, performance analysis, results, attendance tracking, leave management, assignment posting, etc. You may share all of the reports and performances with the parents using the platform, and the parents can interact with the teachers to express their thoughts and comments. This is another omnify alternative.

You have the opportunity to promote your studio with Compete Services and to focus on potential customers. Additionally, it is connected with online payment alternatives, making it simple to keep track of all your financial activity. You have access to the consultant option on the site, which you may utilise to address any difficulties you may have. It enables you to produce a promotional poster and valuable content to draw customers and increase sales.

9. DanceONE


The management software for dance studios called DanceONE is used to set up and manage your dance studio efficiently. You can quickly access all the information through a single dashboard provided by the programme, which also provides you with a comprehensive dashboard for students, parents, and prospective clients. You have the opportunity to automate your procedures, and you have complete control over the studio’s dimensions and arrangement. All of the musical compositions and dance performances may be smoothly tracked.

DanceONE is adaptable software that can handle any studio size. You may use the software’s marketing, reporting, and analysis features to better understand market trends and target your audience. It offers you a thorough database for the pupils where you can keep track of their birthdays, measures, honours, accomplishments, and performances. You may plan messages for forthcoming occasions and use it to manage your email and text message list.

10. Recital Conflict Manager

Recital Conflict Manager

This is another omnify alternative. The planning tool known as Recital Conflict Manager is employed by the dance and music studios to organise the recital and other associated performances. It gives you a clear definition of how to record the recital programmes quickly and painlessly. The intervals and times between performances are subject to your regular decision-making. It gives you the tools to set up schedules for all of the performances with appropriate times and breaks between them so that everyone has time to freshen up and rest.

After doing a market analysis, Recital Conflict Manager enables you to promote your event and select the appropriate target audience. The programme fully manages the situation and gives you choices for resolving the issues. The message is instantly sent to everyone on your list of performing students, artists, musicians, assistants, and volunteers. The software’s user-friendly layout gives you a dashboard to keep track of all the actions and is pretty intuitive.

11. ClassJuggler


ClassJuggler is a service-based platform for managing courses and events in a variety of sports and arts disciplines, including gymnastics, MMA, boxing, cookery, swimming, dancing, and martial arts. The platform is very easy to set up and has adaptable software that allows it to accommodate various class types. You don’t need any other plug-ins or software because the programme is completely integrated with all of the necessary tools, settings, and capabilities. Also check EZTV 

ClassJuggler enables you to become a paper-free studio and lets you adapt the tools to your class’s and students’ needs. The programme can manage several enterprises in numerous nations, including Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, etc. You may use it to access secure payment capabilities and other financial tools. It gives you a thorough explanation of how everything works and why each option and function is important. This is another omnify alternative.

12. Dance in a Can

Dance in a Can

With the help of the online platform Dance in a Can, you can learn to dance from anywhere and complete a variety of dancing programmes at little cost. The dance programmes are created by specialists and experienced dancers, and they are appropriate for dancers of all skill levels. The platform provides you with more than 70 themes that you may use to tailor to your needs and effectively deliver the lessons.

Dance in a Can gives you the choice of tuition calculators and enables you to conveniently track all of your financial matters. Videos, practise drills, the Dance Olympics, recipes, crafts, hard flyers, marketing tools, certificates, a ballet dictionary, media planning, and many other noteworthy aspects of the site are also available. The platform’s user interface is pretty strong and lets you access all of its functions from a single screen.

13. Dance Our Shop

Dance Our Shop

The all-in-one platform for managing dance studios, Our Dance Shop, is now accessible as a single dance school. It offers you the tools to design dance routines with the appropriate music and other relevant elements. You may organise the contests and work on projects with other dancers and artists using this site. The platform gives you all the tools you need to sell your courses, contests, and events, and you can make money by drawing in new clients.

This is another omnify alternative. The platform is appropriate for holding student exams, and sharing the results with parents is simple. It is integrated with various systems, like Microsoft, Saga Accounting, Studio Director, Mind-Body, etc., to offer you comprehensive services. The greatest online store option is provided, allowing you to sell your products as well as other dancing-related stuff like costumes, shoes, cosmetics, etc.

14. DanceBiz


DanceBiz is an all-in-one web platform that enables you to promote your dance studio to draw in more clients and oversee and manage all administrative tasks at the studio. You may plan emails for forthcoming events and seminars using the platform’s email and messaging options. It offers you reading material to help you comprehend how the platform operates and also gives you access to a training session.

You have the choice to arrange a variety of events with DanceBiz, including courses, make-up classes, event planners, remote classes, etc. The platform and Zoom are completely connected, allowing you to teach distant students online. It offers a dashboard to teachers, parents, and students. The programme allows you to effortlessly log in and access the data from any place and on any device. The roles of the team members may be chosen, and they can easily log in an infinite number of times.

15. Dance Studio Pro

Dance Studio Pro

Dance Studio Pro is top-tier software that gives you the capabilities and tools you need to manage and oversee all aspect of the dance studio’s operations. You may arrange your lessons using the programme, which also gives you the tools to hold events. You may design a scalable online registration form and plan the schedule. This software’s primary benefit is that it enables you to improve productivity and profit across the board. You may quickly view the real-time statistics and sell the tickets. This is another omnify alternative.

Dance Studio Pro gives you the tools you need to interact with consumers, including the ability to send email, text messages, and other alerts. It provides you with the choice of opening an online store where you may market personalised goods as well as other dance-related products like shoes, costumes, etc. By developing the parent portal, student portal, etc., you can manage your dancing community with ease. The app has a strong, user-friendly interface.


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