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Top 12 PPC Spy Tools For Competitor Analysis

Best PPc spy tools will be discussed in this article. Since every marketer wants to know how much his competitors are spending, PPC spy tools are crucial. In actuality, there is nothing you can conceal today.

Knowing which keywords competitors are buying for, how their advertisements appear, how to estimate the budget, and other information is possible.

There are literally no secrets, to put it simply. I’ll list 13 tools in this blog article that you may utilise to learn everything there is to know about your competition.

These tools are quite effective because they enable you to learn a lot, regardless of your level of advertising experience.

Top 12 PPC Spy Tools That Reveal Your Competitors’ Secrets In 2022

Top 12 PPC Spy Tools That Reveal Your Competitors’ Secrets are explained here.

1. SpyFu



The main purpose of the programme SpyFu is to download the most profitable keywords for both produced and organic investigation as well as for advertising.

You can enter the domain of your rival once the tool has been opened.

Write, for instance, and press the enter key.

The dashboard will look like this.

Remember that there are numerous dashboards, including overviews, research dashboards for SEO, PPC, and keywords, among others.

As you can see, Crazy Egg pays $832 on Google Ads each month.

Additionally, SpyFu will reveal who the rivals are for a certain domain and how many keywords they are bidding on.

For instance, VWO, which is bidding on 70 keywords, is one of the largest competitors of Crazy Egg.

Also available are a list of specific terms, data on monthly keyword searches, the number of advertising a particular advertiser has produced, etc.

This is a ridiculous option because it allows you to research competition optimization strategies and attempts to raise quality score.

 2. iSpionage


iSpionage has zero to do with Apple, but it has a lot to do with Google because it allows for highly sophisticated rival surveillance. This is another ppc spy tools. Also check keyword research tools

Open the website and type in the domain you want to spy on.

To see Visual WebSite Optimizer, for instance, go to and click on Search.

You can find out via their dashboard how many keywords is targeting, what their typical ad position is, their budget, and other information.

You can also check to see whether they are running ads on Yahoo and Bing.

Although Bing recently revealed that they produced $5.3 billion in revenue during the most recent fiscal year, most advertisers still avoid Yahoo and Bing, as is to be anticipated.

You can then view the ad copies that has produced.

The ability to view many destination URLs is something I truly value because many companies develop unique landing pages for various keyword groups.

These landing pages are a wonderful technique to spy on a website because you typically can’t see them (navigation, footer).

Finally, you can view the keywords that a certain website targets as well as the date when they began doing so.

3. SEMrush


Many of the marketers I know use SEMrush for SEO, but I can attest that SEMrush is also excellent for PPC.

There are good reasons why businesses like, eBay, and Amazon use it.

You can join as a URL to check once the site has opened.

Given that Moz is targeting more than 4,000 keywords and spending $16,900 on PPC campaigns, it seems like they are promoting aggressively.

You can find a brief description of their PPC advertising if you scroll down a little. For instance, it takes three seconds for you to observe the distribution of paid positions.

Since most of Moz’s keywords have a position rank between 1 and, which is obviously excellent, it suggests that they are particularly good at PPC. This is another ppc spy tools.

After that, examine the advertisement copy to see where (landing pages) it directs visitors. For instance, their quality score is good since they have a really high Ad rank.

In other words, since one of the three factors that make up the quality score is landing page experience, reviewing landing pages can be worthwhile.

You may finally obtain the list of terms that Moz is focusing on.

The URLs of the landing pages for each keyword are also available.

4. Follow


The second espionage tool you can employ is called Follow. The good thing about Follow is that you may see advertising on the Display Network as well, so it’s not just centred on the Search Network.

It also incorporates SimilarWeb, one of the most valuable tools for determining website traffic and the source of that traffic.

You must enter the domain name you want to evaluate in the text field.

You may, for instance, go to and select the search icon.

You can see the top keywords that is focusing on as well as a sample of their text advertising there.

The ability to analyse display ads is something I truly like about this tool that the other tools described above lack.

By doing so, you can observe how and what the competitor’s image advertising look like.

For instance, advertises general messages like “See what it’s like to travel” or “Airbnb” in addition to specific destinations.

5. Ahrefs


SEOs frequently use Ahrefs to monitor ranking positions and to view the quantity of backlinks.

The terms that a site is bidding on, the design of their ads, the landing page they utilise, etc., can all be seen, though. This is another ppc spy tools.

is how it goes. Enter the domain you wish to spy on in Site Explorer. is an illustration.

When you click on Paid Keywords in the menu after it has loaded, you will see something similar.

We can see that Stripe is placing bids on terms like “how to establish an online market place” and “start an online business” in this instance.

May then view their most effective ads and the number of keywords each one is targeting.

Finally, you can widen the list of landing pages by keywords or advertisements.

Since there are typically fewer landing pages than advertising or keywords, in my opinion, this report is the most crucial.

It will be simpler to spy on and analyse from this report because when you first launch a campaign, you often create more ads and choose more keywords than landing pages.

6. KeywordSpy


Although KeywordSpy doesn’t have a pleasant user interface, the programme offers a number of advantages, including information on monthly spending, competition rankings and keyword bids, and more.

The data can be obtained using the following four criteria:

  • Domains
  • Keywords
  • Location URLs
  • Ad Copies

Enter, for instance, and select Search.

As anticipated, the outcomes will be available right away. While focusing on 38 PPC keywords, Sprout ocial has developed 45 different advertisements. Also check CRO tools

Simply said, there are more keywords than advertising, which indicates that numerous permutations are eing tested to determine which is best for the company.

The list of keywords they are bidding on is provided here.

For instance, the phrase “social network tools” receives 5,400 searches per month, but it costs as much as $7.98 per click. This is another ppc spy tools.

Remember that everything depends on customer lifetime value and conversion rate when it comes to paying too much per keyword.

You can easily afford to pay $7.97 per click if you have a conversion rate of 1% and a few thousand CLV.

7. Serpstat


The men at Serpstat claim to be an all-encompassing SEO platform. I wouldn’t refer to it in that way because it also works well for PPC.

instance, Google AdWords’ Keyword Planner was developed so that advertisers could conduct market research and select the ideal keywords for their ads. However, SEOs also use that to gather information on search volume and generate blog post ideas.

The same idea applies to SEO tools. Additionally, it works well for competitor research, keyword analysis, and other tasks like determining their AdWords budget.

So, type a competitor’s domain into the text box and press “Search.”

You will then see a dashboard that displays the number of organic keywords that a certain domain ranks for as well as the digit of PPC keywords that the website bids on.

For instance, Xero has a significant AdWords expenditure because they have more than 1,300 PPC eywords.

The ability to acquire a list of competitors who share a lot of keywords with one website with this tool is omething I truly like.

In this method, new business owners might discover a lot about the sector they’re interested in.

Next, you can view the design and primary message of Xero’s advertisements.

Additionally, you may sort the data by country to find out which markets each website caters to.

Finally, I’d want to mention some more helpful features, such as the landing page that visitors are being irected to.

8. AdEspresso


This in-depth essay only covered Google AdWords in relation to the tools. One of them is not AdEspresso. This is another ppc spy tools.

With an emphasis on Facebook Ads, AdEspresso has produced outstanding ad samples across all sectors. Consider that you are in the t-shirt company and are interested in how other retailers are promoting their goods.

It’s simple to check how their advertisements appear. Just type “t-shirt” into the text box and click “Find Ads” to start searching!

304 different Facebook ad samples have been discovered by AdEspresso. about t-shirts only.

Here are a few examples.

The programme also allows you to filter adverts based on the following goals:

  • Sales
  • Promotion of Content
  • Creating leads
  • Awareness
  • Event
  • Likes on pages
  • App for mobile

This application is useful for more than just coming up with ideas because it allows you to check advertisements from particular competitors.

Here is how advertising are made by HubSpot.

Since HubSpot is a very successful firm with 97 distinct commercials, it could be interesting to mimic one of them.

9. SE Ranking

SE Ranking

Another tool for researching SEO and PPC is SE Ranking. I really appreciate the design of this tool.

Let’s have a look at the tool, which has a really nice UI and outstanding UX overall.

Enter the domain you want to spy on in the text area, then click Analyze.

The dashboard is incredibly organised and effective, as I have mentioned.

Look at the Paid Traffic area to see the number of keywords that WordStream targets, the number of clicks they receive, and the final cost. This is another ppc spy tools.

Nowadays, it’s literally impossible to conceal anything. A position distribution is another option.

When it comes to AdWords, WordStream is fantastic because even 87% of the keywords they target are in positions 1 and 2.

They enjoy a high Ad Rank.

The most common keywords are displayed in the following image, along with the number of ad versions that have been made for that particular term.

There appear to be 65 different ad options for the phrase in the Google Adwords Keywords Tool.

are further options that I won’t go into detail about here, such getting a list of competitors.

10. MOAT


You would presumably open the competitor’s website and exit it if you wanted to check how competitor’s ads on the Display Network appear.

Usually, remarketing will begin. You can learn about how advertisements are made through remarketing, although it could be tedious.

You will also be able to view only current advertisements. The past, what about it? You can view all the ads thanks to MOAT. Also check instagram analytics

How? Read on.

Open the website and type the name of the rival first. Enter, for instance, ASOS.

Ads will start to show up immediately.

Numerous old advertisements as well as current ones can be found here.

This is much preferable to building a site and hoping remarketing will discover you, don’t you think?

Next, you may view the dates that an advertisement has been active by hovering your cursor over it.

From June 28 through July 26, 2017, this commercial was running. Numerous businesses, including Facebook, Twitter, Nestle, and others, employ MOAT.

There are no further details in the free edition, but you can experiment with Moat Analytics and Moat Pro to gain more knowledge and useful data.

11. mobiReady


Mobile advertisements are a crucial component of every effective marketing effort. For local businesses, smartphone ads, for example, can be quite effective in helping customers find your location.

In any point, you must ensure that your website is capable of handling users on mobile devices. It must be superior to rival products. This is another ppc spy tools.

Numerous variables might have a detrimental effect on your company.

Today, you don’t require to have a specialized background because there are tools that will tell you if there is a problem with your site. This is possible because of the abundance of tools available.

Enter the domain you want to investigate.

A visual overview for desktop and portable devices will then be provided.

You may then assess how effectively your competitors are managing mobile traffic.

The outcomes are now available. It seems that adding the viewport correctly is insufficient.

For instance, rivals of Kissmetrics may be aware that their home page performs poorly in tests. The rating was only 1.03 out of 5.

Here are further specifics on why this occurs.

Simply said, contrast your site with those of your rivals to ensure that your site offers a far superior mobile experience.

By doing this, you’ll improve your landing page experience, which is a factor in quality score, making it superior to competitors.

12. Screenfly


Every CTA must be positioned above the fold. There are numerous debates and opinions that the CTA’s placement (above or below the fold) is irrelevant. This is another ppc spy tools.

I consider it significant. You may view a specific landing page on several screen sizes with Screenfly, ranging from 10″ desktop screens to 24″ desktop screens.

You can also examine how the landing page appears on tablets and mobile devices. Just type a competitor’s landing page URL into the text box.

Using one of the tools suggested before, I just discovered a MixPanel landing page, so I’ll enter it and press Go.

The outcomes are now available after a little while.

There are two CTAs for MixPanel on this landing page.

The first one is the SIGN UP button located in the navigation menu, and the second one is the See how it works link located at the bottom of the page but still above the fold.

It’s like winning the lotto when you see that your rivals have put their CTAs above the fold. They won’t beat you in terms of conversion rate.


The goal of AdWords is to generate revenue, and with the help of these tools, you may discover a lot about your rivals.

It’s particularly advantageous when your rivals have been running advertisements for a while because they’ve undoubtedly figured out what works and what doesn’t.

Because it takes time to optimise campaigns, new marketers will likely lose money in the first few weeks or even months.

You’ll be able to ascertain what everyday adjustments your advertisers make with the use of these PPC spy tools. You’ll see, for instance, what their landing page looks like.

If you recall, I stated that the quality score includes the landing page experience as one of its three components. This indicates that you can improve your landing page experience simply by imitating rivals.

Simply said, use these tools to regularly monitor your competition and you will gain a lot of knowledge.

Last but not least, I advise you to use a paid solution that will assist you with both PPC and SEO, which is fantastic for companies with little resources.


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