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Top 15 Best SD Worx Payroll Alternatives In 2022

Best and most Popular SD Worx Payroll alternatives will be explained in this article. With the help of SD Worx Payroll and Reward, you can reward your staff with excellent wage packages and make sure they are paid on time, which will help you foster loyalty and trust among them. Depending on the level of support needed, the platform offers a variety of payroll and rewards solutions, from SaaS to full payroll outsourcing. You can utilise its powerful HR software-integrated cloud-based payroll system, which has its own payroll engines dispersed throughout nine nations.

You are capable of managing multi-continent payroll, including in Europe. By depending on its governance, tools, and adaptable services that are all available in one location, this is made possible. Employing the assistance of payroll specialists located in hundreds of different countries will enable businesses to achieve 100% compliance whether employing workers from other countries or sending domestic staff abroad. By utilising the legal assistance obtained from the professional squad, you may maintain the payroll in conformity with all applicable laws. Create budget-friendly incentive gifts that people will adore. Other advantages include Unmatched security, accuracy, and compliance, the SD Worx Assistant, and flexible pay and benefits.

Top 15 Best SD Worx Payroll Alternatives In 2022

Top 15 Best SD Worx Payroll Alternatives are explained here.

1. Hello Astra

Hello Astra

An applicant tracking system called Hello Astra uses artificial intelligence to assist hiring managers with the hiring process. Smart tracking and selection, Instant market research, and Shorter time to hire are some of the key benefits. You can quickly hire the top prospects for the firm thanks to the platform’s strength and usability. It helps you through each step, including sourcing, searching, choosing, speaking with candidates, and managing job requests. Also check Tik Tok tools

The functionalities are all arranged and very easily customizable. By recommending the best candidates for jobs when new applicants are found, the usage of artificial intelligence algorithms lessens your workload and helps you save time. The system protects data from outside parties by utilising the most recent and robust security standards.

2. Itris


Itris is the greatest ATS, Recruitment, and CRM system that enables you to easily employ the best people by giving you access to all the features. It is a widely used CRM, applicant tracking system, and cloud recruitment service that has high levels of confidence. Users can easily and quickly measure KPIs and core indicators in a single Active Business Intelligence User Dashboard by inferring complex sets of data. The programmable widgets can be used by recruiters to keep track of Live Jobs, Birthdays, CV Submissions, Meetings, Interviews, Placements, and Offers. This is another alternative of sd worx payroll.

In order to navigate through the pertinent records, you can analyse the provided CRM data or switch between the customisable widgets for enhanced information. The platform provides a cutting-edge Community Hub that enables HR to integrate all staff levels into a single screen to engage and encourage cooperation. By publishing messages, photographs, weblinks, records, and files, you may communicate with every team member, regardless of where they are located, and interact with them on a social and professional level.

3. Appreiz


With the help of the multi-featured performance management tool Appreiz, you can motivate workers and improve output. In the new normal, it links performance and social acknowledgment to inspire workers. Additionally, it is the best coaching platform, offering coaching to every employee to help them adjust to the New Normal. One of the numerous benefits of adopting Appreiz over the competition is that it instantly recognises, motivates, and engages employees.

You gain access to a powerful instrument that will guarantee quick performance in terms of exhibited abilities and competencies. Additionally, it encourages feedforward to use positive language to motivate workers. Through gamification, you can manage performance, monitor goals, and boost employee confidence. Through the solution, HR and staff members may establish individual and team goals and track their achievement. By raising employee morale with peer recognition and acknowledgment based on metrics, abilities, and competencies via the Employee Recognition app, you can transform your business into a millennial-friendly workplace. Bots & Integrations, Employee Engagement Pulse, Appreiz Graph, and HR Analytics Tool are further noteworthy features.

4. PCRecruiter


Thousands of consumers all over the earth rely on PCRecruiter as a recruiting solution and applicant tracking system for staffing/contracting, permanent placement, direct corporate hiring, and third-party placement. The system gives you access to top-notch ATS and CRM features, including API interfaces, a converged database, and voice email. This technology is standardised and widely available, empowering managers, recruiters, and job candidates with the right data.

This is another alternative of sd worx payroll. High-ranking third-party recruiters and well-known organisations use it as the exclusive SaaS platform. You can rely on it to handle important staff automation. Thanks to the application of cutting-edge technology, candidates can be easily monitored. It has a marketing/salesforce element that makes executive search, retained search firms, and contingency search easier.

5. WorkTango


A tool called WorkTango gives you access to the influence of real employee input. You can use it to carry out staff surveys that transform negative employee feedback into uplifting discussions. For identifying opportunities for improvement and empowering corporate leaders to take action, the solution is quite helpful. The top employers and significant businesses in the sector trust it.

It can be viewed as the ideal fusion of software and service. To make room for an employee voice plan, encourage action with the appropriate partner. Through the entire employment lifecycle, the platform gives employees the ability to provide confidential feedback in real-time. You can choose a sizable engagement survey or limitless surveys to track engagement frequently and apply change right away to improve the entire work experience.

Companies may integrate insights from across the employee lifecycle with excellent segmentation by utilising data science and smart technologies. They can forecast the impact of business KPIs like profitability or customer happiness as well as HR indicators like retention. Take use of the real-time dashboards to help leaders be more accountable. With the use of algorithms that recommend lessons and actions based on employee feedback, HR and Executives will be able to change company culture for the better.



With the help of integrated ATS and VMS solutions, CEIPAL ATS, a high-performance, feature-rich, and AI-backed talent acquisition automation platform, provides total workforce visibility. The features are designed to increase productivity, engagement, and time efficiency. There are several benefits to using CEIPAL ATS, but the main one is that it promises the best level of customer satisfaction.

Data migration, a devoted account manager, and training are all included without extra cost. Thanks to its creative design and user-friendly, intelligent interface, you can increase productivity. By choosing from a variety of flexible and reasonable pricing options, the user base can save a tonne of money. For successful hiring, you can use the most recent technology to recruit more strategically. This is another alternative of sd worx payroll.

Paperless Onboarding, Supervised Harvesting, Business Intelligence, Background Checks, AI Applicant Ranking, & Two-Way Email Sync are features related to this. Human Resources Automation is another excellent module that enables you to use the best personnel management platform to optimise productivity. Work Commission, Employee Self Service, Time Sheets, Absence Management, People Analytics, & QuickBooks Integration are some of this component’s features.



Modern hiring platforms like EVA-REC make it possible to hire people more quickly and intelligently. It enables you to successfully hire candidates, from the acquisition stage through to the hiring stage. The software is made to automate manual processes including scheduling, screening, and shortlisting applicant interviews. When the preceding stage is complete, you can work with your coworkers to evaluate prospects and advance the top ones by utilising advanced analytics. Also check Sarwa alternatives

The final step is for HR to issue electronic job offers and consistently hire the finest candidates. To improve conversion rates, you might create contemporary career pages. With a clever and captivating career page that puts your positions and brand in the forefront, you can attract top talent. The HR executive may automatically publish job openings on tens of thousands of job sites, bringing in the top applicants, and hiring them.

Utilize the availability of customizable workflows that are set up to improve the hiring process. With sophisticated automation that helps you save time, you may change the hiring procedures, phases, and pipelines for different roles. Create an unlimited number of hiring pipelines, quickly view top talent, and automatically rank candidates.

8. Firefish


One of the well-known recruiting tools that enables you to alter the hiring process is Firefish. It is a recruitment marketing and CRM system that combines features that will excite both recruiters and candidates. In order to recruit and hire the best talent, businesses today require an innovative and efficient platform. In order to help all businesses achieve this aim, Firefish automates the hiring process and provides helpful advice. This is another alternative of sd worx payroll.

It gathers all recruitment-related actions into one location so you can manage them very easily. You may produce dependable bespoke reports and contact applicants ahead of schedule. HR may easily post job openings on their website, employment boards, and social media accounts. The database and interaction engine can both be changed, and success rates can be raised.

9. SkillSurvey


With the help of the talent intelligence platform SkillSurvey, you can make smarter decisions and accomplish your objectives faster. It aspires to make the tasks of hundreds of firms simpler and is inspired by and modelled by well-known solutions. By providing billions of data points, usable information, and scientifically validated findings, it ensures the greatest talent selections are made.

You can gain access to information and critical touchpoints throughout the employee lifecycle, from hiring to leaving the organisation. You can improve performance outcomes with ease thanks to all of this information. The platform is extremely dependable and is used by thousands of institutions, partners, and organisations across all significant industries. The list of companies it has associated with is what makes it stand out.

10. Hireez


This is another alternative of sd worx payroll. HireEZ is an AI-powered Outbound Recruiting platform that enables hiring managers, executives, and recruiters to collaborate with one another during the whole interview process. Legacy recruiting systems can be eliminated, and work can be completed quickly to save time and effort. Learn about the tried-and-true methods that businesses and recruiters use to select the top applicants worldwide.

By granting recruiters access to untapped talent pools, the platform streamlines outbound hiring by enabling them to make more hires in less time. Everyone can instantly automate their search for the top talent around the world, and they can gain unfettered access to the online talent pool of more than 750 million candidates from a variety of platforms.

11. Hello Talent

Hello Talent

Thanks to the fantastic website Hello Talent, recruiters can easily find and qualify applicants from any place. Nowadays, proactive hiring is the standard, and HR must go out looking for the best individuals in order to bring them on board before rival businesses. Getting Hello Talent will help you avoid this issue and a great deal of effort.

To make decisions while moving about, you can download the platform’s Google Chrome Extension. Simply add it to the laptop’s browser to continue communicating with applicants from all across the world. The only steps in the simple process are for the person to browse their profile and turn on the extension.

12. Olivia


Olivia is a top-notch AI-powered recruiting assistant who supports talent management. Olivia makes it easy to communicate with, interview, and schedule prospects for selection. By handling duties for them, the solution helps some of the biggest brands in the world save a tonne of time. It is programmed to streamline and automate all candidate communications via email, text, and live chat.

It may be used at any time of the day. The solution’s ability to maximise efficiency through automation is one of its advantages. It enables TA teams to automate tasks and create new opportunities to complete high-value work with less resources. The Recruiting Assistant streamlines the process for hiring teams to connect with top candidates and engage them in real-time conversations. This is another alternative of sd worx payroll.

The solution maintains candidates’ knowledge and interest. It establishes communication with website users and has the capacity to instantly respond to a large number of queries. Depending on their location, preferred role, or CV, it matches individuals to the appropriate opportunities and presents them in-chat. Building pipelines and keeping tabs on pre-screened leads, automating the scheduling of interviews, and providing individualised applicant interaction at scale are all outstanding features.

13. AmazingHiring


AmazingHiring is a platform for sourcing that makes it possible to hire talent quickly. It is powered by AI technology, which enables you to attract more prospects from a variety of online sources. Over 25,000 recruiters use it with confidence to select prospects for their organisation. You have access to millions of candidate profiles from all over the world.

The unique AI-powered technology can create a pipeline of qualified applicants for the positions you’ve posted. Candidates can be contacted straight away by bulk-forwarding tailored emails to them. When this is finished, HR may use the dashboard to track engagement numbers. The solution’s best feature is that it makes it simple for everyone to look for talent across more than 50 networks. Also check Facelytics alternatives

With a few clicks, you may find candidates on well-known social networks and professional forums like Kaggle, GitHub, StackOverflow, and many others. Another excellent trait is HR’s ability to locate Employees for Tough-to-Fill Roles swiftly. You can browse the resumes of applicants that have been collected from various sources and assembled into a single profile for each individual. A Google Chrome Extension & Automating Candidates’ Outreach are further noteworthy features.

14. HrCom


This is another alternative of sd worx payroll. HrCom is a powerful, feature-rich solution that gives you a clever approach to manage the hiring process. It is a digital system that unifies all recruitment processes into a single electronic platform and provides the most recent solution to help human resources carry out their duties. The fact that it connects recruiters and job searchers and gives business owners the chance to easily fulfil their goals is its strongest feature.

You can manage and organise the hiring team very easily. It seeks to provide services that enable flexible team management, enabling them to efficiently complete the hiring approvals and procedures. The main features include managing job applications, receiving and sorting applicant files, and achieving team harmony and cooperation. The platform’s electronic recruitment system, which enables quick and accurate tracking of competences and skills, is one of the services it offers. The excellent precision and efficiency of HrCom is just one of many reasons to choose it.

15. Viterbit


Hiring managers can interact with candidates using Viterbit’s selection and recruiting technology, screen them, and hire them from any location at any time. It is a strong, rapid, and clever recruitment system that enables Employer Branding to help you strengthen the brand’s power and easily provide the necessary information to candidates. You can quickly increase your recruiting resources and contact additional candidates. This is another alternative of sd worx payroll.

Through a recruitment and selection process created especially for this purpose, HR can save time and effort. The new talent database can be created and used whenever personal selection is necessary. The recruitment data and indicators can be used by HR to improve the selecting procedures. You can learn more about the recruiting channels that candidates find appealing and close any gaps that prevent you from hiring more people. Analyze the recruitment process’ success to identify the steps that should be improved for better outcomes in the future. Talent pools, an application monitoring system, multiposting, and employer branding are some of the system’s highlights.


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