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Top 10 Best Shopify Currency Converter Apps In 2022

Best shopify currency converter apps will be described in this article. All of the barriers to conducting international business have been removed by the growth of eCommerce over the past few years. Selling to international clients gives up a wide range of new prospects for Shopify merchants that have not previously been explored.

But in order to operate a successful Shopify cross-border business, you must first please your foreign customers. In the absence of a Shopify currency converter in your store, you won’t be able to do that.

The finest Shopify currency converter apps—both free and paid—that can satisfy customers visiting your store from any country are described in this post.

Key features of the Shopify currency converter application

Shopify only permits you to display pricing in a specific currency type by default, making it difficult for clients from other countries to compare prices in their own currencies.

The Shopify currency converter tool automatically determines the location of your consumers and changes your store’s prices to their local currency. International buyers are thus spared the hassle of manually converting the pricing. Additionally, it gives first-time visitors to your Shopify site a tailored shopping experience.

A Shopify currency converter app’s main attributes are:

Currency auto-conversion: This feature detects consumers’ locations and automatically changes prices to reflect their local currency.

Add multi-currency support to allow overseas customers to choose the currency they prefer.

Currency rounding guidelines: After conversion, the prices are typically not presented in a way that is readable. To your liking, you can create rounding rules. For example, €74.79 is shown as either €75.00 or €75.

Drop-down menu for currency selection: Tailor the drop-down menu for the currency switcher to go with your store’s design.

Including third-party app integration

Best Shopify currency converter applications

Top 10 Best Shopify Currency Converter Apps In 2022

Top 10 Best Shopify Currency Converter Apps are explained here..

1. Multi currency Converter Hero – 4.9

Multi currency Converter Hero - 4.9

The Shopify app Multi Currency Converter Hero provides currency conversion and is totally free. The software will automatically modify the pricing to provide a smooth purchasing experience regardless of where your consumer is from.

Despite only having a few basic capabilities, this currency converter app is a fantastic choice for small businesses because there are no additional costs. If you have any problems, don’t be afraid to contact them because they also provide US-based help.

Important characteristics:

Based on the client’s location, change the currency automatically.

Instantly enable or disable the app.

No coding experience necessary.

US-based assistance.

Payment: Free

2. Language Translation Currency + 4.9 


Language Translation Currency + 4.9

Based on the geolocation of your clients, Language Translate + Currency enables you to change currencies and translate your stores into other languages. This is another shopify currency converter app.

The Shopify currency converter functions still function without a hitch to automatically change pricing at your business to reflect clients’ local currencies, even if this app focuses more on language translation. Additionally, you may use this software for free and take advantage of its numerous language, currency, and SEO features, which can help you save a lot of money.

Important characteristics:

Adapt language and currency automatically based on the customer’s location.

Your store can now accept more than 150 different currencies.

For a certain currency, a customised currency conversion.

Create your own rounding rules for currency.

Available is dedicated assistance.

Payment: Free

3. BUCKS Currency Converter PRO++ 4.8

BUCKS Currency Converter PRO++ 4.8

One of the most complete Shopify currency converter apps on our list that is also free to use is Bucks Currency Converter PRO++. Bucks can quickly change the cost to correspond with the customer’s location with the fast loading feature.

You can also modify the location and manner of currency selection with this software to fit the atmosphere of your store. Simply use the Custom CSS to advance the offered features if you desire more personalization.

Important characteristics:

Instantly and automatically change to the local currency of the customer.

Support for over 160 currencies.

Customize the currency rounding procedure.

Make the currency selection dropdown’s style specific.

Work with many variations and AJAX carts.

Excellent client service.

Support for third-party integrations using a manual API.

Payment: Free

4. Currency Converter & Switcher – 4.9

Currency Converter & Switcher - 4.9

The forever-free Shopify currency converter software from Webrex Studio, which also offers 24-hour premium support, was made available with the goal of assisting small businesses. You may easily configure rules for currency conversion that are country-specific or use the default currency option. This is another shopify currency converter app.

Additionally, this programme has many sophisticated capabilities that are frequently only found in premium currency converter apps, like the ability to alter the default currency or create custom currency symbols.

Important characteristics:

Automatically change the price to the client’s local currency.

Change the symbols and format of currency.

Make wise regulations that only apply to certain nations.

Create the currency dropdown menu.

Currency selection dropdown can be shown or hidden.

Set up a system for rounding currency.

Add your own CSS

Payment: Free

Best paid Shopify currency converter applications

5. Currency Converter 4.9

Currency Converter 4.9

The Shopify currency converter app with the highest rating (4.9 out of 5) is BEST Currency Converter. The standout feature that draws many Shopify merchants to this app is that it integrates seamlessly with any theme, so you don’t have to worry about bugs and problems after installation.

No matter where your clients are discovered, our programme will identify their IP address and choose their local currency for them automatically. The BEST Currency Converter will display a personalised message on the cart page to inform clients that currency conversion is not permitted by Shopify on the checkout page. Additionally, customers may still view the original price by hovering their cursor over the converted rates.

Important characteristics:

Use more than 160 different currencies, including bitcoin.

Instant conversion of the pricing to the client’s local currency.

Allow customers to use the Currency Switcher to manually alter the currency.

Eliminate decimal places from prices.

Work well with any theme, especially those with Ajax checkout.

Currency notification at checkout.


Free strategy:

Plan Elite: $9.95 per month

6. MLV Auto Currency Switcher

MLV Auto Currency Switcher

One of the most popular and downloaded currency switcher apps is MLV Auto Currency Switcher. With MLV, you have access to every feature you require to set up the currency converter on your Shopify account.

Based on the IP geolocation of the user, MLV Auto Currency Switcher will determine the customer’s nation and automatically convert the pricing to that country’s currency. Additionally, you can choose the switcher’s location, the nation’s flag to fly, and other things.

Important characteristics:

Based on their IP, locates customers.

Price conversion to their local currency is required.

By Shopify Payments, it is compatible with Shopify multi-currency.

In accordance with your settings, show legible price figures.

Choose a location for the currency switcher display.



Plan Premium: $9.95 per month

7. Language Translation & Currency 4.8

Language Translation & Currency 4.8 


With Transcy, you may get language and currency converters for a single price. Transcy, a top Shopify localization solution, enables you to rapidly display local prices to please clients from different nations. This is another shopify currency converter app.

A striking currency changer with different settings for mobile and desktop platforms is included in Transcy. Even if the setup process is simple and uncomplicated, you can always get in touch with their customer care team if a problem develops.

Important characteristics:

Support for 167+ well-known currencies.

The currency rate can be manually changed and is updated every day.

System of rounding that is ideal for each currency.

without a learning curve, simple to use.

world-class assistance available round-the-clock.



Budget: $9.90 per month

Initial: $19.90 per month

Required: $39.90 per month

8.SmartCS: Currency Switcher ⭐4.9 (1,120+ reviews)

SmartCS: Currency Switcher 4.9

Utilizing SmartCS, provide your foreign customers with a highly customised purchasing experience. Based on a visitor’s geographic location, this Shopify currency converter will automatically display the correct currency. You don’t need to worry about its correctness because Shopify updates the currency rate. This is another shopify currency converter app.

There are nine different currency switcher templates available, so you can quickly decide which one best represents your company. Additionally, you can place the switcher at the desired location.

Important characteristics:

Change the price to the client’s country’s currency.

Create guidelines for automatically rounding prices.

Modify the currency display format.

Support your theme’s built-in currency selection.

From the backend, change the currency for specific nations.

Responsive on all platforms.



Plan A: $9.95 per month

9. Currency Converter Plus ⭐4.9 (770+ reviews)

Currency Converter Plus 4.9 

With the help of the highly customizable and reliable programme Currency Converter Plus, consumers’ nationalities are automatically identified, and the price is shown in their local currency. This tool, which bills itself as a lightweight and easy solution, integrates seamlessly with your Shopify store and requires no complicated configuration. This is another shopify currency converter app.

With the use of numerous currency configurator options, you can ensure that clients have a flawless experience while buying at your Shopify store. Additionally, to save you the hassle of wrong currency exchange rates, the exchange rate will be updated every minute from trustworthy sources.

Important characteristics:

Automatically determine the customer’s country and display the appropriate price.

Identifies IP geolocation using reliable IP databases.

There are 222+ available currencies, including Bitcoin.

Format the currency as desired.

Full currency compatibility with Shopify.

work well on all platforms.

Simple multilingual app integration with third parties.

24/7 assistance.

Cost: $9.95 per month

10. Currency Converter Bear ⭐4.9 (596+ reviews)

Currency Converter Bear's 4.9/5

With Currency Converter Bear, you can give international clients a seamless buying experience while also improving the appearance of your store. This is another shopify currency converter app.

This programme gives you a lot of design options so you may alter the currency switcher’s appearance to fit your store’s aesthetic. You can choose from 4 pre-made layouts at any time, and for even greater freedom and flexibility, you can create your own CSS/JS partials.

Important characteristics:

Round conversion prices are displayed without decimals.

Stunning flags and design layouts.

Themes 2.0 assistance.

For even more customisation, include custom CSS and JS.

With Shopify Currencies fully integrated.

Supported currencies number over 160. Add currency as you see fit.

Unlimited: $9.99 per month.


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