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Top 15 Best TikTok Tools In 2022

Best and most popular Tik Tok tools will be discussed in this article. Because of the occasionally unfavourable media coverage of this type of resource, there will probably always be some discussion over the usage of social media software that offers shortcuts, including TikTok tools.

The newest of the well-known social media networks, TikTok, has opened up a brand-new market for growth services similar to those for Instagram. There are a few TikTok videos online, albeit not as many as you might expect.

Because this social media network is so young, not many TikTok tools are useful. Before they can produce an efficient growth tool, these tools must have some time to understand more about it.

Best TikTok Tools

You should be aware of the top TikTok tools if you use the app and want or need more engagement and followers.

Top 15 Best TikTok Tools In 2022

Top 15 Best TikTok Tools are explained here.

1. Seek Socially

Seek Socially

Since there aren’t many useful TikTok tools, we think Seek Socially is a good option for automated, natural growth.

Seek Socially has developed a growth tool that gives you everything you need to expand your account effectively and safely.

Almost everyone may use this TikTok automation service’s tool thanks to its reasonable pricing. In the occasion that you are not pleased with your service, they also provide a simple alternative for cancellation.

Seek Socially commits to refrain from using bots, phoney accounts, or other unethical tactics if you are worried about any of those things.

They give you a personal account manager, which makes getting support for your tools much simpler and quicker as needed.

This business provides organic growth from your particular target market. As a result, more individuals who share your interests will watch your videos. This encourages engagement from users who are interested in your brand or niche.

They do this by focusing on the market you want to engage and communicate with using their sophisticated filters. As you get more knowledge about your market, you can change your focus market at any time using this technique.

This is another tiktok tools alternative. In terms of both price and value, we believe Seek Socially to be excellent. It’s encouraging to see a business with organic growth that doesn’t make exaggerated claims about rapid expansion.

Organic growth takes more time than using TikTok bots or purchasing followers, but in the end, you receive genuine followers rather than merely more pageviews. You gain credibility and authority by doing this.

If you wish to increase your TikTok presence, we heartily recommend using this tool.


  • Reasonable Costs
  • Safe Webpage
  • Simple Signup
  • Simple Revocation
  • An attentive account manager
  • Constant Client Support
  • Online Engagement


  • Exclusively for the TikTok app

2. TokUpgrade


The straightforward yet effective system of TokUpgrade is one of our favourite features. Since its inception, TokUpgrade has provided packages to expand TikTok accounts, making it a pioneer in this sector.

The method is maintained simple because this organisation is aware that you don’t have time to squander trying to increase your TikTok account.

There is not much you need to do because this company offers a fully managed tool. They are committed to providing services quickly and securely for clients.

Engagement with TokUpgrade is real and sincere; it is not phoney. It is a reliable and powerful solution that helps you expand your account by using targeted advertising and the right demographics.

TokUpgrade doesn’t promote unrealistic expectations for TikTok growth or make deceptive claims.

Since this growth depends on the specialty, target market, and other demographics you have picked, you won’t get guarantees of precise statistics.

This is advantageous because there are businesses out there that attempt to advertise rapid and significant growth but are unlikely to provide the growth you require or anticipate.

End-to-end data encryption is used by this organisation to protect your account and guarantee that you receive the engagement you require.


  • Targeted Real Followers
  • Automated Expansion
  • An attentive account manager
  • Secure and Safe

No robots

Smart Development

  • Simple registration and use


  • Only accounts with TikTok can use it.

3. Media Mister

Media Mister

Are you seeking for a TikTok tool that is uncomplicated and straightforward? That applies to Media Mister. The distinction between Media Mister, Seek Socially, and TokUpgrade is that the latter also supports a number of other social media platforms.

If you utilise additional social media sites, you can combine all of your activity into a single expansion firm.

Increases in subscribers, views, and TikTok followers and likes result in growth across all of your social media platforms.

You can contact Media Mister through the on-site chatbox whenever you need assistance or have questions. You only need to let them know which social media platform is giving you problems, and their agents will get to work fixing it. This is another tiktok tools alternative.

This business offers completely managed social media services, freeing you up to handle your regular business operations.

Your social media manager will make sure you are visible while you produce content that will interest and amuse your audience. You’ll get good value for your money while using high-quality tools.


  • Customer service
  • Effective Engagement
  • Supports Various Social Media Platforms
  • 100 percent money-back promise


  • If you solely want to use TikTok, you might find this setup overwhelming.

4. FollowersUp


You can interact on numerous social media networks using FollowersUp, much like Media Mister. That, once again, means you may interact with customers and expand your brand on social media.

We can appreciate the flexibility this expanding business offers its customers.

Additionally, its features are divided into groups according to the social media network you are using and need assistance with, making it simple to identify where and what kind of assistance you require.

All you have to do to begin receiving a great service that will result in actual, true TikTok growth is join up for one of their packages, enter your information, complete the signup forms, and make your payment.

They begin working on your package right away, and if you’re not satisfied or if something goes wrong with your tool, they’ll refund your money.

Everyone wants to know that if something is wrong, they can get their hard-earned money back. We appreciate them doing that.


  • Safe Webpage
  • Secure and Safe
  • Customer service
  • Privacy Statement
  • Quick Delivery
  • Money-Back Promise
  • Reliable Tools


  • On their website, it’s difficult to identify their tools’ prices.

5. Trollishly


Trollishly is yet another clear-cut and transparent business. You may handle the most of your social media activity from a single business, just like Media Mister and FollowersUp.

You can also stick to merely expanding your TikTok account if that’s all you’re interested in.

They do guarantee speedy delivery, but they also guarantee high-quality products and interaction with your followers that will forge enduring bonds of loyalty.

What if you find these tools unpleasant? If you are unhappy or if something goes wrong with your account, Trollishly will refund your money.

Trollishly offers customer service around-the-clock so you never have to wait more than 24 hours to obtain the assistance you require.

Normally, we would not recommend buying followers and likes for TikTok, but in this instance, it seems to work nicely. You always have a preference in how your account grows.


  • Safe Webpage
  • Reasonable Costs
  • Services on Social Media Platforms
  • Reliable Tools
  • Constant Client Support
  • Payment System Security
  • 100 percent money-back promise


  • Users’ opinions of the third-party reviews are divided.

6. UseViral


UseViral is the kind of TikTok tool that knows what you need and when you need it because they have been in the business for a long enough time.

They are unquestionably beneficial for networking as well as the engagement-related aspects of the job. The issue about TikTok is that it depends just as much on who you know as it does on your knowledge.

The more individuals you can connect with who can identify with your material and perhaps help spread the word about it, the better.

These folks can help you with this and have a network of experts they use regularly to help promote your video outside of TikTok.


  • Excellent customer assistance
  • Fair pricing

Excellent network


  • No no-risk trial

7. SidesMedia


A TikTok tool with a strong reputation for being extremely reliable is SidesMedia.

Being accountable to its customers is a company’s best asset because, unless you have spent a lot of in this industry, you probably won’t realise that trustworthiness is one of the most important qualities to a company like this. Therefore, unless they have high-quality features to the point where you don’t have to think about anything else, they may not realise that this.

This is another tiktok tools alternative. When it comes to these people, they prioritise it above all else, and it is evident in all they do. You won’t have to wait a long time for your features because to their excellent delivery time.


  • High standard of responsibility
  • High degree of trust
  • Great assistance


  • No no-risk trial

8. SocialViral


If you’re looking for something unique and of the highest calibre, you should make the most of SocialViral as a TikTok tool.

Naturally, you want to ensure that every interaction with your TikTok profile is of the highest calibre, but you also want to ensure that it is exclusive.

This means that not many other individuals are engaging in it on a regular basis, to use our terminology.

We think these folks are able to provide this and so much more, including promoting your business on other available networks.

On the surface, they might just seem like your typical TikTok marketing tool, but as you delve a little deeper, you’ll see how powerful they can be in assisting your success on TikTok.


  • Unique features
  • Great assistance
  • A wide range of prices


  • No no-risk trial

9. Stormlikes


Another provider that can support your TikTok growth is Stormlikes, which offers quick delivery but isn’t willing to sacrifice quality.

Most businesses in this sector that provide quick delivery must make a tradeoff, typically in the features they offer.

But since these people can handle both, they are regarded as one of the greatest solutions available, particularly if you don’t have a lot of time to wait around for your TikTok growth.

We also appreciate how they’ve divided up their features into a variety of categories, making it possible to pay only for the services you actually need and avoid having to subscribe to a bulk bundle that includes capabilities you’ll never use. This is another tiktok tools alternative.


  • High level of assistance
  • Quick deliveries
  • Features of superior quality


  • No no-risk trial

10. Task Ant

Task Ant

Another TikTok product that we highly recommend is Task Ant, and one of the things we appreciate most about this business is that it offers something unique.

Since it is uncommon to find businesses that desire to give their features a distinctive twist, you should seize the chance to employ them when you do.

This type of business will also take care of your hashtags, enabling you to combine your engagement approach and hashtag strategy to perform better on TikTok than you ever have.


  • A hashtag maker
  • Detailed analysis
  • Groups items into sets.


  • No no-risk trial

11. SocialPilot


This is another tiktok tools alternative. It would be difficult to discover a better solution in the market than SocialPilot for your TikTok growth because they are not just straightforward and efficient but also reasonably priced.

They allow their clients to schedule and produce many TikTok videos at once, which is, in our opinion, a terrific method to increase your reach and make sure that your material is getting seen by the right audiences.

They also provide a function for content curation that makes it simple to find popular, pertinent information based on keywords and influencers. Your best option for accelerating your TikTok growth is to take advantage of them because they will provide you a clear advantage over your competitors.


  • Beneficial services
  • Excellent backstage crew
  • Fair pricing


  • No free trial period

12. Tokcaptain


The finest aspect about Tokcaptain is that it is a form of TikTok tool that has a flair for understanding the demands of its users. This is another tiktok tools alternative.

You don’t require any previous technical skills to make the most of these people because they are simple to use and don’t require any technical knowledge.

Overall, they are a wonderful all-arounder who has figured out how to be able to assist their customers expand their TikTok accounts without them having to do too much of the labour on their end. They will also do all in their capacity to try and locate the greatest community for your material.


Not overly technical

  • Easy and efficient
  • Fair pricing


  • No free trial period

13. Autotokker


You don’t have to be concerned about any risk when utilising TikTok features thanks to Autotokker, a tool that ensures that all of their features abide with TikTok’s terms and conditions.

This is another tiktok tools alternative. There are multiple other companies out there that will suspend or prohibit you for using their features, but these guys won’t.

We also appreciate the fact that they use a variety of techniques, such as the follow/unfollow method, to identify the ideal audience members for your content.

This indicates that they will employ a tried-and-true method to locate the ideal audience for your films.


  • Security and safety
  • Adhere to TikTok’s rules.
  • An accessible website


  • Only able to assist you with TikTok

14. Tokgrowth


Due to their simplicity, Tokgrowth is undoubtedly one of the greatest TikTok tools to employ for your TikTok page.

You should check out these people if you require a clever algorithm to assist you in achieving all of your TikTok growth objectives without having to get overly technical.

We adore how they employ a clever algorithm to evaluate and rank the currently trending hashtags in your industry and niche.

By doing so, you may check to see if your hashtag approach is still relevant and adheres to your engagement plan. They can handle the rest if you just share your favourite hashtags with them.


  • A hashtag maker
  • Personalized support
  • Fair pricing


  • No free trial period

15. Loomly




Loomly is the kind of TikTok app that can assist you with both your TikTok engagement and social media posting and scheduling. This is another tiktok tools alternative.

In order to maximise the platform and set up your page for success, they can also assist you in publishing and collaborating your content with TikTok.

If you work with an agency and want to monitor what everyone else in your team is doing even when you aren’t directly collaborating with them, this TikTok tool can be very useful.

You’ll be able to generate fresh content ideas with the aid of this service as well.


  • Excellent for teams
  • Is centred on TikTok
  • Assists with hot topics


  • No free trial period

Last Words on TikTok Tools

TikTok is a more recent, but rapidly gaining, social media platform that can help you improve your online presence. Learning how to interact with the more immature generation is the biggest challenge.

One of the main reasons people contact growth companies for assistance with their TikTok accounts is because of this. Simply put, you can’t interact with others the same way you do on other social media platforms.

Make sure you are getting quality packages, genuine engagement, and value for your money when choosing TikTok tools, to name a few.

Similar to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, reports of users having their accounts suspended or banned are still a problem with this channel.

Before interacting with these businesses, be sure to read reviews and learn more about them. You could lose your money or fail to get the engagement you expect from a company if you aren’t watchful.

Final Thoughts on Tik Tok Tools

Just like choosing a growth company for any other social media platform, you should be aware of those that use bots that can get your account banned or that sell fake followers and engagement that can also get you suspended or banned.

You want to maintain your credibility by avoiding associations with companies like that.

It’s totally up to you which TikTok growth company you choose based on how you want to engage on this platform. It’s wise to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of any tool that provides growth on any social media channel. This is another tiktok tools alternative.

Do your research, read user and professional reviews, and use free trials where you can before you buy.


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