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How To Fix Among Us Server Connection Errors

How to fix Among Us server connection errors will be explained in this article. You can play Among Us online or on a local network. Of course, playing the game online as opposed to over a local network is more common. Users of Among Us are able to develop and participate in public games, which are all hosted on the company’s servers.

How To Fix Among Us Server Connection Errors

In this article, you can know about How To Fix Among Us Server Connection Errors here are the details below;

There are servers for Among Us in many locations. The game automatically chooses the closest server when you start playing. All of the games you’ll see are kept on servers in the chosen area. No lag should exist, and connecting to the server ought to be simple. Try the following workarounds if you’re trying to join an Among Us game but it keeps crashing because of server connection problems.

1. Change Server location

The closest server isn’t usually chosen by Among Us. Sometimes choosing a different region will allow you to remedy the issue.

  1. Start Here With Us.
  2. Click the region symbol in the lower right corner.
  3. Choose a different area.
  4. Connect to a game, if you can.

Change Server location

2. Update Among Us

Update Among Us

If a user isn’t using the most recent version of the game, Among Us shuts them out. In order to play earlier versions of the game, some gamers employ workarounds. You must update the game if that is the case. You must play the most recent version that is available, regardless of the platform you are using to play it on, or you will encounter a variety of issues.

3. The network connectivity

Whichever online game you want to play, you’ll need a steady internet connection with low ping. Check the stability of your connection.

  1. On your desktop, launch a browser.
  2. Check out
  3. Check the internet speed and ping.
  4. Your ping shouldn’t exceed 100 or be in the double digits.

Check network connectivity

4. Disable VPN

Disable VPN

A desktop VPN may be hindering the connection if you’re using one. It’s possible that Among Us is banning it or that the VPN is having connectivity problems of its own. Turn off the VPN and attempt a gaming connection.

5. Restart the device

The majority of the time, this technique works on mobile devices, but it is still worthwhile to try if you play on a desktop. Launch the game after restarting your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.


Many hackers and cheaters have turned their attention to the game Among Us. The game’s creators have been attempting to correct this so that everyone may enjoy a fair game. This has resulted in numerous limits and inspections being applied. Disable any potentially cheatware-containing apps you may be using, and you should be able to play the game without any issues.


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