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Top 5 Official Friday App Alternatives In 2023

Best And Official Friday App Alternatives will be described in this article. The effective daily planner app Friday allows you to set out your day and share it with others. You may easily manage and communicate with your distributed staff using the programme. I think you’re already utilising Friday, but you’re not entirely happy with its practical limitations. Additionally, the app will be discontinued on June 3, 2022, leaving you with little choice but to go elsewhere.

You are also very interested in this article since you haven’t yet purchased the best team collaboration and task management software for your team.

So that you can make the multiple suitable decision, you are trying to learn as much as you can about available Friday app alternatives. Let’s get started with the top Friday app alternatives that provide you with greater features and value for your money without further ado.

Top 5 Best And Official Friday App Alternatives In 2023

Top 5 Best And Official Friday App Alternatives are explained here.

1. ProofHub


For numerous reasons, ProofHub is at the top of this list of Friday app alternatives.

Although some readers may feel that I’m being prejudiced, you will realise that this potent yet user-friendly task management and team collaboration software truly deserves a top spot as you continue reading.

First off, ProofHub is a prestigious SaaS-based tool that aims to improve team cooperation by bringing everyone together on a single task management platform.

ProofHub is your go-to option to conveniently manage everything from an one location, whether you’re a novice manager who has just begun to manage a team or an experienced project manager who wants to have more control over work and projects.

With a variety of cutting-edge capabilities available under one virtual roof, this highly useful Friday app substitute helps project managers and their teams to streamline team communication and cooperation in the most efficient manner.

I’m sure you’re curious in knowing more about how ProofHub enables you to efficiently manage several facets of your job from an one spot.

Let’s get started and find out.

Project Management

To ensure timely completion and delivery, project managers need to keep an eye on a number of factors, whether they are managing little or large, complex projects.

Through a number of capabilities, including the following, ProofHub enables you to keep track of all work and people from a single location:


Project managers may quickly create and assign individual or group tasks, prioritise them with due dates, estimated completion times, and apply labels to each job.

This will guarantee that everyone in the team is clear on their roles, so preventing miscommunications and confusion.


Divide a big, complicated work into smaller, more doable parts.

By outlining additional steps for finishing the assignment, you’ll help your team members do it more quickly.

Custom fields.

Project managers can add information to your tasks beyond the established, default fields in ProofHub by using custom fields.

The necessary flexibility is provided for project managers to manage more data in a single window.

Any more custom fields that are required for your projects and process can be added, including date, currency, numbers, and others.

Time Tracking.

For most project managers, making efficient use of their time is still a difficulty, but not for those who use ProofHub.

You can gather all of your time data in one location thanks to built-in time tracking software.

In a single location, you can upload timesheets, make time estimates, track time manually or with timers, and produce time reports.


You may design processes using ProofHub, a capable Friday app substitute, in order to match the needs of your team and business.

Project managers may ensure that each team member stays on the same page with the others and works on the appropriate duties at the appropriate time.

Files and Docs.

Keep all of your digital documents and data in one location for simple access and seamless teamwork.

Store different iterations of the same file, distribute file links to visitors, and preview and verify files all in one location without switching between tabs.

Task history.

Knowing all of the specifics of the work assigned to your team is one of the most crucial jobs and obligations for a new manager.

With ProofHub, you can keep a close eye on the progress at each stage and evaluate how a job has developed over time and what adjustments have been made.


You may add all of your files, documents, and photographs to each task, conversation, chat, and nearly every other stage of your project when utilising ProofHub.

Project Manager.

Who oversees which project can be chosen by the project manager.

The assigned project managers can get all the necessary notifications for past due assignments and missing deadlines.

There is no room for flimsy justifications for failing to complete allotted job on time, and each team member is held responsible for his work.

Overview labels.

Project managers have a clear understanding of how team members collaborate across various projects because to ProofHub’s overview labels.

Every team member’s performance may be tracked so that new plans can be made and work can be distributed appropriately.

Request forms.

How convenient it is for project managers when teams and clients use request forms to submit work requests, support inquiries, or even tickets.

You can immediately add these task requests to ProofHub.

Project Views

To understand where the work stands, every project manager has to visualise the project’s performance.

It is simple to lose sight of things and incur delayed deliverables when you are handling many projects.

Multiple projects can be visualised using ProofHub in a way that works most suitable for your team.

The following viewpoints are provided by ProofHub:

Table view.

Project managers and teams can plan and arrange projects using table view in the way that works best for them.

You may organise your projects by priority, add labels, and highlight critical information.

Kanban Boards.

Project managers may obtain a clear overview of the current status of all tasks using Kanban boards in ProofHub.

Drag and drop operations can be used to move work from one stage to another.

Assigned team members are informed whenever the job stage shifts.


You can see your project’s chronology visually with Gantt charts.

You may schedule projects, establish task dependencies, adjust deadlines as they change, highlight key routes, associate milestones, measure progress, and view all of your Gantt data in one location.


Project teams may more easily manage and schedule all events, milestones, and tasks in one location with the help of ProofHub’s project scheduling calendar.

To properly arrange work, add recurring activities, establish automated reminders, and select from a variety of views.

Activity logs.

The fact that project managers have less control over activity across projects is a key factor driving their search for information on Friday app alternatives.

The activity logs provided by ProofHub keep you informed of all project-related actions.

With activity logs, you can keep track of all actions and updates across projects without having to jump between them.


One aspect of a project manager’s job that cannot be overlooked is reporting.

Just consider all team members and projects, and evaluate their performance.

The extensive individual, custom, and project reports provided by ProofHub’s online reporting tool allow you to assess the status of your projects and make any planning adjustments.

You may measure the advancement of your entire team at once by creating project reports, resource reports, workload reports, and custom reports.

Project Reports.

With the use of thorough project reports, evaluate the effectiveness of your ongoing projects as well as team members.

You can examine the progress of a project and the number of tasks that have been finished.

Resource reports.

Have a thorough overview of how your team is doing across all projects.

Based on labels, you may see the tasks that are past due, open, and done for a certain person and determine how many days behind they are so you can make plans.

Workload reports.

To properly manage your team’s workload, check the quantity of work that has been distributed among the team members.

The task reports for each workflow in a project are available to project managers in detail.

Know exactly how many tasks are in each stage and how the work is going.

Custom reports.

Create bespoke reports on people and projects using the parameters of your choice to gain precise insights into the tasks, deadlines, and time logged.


Project managers may simplify things for their teams by using ProofHub’s project management tool to keep track of both their individual and group activity.

Project teams benefit from having a variety of perspectives because they may better understand their task and plan their operations accordingly.

Me view.

You may view all of your tasks, milestones, events, announcements, assigned projects, and bookmarks in one place with ProofHub’s “Me view.”

Teams working on projects can personalise it anyway they like and keep track of all their activity.

Profile view.

Project managers may keep track of a person’s tasks, projects, and actions in one place using ProofHub’s “Profile view.”

This function allows you to simply track progress and see a person’s profile in clear detail.

My tasks.

You can keep track of all the jobs that have been allocated to you so far, determine which ones have been finished, which ones are past due, and efficiently manage your workload.

My events and milestones.

Never forget important dates and occasions again by setting up automated reminders.

Use milestones to denote checkpoints and gauge your work’s progress.

My Calendar.

All of your personal activities, tasks, and milestones will be organised, scheduled, and visible in one location.

My activities.

Keep a record of all your own chores, updates, and activities.

Obtain a complete list of all the changes being made to your account.

All activity.

View all of your team’s activity, including tasks assigned, milestones reached, comments made, notes added, and everything else that has occurred across all projects, in one location.

Project export

You can still access your projects, tasks, comments, and files even if you are not logged into your ProofHub account.

Make a backup of your data, carry it with you everywhere you go, and use any device to view it.

Admin Control

Project managers, whether inexperienced or seasoned, may utilise ProofHub to maintain total control by deciding who sees what and ensuring that every team member has access to the appropriate information.

Groups and People.

Both inexperienced and seasoned project managers can easily create new groups and arrange personnel under them.

Work with as many people as you like, classifying them according to the needs of the job.

Custom roles.

Based on your organisational workflow, create unique roles, assign them, and provide access levels to maintain complete control over who has access to what.

White labelled.

With the help of white labelling, customers can alter the look and feel of their ProofHub account by adding a new domain, their brand’s logo, and a different theme colour.


Even if they don’t have a ProofHub account, anyone can easily collaborate with project managers.

No matter where you work from, you can easily collaborate and share files via the sharing link.

IP restrictions.

Keep illegal access away from your ProofHub account.

Limit who can access your account to certain IP addresses and keep your sensitive data safe in a single project management application.


Your deleted projects and data are still freely accessible in the trash.

Either restore it or permanently erase it.

Team Collaboration

It can be difficult for project managers managing remote or hybrid teams to keep geographically dispersed team members on the same page.

ProofHub offers clever features that improve team cooperation and make it simple for project managers by getting all team members, clients, and external stakeholders on the same page, preventing important communication from slipping through the cracks.


Create discussion topics to facilitate the sharing of information without the need for protracted email exchanges.

Users have the ability to contribute comments, mention other users, proof designs, and consolidate all team and client interactions in one location.

Group chat.

With ProofHub’s Group Chat feature, you can have brief conversations with your team members and clients.

To make your chats more expressive, intelligent, and quick, you can attach files, papers, photographs, and GIFs.


With the help of ProofHub’s note-taking tool, you can make notes, arrange them, and work together on them from a single spot.

You can add individuals to notes, make them private, include files, and save notes that are specifically about one topic in notebooks. This is another Friday app alternatives.


Make general announcements and add individuals to them. These announcements should not be project-specific.

Celebrate team accomplishments and noteworthy events, show gratitude for a job well done, and inspire your staff through little yet meaningful gestures.


All team members can stay informed about all recent project activity thanks to ProofHub’s real-time in-app, desktop, email, and smartphone alerts.


By linking each app with your ProofHub account, you can get all of your apps concurrently.

While managing teams and projects from a single location, you do not need to switch between various apps.

API access.

Utilize the ProofHub API for seamless integration with external applications for quick, simple, and painless data transfer.

Email In.

You can participate in conversations, add tasks, and upload files by email without logging onto your ProofHub account.

Why accept Friday when you may have ProofHub instead?

2. Jell


One of the top Friday app substitutes, Jell makes it easier for teams and project managers to plan, communicate, set goals, and track progress.

Jell works well with many of the tools your team already uses, so you won’t have to constantly switch between them as you work.

Jell, which is regarded as one of the top standup meeting applications, is ideally suited for distant or cross-time zone teams.

As you may select from a variety of question styles, including text, list, multiple choice, and number type questions, the tool gives you complete control over the questions you pose to your team.

Regular reminders

Make sure to remind your crew members to take part in standups.

Main characteristics are:

  • regular stand-ups
  • Check-ins
  • Integrations with goal tracking
  • Customization
  • Targets and OKRs
  • Integration with Slack

3. Geekbot


Geekbot is a solid alternative to Friday’s app and enables teams of any size and type to conduct standups, retrospectives, questionnaires, polls, and other forms of work check-in.

Geekbot seamlessly connects with Slack and is highly adaptable.

Setting up the application to allow various teams within the organisation to stay informed and organised only takes a few minutes. This is another Friday app alternatives.

The bot helps teams maintain focus by posing a few questions at the start of each day that you may personalise.

One of Geekbot’s distinctive features is that it collects information depending on the comments made by teammates.

Analyze this information and draw conclusions from it.

Geekbot uses AI language analysis to expose the reasoning behind the replies and enables you to assess engagement, productivity, and pleasure.

Main characteristics are:

  • Task automation for routine work
  • Daily monitoring of group spirit
  • Existing templates
  • Sales statistics
  • Meeting summaries
  • Everyday standup
  • Team evaluation Team review

4. ScrumGenius


One of the effective Friday app substitutes today is ScrumGenius.

This application manages standups, surveys, meetings, and daily reporting across time zones, enabling your team to sync at any time and from any location. It is an effective status reporting solution for remote teams. This is another Friday app alternatives.

By eliminating time-consuming meetings and other distractions, ScrumGenius enables you to lower communication overhead.

ScrumGenius integrates with a number of highly regarded project management systems (including Asana, Jira, GitHub, etc.), allowing users to look up tasks and activities in these platforms and add them to check-ins.

Your team members receive pings from ScrumGenius to provide updates on the status of their ongoing tasks and any bottlenecks they may be experiencing.

Team members use a web app or bot to submit their reports.

Users can observe and review their responses with the use of a ScrumGenius dashboard’s rich dashboard and lovely reports.

ScrumGenius enables managers to efficiently direct their team in day-to-day activities and remove obstacles.

Main characteristics are:

  • Stand-alone analysis
  • Check-ins on group participation
  • Query insights
  • Integrations
  • tracking of goals and blockers

5. Status Hero

Status Hero

Status Hero is a quick, effective, and dependable solution for sharing priorities and checking in without interfering with everyday, hectic schedules. This is another Friday app alternatives.

By providing automated check-ins that may be communicated by Slack, email, or a number of other connections, this programme was created to improve standups for remote teams.

By providing constant visibility on their accomplishments, goals, and roadblocks across workflows and timezones, it helps your remote or hybrid workforce restore focus.

Async check-ins from your team’s tools and data from Status Hero are transformed into precise, thorough reports.

With brief online updates, you may do away with drawn-out meetings, shoulder taps, and other interruptions.

Main characteristics are:

  • No-hassle check-ins
  • standardised formatting
  • reports that are insightful and team transparency
  • Multiple hundred integrations
  • stream of current activities
  • cognizant of time zones
  • corporate dashboard
  • Retro meetings and one-on-ones with a boost
  • tracking of goals
  • Streaks
  • Blocker warnings
  • What other tools don’t provide, ProofHub does:
  • absolute command over teams and tasks.
  • Quickly join us!


You’ve now reviewed the top five Friday app substitutes out there.

You should choose a strong tool with a broad range of functions that won’t desert you in the middle when Friday gets ready to close down!

As it promises high functionality, simplicity of use, and a range of tools that give you whole control over your work from conception to end on any device, from any place, ProofHub should be the default choice for project managers and their teams.


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