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Top 10 Best SaiGlobal SAI360 Alternatives In 2022

Best SaiGlobal SAI360 Alternatives will be described in this article.

Top 10 Best SaiGlobal SAI360 Alternatives In 2022

In this article, you can know about SaiGlobal SAI360 here are the details below;

A third-party risk management and assessment system, the SaiGlobal SAI360 platform, enables businesses to conduct secure commerce with other vendors.

Tools and services built on the cloud are accessible at any time and from any location.

Its ready-to-use security features give you analytics that not only save time but also a sizable portion of the cost associated with manual documentation.

To assist you in determining whether a vendor is the best fit for your company or not, the dashboard displays the cyber core, average risk index percentage, best and worst Cybersec scores, along with the Vendor Rating Chart.

It also provides you with a list of vendors in the same categories so you can choose the most reliable and affordable business, allowing you to concentrate entirely on your business without worrying about the vendor’s reputation or legal status.

By reducing the risk factor, changing the location on a map, and including a manual questionnaire in the data analytics, you can alter the environment.

Charts, bars, spreadsheets, graphs, and many other interactive techniques can be used to visualise the data.

Top 10 Best SaiGlobal SAI360 Alternatives

Top 10 Best SaiGlobal SAI360 Alternatives are explained here.

1. Logic gate Risk Management

Logic gate Risk Management

A company called Logic Gate Risk Management offers enterprise risk management, IT risk management, and third-party risk management solutions.

Management of Compliance, Policy, Data Privacy, Incidents, Regulatory Compliance, Business Continuity, Issues, and Audits are some of the solutions.

Software, Tech businesses, Telecom, Banking, Healthcare, Insurance, Investment, Medical Devices, and Pharmaceuticals are just a few of the industries where Logic Gate Risk Management now offers its services.

You may go from a reactive to a proactive risk strategy with Logicgate Risk Management.

You are protected from cybersecurity attacks that could infiltrate your system through a phishing email, a distant laptop that was left logged in, or any other undiscovered weakness.

In order to make better judgments based on reputations, it also aids in identifying the vulnerabilities that your system may experience with the particular provider.

You can obtain a centralised risk dashboard where all the information about vendors and businesses is provided by using the mitigation plan tracking.

This is a terrific tool to let you focus on your actual activities rather than worrying about security, to put it briefly.

2. Foresite


Foresite is a business that offers your firm services for managing privacy and cybersecurity.

Instead of wasting time worrying about the security of your business, it allows you to concentrate on your core mission.

It provides services for IT businesses, academic divisions, medical systems, retail PCI, and financial systems.

Obtaining certificates and credentials from third-party vendors is just one of the services offered, along with cybersecurity as a service, compliance services, security device management, and cyber threat intelligence.

Foresite offers an approach to log visibility and the overall position of your security position that is unmatched.

Watch your reports and analytics in real-time on the dashboard.

Your inventories and assets are all handled in one location.

A major threats tab lists events that are vulnerable and requests that you report any false positives.

In a nutshell, you are in control of your company’s security activities.

The cloud-based architecture of Foresite is designed with a strict security algorithm yet allows for customisation.

Access the company’s database, review and handle security warnings, and close the gap left by a ransomware assault.

3. CyberGRX


A third-party risk management service called CyberGRX offers cybersecurity solutions for your business.

You can use CyberGRX services to allow them handle all your security-related operations so that you won’t have to worry about the security and reputation of vendors before concluding a contract with them.

In addition to verifying the legitimacy and certifications of new vendors, these processes protect your business from exposed dangers and potential cyberattacks that could compromise your systems.

You may save a lot of time and aid in decision-making by easily evaluating vendors.

A centralised risk assessment exchange enables you to acquire data from a variety of businesses and suppliers, giving you access to each one’s reputation and performance certificates.

In order to make a strategic decision and feel comfortable dealing with vendors, they should compare their benchmarks.

To be recruited as a third party, you can also disclose your details.

Overall, CyberGRX frees you from data collection so that you can focus on the main goal, increasing your productivity.

4. Prevalent ThirdParty Risk Management

Prevalent ThirdParty Risk Management

An online service called Prevalent ThirdParty Risk Management provides your business with cyber-attack security risk management.

It tries to anticipate them and notifies you about all potential hazards and weaknesses that you could obtain from third parties in the present world, where cyber-attacks are frequent.

Prevalent ThirdParty Risk Management will quickly compile all the past security and reputation records of third parties and vendors for you; doing it manually would bring a lot of time & effort.

You are provided with the qualifications and credentials necessary to decide whether to sign a deal using the pool of databases of all significant companies.

Prevalent measures internal and external controls that are impossible to measure manually.

To evaluate vendor risk and keep an eye on the vulnerability, its cloud-based solution combines automation and standardisation.

It operates in a centralised setting where any businesses who want to obtain data from third parties must also enter their own data.

The relationships between the vendors are improved by this cooperation.

5. Gatekeeper Vendor Management

Gatekeeper Vendor Management

Software called Gatekeeper Vendor Management enables you to control the risk and security around third-party vendors.

It offers a centralised data record of all company vendors, including information on their reputation, security, and other crucial details like credentials and certificates.

This software’s features include a Branded Vendor Portal for quick and seamless onboarding and the ability to instantly identify, evaluate, and choose from a list of vendors that seem trustworthy and the best fit for your budget.

When all of this can be done in a short amount of time, there is no need to hire a staff to verify the legitimacy of the information and gather vendor data.

You can exert some degree of control by personally locating and reviewing the specific information.

Since all of the data and records are auditable, the data is centralised and easily accessible to any company.

The Gatekeeper Vendor Management service is for businesses wishing to standardise process control and cost control across all departments, businesses needing vendor compliance, and businesses hoping to improve relationships with vendors by exchanging pertinent information.

6. UpGuard Vendor Risk

UpGuard Vendor Risk

An online tool called UpGuard Vendor Risk promises to give businesses third-party risk management.

It protects you from security lapses or system attacks and stores all the sensitive data for the firm.

With the use of built-in questionnaire tools, UpGuard gathers and continuously monitors the vendor’s information, including public records, reputations, and certifications. It then automates a security-related query and delivers it to the vendor.

It determines six different categories of hazards, including those associated with websites, emails, phishing and malware, networks, brand protection, and reputation.

The dashboard displays real-time data gathered from a database of vendor data.

Instead of spending time composing letters, making spreadsheets, and creating emails for risk assessment, UpGuard Vendor Risk allows you to focus on your goals.

It is intended for IT enterprises, businesses with sensitive data, and businesses that frequently outsource projects with a variety of security risks involving third parties.

7. OneTrust


OneTrust is an internet service provider that offers businesses and IT organisations third-party risk management solutions.

The majority of businesses rely on third parties to carry out crucial business functions, which presents numerous risks.

With insights into inherent risk, it finds and provides you with crucial information from a pool of more than 60k vendors.

If the default risk assessment does not meet your needs, you can use the built-in questionnaire templates to construct a customised evaluation.

Use their cookie compliance feature to automatically categorise third-party trackers, scan websites, and abide by ePrivacy standards.

Cross-check the legitimacy of the questionnaire responses using the AI-powered system by comparing them to the vendor security certifications.

Additional features include data mapping, data discovery, privacy rights, data redaction, targeted data discovery, CCPA Toll-Free, incident management, policy and notice management, data guidance research, awareness training, and benchmarking each vendor to make a decision.

8. Lockpath ThirdParty Risk Management

Lockpath ThirdParty Risk Management

An online service called Lockpath ThirdParty Risk Management is designed to help businesses manage the risks associated with their vendors and security.

The security risks continue even if your business complies with all applicable laws and regulations and follows industry standards.

All of your outsourcing risks are assessed by Lockpath ThirdParty Risk Management.

To view and manually analyse the data, you have access to the centralised information of all vendors and businesses.

You can quickly implement any activity with real-time insights.

Role-based reporting is also available on the dashboard with all meaningful information availability to numerous audiences, including superior authorities.

In short, Lockpath ThirdParty Risk Management increases your time and money by minimising most of the manual security procedures and concentrate on your core purpose, which ultimately increases your production.

9. 3rdRisk


A management service called 3rdRisk offers third party risk-related solutions.

It enables you to put all of your attention and effort towards growing and protecting your company.

Manage all risks associated with the supplier by establishing legal standards and compliance procedures.

Establish confidence with the vendor by exchanging relevant documentation and business-related requirements.

The fact that third party risk management enables a variety of organisational structures, such as functional, divisional, flat, team-based, and decentralised organisations, in one location is one of its notable features.

You can personalise the risk assessment and select from a variety of categories, such as laws, sustainability, certifications, high standards of quality, and cybersecurity.

To make the greatest choice for your business, create surveys, conduct inspections, audits, and decisions, and base those choices on reputation scores.

Overall, third party risk management saves time by doing away with the tedious task of manually compiling data and creating spreadsheets for assessments and displays vendor profiles graphically.

10. Bwise Vendor Risk Management

Bwise Vendor Risk Management

Your company can calculate and optimise the security and hazards associated with your vendors with the vendor risk management solution.

Bwise gives businesses the ability to centralise vendor data and streamline risk management.

Without any coding or programming, the software enables you to customise the dashboards and vendor reports.

You can prioritise the third-party certificates in a benchmarking system, and it will display the overall results based on your preferences.

This makes it easier for you to choose the right business to work on your tasks.

You may understand the pertinent vendor variables, such as vendor assessment, risk ratings, regulatory implications, SLAs, and process flow management, thanks to real-time information synopsis.

Internal audits protect you from future attacks and help you make wiser judgments regarding the goal of the company.


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