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Top 15 Best Zaui Software Alternatives in 2022

Best and most demanding Zaui software alternatives will be discussed in this article. Businesses may simply manage and simplify booking processes with the straightforward but effective reservation management system provided by Zaui Software. A POS system that enables companies to consolidate data and expand client networks by automating wholesalers’ operations as well as commission-based sales processes is included in this all-inclusive solution.

The system enables users to display and sell items through various marketplaces and travel marketing networks, assisting businesses in maximising income and expenses. It has a straightforward interface where you can access all tools and functions, comparable to other platforms of a same nature.

It is superior than others since it interfaces with a variety of third-party solutions to handle payment processing, taxation, and configuration, among other things. The main functions of Zaui Software include a CRM system, booking notes, rate management, personalised packages, online booking, and many other things.

Top 15 Best Zaui Software Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best Zaui Software Alternatives are explained here.

1. EventTitans


The event engagement and management tool EventTitans was developed for both physical and virtual events, such as conferences, social gatherings, and auctions. It is a complete platform with practically all essential features and services for managing events of all sizes with ease. The software has capabilities for networking, communication, ticketing, registration, and other functions.

The solution enables all visual events, such as live discussions in break rooms, virtual lobbies with sponsor branding, and much more. It has a full session management system that makes it simple to control your whole event and produces error-free material.

It interfaces with Zoom and other third-party systems to provide two-way audio and video to webinar transmission, just as other solutions of a similar nature. EventTitans is a for-profit software with a range of pricing options. Each plan has a different price as well as capabilities like reporting, content syndication, QR codes, online payments, and much more.

2. Prekindle


Prekindle is a straightforward yet effective event management, ticketing, and marketing tool that assists companies in promoting and selling event tickets online. It is a complete solution with all the top marketing tools needed to handle events fast and efficiently. This solution makes it simple to create beautiful emails and social media adverts without any copying and pasting.

The fact that this solution has an integrated email marketing and social advertisements engine makes it superior to others, which is one of the most intriguing aspects of it. Additionally, a thorough communication system exists that enables organisations to instantly email and SMS attendees. Prekindle, like other comparable products, offers integration with leading industry tools like Prism and ToneDen, among others. This is another zaui software.

Nevertheless of whether your website is built on Wix, WordPress, or another platform, the solution seamlessly syncs events to it. Automation, a dashboard, live-streamed events, email builders, attendee communication, mobile scanner, etc. are among of Prekindle’s most notable features.

3. Tix


Tix is a cloud-based event management tool that makes it simple for corporations and event management firms to sell tickets. The system makes it more comfortable for buyers to purchase tickets at the box office or online via mobile devices and its contact centre. Additionally, it has robust email marketing tools that may be used to remind clients in bulk through email about events, season ticket renewals, and other things.

The method may also be applied to the printing of tickets, including the printing of paper tickets, electronic tickets, and printed tickets using a built-in ticker printer. Tix connects with many payment methods and outside solutions to boost its functionality. It is commercial software with a range of pricing options. Each subscription has a different price and features, including a dashboard, live barcode scanning, the ability to publish events to Facebook, an email marketing platform, and many more.

4. Eventbrite


As long as your event is free, you may utilise Eventbrite for nothing. Eventbrite charges 2.5 percent plus $0.99 for each ticket you sell. Depending on who you select to handle the payment processing, there may be additional costs. You may choose from Eventbrite, PayPal, Google Checkout, or

If you choose Eventbrite, all credit card transactions will incur a 3 percent fee. Once you’ve located an engaging event, the recruitment process begins. You primarily press the sizable, green Register/Get Tickets sign (the name will change depending on whether the event is free or not), choose how many tickets you need by using the drop-down box, and then move your finger to the Register/Order Now button.

This is another zaui software. This begins the checkout process, where you must provide your name, email address, and credit card information (if purchasing tickets) within a 15-minute window. You lose the held ticket and must restart the process if you don’t complete the purchase within the allotted time.

5. Brushfire


One of the top online ticketing and registration platforms developed for conferences, concerts, camps, religious events, theatrical performances, etc. is called Brushfire. It is a complete solution that provides a variety of registration options, tools for assigning seats on tickets, and custom registration forms. Additionally, the platform comes with an event management system that gives event administrators flexible control over each event’s costs, fees, and communications.

The finest part of this solution is that it includes a mobile check-in software that lets you manage event check-ins by scanning barcodes on your mobile device whenever and wherever you choose. You may create various financial reports utilising a variety of tools thanks to its reporting capability.

Like other companies, it offers its clients online support to assist with a variety of issues. Access code, PCI compliance, a media library, customisable ticketing, a dashboard, and many more features are among Brushfire’s other standout features.

6. TicketSpice


A cloud-based programme specifically made for booking, ticketing, and event management companies is called TicketSpice. Through their own custom-branded web page, customers may swiftly sell their event tickets thanks to the platform. It provides customers with a variety of templates to choose from so they may design a website with their brand and layout.

Customers may pick from a variety of templates and custom data, such as phone number, date of birth, and T-shirt sizes, to rapidly construct ticketing pages using this solution’s straightforward drag-and-drop functionality. It links with social networking networks, like the majority of cloud-based software, allowing users to track, share, and give incentives or prizes. This is another zaui software.

The actions based on conditional logic functionality in TicketSpice enables users to manage ticket prices and availability. Additionally, this functionality enables customers to control inventory, specify the release date for tickets, and raise ticket pricing. The ability to customise branding characteristics gives this software a more polished, feature-rich appearance, which is one of its most intriguing aspects.

7. TicketLeap


A ticket discount and event advertising network called TicketLeap is situated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the United States. Christopher Stanchak, a 2003 Wharton alum, created it. This tool distinguishes itself from other pricey ticket sellers by offering outstanding e-ticketing services to any group for tiny to large events.

It began offering its services just in the United States at first. Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, and the United Kingdom are now included in its service area. Its foundation consists of an online ticketing system designed to manage events and provide tickets at lower prices than on other platforms. You may even post events using this feature on social networking websites.

8. Audience View

Audience View

The performance arts sector developed Audience View, a cloud-based ticketing system that may be used for both commercial and profit-driven purposes. Users may simply manage ticket pricing, sell individual event tickets, subscriptions, and recurring contributions with the aid of this service. The platform provides dynamic pricing and features that let users select ticket prices for various events, locations, and seats, among other things.

It allows you to sell online tickets through the configurable web pages or through its contact centre, saving you a tonne of time and work, much like other similar ticket management solutions. Users are free to completely personalise their ticketing page with their own logo, colour scheme, layouts, and other elements.

A variety of templates that are produced by a professional team are also available. Each page is readily customizable without any restrictions. Patron mapping, ROI and conversation ticketing, dynamic pricing, call list building, integration with CRM system, and many more features make up the fundamental functionality of Audience View.

9. Showpass


This is another zaui software. The goal of Showpass, one of the fastest-growing online ticketing platforms, is to assist businesses in increasing ticket and product sales as well as managing sales, statistics, and check-ins from the convenience of their hands. This solution makes it simple for attendees to discover the newest events and purchase tickets anytime, anywhere, even on any internet-enabled device.

Additionally, you can give email and SMS marketing communication that saves a tonne of time and work, set up and sell tickets with little effort, and advertise your event. The platform supports WordPress, Squarespace, and a capability for bespoke sites that lets you design your own website using pre-made themes. Each template is simple to modify without much work.

The platform includes co-branded marketing, which enables even organisations to advertise their event, as well as email and social media platforms, ensuring that tens of thousands of ticket buyers learn about your event and are able to purchase tickets. The primary features of Showpass include processing payments, mobile ticketing, reporting, price control, general admission, and season tickets.

10. Purplepass Ticketing

Purplepass Ticketing

An skilled team of engineers and marketers designed Purplepass Ticketing, a comprehensive ticketing platform that offers practically all of the essential services and features needed to serve as a one-stop ticketing shop. The platform included social media marketing, box office, printed stock, internet sales, and admission management, among other things. The platform was especially designed to make managing events of all sizes quick and simple for production firms, promoters, and event planners.

It is superior to others since it offers all the top features required to organise events, manage sales, and assess success with in-depth reporting. Visitors may buy tickets straight from the company’s website using Purplepass Ticketing’s contemporary brand widgets. Utilizing a variety of built-in capabilities, it aids companies in creating their own social media presence.

Organizations are also able to use built-in capabilities to measure and evaluate performance, advertise, and post events online with the help of this service. The creation of admission, subscriptions, payment processing, personalised tickets, box office administration, and many more features are among Purplepass Ticketing’s other key features.

11. Event Essentials

Event Essentials

A cloud-based programme called Event Essentials was developed for managing festivals and events online. It is a complete solution that enables companies to promote events, sell tickets, host events, receive donations, and handle registration data with ease. The solution also links with an existing event website, and organisers may put requests for the creation of fully customised presences as well as new themes. Then, without the need for IT expertise, users can quickly adjust all the specifics, content, and settings. This is another zaui software.

Users of the solution may access all tools and functionalities through a straightforward interface. It features elements like ticketing, 24 hour online box office help, and inventory that set it apart from other ticketing solutions. Attendee management, trade shows, dialogues, guest list management, barcode scanning, online ticketing, digital signature, and many more features are available with Event Essentials.

12. Accelevents


Accelevents is a mobile fundraising and online event ticketing platform designed for companies of all sizes. The platform offers text-to-give campaigns, chance drawings, online contribution sites, and silent auctions. Event organisers may quickly set up their events and manage customised ticket kinds, each with its own pricing, sales dates, and available quantities, thanks to its event ticketing system.

These tools enable presenters to create unique ticket-type-specific inquiries and use real-time data analytics to learn more about their event. The solution’s fundraising component is pretty excellent and provides a variety of options for quickly setting up fundraisers.

Accelevents has a dashboard where you can access all the tools and capabilities, much like other comparable platforms. The primary features include a personalised event page, event administratin, host dashboard, sales progress monitoring, etc.

13. Agile Ticketing

Agile Ticketing

Agile Ticketing was developed to handle live performances, universities, cinemas, live theatres, etc. It is the fastest-growing ticketing management solution. Only Windows operating systems may utilise the solution, which is compatible with practically all popular ticketing hardware. It offers a broad variety of customization for concession sales and gate control, enabling users to utilise the software across all of their facilities.

This is another zaui software. Organizations may also offer memberships, gift cards, and passes with this all-inclusive system. The fact that this solution generates a variety of reports, including real-time accounting, auto-syndicate reporting, and many more, which save a tonne of time and work, is one of the most intriguing aspects of it. The other standout feature of Agile Ticketing is event monitoring, social media marketing, configurable reports, and many other things.

14. InEvent


A cloud-based event management software called InEvent was developed to make it easier for companies in a range of sectors to swiftly plan, organise, and manage events. These sectors include marketing, finance, insurance, and the automobile industry. The platform enables companies to create custom websites, mobile applications, and kiosks utilising their brand’s colours, themes, and links.

It is a complete solution that enables marketers to build event landing pages with personalised branding, pictures, videos, documents, and any other necessary information. InEvent is more robust and offers a variety of features than other similar event management solutions, including single sign-on, social network login, schedule management, configurable templates, a gallery, and a barcode scanner, among others.

The manager may create forms with questions and custom fields using this solution to manage all online registrations and collect client information for marketing campaigns. InEvent also interfaces with the majority of top solutions, which boosts its functionality.

15. Hopin


One of the most rapidly expanding event management platforms is Hopin, which enables you to easily plan, host, and manage virtual events. The platform enables you to conduct interactive online events of any scale with several interactive zones that are designed for both connecting and participating. Like a physical event, attendees may enter and exit the event spaces with ease. This is another zaui software.

It is said to as an all-in-one solution that enables event planners to meet the same objectives as their offline events by tailoring the needs, whether there are 50 or 500000 participants. The ability to brand your conference or event space with unique photographs, films, papers, etc. is one of the most intriguing aspects of this service. Additionally, a variety of templates are available for you to pick from and edit as you see fit. Integration, a dashboard, cutting-edge tools, comprehensive privacy and security, a contemporary event builder, etc. are among Hopin’s main features.


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