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Top 15 Proxy Sites Like 911 S5 In 2022

Best and most demanding proxy sites like 911 s5 In 2022 will b described in this article. Do you frequently utilise 911 proxies and are curious if there are any alternatives in the event that it goes down?

To assist, please read this article. You may utilise the top 911 alternatives listed in this article and still get superior features and functionality. In a rush? Our top selections for 911 s5 alternatives are shown below. The 911 proxy is seldom known to most people. It performs the role of a socks5 proxy server. This residential socks5 proxy includes a unique modification. The 911 network uses free VPN services to persuade people to download and install programmes that behave like viruses and can stay on a user’s computer for a long time.

This was according to study on the 911 analysis done by the University of Sherbrooke.

According to the research, there are over 120k computers available for rent through the service, many of which are located in the US.

You must to download and install a piece of Windows software in order to use this service. This application offers sophisticated features like the ability to modify HTTP headers.

The millions of IPs in the service’s pool come from more than 190 countries. The proxies provided by this proxy service are good for life if you don’t utilise all of your allocated IPs, which is a convenient feature.

The feature of unmetered bandwidth is appealing.

It’s also one of the swiftest proxies available, and you can use it for a number of things like sale intelligence and ad verification.

It’s challenging for any one of the proxies to stand out because there are so many of them available.

It’s challenging to stand out unless you’re already well-known in your industry or have a sizable marketing budget.

When it comes to what it offers, how it charges, and how it provides its proxy service, the 911 proxy service did little more than stand out from the competition.

Due of its rigidity, many of its clients are currently searching for a another provider of socks proxies if they need to handle tasks that the 911 is not up to.

There are several services available that offer Socks5 proxies that you can use if you’re one of the 911 users looking for an alternative.

You must know where to look, though, in order to make a wise decision.

This article was created to give you a list of the best proxy service providers that are similar to 911 as a result.

On July 28, 2022, 911 officially closed its doors after years of providing top-notch services.

911 S5 said that some hackers had initiated phishing attacks and used cloned data against them.

Finding alternatives to continue utilising the services has become necessary as a result of this.

Top 15 Proxy Sites Like 911 S5 In 2022

Top 15 Proxy Sites Like 911 S5 In 2areexplained here.

1.Bright Data – Best 911 Substitute with Reputable Customer Service Share

Bright Data

Price: 300 USD per month for 20 Gigabytes of bandwidth; Permitted Bandwidth: 20 Gigabytes; Permitted Concurrency: Unlimited

  • Countries: Every nation on earth
  • Number of IPs in the pool: over 72 million

The Bright Data home proxy is one of many alternatives to the 911 socks proxies. Also check cloud miming sites

In my opinion, Bright Data offers better customer service than 911.

The market leader in this area, Bright Data, offers Sock5 and HTTP proxies.

It offers a better API for developers because it contains more than 72 million IP addresses and serves all countries and major cities worldwide.

Bright Data proxies offer high-rotational proxies and IPs that can retain an IP for up to 30 minutes. This is another Proxy Sites Like 911 S5.

Its proxies are useful for most websites and use cases, including web scraping, which is among the fastest on the market.

It is a tad more expensive than 911 Socks5 proxies.

2. Soax – Best Alternative to 911 Proxy with Over 5 Million Residential IP Addresses


Price: 75 USD per month for 5 Gigabytes; Permitted Bandwidth: 5 Gigabyte; Permitted Concurrency: Unlimited

  • More than 100 countries are represented; more than 5 million IP addresses are in the pool.

If you’re seeking for a 911 substitute, the Soax Proxy service is a great choice.

Rotating proxies are offered by Soax, although the rotation is time-based and happens once every five minutes rather than five seconds.

More than 5 million home IPs from more than 100 countries are in their IP pool.

You’ll value Soax’s proxy pool’s ongoing monitoring and elimination of troublesome IP addresses when you use it.

Even if Soax is far less expensive in the long run than Bright Data, it is still more expensive than 911 services.

3. Stormproxies – The Best Option for Small-Time Scrapers and Social Media Managers Share


Prices start at $10 per month for five proxies. The available bandwidth is limitless.

Stormproxy is the following 911 proxy alternative in this list.

At first glance, this small-scale service provider would appear to have little to offer, but things might be a little more complicated than that.

It provides sneaker, ticket, social networking, and other site-specific proxies in addition to residential and dedicated HTTPS/HTTP proxies. This is another Proxy Sites Like 911 S5.

If you ask me, I’d say it’s unquestionably among the top alternatives for 911 proxy.

4. Proxy-Seller — Best for High-Quality Datacenter Proxies Share


  • Cost: Starts at 1.80 USD per proxy per month
  • Permitted Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Permitted Concurrency: Unspecified
  • Locations: Over 20 Countries

The well-known Proxy-Seller is the third substitute for 911 on this list.

As one of the shelter in its industry, this provider can provide high-quality data centre proxies.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to this service. This is another Proxy Sites Like 911 S5.

Proxies can be hired for up to one year or purchased for up to one year at a time.

This service is not only one of the few that offer IPv6 proxies, but it’s also one of the most trustworthy.

5.Webshare – Best 911 Proxy Alternative with Free Proxies Share


  • Price: Starts at 5.44 USD per month (for 5 ports)
  • Allowed Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Allowed Currency: 500 Threads
  • Area: world-wide

Free proxies are available from Webshare, a proxy provider with a data centre location.

In addition to the free ones they offer, customers who pay for premium web scraping proxies have access to speedier and ones with more features.

Free proxies, in my opinion, need to be avoided because they occasionally come with limiting conditions and restrictions.

Webshare’s IP rotation policy takes time into account and might vary in length from five minutes to an hour.

6. Hydraproxy – Best Alternative to 911 Proxy with Thousands of IP Addresses


Price: $5 per month for 1 Gigabyte of bandwidth; Permitted Bandwidth: 1 Gigabyte; Permitted Concurrency: Unlimited This is another Proxy Sites Like 911 S5.

  • More than 100 countries are represented; more than 5 million IP addresses are in the pool.

In terms of affordable residential proxy services, Hydraproxy dominates the opposition.

You can use the 911 service’s proxies as a backup if it is unable to meet the needs of your project.

Its 5 million plus IPs originate from more than a hundred distinct locations worldwide.

One intriguing feature of this business is that there is no requirement for a minimum financial investment because simply 1GB of bandwidth can be purchased.

But the more one buys for bandwidth, the less it costs per unit of bandwidth.

The product line from Hydraproxy includes both rotating and sticky ports.

7.Shifter – Best Alternative to 911 Proxy for Unlimited Bandwidth and Location Support Share


This is another Proxy Sites Like 911 S5. Price: Starts at 249.99 USD for 10 ports per month; Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited; Locations: Approximately 130 Countries

  • Number of IPs in the pool: over 31 million

Shifter and 911 both allow users to access unlimited bandwidth, which is a similarity between them in terms of capacity.

The primary distinction between 911 and Shifter is that with 911, the validity of your proxies is endless until all of your IPs have been used, whereas with Shifter, they have a predetermined expiration date.

Shifter excels in terms of location support and proxy types.

Every five minutes, Backconnect proxies, like its proxies, update their IP address.

Shifter proxies can be utilised for a variety of tasks that require proxies.

The pool of IP addresses for the service presently numbers over 31 million.

8. Proxy-Cheap – Best Low-Cost 911 Proxy Alternative


Price: 4.99 USD per month for 1 Gigabyte; Permitted Bandwidth: 1 Gigabyte; Permitted Concurrency: Unlimited

More than 127 countries are represented by the IP pool, which totals more than 6 million.

In the proxy market, Proxy-cheap distinguishes itself as a reasonably priced but reliable choice for home customers.

There is only a 1GB minimum monthly purchase requirement for this service, and you can buy even less.

However, the more bandwidth you pay for, the lower each GB drops in price, to just 3 USD.

Proxy-proxies cheap’s are currently available in 127 different nations throughout the world.

It currently has more than 6 million IP addresses in its pool. Also check Python development 

A few of the various uses for their proxies include web scraping and crawling, brand protection, SEO, Ad verification, and marketing research.

If you want to utilise a rotating proxy, you can maintain the same IP address for up to 30 minutes, although it’s not advised.

9. TheSocialProxy — Best for High-Quality 4G and 5G Mobile Private Proxies Share


  • Price: Starts at 89 EUR
  • IP Type: Mobile IPs
  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP/HTTPS
  • IP Locations: The United States, Germany, The United Kingdom, Israel, and Austria

Another fantastic alternative to the 911 proxy is TheSocialProxy. This is another Proxy Sites Like 911 S5.

It is a supplier of premium mobile proxies for the social media botting industry.

I had the opportunity to assess BlackHatWorld’s service a few years ago when they started offering free review copies on the forum.

They definitely hold the top rank among the top 911 proxy alternatives, I must say.

10. Proxzy-Sale – Best 911 Proxy Alternative with High-Quality Share of Private Proxy


  • Cost: Starts at 17.48 USD for 3 Gigabytes

Location: More than 30 countries

  • IP Type: Datacenter IPs
  • Proxy Protocol: SOCKS and HTTP/HTTPS

This is another Proxy Sites Like 911 S5. Proxy-Sale is a provider of private proxies and a datacenter proxy service.

Most people are unaware of this service.

Despite this, it is one of the more recent suppliers because it entered the proxy market in 2015.

This company offers private dedicated proxies.

11. Proxyrack — Best for Unlimited Bandwidth Share


  • Cost: Starts at 80 USD for 100 threads
  • Allowed Concurrency: Unlimited
  • Pool Size of IP: More than 2 Million
  • Locations: More Than 140 Countries

Proxyrack is a great alternative to 911 for getting proxies for different protocols, such as Socks.

With this service, which gives you unlimited bandwidth, you can use as many of the pooled IP addresses as you’d like.

Presently, Proxyrack’s unlimited residential proxy pool contains more than 2 million IP addresses with origins in various parts of the globe.

The cost of Proxyrack is peculiar in that it is based on the quantity of threads, with prices starting at 149 USD for every 100 threads.

You may perform all of the tasks that a 911 proxy would typically be used for, as well as a lot more, with Proxyrack.

12. IPRoyal – Best 911 Proxy Alternative for Unlimited Bandwidth


Share Price: Starts at 3 USD for 1 Gigabyte IP Number: Over 2 Million Location: Over 150 Countries Permitted Concurrency: Unlimited This is another Proxy Sites Like 911 S5.

The following 911 proxy alternative in our list is IPRoyal.

IPRoyal is in control of a lot of proxies.

The proxies are exclusively yours, and nobody else will be able to use them simultaneously.

These services promise an infinite amount of bandwidth and connection requests.

13. Trustworthy and Economical 911 Proxy


  • Price: 2.25 USD for 5 proxies;
  • Country Coverage: Over 15

You must purchase a top-notch proxy if you wish to remain anonymous online. This is another Proxy Sites Like 911 S5.

Make sure the proxies you buy are of excellent quality to get high-quality proxies for a reasonable price. is the finest choice if you’re looking for a straightforward internet proxy for $1.25 per month.

It is among the top 911 alternatives I have mentioned on this list.

14. Leaf Proxies – The Best 911 Proxy Alternative for High-Speed ISP, Residential, and Datacenter Proxies

Leaf Proxies

This is another Proxy Sites Like 911 S5. Residential IPs are available for as little as 19.5 USD per gigabyte and are available in more than 40 countries.

  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP/HTTPS, SOCKS

You can acquire the newest sneakers by using Leaf Proxies’ services. Also check languages for programming

They offer residential proxies, ISP proxies, and high-speed datacenter proxies.

Sneaker copper makes use of their proxies since they’ve found them to work well.

You are unable to do anything to eliminate the multitude of choices they offer.

15. Astroproxy – Best 911 Proxy Alternative with Geo-Targeting OptionAstroproxy


Share • Price: $3 for 1 GB; IP Pool Size: Over 100,000

Astroproxy offers a wide variety of proxy services in addition to datacenter, mobile, and residential proxies. This is another Proxy Sites Like 911 S5.

You must pay for Astroproxy’s home proxy service in order to use it.

You won’t be paying for individual proxies when you make a payment.

As a result, they don’t have full control over the IP addresses in their pool because they get them through P2P networks.


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