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10 Android Mobile App Development Trends 2022

Best android mobile app development trends will be discussed in this article. In the twenty-first century, mobile phones have changed marketplaces, business structures, and operational procedures. A global epidemic that has been running on over the past two years has boosted the app and web development sector and allowed it to progress quickly.

Revenue from mobile apps is expected to reach $693 billion in 2022. Mobile app development companies must keep up with the multiple current trends if they want to compete in today’s industry.

We gambled on 5G technology, the Internet of Things, and mobile-first entertainment among other things while attempting to predict the future of mobile apps for 2021 last year. It turns out that we were right.

Nowadays, there appear to be smartphone apps for every brand. Roughly 900 publishers, or nearly a 91 percent increase over 2016, are anticipated to earn more than $1 million in 2021. Lockdowns imposed in the wake of the pandemic contributed significantly to this growth.

If you want to compete with tech-savvy businesses, mobile applications need to remain relevant and offer superior outcomes to a website. You must stay up to date with current trends if you want to flourish in the mobile app industry. The major trends in Android app development for 2022 are examined in our study.

Top 10 android mobile app development trends 2022

Top 10 android mobile app development trends are explained here.

1. Instant apps for android

Instant apps for android

Quick apps are nothing new in the world of developing bespoke Android apps. Nevertheless, they are becoming more well-known. With quick Android apps, users can routinely test out new software without having to download it to their smartphones. Customers are not allowed to download the programme, and they can quickly and directly access the internet without doing so.

Both game developers and eCommerce companies can benefit from this technology. These quick programmes drastically reduce system interruptions while taking up no additional space on your devices. The key advantages include larger storage space, excellent UI/UX design, full access to an android app without the need to download it, etc. Also check Fix Iphone Wont Connect To App Store.

Blockchain technology enables the development of decentr

2.Technology-based on Blockchain

Technology-based on Blockchain

alised applications that are more transparent, restrict unauthorised access, and employ robust security measures. This option for Android app development is perfect for the financial industry, including banks, currency exchanges, and a number of other businesses.

Around 84 percent of firms globally are actively employing blockchain technologies, according to a PWC report. The latest trends in app development give a lot of attention to this.

3.Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI)

Every organisation now has access to a lot of processing power thanks to cloud computing. Building AI models that enhance existing workflows or carry out previously unthinkable jobs will get simpler. Accenture claims that the AI technology now available can increase productivity by more than 40%.

The adaptability of this solution is both a strength and a drawback of artificial intelligence development. It incorporates image recognition, data analytics, and natural language processing and can be used to automate a variety of activities.

Furthermore, using computers is only necessary throughout the training process. On smart devices, the already-trained neural network might be inserted and used effectively without needing the processor.



Even though the retail industry did not have a fantastic year in 2020, e-commerce had a terrible year. The Novel Coronavirus pandemic has permanently altered the way we make purchases.

This is a huge improvement for online shopping. All businesses that formerly relied on the offline retail model must now either shut down or change and go online.

M-commerce, commonly referred to as mobile commerce, is an important aspect of e-commerce. By 2021, m-commerce could bring in $3.5 million in sales, according to Statista. Only about 72,9 percent of all e-commerce purchases worldwide are attributable to this. E-influence commerce’s cannot be disregarded. Also check shopify currency converter apps

5.Subscription-based service

Subscription-based services like Google Workspace, Netflix, Spotify, and a plethora of others are well known to us all. They are undoubtedly successful and are luring an increasing number of companies to follow the trend of offering subscription-based access to their services or goods.

For instance, the gaming industry is currently making significant efforts to become a cloud-based business. This will do away with the have to continually upgrade a PC’s hardware or purchase a new console in order to play increasingly complex games.

Mobile application development companies are eager to get their hands dirty in this market. Numerous improvements are on the way, including Microsoft’s XBOX Cloud Streaming and NVIDIA’s GeForce Now.

6.Virtual and augmented reality

Initially considered to be funny, augmented reality has developed into a technology that holds a lot of potential for being implemented into the daily operations of several businesses. Covid has significantly changed how we interact with others today, and augmented reality has the ability to make that experience even better.

This technology has the potential to change a number of industries, including hospitality and healthcare. A minor revolution in healthcare will be brought about by the integration of AR, cloud, and 5G. The technology will be helpful to marketers and CX directors alike.

7.Events streaming

As was already mentioned, the pandemic had a big negative impact on the offline event industry, which led to a significant change in how we engage with one another. The internet allows for the expansion of both large and small conferences on a global scale because attendees are no longer required to travel significant distances to attend a two-day conference. A app specialising in the development of custom mobile apps will keep an eye on this trend.

8.Folding display

The smartphone market was expected to undergo a change in 2021 as a result of foldable displays. This trend was started by smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X. This will be the most popular smartphone in 2021 and 2022.

This trend will provide many challenges for mobile application developers.

We will effectively be able to observe real-time changes in screen size in response to user action with a foldable display. From the perspective of application development, you should adapt each software to fit the prevailing style.



A competent native mobile app development business should be hired, and a cloud-first approach should be taken, to write the codes for Cloud-Native software programmes. As a result, you are no longer need to host the app on a separate server. Everything is taken care of by cloud-native solution providers like Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS.

There are several advantages and benefits to cloud-native development. You don’t need to worry about traffic forecasts if you wish to use the Google Cloud; instead, you should use the hosting server. The serverless platform offered by Google Cloud’s tooling enables you to scale up or down automatically based on traffic volumes.

Right now, the world is in a dreadful place, especially in light of Corona. Therefore, it is important to focus on edge computing, the future driven by 5G, and cloud-native computing. The top mobile app development trends for 2021 are these, which have risen to the top rank.

10.The Metaverse

Has the metaverse started to take over? This is a question that app developers in 2022 should ask themselves and take into account as they build and produce. Facebook said that its corporate name would change to Meta in October 2021.

It is clear that mobile app makers will need to change their goals when one of the biggest organisations in the world declares its plan to concentrate on the metaverse. Also check mobile app ideas

Users can communicate with both other users in the metaverse and a computer-generated world. You can reside in a virtually limitless number of 3-D virtual environments in this virtual world. It is realistic to anticipate that mobile games will follow suit as metaverse games become more and more popular.

By 2022, developers will need to decide whether they should change their strategy if the metaverse becomes widely used or if their app is only suited for basic integration with different metaverses.

Mobile devices are predicted to be the preferred platform for metaverses, a recent technical revolution. According to a recent survey, the market for mobile metaverse gaming is anticipated to reach £3.1 billion by 2022.

For the developers of mobile games, the metaverse holds enormous potential. Mobile games and applications will account for roughly $90.7 billion in consumer expenditure in 2021, making this a prime area for developers and businesses to concentrate their efforts.

Wrapping Up

Mobile application development firms have experienced significant growth in recent years. The rapid increase in smartphone use and the growth of digitalization are to blame. We are much more prone to convenience than anything else in today’s environment.

This is when a useful mobile app is helpful. So it’s a great idea to create a mobile application after learning about all the current trends in mobile application development. The most significant trends for mobile app development in 2021 are those that are covered in this article.

They can’t be the only ones, of course. In the post-COVID era, the technological world is fast adjusting to the current circumstances. Innovative solutions are being developed by technology to enhance the user experience. They are successful in evading the limits of the global quarantine.

You ought to stay on lid of the most recent technological trends in order to flourish as a developer and make products that customers would buy. If you’re a developer or tech enthusiast, this is without a suspicion the best point to learn how to create mobile apps.

The sky is the limit after this. Hire a top native mobile app development business from the market if you have a tight budget and want to lower the cost of building a mobile app in 2022.


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