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Top 8 Best Apps For Realtors In December 2022

Best Apps For Realtors In December 2022 will be described in this article. Everyone believes that working as a realtor will bring in easy money, however just like any other profession, real estate realtors also face challenges. The procedure is incredibly taxing, especially if you are managing your business manually, from soliciting clients to selling a property. The real estate industry requires a lot of persistent effort.

The web apps for realtors are the sole saving grace for exhausted real estate realtors. The world of business already depends heavily on information technology, and the real estate industry is no exception. Today, realtors have tens of thousands of apps at their disposal that can lighten their workload and aid in project management, planning, and execution. The greatest apps for realtors are the focus of this article.

Eight apps in all have been highlighted because they have had a significant impact on the real estate industry and have consistently shown to be the most effective in terms of increasing productivity and efficiency.

Top 8 Best Apps For Realtors In December 2022

Top 8 Best Apps For Realtors In December 2022are explained here.

1. Zillow Premier Agent – All-in-One Real Estate App

Zillow Premier Agent

Since it is an all-in-one tool with a wide range of functions for real estate projects, the app is a must for realtors.

With the help of the app, real estate brokers will have access to a larger market and better opportunities.

The dedicated real estate app is a shelter for brokers, teams, and individual agents.

Other Zillow apps, including the all-encompassing Zillow Premier Agent app, are used for a variety of purposes.

One great mortgage calculator that helps customers figure out their mortgage interest on the payment is Mortgage by Zillow.

Another Zillow app, Zillow: Homes for Sale & Rent, provides listings for home purchases, sales, and rentals. Also check Online Collaboration Space Tools

The tool excels at lead assignment, listings, and other tasks, but it also performs admirably in the task management sector.

All things considered, if you want to make your work less monotonous, more exciting, and enjoyable, Zillow Premier Agent ought to be your first option.

Key Features:

  • Join the largest online real estate community in the US to meet active buyers.
  • Provides client management solutions to aid in generating leads and closing deals.
  • Make yourself your clients’ go-to agent by becoming their main point of contact.
  • Adaptability features
  • Tasks, reminders, and custom notes that are simplified
  • Mobile notifications for on-the-go updates
  • The Best of Zillow report provides a summary of your accomplishments.
  • Priority access to inventory, higher advertising bonuses, and other benefits are given to best of Zillow agents.


The software is readily downloaded from the play store and is free to use.

2. Canva – Graphic Designing


For many types of marketers, including project managers, social media managers, and real estate agents, Canva is a must-have app.

Canva is a visual management platform with tools for great marketing that enable you to make eye-catching designs, catchy typefaces, and much more.

You no longer need to spend many hours learning intricate Photoshop capabilities or thousands of dollars hiring a graphic designer thanks to apps like Canva.

The programme has all the functionality you might possibly need to make effective presentations, charts, etc.

Realtors may use the software to generate stunning presentations for customers as well as amazing photographs, videos, and other content for social media pages.

For individuals who love to be creative in their profession, Canva is a must-have app!

Key Features:

  • Utilize online video to produce slideshows, montages, commercials, and short films.
  • Free transitions for videos
  • Video to fit the appropriate frame by cropping
  • Free video recorder online
  • Utilize Canva’s video trimmer to cut videos.
  • With Magic Resize, you can repurpose and resize any video.
  • Provides free and pre-licensed stock films and clips.
  • Run live sessions while delivering the presentation to draw viewers.
  • Free PDF import and editing Text animations
  • Organize teams to collaborate on designs
  • Drag and drop capabilities


  • Free – $0 Business – $30.00 per person each month
  • Pro – $119.99 annually for a maximum of 5 users

3. Trello – Project Management Tool


Having an agile project management tool can fundamentally alter the way you operate, regardless of whether you work for a massive multinational corporation, a small or medium-sized business, a startup, or on your own.

Organization, efficiency, and increased productivity are all benefits of using management tools.

One such programme that has attracted widespread praise and admiration for its feature-rich solutions is Trello. Also check Friday App Alternatives

Trello is a strong project management application that makes it simple and trouble-free to manage your tasks.

With its distinctive features, Trello makes project management simple and facilitates keeping track of everything as it happens.

Key Features:

  • Create a Trello board to organise your tasks, then select from a number of different viewing choices.
  • Trello cards can be used for a variety of purposes, including task division, deadline addition, feedback gathering, and more.
  • To automate recurring activities, use Butler, a feature of Trello.
  • Trello may be integrated with outside apps, and it provides ready-made templates to help you get started right away.


  • Free – 0 dollars for the entire team
  • Standard: $5 a month per user, payable yearly
  • Monthly premium charges of $10 per person, invoiced annually
  • Enterprise: monthly fees of $17.50 per user, paid annually

4. BombBomb – Video Messaging


In any business, communicating with potential customers is a given.

Your chances of generating business are extremely slim if you don’t have a technique of connecting with your customers.

Even if advertisements, copywriting, and email marketing are all viable possibilities, they don’t always work.

To be able to describe the specifics of the business and how you want to proceed, you occasionally need to be in front of the client.

This is where BombBomb might catch you off guard.

With the help of the specialised video messaging software BombBomb, you may communicate with others in the most effective way possible.

The programme is specifically made to allow users to deliver customised video messages to their clients using their smartphones or computers.

A huge bonus for marketing and communication is video messaging.

Having the correct tool for video content might be your key to increasing sales and earning large cash because statistics show that 90% of consumers use videos to assist them make purchasing decisions.

Key Features:

  • Simultaneously capture the face and the screen
  • Send videos via text, social media, email, and other channels.
  • Receive timely updates
  • Mobile apps BombBomb
  • Chrome add-on
  • Utilize Gmail to record, send, and track videos


  • BombBomb Essentials: $29 monthly, each seat
  • BombBomb Plus costs $49 a month for each seat.
  • Enterprise – Specialized options for groups of five or more 5.

5. RPR Mobile – Real Estate Data

RPR Mobile

RPR Mobile is especially useful in situations where it can be difficult for realtors to memorise all the information about a property or remember every single detail about a certain house.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) really owns the app, which is specifically made to assist realtors with listings, comparative market assessments (CMAs), and much more.

The Realtors’ Property Resource (RPR) is a useful tool in especially for realtors.

With RPR, you may always have access to the data and have it close at hand.

Additionally, polygon search makes it easier to locate particular zip codes or neighbourhoods regardless of the time or location.

You can always keep your clients informed, which is an extra benefit.

Key Features:

  • Workbook for sales comparative analysis and valuation
  • Strong reports
  • Access tools and attributes with ease.
  • Adaptability features
  • AVM widget that may be customised provides hundreds of data sets on millions of properties


Free downloads of RPR Mobile are available.

6. Connecteam – All-in-one Company App


Another well-known app that has been specifically created to assist people with daily tasks is ConnectTeam Connecteam.

For realtors, the app is a one-stop shop because of its high-end and feature-rich solutions.

Whether you work as an individual agent or as a team, Connecteam keeps you in touch and ensures the smooth operation of your company.

You may use the app to help you organise, find listings, make timetables, and much more.

Additionally, it facilitates instantaneous contract signing.

Key Features:

  • Simple drag and drop capabilities
  • Keeping current schedules as templates
  • Automate regular duties.
  • Characteristics for monitoring and tracking employees
  • Simple data retrieval and search View information on the admin dashboard


  • For the first 50 users, there is no charge for life.
  • Basic: $39 monthly for the initial 50 users
  • For the first 50 users, Advanced costs $79 per month.
  • First 50 users pay $159 per month for expert.

7. CINC – Real Estate CRM Platform


We now get to our seventh choice for this list, CINC.

A great CRM option for realtors is CINC.

The task of generating leads and turning them into customers is one of the greatest and most difficult aspects of being a realtor.

It’s difficult to reach out to new customers and build lasting relationships, but CINC’s cutting-edge capabilities make it simpler.

With the aid of the app, you may research possible leads and call them to swiftly establish a rapport and look for business opportunities.

The app’s highly dynamic layout, which makes it even simpler to browse through the app and use its different capabilities, is one of its best features.

With CINC, you may drastically increase your productivity by cutting down on the time you spend on such unimportant chores and concentrating on the more crucial ones.

Key Features:

  • Bring in leads and contacts to one single dashboard.
  • With an effective IDX website, you can turn your visitors into potential customers.
  • Receive and send recommendations to additional real estate brokers
  • Create a dashboard that combines lead sources and previous clients.
  • Keep an eye on your potential customers.
  • Apps for iOS and Android
  • team leadership
  • Processes and automation
  • Pricing: Solo is for 1 person, and contact information is given.
  • Pricing for Ramp, which supports 4 users, is accessible on the contact page for Pro, which supports 49 users.

8. QuickBooks – Bookkeeping App


An crucial component of a realtor’s employment is bookkeeping.

For a real estate agent, maintaining a record of your spending and having access to your financial data at any time is crucial. Also check Task Automation Software

In this situation, QuickBooks is really helpful.

The programme is especially made to assist teams and individual users with their financial records.

You can quickly search for and retrieve pertinent information, keeping a record of everything with you at all times.

Key Features:

  • Create personalised, expert estimates, sales receipts, and invoices.
  • Send receipts to customers and receive payment right away.
  • Keep track of your spending
  • Take a broad view of your finances.
  • Follow up on sales tax on earnings and spending
  • Mobile apps
  • Reports and insights for more accurate forecasting
  • Send receipts and invoices in many currencies.


  • Simple Beginning: $4.80 monthly
  • $7.50 a month for necessities
  • Additionally, $10.20 a month

Over and Out!

These were a few of the most well-liked and highly effective apps for realtors.

Numerous of the apps are free, and each one has a distinct function.

If you don’t already have one, we advise starting from this point and selecting the app that you most urgently require at the moment.

Which application do you believe will benefit your company the most?

Write to us at [email protected] to let us know.

We’d be thrilled to hear from you.

With that, we would like to bid you farewell.


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