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Top 14 Best CCTV Software in 2022

Best and most efficient CCTV software will be described in this article. Programs like CCTV, security cameras, or video surveillance software are made to let users keep an eye on the safety of their homes and workplaces.

The majority of the CCTV software in the list below has a variety of capabilities, but they all have the same basic purpose of enabling their customers to keep an eye on every move made by the installed camera.

These programmes essentially operate as a driver for the CCTV and security cameras that are already installed in your workplace, house, or factory, allowing you to monitor everything using the software’s motion detection technology.

Virtually every piece of software in the following list is fully compatible with cameras from top manufacturers, including webcams, IP cameras, analogue cameras, and even the cameras on your cellphones.

You will be able to connect all of the installed cameras to one central location and monitor the ongoing activities from Windows and cellphones thanks to these specially created programmes.

A smartphone or other Windows system can be used to remotely monitor activities with the majority of the video surveillance software listed below.

All of the software described below includes video and audio recording that is based on motion detection technology for the benefit of the users.

Use any software to protect your home and workplace from accidents, theft, and robbery.

Top 14 Best CCTV Software in 2022

Top 14 Best CCTV Software in 2022 are explained here.

1. C-MOR IP Video Surveillance Software

C-MOR IP Video Surveillance Software

A versatile and cross-platform video surveillance system for Windows and Mac OS X, C-MOR IP Video Surveillance VM Software is available.

There aren’t many space requirements for the C-MOR IP Video Surveillance VM Software’s self-installation mechanism for Windows or Mac.

Users of this IP video surveillance system can monitor their surveillance via the network and the internet. This is another cctv software alternative.

You may easily access the live view and review for the prior recordings from any mobile or PC using the C-MOR IP Video Surveillance VM Software.

The C-MOR web interface is used to manage and control the IP video surveillance VM software. Also check NDSR software

The C-MOR IP Video Surveillance VM Software’s primary service areas include camera recording settings, IP settings, user rights, and many other features that you can access online.

2. SmartViewer


Samsung’s SmartViewer is CCTV and DVR surveillance software that works with all of the company’s DVRs.

The restriction in this case is that it can only be utilised with Samsung DVRs.

Based on the ideal internet access and remote control technology, it offers its users the greatest security and monitoring system.

Users of SmartViewer’s DVR management solution can connect to and manage a remote Samsung DVR running on a PC over the network.

This is another cctv software alternative. The users can access the Samsung DVRs and view the video data from all connected cameras located anywhere in the world by utilising this straightforward and user-friendly CCTV software.

A smart and efficient monitoring system, SmartViewer enables users to search for and playback recorded data in the DVR from a distant location.

The unique feature of SmartViewer is that it offers video monitoring simultaneously from the thirty-two linked cameras.

3. Azimuth VMS CCTV

Azimuth VMS CCTV

Installed on any PC, Azimuth VMS CCTV is a CCTV camera recording software.

Azimuth VMS CCTV is not as feature-rich when it comes to real-time software cooperation but is regarded as one of the top CCTV recording programmes when it comes to recording.

Work with analogue, CCTV, and IP cameras using this software. It is completely compatible with the majority of cameras in terms of compatibility.

With the aid of a good video management system, you may have complete command and control over all the cameras that have been set up on your property.

Huge support list, storage monitoring, powerful recording, and user-friendly MMI are the four key benefits of the Azimuth VMS CCTV that you can think of as its features.

It has seamless integration with the very best IP cameras.

The recording system at Azimuth VMS CCTV is extremely complex.

4. SGS HomeGuard Free

SGS HomeGuard Free

The ideal security system supplier to control all cameras put on your property is SGS HomeGuard Free. It is a free, multi-functional video motion detection software that can be used to manage every camera set up in a home or office setting. This is another cctv software alternative.

This software also allows you to connect to your computer’s webcam. This security-enhancing software can also respond to a variety of motions.

SGS HomeGuard Free is unique in that it provides the greatest security solutions for a variety of company and home security challenges with a reasonably priced, competent, and trustworthy CCTV software.

The SGS HomeGuard Free video motion detection system is an expert at taking pictures and movies from webcams and CCTV cameras and saving them on computers.

This stand-alone surveillance platform is made to allow both home and business customers to video monitor their workplaces, structures, or storefront cameras.

5. ZoneMinder


A free and open-source video surveillance system for all user kinds, from residential to commercial, is known by the name ZoneMinder.

Large businesses mostly utilise this fully-featured, cutting-edge video surveillance software to monitor their properties from anywhere.

It will enable you to quickly keep an eye on every area of your home, office, or other desired location.

Because ZoneMinder gives customers adjustable settings and features, you can even construct your own monitoring system.

It is by far the best video surveillance system for preventing theft and ensuring the safety of residential, commercial, and industrial environments.

Check out some of ZoneMinder’s benefits that will compel you to use this video surveillance system.

These include the availability of a free and open-source system, simple installation, complete command and control over the data, compatibility with the majority of cameras from all major brands, accessibility of a mobile application for remote access, and an APIs system that enables third-party integration.

6. WebcamXP


Free video surveillance software called WebcamXP is used for broadcasting and surveillance.

It offers a network and IP camera solution.

This programme has the advantage of being completely interoperable with practically all CCTV and security camera models.

You will be able to keep an eye on your residential and commercial properties using a network or the internet from anywhere. This is another cctv software alternative.

Your PC will be transformed into a cutting-edge security system with all of your CCTV and security cameras networked at one central location.

WebcamXP offers connecting with remote PCs and mobile devices in addition to connecting with the PC.

You may plan automatic recordings and captures after installing WebcamXP and connecting every connected camera. It works with a wide range of network cameras.

It is suitable for both personal and professional use. The fact that WebcamXP offers its consumers a dependable and high-performance platform is one of its best features.

7. Visec Monitoring Software

Visec Monitoring Software

An IP and analogue camera surveillance system is called Visec Surveillance Software.

You will be able to use a desktop computer or a smartphone to monitor your property from anywhere in the world.

It is the name of the most basic surveillance software that primarily supports webcams, capture cards, analogue cameras, IP cameras, and several other CCTV cameras.

Using the free version of Visec Surveillance Software does not require paying a monthly charge or joining a membership service.

Any PC will instantly become a potent video surveillance device.

The current version is compatible with Windows operating system editions up to 8.

8. CAM Wizard

CAM Wizard

A video surveillance software for IP and USB cameras is called CAM Wizard. Motion detection, scheduling, sending video emails, FTP uploading videos, and saving the recording to the hard drive are the CAM Wizard’s five primary functional areas. This is another cctv software alternative. Also check book design software

The CAM Wizard is right here to help you if you’re seeking for the ideal solution to configure your CCTV surveillance camera system with motion detection capabilities.

It is completely compatible with virtually all IP and USB camera kinds. Using the Windows version of the CAM Wizard, you may manage every installed camera. This software’s ability to watch the live video stream from any networked IP or USB camera is one of its outstanding features.

The auto-reconnection system it has in case the cameras or CAM Wizard are interrupted is another excellent feature.

9. Genius Vision NVR CME

Genius Vision NVR CME

For all varieties of CCTV and security cameras, Genius Vision NVR CME is an all-purpose level of IOP video management software.

Use the Genius Vision NVR CME if you’re seeking for software that will enable you to link all of your installed cameras in one location and have them operate as needed.

Take a look at the benefits of utilising the Genius Vision NVR CME, including its remote video recording and monitoring system, support for all popular CCTV and security cameras, and compatibility with webcams and smartphone cameras.

The best aspect of Genius Vision NVR CME is that it offers its users the fundamental features and capabilities rather than a large number of faulty features and services.

For non-commercial uses, Genius Vision NVR CME is available in a free version.

For individuals who wish to take use of the most sophisticated degree of surveillance features, Genius Vision NVR CME’s premium edition is also available.

10. Ivideon Server

Ivideon Server

Ivideon Server is a special sort of video surveillance and CCTV software that enables its customers to connect all of their IP cameras and webcams to the Ivideon Server and access the live feeds and video archives via a network or the internet. This is another cctv software alternative.

Since everything will be accessed through the Ivideon Server cloud, practically all popular desktop and mobile operating systems are supported by this video surveillance system.

Both residential and commercial users have access to Ivideon Server’s services.

Any device, including PCs and smartphones, will always be able to access cameras that are connected via Ivideon Server.

Ivideon Server’s intelligent notification system will eliminate the need to constantly face the cameras.

11. Contaware ContaCam

Contaware ContaCam

For Windows users, Contaware ContaCam is a free and simple to use live webcam and video surveillance system.

It is the name of a simple-to-use system for taking charge of every one of your properties.

The Contaware ContaCam does not include a superfluous bloating system.

It is known for effectively addressing all of your security needs while being lightweight and adaptable.

Most moderate systems can be used to operate the solution.

To get started, just follow these three easy actions.

Choose the usage first, then type the camera’s name and set the amount of time the files should be kept on the hard drive.

Contaware ContaCam should not only operate in visible mode.

Even in the event that a camera is unplugged or just out of reach, it will email you a notification.

It works well with all kinds of cameras.

It offers faster and more dependable FTP upload support when compared to others.

12. Freedom VMS

Freedom VMS

One of the greatest and most ideal video management applications, Freedom VMS supports virtually all current and developing CCTV cameras.

It is one of those top-tier pieces of video surveillance software that guarantees flexibility in terms of CCTV camera selection, cable infrastructure, management, and system expansion.

This is another cctv software alternative. The best feature is that it supports the best architecture so that it can be used with a variety of technology options to support both short-term and long-term CCTV requirements from a standardised user interface that is both affordable and user-friendly. Also check screenwriting software

Freedom VMS’s custom-built multi-platform CCTV system enables users to expand the program’s capabilities from a single camera to multiple recording devices.

You will be able to communicate even with traditional analogue and high-definition CCTV cameras thanks to this.

13. iSpy


Almost all CCTV and security camera manufacturers are supported by the open-source camera security software iSpy.

The security, surveillance, online access system, motion detection, and remote control features are all included in the version of iSpy that is universally compatible.

The exception is that it can be accessed from both mobile devices and websites.

One of its best features is its open-source iSpy system, which is the first thing to mention.

The iSpy open-source solution offers unmatched capabilities, extensibility, and reliability by utilising the best open source projects.

The iSpyConnect technology allows you to control the cameras, see live video, and save recorded footage from anywhere in the world.

By utilising the iSpy’s plugins, you can also increase the functionality of the software.

iSpy is regarded as one of the greatest surveillance applications due to its broad range of features and capabilities.

14. Blue Iris

Blue Iris

Blue Iris is a comprehensive video security and CCTV programme for cameras from all major manufacturers. This is another cctv software alternative.

You may use this to control all of the cameras that are set up on your PC. It can be used to regulate the timetable, profile selection, and traffic signal icon.

The Blue Iris will quickly send a push notification if there is a problem with the camera or if any cameras are not functioning.

With the help of a universal CCTV programme, you will be able to keep an eye on every area of your house or place of business, as well as keep tabs on your children, pets, and other family members.

Blue Iris’s motion and audio detection system enables you to receive notifications and alerts by email, phone, and loudspeaker.

The single version of Blue Iris is an anomaly because it can simultaneously operate 64 cameras of various kinds

Blue Iris not only records the videos but also takes JPEG photos.


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