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Top 15 Best AntiMicroX Alternatives in 2022

Best and most reliable antimicroX alternatives will be described in this article. Use the tiny programme AntiMicroX to map gamepad keys to the keyboard, mouse, scripts, and macros. Use a gamepad to play games and get the most out of them. This works without any Windows hooks or system DLL injection, in contrast to other comparable programmes. Therefore, neither the system nor the games are affected in terms of performance. It merely intercepts mouse clicks and keystrokes and converts them into joystick inputs (button presses, axes movements).

It may be used on PCs without gamepads since it supports a wide variety of controller types and emulates the keyboard. The programme has two modes: one that emulates a gamepad and the other that emulates a keyboard and mouse. The first mode can simulate every button and is considerably better suited for real gamepads. The second one removes analogue sticks, directional pads, and certain buttons and is better suited for keyboard/mouse controllers.

Top 15 Best AntiMicroX Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best AntiMicroX Alternatives are explained here.

1. Joystick Mapper

Joystick Mapper

A macOS tool called Joystick Mapper enables you to assign a variety of gaming controllers to mouse and keyboard instructions. It’s an indispensable gaming companion tool. It offers a solution to an issue that has bothered PC and Mac gamers for years. It just takes a few seconds to map your keyboard and mouse buttons to your gamepad buttons after plugging your gamepad into your computer. Use the controller you currently have instead of spending a lot of money on a special one. You can create and store profiles for any number of controllers, making it simple for you to switch between them. This is another antimicrox alternative. Also check blokada alternatives

With the help of Joystick Mapper, you can easily configure the layouts of your gaming controllers, making it quicker and easier to play games. It can map keyboard keys, mouse buttons, and mouse axes to the buttons and axes of your controller. Your controller’s buttons and axes may be programmed to perform both straightforward and complex tasks, such as moving the mouse, opening programmes, turning modifier keys on or off, transmitting keyboard text characters, and more.

2. Controllers


You may set up your controller or gamepad to work with your keyboard settings using the programme Controllers. You may now configure the configurations of your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One controller so that you can use it with your keyboard. One keyboard and one controller may be used to play any game in this manner. This programme may be used with games like racing and flight simulators, but it also functions with RPGs and adventure games that don’t call for intricate controls.

This is another antimicrox alternative. You may set up your controllers to work with your keyboard settings using controllers. You may quickly configure your own keyboard controls, whether you want to operate a flying stick, a steering wheel, or just your preferred gamepad. Additionally, it works with any X-Input-compliant gamepad, flying controller, steering wheel, or other gadget.

3. Enjoyable


With the help of a programme called Enjoyable, you can set up a gamepad or joystick to function as a mouse and keyboard. It is designed for people who enjoy using emulated consoles. It’s more than simply a tweak; the utility enables you to utilise any direction pads and buttons just like regular keyboard or mouse buttons. You may even establish global shortcuts and regulate the gamepad’s speed in Enjoyable. You may now play games that are either not compatible with your system or that may have been challenging or impossible to play in the past. It functions with all of your favourite mouse-operated programmes, including Skype, Photoshop, Illustrator, and all of your favourite video games.

4. SDL2 Gamepad Tool

SDL2 Gamepad Tool

You may change the mappings of your gamepad using the straightforward programme SDL2 Gamepad Tool. By default, gamepad mappings are constructed depending on what Steam claims to be used. This isn’t always optimal, and you might want to modify the mappings to make them more appropriate for the game you’re playing. This is when the tool is useful. You’ll undoubtedly notice there is just one button and no axes are shown when the software first launches. A gamepad can be chosen from the drop-down menu before any controls are displayed. The utility enables users to edit a game’s native configuration files, make new mappings, or alter existing ones. These mappings are kept in ini files and may be used without having to restart the game or recompile it. Additionally, it is compatible with Steam, Xbox 360, DirectInput, and Xinput controllers. This is another antimicrox alternative.

5. Gopher360


To play games or utilise any programme, you may use the Gopher360 utility to convert your PlayStation or Xbox controller into a mouse and keyboard. You may also imitate various mouse and keyboard buttons with the gamepad’s buttons. Gopher360, in contrast to other such devices, has full-sized mouse buttons and four replaceable analogue sticks that let you customise the controller’s overall feel and usefulness.

Configurable layouts, the ability to swap the positions of any two connected controllers, the ability to capture and assign mouse movements, the ability to capture and assign application launches, the ability to capture and assign modifier key states, the ability to capture and assign keyboard text characters, the ability to disable a specific button, the ability to set a different layout when connecting the controller, etc., are some of the key features.

6. GamePad Companion

GamePad Companion

This is another antimicrox alternative. You can utilise your PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U controllers as a keyboard and mouse on your Mac by using the programme GamePad Companion. In order to make gaming on your Mac or Windows more pleasant, this programme works with all major gamepads. Keyboard and mouse settings might be difficult for gaming. You may adjust the controls to a practical configuration that suits you using the controller to keyboard and mouse hotkey mapping. Additionally, GamePad Companion has powerful macro features that let you set button macros on each controller button and switch between different actions based on the input you get.

7. Gamepad Test

Gamepad Test

You may test your gamepads and joysticks as well as the Gamepad API and its keys using the utility known as Gamepad Test. All gaming controllers may be tested. In order to address this, the programme was created with a straightforward user interface and features that enables anybody to test several controllers concurrently with various inputs.

Before playing PC games, you may test your gamepad using a software to determine if it functions properly and to look for any potential gamepad issues, such as broken buttons, sticks, triggers, axes, or states. Additionally, this tool can test Haptic Actuators, vibration, and Display ID. Overall, Gamepad Test is a useful tool for testing gaming players’ input devices.

8. Pinnacle Game Profiler

Pinnacle Game Profiler

Pinnacle Game Profiler is a feature-rich programme that aims to make it easier for you to use your game controllers to play video games on your computer. This comprehensive utility enables the computer to convert gamepad actions into keyboard instructions because not all games are designed to detect a gaming controller. This is another antimicrox alternative.

It is highly adaptable because it lets you make your own profiles for particular games and controllers. As a result, you may adjust your settings to suit your playing preferences and gamepad usage. You may generate a command or an event for each button on your gamepad thanks to the solution’s saved game profiles. Pinnacle Game Profiler offers a tonne of choices, but you must spend some time configuring every game command.

You can play your game without any restrictions after creating your configuration. The most intriguing feature of this programme is that it recognises the installed video games automatically; all you have to do is choose the game from the list. Also check CCTV software

9. JoyToKey


With the help of your preferred joystick, you may manage a variety of programmes, including Windows Explorer and web browsers, with JoyToKey (Joy2Key). Based on joystick input, it will simulate keyboard presses or mouse movements such that all target apps behave as though you were actually using a mouse or keyboard.

You may generate several configuration files using the programme to swap between different keyboard and mouse assignments. The ability of this solution to automatically associate with target applications so that the customizable files switch when the target app changes is one of its most intriguing features. Virtual Joysticks, Button Aliases, Associating Profile to Target Apps, Changing the Location of Configuration Files, and many more are other significant features.

With the help of the amazing programme JoyToKey, you may easily transform into a computer control device. This allows you to generate a large number of configuration files and rapidly load the ones you want. The greatest keyboard emulator that allows you to playback on your joystick for controlling games and programmes is JoyToKey, which is both lightweight and packed with features.

10. MotioninJoy


PlayStation controllers may be connected to your Windows PC using the MotioninJoy PlayStation Controller Adapter driver for an emulator. Both Bluetooth and USB connections are supported by the programme. It is superior than others since it allows for the connection of four controllers.

You simply need to follow the instruction on the program’s official website to get started using it when the application is loaded and the controller is connected to the computer via a USB wire. The finishing touches make it simple to customise the vibration, all the buttons on your controllers, and other relevant tasks so you may use the PS 3 controller anyway you choose.

This is another antimicrox alternative. Hardcore players who wish to play PS games on their PC should use the MotioninJoy programme. The ability to utilise the same controllers the PS3 owner is accustomed to with all games on his PC makes it almost a need for any PS3 owner who wishes to sometimes play on Windows-based machines.

11. DS4Windows


Make the most of your PS4 controller on your Windows computer. You may use DS4Windows, a portable software programme, to achieve the greatest performance possible when using it on your PC. It is a full-featured solution that was created especially for die-hard gamers who like to play action-packed first-person shooter and role-playing video games.

The most intriguing aspect of those tools is that simply installing an emulator, you can use Xbox One controllers and all the other peripherals. When you initially run the software, DS4Windows guides you through the setup process and creates a default profile for you. However, you are free to customise the tool to your heart’s content if you so choose.

It lets you build several profiles for each of your games and makes it simple to switch between different controller settings, just as the majority of platforms that are similar. Even without opening the software again, you may switch between profiles by swiping two fingers along the touchpad. You may also choose to have your controller automatically transition to a different profile when certain apps are loaded. A user-friendly interface, the ability to build an infinite number of profiles, the default configuration, a tonne of additional choices, and ease of use are just a few of the fundamental features offered by DS4Windows.

12. ControllerMate


With the benefit of a wide variety of input devices, ControllerMate is an application that allows users to launch custom mouse, keyboard, and MIDI actions. Users have unprecedented versatility in the sorts of actions that may be constructed and the inputs that activate them because to its building block design. All programming operations can be as straightforward as a single keyword key that is activated by a generic button or as complex as a convoluted mix of timing and logic that is activated by a combination of controls.

The solution was initially a background-only programme that used a variety of gaming consoles to handle flying simulators. The several bespoke variations of ControllerMate that are now available support a wide range of devices and are utilised in a number of applications, including gaming, video and audio editing, and production. This is another antimicrox alternative.

When compared to all the other top platforms that are similar, it is pretty straightforward and strong and provides all the essential features and services that make it a complete platform for everyone. You must first install it on your computer before you can use it, but after you have, there are no restrictions on how you can use it.

13. QJoyPad


With the help of the Linux/QT application QJoyPad, you may utilise your gaming systems anywhere you like. It is a simple solution that instantly converts input from a gamepad or joystick into keyboard and mouse actions, enabling you to utilise your gaming control device to operate any XWindows software.

The approach is superior to others since it enables you to use your game controller with any games that, for some reason, do not support joysticks. Other capabilities enable you to save numerous layouts so that you may have a different setup for every game.

The major functions and tools are all included in QJoyPad, which was created by a professional team. One of the numerous intriguing features of this application is that it can automatically determine how many joysticks, keys, and axes you have. It also has essential features like the ability to store as many layouts as you like, the need for IT or coding abilities, colour cues that immediately display your buttons, the ability to change the sensitivity and detail settings, etc.

14. Keysticks


This is another antimicrox alternative. Keysticks provides you the option to use a gamepad or joystick in place of a mouse to operate your PC. This programme enables remote Xbox 360 controller control of your media player. Additionally, it features a feature that enables you to utilise it from the comfort of your couch to browse the web while watching TV. Also check Proofreadingservices 

It is a solution with many features that was especially created by a professional team. You can play PC games that don’t eventually support your controller with this programme, which is also great for games. It is processing calmly. Using Keysticks with a remote control indicates that you are not confined to using your computer in front of it.

Keysticks are straightforward and simple to use, and they are simple to install in your PCs. You are completely free to change its settings once the installation procedure is over. Its most notable features are detailed profiles, quick loading times compared to competitors, open access for all users, and much more.

15. Joystick 2 Mouse

Joystick 2 Mouse

A application called Joystick 2 Mouse gives ardent gamers who can’t get enough of their gaming controller a new experience by turning their joystick into their computer’s mouse. It is an effective tool that offers all the top features to provide a thorough gaming experience. The finest feature of this application is the ability to manipulate your keyboard in a similar manner.

In comparison to all other comparable platforms, it is more potent and supports up to 16 gaming controllers with button mapping and POV. The Joystick 2 Mouse user interface is fairly straightforward, simple to use, and retains everything on a professional level. Beginners can therefore quickly comprehend its fundamentals. For each linked controller, you may build and maintain profiles using this. Additionally, its profile area allows for fine-tuning of the polling delay, button combination, and theme, among other things. This is another antimicrox alternative.

Additionally, the application has shift button technology, which elevates you above others by enabling you to do many actions with each button. The basic characteristics of Joystick 2 Mouse include a straightforward user interface, simple settings, comprehensive instructions, shift button technology, usage as a keyboard, and much more.


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