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Top 10 Best Ebook Landing Page Examples

Best ebook landing page examples will be described in this article. You’ve produced this excellent information, and you’ve made it into a fantastic ebook. You are now trying to figure out how to create an amazing ebook landing page that will convince readers of the importance of your ebook and increase conversion rates.

You’re in the correct place, I suppose. We’ll present the most recent collection of excellent ebook landing page examples in this article, which you can use to easily create your own. You’ll discover what makes each one special, why it’s beneficial, and the main lesson you can use.

What is a landing page for an ebook?

The page that members of your target audience visit in order to access, download, or buy your ebook is known as the ebook homepage.

The goal of the landing page language is to persuade readers of the ebook’s key selling point.

Here is an illustration by Tinuiti promoting the ebook The State of Email.

The subheading provides readers with a better understanding of what the ebook is about and what it can do for them.

The ebook’s cover image is displayed on the landing page, making it simple for visitors to understand what the material is about.

Readers can learn more about the “why” of this ebook in this paragraph.

The contents of the ebook are listed in bullet points, setting the reader’s expectations right away. Observe how each of these bullet points contains a promise that any email marketer who is serious about their craft cannot refuse to keep.

A landing page for an ebook serves the purpose of assembling convincing components that work together to aid in the conversion of more visitors into leads.

Here are the key components that form a fantastic ebook landing page now that you are aware of what an ebook landing page is.

What constitutes a successful ebook landing page?

Let’s first talk about what makes a strong landing page before we go into displaying several examples of outstanding ebook landing sites.

A compelling headline

When someone lands on your ebook page, the headline will be the first thing they see, so you need to make sure it’s up to snuff and entices them to remain and read through the full landing page.

How should a good landing page be created?

Be direct: This makes it easier for the reader to understand what’s in it for them. Free ebook.

Inform the audience of the key advantage of reading your ebook. Goodbye Writer’s Block, Hello Smart Copy, for instance

To capture your readers’ interest, you must pique their curiosity. For instance, Is Email Marketing Dead? What 15 Professionals Had to Say

Attractive pictures

Images assist hold customers’ attention and lower bounce rates on an ebook landing page.

Simply said, we all respond to and digest visual information differently than we do other types of information. One example is that text is processed by the human brain 60,000 times slower than visuals.

Additionally, photos might increase your ebook landing page’s conversion rate. Companies who produce original visual content have a 7x greater conversion rate, claims Social Media Today.

Here’s how to use images on your ebook landing page to your advantage.

Make some of the written words more illustrative to make the material easier to understand.

Make shareable images (make quotes and statistics visual).

Adjust each visual to the various social media platforms’ required picture sizes.

A brief and straightforward lead generation form

Before accessing the ebook, your target audience shouldn’t have to jump hurdles or navigate through a lot of pages. The user knowledge will suffer as a result, and your engagement numbers will eventually fall.

Only the relevant fields should be included in the lead generation form. Even some marketers claim that all you need is their name and work email.

A single, unambiguous CTA

A compelling call to action is also essential on an ebook landing page. The CTA button may appear more than once on the page, but it is advised against using CTAs with various outbound links.

Landing pages with just one link had an average conversion rate of 13.5%, whereas pages with two to four links (and various outbound destinations) had an average conversion rate of 11.9%, according to ZoomInfo. Conversion rates decline considerably worse for five links or more, to just 10%.

Captivating copy

The only objective of the material on your ebook landing page should be to convert visitors. Most marketers frequently make the error of restricting the material on the landing page to the ebook’s description.

Here’s what you ought to do in its place:

Describe how the ebook will impact readers’ lives. For instance, this ebook will assist you in improving your pipeline and conversion rates.

Utilize social proof to persuade readers to act. Take this ebook, which 150,000 marketers have downloaded.

Use short sentences and paragraphs to make your material easier to read.

Here are a few landing page examples for you to get ideas from now that you know what makes a great ebook landing page.

Top 10 Best Ebook Landing Page Examples to Learn From In 2022

Top 10 Best Ebook Landing Page Examples to Learn From are examples.

1. Salesforce’s CRM Handbook

Salesforce’s CRM Handbook

What makes it special: A one-pager that is exquisitely crafted using Salesforce’s corporate colours.

Example of an ebook landing page from the CRM Handbook of Salesforce

Why we believe it to be good

Salesforce makes it clear what the ebook is about right in the heading and then goes on to explain how you can use it to benefit your business. The material is reduced to a minimum, with just two subheadlines that are evenly spaced apart and let the reader concentrate on the useful information the book will provide.

Visitors can now be informed that their information is secure and that they can trust the ebook’s content thanks to Salesforce’s addition of a TrustArc trust badge.

The fact that this ebook is primarily used as a lead magnet for C-level executives should also be mentioned. Because of this, the lead capture fields are designed to gather more details about the business. This is another ebook landing page examples. Also check How To Take a Screenshot on Chromebook

Then, Salesforce may use this data to quickly segment leads.

Important lessons learned: Keeping your ebook landing page brief will help you keep your readers’ attention on your main points.

2. 100 Days of Growth by sujan patel & Rob Wormley

100 Days of Growth by sujan patel & Rob Wormley

What makes it special: A strongly targeted CTA

Sujan Patel and Rob Wormley’s 100 Days of Growth, an ebook landing page sample

Why we believe it to be good

Successful marketers Sujan Patel and Rob Wormley collaborated on an ebook and designed a special landing page that enabled them to generate over 10,000 sales in just six months. Naturally, there were a number of things the team had to get right.

First, they were able to emphasise the headline thanks to the usage of bold and uppercase. Additionally, the one-sentence explanation phrase clarifies the topic and advances the ebook’s goal.

Additionally, they limited the content to a minimum while included a number of persuading elements to draw readers in and persuade them to buy the ebook. For instance, the subheading “PROVEN WAYS TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS FAST” explains what the ebook will contain and then includes a preview button so that readers may have a sneak peek at the material that is protected by a paywall.

In order to make the content of the landing page more relatable and encourage response from the target population, they also included endorsements from top marketers. To increase clicks, they used the same call to action twice and put it both above and below the fold. This is another ebook landing page examples.

Key takeaways: It’s a terrific idea to allow your readers enjoy a preview of the actual book before they decide to buy it, especially if you’re attempting to sell your ebook.

3. Taboola’s 5 Steps to Launch a Great Discovery Campaign

Taboola’s 5 Steps to Launch a Great Discovery Campaign

What makes it special: It has a lot more visual material than copy.

Taboola’s 5 Steps to Establish a Fantastic Discovery Campaign is an example of an ebook landing page.

Why we believe it to be good

Your attention will be drawn to Taboola’s ebook landing page’s distinctive design right away. It’s a single-page landing page with three simple-to-navigate parts that are each highlighted in a different colour.

Each area had the “Download” CTA button added to it, and a distinct colour was used to make it stand out from the background.

This is another ebook landing page examples. The book’s content and significance are explained to the reader in the few words in each of the three sections. Instead of utilising a lot of content in the second section, Taboola has merely listed the 5 chapters that make up the execution of a discovery campaign. Visitors can see what to anticipate after downloading in this way.

The final piece highlights their target market and the distinctive benefits that utilising the ebook can offer.

Important conclusions: When it comes to ebook landing pages, simplicity also triumphs. You may use a fantastic design and fewer text to draw readers in. Also check remote support software

4. Optimizely’s case study ebook collection

Optimizely’s case study ebook collection

It stands out since there are more words than images.

Example of an ebook landing page from Optimizely’s case study library

Why we believe it to be good

The ebook landing page for Optimizely contains more words than the previous three. Nevertheless, they were able to keep the design minimal with plain text and a pleasing colour scheme.

Visitors to this ebook landing page are encouraged to explore the ebook’s content further. Two components make up the landing page. The written information is on the left side, leaving plenty of area for the lengthy lead capture form on the right side. This is another ebook landing page examples.

The three descriptive sections work together to provide readers an overview of the ebook and to set up their expectations. In essence, they give the audience the knowledge they require and let them choose whether or not to continue with the download.

Important lessons learned: Targeting people who are truly interested in your ebook requires being thorough in your ebook description on the landing page.

5. Foundr’s Idea to Brand ebook

Foundr's Idea to Brand ebook

Its distinctive feature is that it uses social proof and FOMO to persuade users to download their ebooks.

Example of an ebook landing page: Foundr’s Idea to Brand ebook

Why we believe it to be good

The utilisation of video testimonials on this landing page is what stands out the most. This is convincing social evidence, and individuals are more likely to be persuaded when they witness numerous customers discussing how the ebook assisted them in starting their businesses from scratch.

The landing page uses the fear of missing out (FOMO) to encourage quick action and a sense of urgency. By revealing a handful of the reader’s upcoming discoveries and the precise pages where they may be found, they also give a preview of what the ebook will contain.

It’s interesting to see that the landing page just has the CTA button as a clickable link. On the ebook landing page, the same CTA button was utilised five times.

Key takeaways: To motivate your target audience to act, you may also use psychological triggers like FOMO and social proof.

6. Impressa Solution’s Guide to Outsourcing Blog Posts

Impressa Solution’s Guide to Outsourcing Blog Posts

What makes it special: Emphasizing the importance of the ebook

The Impressa Solution’s Guide to Outsourcing Blog Posts is an example of an ebook landing page.

This landing page begins by asking rhetorical questions to pique the interest of the target audience before outlining how the ebook will assist to ease those concerns. To focus the reader’s attention to the questions and encourage them to read the text underneath, they used a larger font.

The content highlights the advantages of utilising the ebook and what it may be used for to demonstrate its value. Additionally, the lead collection form they chose is really simple and only asks for the necessary data, such name and email address. Also check content monetization

Important lessons learned: Often, all it takes to persuade your target audience is to construct a picture of their lives with your asset and demonstrate how it makes things easier for them. Emphasize to the audience the importance of your asset.

7. Impraise’s Guide to Remote Performance Management

Impraise’s Guide to Remote Performance Management

What makes it special: It has a simple, lovely design that stays true to the company’s brand.

The Impraise’s Guide To Remote Performance Management is an example of an ebook landing page.

Why we believe it to be good

This is another ebook landing page examples. Impraise has the best attractive ebook landing page on our list. They presented the readers with a lovely interface by using an appealing colour palette. The colours match the typography and stay true to the company’s brand. By utilising white to contrast the light background and dark orange to draw attention to the specific CTA on the landing page, they were able to make the brief lead capture form stand out.

Only a few lines and an attention-grabbing headline serve as the ebook’s content. Additionally, they listed the key insights that readers will learn from the content in a list of bullet points. To increase their credibility and confidence, they mentioned well-known companies they have worked with at the bottom of the page.

8. FreeAgent’s Guide for Freelancers Financial

FreeAgent's Guide for Freelancers Financial

Its distinguishing feature is that readers can preview each chapter.

FreeAgent’s Guide to Freelancer Finances ebook landing page

Why we believe it to be good

The featured image suggests a special resource with specific steps to aid the target audience in becoming more adept at what they do.

The three main outcomes readers could experience by following the book’s guidance were highlighted by checkboxes.

The top fold’s content is kept to a minimum, while the CTA is highlighted and called out using a vivid green hue. Instead of using the brief copy, they let the preview links speak for themselves. They give a brief summary of each chapter of the ebook along with a link that readers can use to instantly preview each chapter.

Key takeaways: Giving people a clear picture of what to expect from your ebook is one of the best ways to get them enthusiastic about it. Giving a preview makes it very easy to accomplish that.

9. Transform’s 98 Hunger Control Shake Recipes ebook

Transform’s 98 Hunger Control Shake Recipes ebook

Its distinctive feature is a straightforward lead capture form.

Transform’s 98 Hunger Control Shake Recipes ebook is an example of an ebook landing page.

Why we believe it to be good

The reader is made aware of the free nature of the ebook via the headline and the distinctive CTA. The cover of the book in question is illustrated, and the design is relatively straightforward and does not make excessive use of colour. Only the visitor’s name and email address are required on the simple lead capture form in order to obtain the document.

Additionally, the landing page gives a summary of the issues the book addresses and concentrates on the particular takeaways their target audience will adore. To increase trust and trustworthiness, the authors additionally highlighted the works in which they have been published and included a fascinating “about us” note below with a picture.

Key takeaways: Depending on your target demographic, requiring them to fill out too many fields before allowing them to download the ebook may decrease the likelihood that they will do so. Think about only asking for the essential details you’ll require from them.

10. Net Solutions Marketing Strategies

Net Solutions Marketing Strategies

Highlighting their unique selling proposition (USP) to persuade readers to download is what makes it special. This is another ebook landing page examples.

Example of an ebook landing page – Marketing Techniques for Net Solutions

Why we believe it to be good

One of the most straightforward and well-designed landing pages is the one for Net Solutions. There isn’t much descriptive text in the top fold, and the headline makes it apparent what the ebook is about. This enables them to guide readers to the area where they highlight their distinctive selling proposition.

To entice readers to download the ebook, they explicitly define what they are delivering the reader and place emphasis on that aspect. To support their arguments and persuade readers of the ebook’s worth, they also cite statistics and research findings.

The main points to remember are to identify your competitive advantages and leverage them. Your USP should be highlighted so that the reader can recognise the special value you are offering.

What you nedd to do Next!

You probably already have a tonne of ebook landing page ideas racing through your thoughts, and you just can’t wait to get going. Great!

It can be difficult to translate your vision into a lovely and effective ebook landing. It may call for a lot of design expertise and, most importantly, your time. You should therefore start with tools that provide a library of ebook landing page templates and easy-to-use features to realise your goals.

Page Maker: With the help of this tool, you can quickly construct original ebook landing pages that leave a lasting impression and generate loads of conversions. Due to its integrated analytics tools, you can also change and control your engagement numbers. The most thrilling aspect is that it doesn’t require any prior knowledge or coding expertise; instead, the user-friendly interface handles the majority of the work.

Swipe Pages is a landing page creator that provides a variety of themes that can serve as an inspiration for your ebook landing page. The drag & drop functionality makes it simple to create a landing page, and the user interface is rather intuitive. Again, you don’t have to be an expert coder to create a high-quality ebook landing page.

How: You can create any ebook landing page design with our simple, drag-and-drop, component-ready platform that requires no coding. This works especially well for marketing and sales teams and enables the rapid creation of stunning, mobile-friendly ebook landing pages.


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