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Top 10 Freshdesk Alternatives In 2022

Best and most demanding Freshdesk Alternatives will be described in this article. You’ve probably heard of Freshdesk if you’re looking for help desk software, or perhaps you already use it. In any event, you might not be familiar with how Freshdesk stacks up against its rivals.

Freshdesk can undoubtedly be a useful tool for some firms, but not necessarily for all of them. The fact that the software includes a long list of features—which could initially seem like a good thing—is one of the key problems. The majority of teams, however, only make use of a select few capabilities; the rest is clutter.

The user interface and capabilities are less simple than many others, and setting up your entire customer service crew might take weeks. This is a significant drawback.

This article will give you a general review of the top Freshdesk substitutes, examining their salient characteristics, distinctive selling factors, costs, and recommended uses.

Top 10 Freshdesk Alternatives In 2022

The top 10 alternatives to Freshdesk are discussed here, along with a summary of each one’s essential features and information on the kinds of teams that each one is most suitable for.

1. Help Scout

Help Scout

The best Freshdesk substitute for expanding teams. The services and price plans provided by businesses like Freshdesk might overwhelm many small and medium-sized businesses. It is more accurate to say that not everyone values the features; rather, not everyone values them equally. Some teams might not be at the stage of development where the features are helpful, while other teams might never require them.

With Help Scout, you won’t have to wade through a vast Rolodex of features or figure out convoluted pricing schemes. Instead, the platform offers useful features that enhance both your team’s and your customers’ user experience.

Shared Inbox

Your team can always see which interactions need to be responded to by viewing all of your support requests in a shared inbox. Beyond enhancing visibility, Help Scout’s shared inbox enhances productivity and collaboration with tools like:

Assign chats to particular team members or personnel to guarantee that every consumer receives a knowledgeable response.

@Mentions and internal notes: Talk about requests in internal notes to prevent email chains from being sent and to make sure that decisions are recorded in the dialogue.

Collision detection: useful tools that stop coworkers from doing each other’s work twice or stomping on each other’s toes as they progress through the queue.

Saved replies are pre-written email and chat responses that you can quickly insert into any conversation.

Client profiles let you see pertinent customer information during every session, letting you give more specialised help.

Light users: Light users can read and follow discussions, leave private notes, view reports, and more without costing you more on your subscription. They are unable to speak with consumers directly, though.

Build workflows that automate time-consuming operations like labelling or assigning discussions to increase the productivity and speed of your team.

live chat

Use the customer engagement widget from Help Scout to provide live chat support from any page on your website when your consumers need assistance right now. To quickly provide your clients with the support they require, agents manage chats from a common inbox on Help Scout.


You may construct a knowledge base that is structured, searchable, and simple to reference with Help Scout’s user-friendly knowledge base builder, Docs. Articles can be shown in a custom help centre or found using Help Scout’s web widget on any page of your website.

Proactive messages

Using messages, you may proactively contact website visitors and provide them with useful information at the right time. Make product or service announcements, ask for user comments, surface knowledge base articles or offer live chat if customers seem to be stuck.


You can immediately observe how your team is doing with Help Scout thanks to its pre-built reporting dashboards. Do you need to take further action? To link with other data-management solutions, use an API.

Easy to deploy; expertly supported

The Help Scout user interface is neat, straightforward, and simple to use. Within a few hours, you can have your entire customer care workflow up and running, but if there are any issues along the course, Help Scout is there to assist.

Help Scout is a client-focused business that adheres to a whole-company support model. This implies that all workers, from engineers to the CEO, spend time in the support line assisting and learning from customers in addition to their world-class customer service.

With this strategy, Help Scout is able to make sure that both its product and user experience are constantly rooted in the demands of its users.

Pricing: $20 per user, per month, at first.

More info on Help Scout:

2. ProProfs


The best Freshdesk substitute for teams with limited resources.

ProProfs is yet another all-around help desk and customer care software solution. It’s a fantastic solution for mid-sized enterprises and is packed to the gills with tools to assist your team in resolving support-related difficulties. This is another Freshdesk alternatives.

ProProfs has all the functionality you need and a straightforward, readable dashboard. Also check alternatives ivacy vpn

Routing by agents

Management of SLA

Chats and notes from within

multichannel assistance

agents can access a mobile app on iOS and Android.

Overall, even if you have several teams, ProProfs can help you rationalise your customer support service at a fair price.

Pricing: A free plan is offered, although it has few features.

3. Desk Zoho

Desk Zoho

Best Freshdesk substitute for teams that prioritise sales.

You might be familiar with Zoho as a provider of email services, CRM services, or even website builders. If so, learning that Zoho also makes a help desk solution called Zoho Desk would not come as a surprise to you. This is another Freshdesk alternatives.

It makes sense to retain your customer support under the same roof if you currently use any of Zoho’s other products. In any other instance, getting acquainted to everything Zoho has to offer could take some time.

Features of Zoho Desk can be utilized by companies of all sizes, from freelancers to large corporations:

Communication across channels

Tools and Reports for Agent Productivity

Call centre capabilities

Knowledge base for self-service

A voice and text-based chatbot called “Zia”

The service on this list that most closely resembles Freshdesk is Zoho Desk due to its telephone functionality.

Pricing: Up to three agents may use the free plan.

If Zoho Desk is something you’re thinking about, you might want to go through our list of the best Zoho Desk alternatives to determine if it’s the perfect choice for you.

4. Zendesk


Best Freshdesk substitute for large businesses.

Another well-known brand in the customer support software industry is Zendesk. Zendesk is probably a terrific choice for you if your company has more than 500 employees. Although the initial setup can be intimidating, the result is a reliable system that can handle high demands.

As you may anticipate from a business that focuses on the enterprise, Zendesk has a number of substantial features:

Superior support ticketing system

More than 1,000 applications and integrations

Process automation

Support and content in multiple languages

A creator of community forums

Your team can manage customer requests using Zendesk’s ticket management whether they come in via social media, email, phone, or SMS. This is another Freshdesk alternatives.

Starting at $19 per user, per month.

Although Zendesk is a fantastic commercial customer support tool, there may be more suitable alternatives for smaller companies. Our comparison of the top Zendesk alternatives can assist you in locating the finest programme for your requirements, whether you run a miniature business or prefer something a little more individualised.

5. Intercom


The best Freshdesk substitute for self-service assistance.

A helpful set of tools from Intercom are available to increase client interaction. Intercom checks numerous items off the list as a Freshdesk substitute:

  • Live chat
  • Assist chatbots
  • A communal inbox
  • Articles for self-service help
  • Product tours within apps

Businesses searching for a platform that handles the bulk of marketing and sales communications in addition to customer care are ideally suited for Intercom. Also check TorrentKing Proxy Alternatives

Pricing: Starting at $79 per month, plus $19 per month for each additional user.

6. HubSpot Service Hub

HubSpot Service Hub

The best Freshdesk substitute for HubSpot CRM teams.

Another name that many marketers and salespeople are familiar with is HubSpot. Consolidating your tools is possible if you already utilise HubSpot’s CRM product and integrate it with the Service Hub. To provide your team more context for customer communication, you can connect your HubSpot CRM data to the Service Hub. This is another Freshdesk alternatives.

All the tools small and large enterprises require are available in the HubSpot Service Hub (however the costs rise quickly if you require more functionality):

  • Easy ticketing
  • Shared inbox and team email
  • Displaying reports
  • A live chat feature

Comprehensive interaction with the Sales and Marketing Hub

HubSpot Service Hub can assist if your team prioritises the need to link your marketing initiatives to customer service.

Pricing: There is a free plan.

HubSpot has a tonne of features that may assist you in managing your CRM, email marketing, and even an online store. However, if you’re searching for a simpler help desk solution, our list to the top HubSpot alternatives can be of assistance.

7. Front


Most effective Freshdesk substitute for email-only support.

A team/group email or a personal email can be used to answer in Front, which mimics a standard email inbox. For support teams who only require email features, it’s a decent choice.

Front is adaptable, and by upgrading your subscription, you can expand the capability of your support desk as your company expands.

Unlimited social media, email, and SMS connections

Team members to assign, remark on, and @mention

Utilize simple rule templates

Create custom integrations.

Along with group email addresses, use personal email addresses

Starting at $19 per user, per month.

Front is a fantastic email marketing tool, but it is not a full-service help desk for clients. Our list of the top Front alternatives is an excellent place to start if you’re searching for help desk software that can be tailored to your needs.

8. LiveAgent


The best Freshdesk substitute for live chat customer assistance.

LiveAgent is the live chat guru if chat widgets are your most desired feature. LiveAgent’s equivalent plans include recognisable features if you require more than just a live chat bubble.

You can find features in LiveAgent that are appropriate for a wide range of business sizes and types:

Quickly live chat

Knowledge base and customer portal

Call centre capabilities

Integrations of widely used services

An editor for emails, templates, and knowledge base articles that uses the WYSIWYG method This is another Freshdesk alternatives.

For the sole proprietor, LiveAgent offers a free basic package with live chat, call forwarding, and a client portal; however, teams will require its premium services.

Pricing: There is a free plan.

9. Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud

A help desk product is also available from Salesforce. If you already use Salesforce’s CRM or marketing tools, you have the option of purchasing the help desk, just like HubSpot Service Hub. Also check firstrow 

If you incorporate additional Salesforce products into your stack, many of the important capabilities listed below will be even more beneficial:

Multichannel assistance

Automated admin duties

Self-service advice from “Einstein”

Chatbot and live chat features

Personalized assistance utilising sales and marketing data

With a free trial, you may experience some of Salesforce’s more premium features without having to provide your credit card number.

Pricing: $25 per user, each month.

10. HappyFox


For teams seeking functionality for project management, the best Freshdesk substitute.

HappyFox can be an excellent choice for you if your company moves swiftly and is always developing new initiatives. Project management tools like work lists and boards in the Kanban style are undoubtedly commonplace among startup developers, and HappyFox has integrated these into the help desk software. This is another Freshdesk alternatives.

A variety of tools are included with HappyFox to aid in making an experience unforgettable.

Contemporary ticketing system

Pre-made actions (templates)

Build a knowledge base

Help desk statistics

A built-in method for managing tasks

HappyFox’s task management features can assist your agents in segmenting tickets into manageable chunks.

Pricing: $29 per user, per month.

Find the right help desk for your company

It typically boils down to the specifics when determining which help desk software is best for you. If you want to grow your workforce into a full-fledged call centre, Freshdesk can be a fantastic alternative for your company.

With live chat, email, and social media, you might wish to continue operating your business online. Regardless of the situation, choosing the appropriate solution requires considering your company’s needs and the tools that will enable you to solve them.

You can test out your alternatives to determine which solution works best because the majority of the providers on our list provide either a free plan or a free trial.


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