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Top 10 Best Keyword Trackers In 2022

Best and demanding keyword trackers will be discussed in this article. No of the size of your business or your sector, SEO and content marketing are virtually surely factors in your digital marketing strategy.

How can you be certain that you’re using the correct keywords and getting better over time?

How? With keyword trackers, that is.

You must learn how your pages rank on SERPs in order to determine whether your SEO strategy is foolproof. Use keyword trackers to make that happen.

Knowing how your scales have changed over time will help you learn important information about the SEO performance of your website. You will be able to identify technical SEO difficulties, understand the effects of your SEO strategy on search visibility, and know what to concentrate on to boost your site’s organic traffic, conversions, and revenue when you study this data.

A keyword tracker: what is it?

An online application called a keyword tracker, commonly referred to as a keyword rank tracker, enables users to keep track of where their websites rank for particular keywords in SERPs.

You may observe where your keywords and webpages appear on SERPs by using a keyword tracker. Rank tracking often uses past keyword data and current rankings to allow you to track your movement in the rankings and how that is affecting your organic traffic.

The majority of good rank tracker solutions contain features that do audits on your site(s), identify any technical SEO problems, and provide instructions on how to resolve these problems.

You may evaluate your backlinks and keep track of the websites that are linking to your webpages using some keyword trackers.

Some keyword tracking tools enable you to keep tabs on your rivals and discover the terms they rank for. By doing so, you’ll be able to create an SEO plan that will provide you even better results than those of your rivals.

Many rank tracker programmes don’t just track keyword rankings. The keyword tracker tool is a component of a full-featured SEO toolkit, not a standalone tool. Ahrefs and Semrush are two examples of these tool sets.

Dedicated keyword trackers like AccuRanker and ProRankTracker are also available. Then there are solitary rank trackers, like Conductor and Brightedge, that are best suited for businesses.

Which Qualities Characterize a Good Keyword Tracker?

If you want to improve the insights and optimization tactics for your sites, you need a good rank tracker. The keyword trackers you require must provide you with reliable data that will help you raise the SERP rankings of your websites.

The following elements are essential for the best keyword tracker for you:

  • Accurate and regularly updated keyword rank data
  • The existence of previous rank data
  • Metrics that gauge how changes in rank affect organic traffic
  • The capacity to monitor countless phrases that are pertinent to your industry
  • Competitor monitoring skills


Top 10 BEST KEYWORD TRACKERS are explained here.

1. SE Ranking

SE Ranking

Perfect for: Owners of small businesses, SEO experts, and agencies.

The most precise and complete keyword position tracker available is provided by SE Ranking. Users may examine keyword rankings using SE Ranking in every major search engine, language, country, and device. Additionally, campaigns monitoring has become much more convenient and easy thanks to a user-friendly design. This is another keyword trackers.

With its extensive keyword tracking features, SE Ranking can monitor ranks on Google, Google Mobile, Bing, and Yahoo!

, YouTube, Yandex, and Yandex Mobile, and verifies all the factors to offer users incredibly accurate data every day. In addition, SE Ranking offers more information about keywords. Users can get keyword search volume and relative traffic forecast in addition to position tracking.

In addition to organic ranks, SE Ranking offers information on Google Ads, Maps search results, highlighted snippets, People also ask, sitelinks, videos, etc., and SERP features. Additionally, customers get access to a sizable archive of historical ranking information on their chosen keywords. The calendar lets you look back in time to compare the success of various keywords.

The ability of SE Ranking’s Keyword Rank Tracker to monitor competitors is one of its strongest features. Users can watch their ranks and evaluate the effectiveness of the keywords they track in their own projects by adding up to 20 rivals and receiving reports that compare the results. Additionally, SE Ranking has a SERP Competitors module that examines the top 100 search results for a chosen keyword and charts their performance over time for individuals who don’t yet know who their competitors are.

SEO experts can create effective and data-driven organic promotion and evaluate results in real-time with this remarkable toolkit.

Key characteristics of Keyword Rank Tracker for SE Ranking

  • Reliable keyword rankings information
  • Every significant search engine and location
  • Data on previous rankings
  • The capacity to classify or tag keywords
  • Effective strategic insight
  • A free trial period and flexible pricing
  • A multitude of features
  • White Label, API, and collaborative use as B2B possibilities


  • Reliable keyword positioning
  • Wide-ranging functional capacities
  • Modular and cost-effective price
  • Easy to understand design
  • Excellent customer service


  • Occasionally updates rankings slowly
  • New users may find the user interface bewildering.
  • There might not be enough data for some places.
  • The Business plan is the only one with access to API.

2. SEO Monitor

SEO Monitor

In-depth information on keyword ranks is provided by SEOmonitor, a rank checker tool that is mostly used to investigate keywords and content subjects. Additionally, this application provides forecasting features that aid customers in overcoming obstacles unique to their sector and creating stronger SEO plans. Also check keyword research tools

Using information from Google Search Console and Google Analytics, SEOmonitor analyses the data and provides a detailed breakdown of the keywords that drive traffic to a given website. Metrics such as the number of searches, the click-through rate, the number of visitors from each keyword, the average position, the conversion rate, and the bounce rate. It also allows you to view a list of eliminated keywords and divides organic traffic into branded and non-branded traffic. This is another keyword trackers.

Instead than just concentrating on specific keywords, the Topic Explorer function in SEOmonitor looks at “themes.” To locate keywords that are semantically connected to a topic, this feature ties various terms to that topic.

Beyond the typical “keyword difficulty” statistic several other tools provide, the Visibility Score feature provides a mechanism to evaluate keywords. More insightful and simple to comprehend than any other tracking approach, this feature combines search volumes and ranks.

Essential elements of SEOmonitor

  • Automated keyword discovery
  • Track ranking depending on location and search engine
  • Data on mobile keyword rankings
  • Opportunity signal
  • Complementing site analytics
  • Thorough site audits
  • Visibility rating
  • Backlink generator
  • Comparisons of competitors
  • Business case generator

Benefits of SEOmonitor

Every 24 hours, search engine results are updated.

  • The tracking information for keyword rank is always correct.
  • Creating folders with smart-grouped keywords is simple.
  • You’ll receive keyword cannibalization warnings, which let you know when a search engine has significantly altered how your pages appear in SERPs.
  • Based on the selection of keyword groups you want your pages to rank for, you can forecast the volume of visitors and PPC expenses.
  • You can research the keywords of your rivals and discover fresh possibilities.
  • You can estimate how much money you’d make if you used a certain keyword strategy and got the top spot.
  • A screenshot of the desktop and mobile SERPs is available for download as an HTML file.

Issues with SEOmonitor

  • There may be some confusion with the user interface.
  • New users will encounter a severe learning curve.
  • The cost may increase due to the frequent updates.
  • Data retrieval can take some time. Not always are reports produced every 24 hours.

Depending on the package you select, the amount of keywords you can track is restricted.

3. Ahrefs



Ahrefs started out as a straightforward backlinks index in 2011, but over time it evolved into a full-featured suite of SEO tools that covers all backlink, site crawling, rank tracking, and content analysis features. This is another keyword trackers.

With better than 12 trillion historical backlinks and 6 billion web pages daily crawled, the company has the largest backlink indexes and browsed sites. All of the influential tracking engines, including Google, Bing, & Yahoo!, as well as Amazon and YouTube, are covered by the keyword research options.

After experimenting with pretty much every keyword research tool on the world, I only recently started using Ahrefs on a paid basis. The Ahrefs Keyword Explorer tool is the function that I use the most frequently. You will receive an overview page with bar charts showing the total search volume, clicks, volume distribution, and difficulty of the search queries when using this keyword research tool. Additionally, there are tables that detail SERP features, the most popular nations in terms of traffic, keyword suggestions, and traffic volume by pages and domains. This is another keyword trackers.

Users can access precise individual analytics like search volume, clicks per search, and return rate under the Metrics tab. The placements of URLs in SERPs and the SEO power of a page are displayed by Google Keyword Planner. The SERP position history graphic that Ahrefs added to its SERP results allows users to follow rank changes over time. Additionally, the results page now includes the new Featured Snippets feature.

The Ahrefs content exploration tool is also quite good. There, you can find fresh subject matter and spot prospects for backlinks. Also check PPc spy tools 

One of the best keyword trackers tools is provided by Ahrefs, and it delivers in-depth data for each keyword you enter into the tracking configuration. Metrics are used by the rank tracker to display data for all of your projects and tracking campaigns. These metrics consist of: rivals, locations, visibility, average positions, distribution, traffic, and SERP characteristics.

In fact, Ahrefs is used to explain a number of concepts in numerous content strategy courses, including Omniscient Digital’s content school. That good, really!

Important aspects of Ahrefs

  • Extensive backlink research
  • Detailed analysis of competitors
  • Independent keyword research
  • Ongoing position tracking and SEO monitoring
  • A comparison of rivalry domains
  • Various data segmentation filters
  • Complex metrics for monitored keywords
  • Protracted data scraping
  • Extensive SERP analysis
  • Excellent customer service

Ahrefs advantages

  • Ahrefs is incredibly user-friendly.
  • Its wide-ranging and site-specific crawling capabilities are excellent.
  • The Ahrefs Site Audit tool provides a thorough review of the technical SEO (both on-page and off-page) of your website.
  • The Ahrefs Site Explorer tool provides detailed information on SEO metrics and backlinks.
  • You can track keywords based on various places and devices in 170 different countries.
  • Ahrefs provides first-rate support with detailed lessons, help on every page, and an organised FAQ.

Issues with Ahrefs

  • Ahrefs does not provide a free plan or a free trial. It can also get very expensive.
  • Ahrefs is targeted at SEO professionals and seasoned digital marketers rather than SEO newcomers.
  • You can only follow keywords for up to 5 locations with the Lite and Standard versions.

Only the Advanced and Agency plans include mobile ranking.

4. AccuRanker


AccuRanker, in contrast to Ahrefs and Semrush, is a specialised keyword rank tracking tool that enables users to examine SERP history to discover how rankings have changed over time and what keywords are most effective in bringing visitors to their websites and those of their rivals.

This is another keyword trackers. AccuRanker is frequently hailed as the best keyword trackers, and over 20,000 agencies, SEOs, and brands, like HBO and HubSpot, rely on it. This keyword tracker is superior to the majority of other keyword trackers on the market since it is quick, dependable, and offers a wide range of functions.

I came found AccuRanker when looking for a reliable keyword research tool for my website and gave its 14-day free trial a try. I was blown away. AccuRanker, in my opinion, lives true to its name. It offers extremely precise and comprehensive keyword data that enables you to keep an eye on your competitors and determine the most important aspects of your SEO operations.

The fact that AccuRanker monitors keyword positions and rankings on ALL of the major search engines, including Google, Bing, Baidu, YouTube, etc., is another feature I adore. The provided keyword rankings are updated once every 24 hours and can be refreshed at any time. I would have handed AccuRanker all of my money as soon as my trial period ended if it were an all-inclusive SEO toolkit as opposed to just a keyword trackers.

Characteristics of AccuRanker

  • Reliable keyword rankings information
  • Tracking by targeted nation and ZIP code

Feature study of SERPs

  • Compatibility with external tools
  • Complete keyword segmentation and tagging
  • Extensive keyword ranking information for a variety of devices
  • Monitor results across all major search engines
  • White-label reporting that is automated
  • Setup notifications for keyword rankings

Advantages of AccuRanker

  • Even for novices, AccuRanker is simple to use and navigate.

Your keyword data is updated by AccuRanker every 24 hours. You can instantly update the data if you need to.

  • One account can handle an unlimited number of users and domains.
  • The Share of Voice feature can be used to evaluate market penetration and performance.
  • You can review your rank history and contrast it with that of rivals.
  • AccuRanker’s Aggregated SERP Analysis tool lets you to keep track of changes to SERP features for all of your keywords.
  • You can integrate AccuRanker with a variety of services, including Databox, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console.
  • AccuRanker may link the landing pages on your website to organic traffic, engagement information, cost, conversion, and revenue data.
  • From various rank trackers like HubSpot, ProRankTracker, Authority Labs, AWR Cloud, Agency Analytics, SE Ranking, etc., you may import past data in bulk.
  • AccuRanker can inform you if you qualify for Google’s Featured Snippets and provide your position in the rankings for each keyword.

Issues with AccuRanker

  • Occasionally, data refresh can be sluggish.
  • It is not a complete set of SEO tools. You still need to utilise other SEO tools because it can only track keyword ranks.
  • The most affordable plan offers few features and no access to API.

5. Conductor


A cloud-based SEO software called Conductor was created to assist businesses and digital marketers in streamlining their workflow and producing optimised content using SEO and consumer data. Better search engine exposure results, which raises traffic, leads, and sales for their companies. This is another keyword trackers.

Conductor uses digital marketing tactics and advanced organic market technology to assist firms in learning new information about their customers and monitoring their SEO success. With the use of this platform’s robust keyword analysis capabilities, organisations can pinpoint their target audience and personalise their content to appeal to them. Utilizing competition analysis, keyword visibility analysis, and market share, users can spy on the tactics of their rivals and find new business prospects.

Conductor enables customers to contrast the organic search findings of their websites with those of other websites in the same niche thanks to its connection with SEO Moz. The users now have a clear advantage over other market participants.

A company will have more visibility and be able to spot risks from rivals far earlier with Conductor.

Characteristics of a Conductor

  • Detailed analysis of competitors
  • Managing and enhancing content
  • Prioritization of tasks and SEO strategy
  • Mapping and enhancement
  • Management of audits
  • Tools for tracking rankings and keyword research
  • Shareable and interactive reports
  • Target audience research
  • Google Analytics, Adobe, and DeepCrawl integration
  • Traffic, lead, and revenue forecasting
  • Link administration
  • Controlling website and keyword effectiveness
  • Automated localization
  • Categorization/segmentation
  • Individualized email alerts
  • Mobile search terms

Benefits of Conductor

  • The platform makes a substantial amount of data available.
  • You’ll have the ability to observe rivals.
  • You get access to all the resources you need to launch and manage a fruitful SEO campaign.
  • The customer service is excellent and always willing to assist.
  • It’s incredibly simple to make reports. They can be shared with clients, sales teams, shareholders, and management alike and are automatically generated, thorough, and customisable.
  • To dissect market statistics, content groups, and traffic, use the comparison and segmentation tools.
  • By using the mapping and organisation capabilities, you may locate the gaps in your content strategy and spot fresh opportunities.
  • The keyword tracking information is precise.

Issues with Conductor

  • The platform offers a tonne of information, which might be overwhelming for a new user. Additionally, it may be challenging to locate what you’re seeking for.
  • A backlink analysing tool does not exist.
  • To comprehend certain of Conductor’s words and functionalities, you might need to take tutorials.

Only weekly tracking is done for the keyword data.

  • Conductor will only provide a limited amount of technical assistance and SEO insights without the integration of the Google Search API and Adobe Analytics.

6. Google search Console

Google search Console

Google Search Console, formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools, is an SEO tool that assists users in monitoring the effectiveness, search traffic, and technical concerns of their websites. Additionally, it helps you rank better in Google search results. This is another keyword trackers. Also check affiliate marketing programs

For two main reasons, I adore Google Search Console and use it frequently to evaluate my beauty blog. The first is that it is entirely free (who doesn’t like getting things for nothing?). The second reason is that it offers incredibly useful metrics to help you comprehend the performance of your site and how to raise your rankings.

The ability to diagnose site indexing and technical SEO issues is a strength of Google Search Console. Invaluable keyword information is also provided (new keywords, popular keywords, keywords with high and low CTR, related keywords, etc.). You can see which websites are connecting to yours by using GSC. I also like that Google Analytics and Google Search Console may be connected.

The rank tracking/position data, however, can occasionally be wrong, especially if your site receives little clicks and impressions. That’s part of the reason I use Ahrefs instead of Google Search Console as my only SEO tool because it has better rank tracking capabilities. Additionally, I use Google Ads as a straight GSC substitute.

Important Google Search Console features

  • Keyword research using search terms
  • User interaction is possible
  • Pages submitted for indexing
  • Compatibility with Google Analytics
  • Display the web pages linking to yours
  • Providing XML sitemaps
  • Identifying site data and technological problems
  • Notifications when site problems are found

Google Search Console advantages

  • The UX design is sleek and tidy.
  • You can keep an eye on and track backlinks to your website.
  • You will have access to useful site statistics like overall clicks over time, overall impressions, average CTR and position, search terms your blog ranks for, and clicks/visits based on location and device.
  • Issues with site crawling, site loading, security, website indexation, mobile usability, and structured data can be identified and fixed.
  • You can discover new search terms with a high click-through rate.
  • You can assess the efficiency and performance of your keyword marketing.

You can more easily recognise and remove problematic links thanks to Google Search Console.

  • To assist you in finding prospects for clients, you will receive in-depth insights on search queries.
  • You can send Google a sitemap straight for indexing.

Google Search Console’s drawbacks

  • Some users might find the UI to be less than intuitive.
  • The position ranking statistics provided might not be accurate until you have a lot of clicks and impressions.
  • The error page might not be updated promptly, so mistakes you’ve already resolved might persist.
  • An HTML sitemap cannot be submitted.
  • Other than Google, it doesn’t offer site data to other search engines.

7. Semrush


Semrush is more than just a keyword research tool. It is essentially a collection of tools that aids marketers in a variety of areas, including campaign management, keyword research, content marketing, PPC, SEO, and PPC.

Semrush, one of the best SEO tools available today, was founded in 2008 and serves, according to their staff, around 6 million users.

When I was looking for a useful keyword research tool to meet my demands as a blogger, I tested the Pro plan’s free trial. The first thing I noticed was how much useful information Semrush offers. With the help of this knowledge, you can develop content that draws visitors, look for possibilities to generate links, and make minor adjustments to the content of your website in order to improve your SERP ranking.

You may develop posts that will rank highly in search results by using the keyword suggestions provided by Semrush (depending on the phrase(s) you enter). Additionally, you’ll be able to evaluate how challenging it would be to rank for particular phrases and keywords. Additionally, Semrush recommends websites you might contact to obtain high-quality backlinks.

Semrush can be used to audit the SEO of your website. The audit can be used to determine whether your site needs any technological upgrades to help it rank higher in search results. Semrush makes performing a domain analysis very simple. You may find out how well a domain is doing in search results by simply entering its URL in the “domain overview” section. This is another keyword trackers.

You may track your website’s position for target keywords with Semrush’s Position Tracking Tool. Semrush is another effective tool for content marketing in addition to Ahrefs.

Characteristics of Semrush

  • Using SERP to filter
  • Zip code hypertargeting
  • Report on competitor discovery
  • Location-based searches using devices
  • Information on organic traffic
  • Extensive reports on domain analysis
  • Thorough SEO audits
  • API points
  • Backlink analyzer
  • Backlink analyses

Link building

  • Personalized email notifications and alerts
  • Excellent customer service

Benefits of Semrush

  • This tool gives comprehensive details on how well a website is performing and how to increase its chances of appearing higher in search results.
  • You can follow the evolution of ranking information for every rival. You can even incorporate historical rank tracking data from other SEO tools into higher plans.
  • You may track a competitor’s ranking using Semrush and contrast it with your own. Ten rival domains are allowed in your tracking campaigns.
  • You’ll be able to see and contrast your rank positions across various devices in your Semrush tracking campaign.
  • You can do a location-based search to find out which local rivals are showing up in Google’s top 10 results for any keyword.
  • You’ll get thorough information from Semrush for your domain analysis and SEO audits.
  • Every week, you’ll receive an email alerting you to any ranking changes.
  • You have access to live chat, email, and phone help through three different channels.

Drawbacks of Semrush

  • Semrush has a steep understanding curve, so if you’re unfamiliar with SEO and SEM, training may be necessary to help you comprehend all the metrics and data given.
  • Semrush’s pricing is high in comparison to rival services.
  • Only Google searches can use the information about Semrush. For other search engines like Bing & Yahoo, no information is offered.
  • There is no information available regarding the quantity of backlinks required to appear for a specific keyword.

You can use API credits only with the Business plan.

  • The most expensive plan (Business) only permits one user account. Depending on the plan you’re on, you’ll need to pay extra money per user if you want more than one person to have access to Semrush.

8. SERPWatcher Mangools

SERPWatcher Mangools

SERPWatcher, a simplistic rank tracker developed by Slovakian IT company Mangools, enables users to observe their position for particular keywords as they fluctuate or stabilise in search engine ranking results. With its user-friendly interface (UI) for beginners and email alerts to assist you in keeping track of your SERP data as it changes, SERPWatcher strives to make keyword tracking efficient and simple to use. This is another keyword trackers.

The SERPWatcher dashboard displays all the crucial information you require, such as a list of the keywords you’re monitoring, their relative rankings, and the approximate search volume for each keyword, among other things. Additionally, you receive a report with the dominance index for each domain you follow.

In contrast to other keyword tracking tools, Mangools does not overstuff SERPWatcher with features. In actuality, SERPWatcher is only for watching keyword rank. Other functions, including backlink monitoring, keyword research, and site audit, were divided up into different tools by Mangools, which is fantastic for SEO newbies because it reduces their risk of being overwhelmed by too many functionalities.

  • KWFinder, which lets you do a search on a certain keyword or domain and provides you with comprehensive details on related keywords.
  • SERPChecker, which enables you to keep tabs on your rivals and discover the terms they are achieving success with.
  • LinkMiner, a backlink analysing tool that provides a thorough list of every website domain connecting to yours.
  • SiteProfiler, which gives you a brief analysis of the SEO performance of your website.

SERPWatcher’s salient features

  • Track SERP outcomes for countless domains
  • Location and device-based data tracking
  • Data division between desktop and mobile search platforms
  • Daily updates to ranking data
  • Email alerts based on events and schedules

Benefits of SERPWatcher

  • The dashboard makes it simple to get the pertinent facts.
  • Digitally disseminating interactive reports to others is simple.
  • You can obtain a summary of the shifting positions of your keyword in the rankings.
  • You have a year to keep keyword rank data.

Issues with SERPWatcher

  • Not all of the data presented are always correct to the nth degree.

SERPWatcher solely monitors keyword data for Google. Other significant search engines do not receive the same treatment.

  • SEO specialists may consider the offered data to be of poor quality.
  • Even though the SiteProfiler tool resembles a site audit tool, it provides very little data. It solely evaluates your best content using two metrics: Facebook and referring domains. It doesn’t reveal any potential SEO problems with your website.

9. ProRankTracker


ProRankTracker is a well-known suite of analytical tools for search engine rankings that was created to assist SMEs and large companies in the analysis of SEO data from their websites, the identification of trends, and the generation of in-depth reports that can assist their SEO specialists in determining which keywords are functioning well and which ones aren’t. Over 60,000 businesses and organisations utilise them globally.

ProRankTracker has an excellent ranking methodology that offers users precise, up-to-date results on their keyword and website ranking along with daily updates on their sites’ success in search engine rankings. This is another keyword trackers.

With ProRankTracker, you have an advantage over the competition because you’ll have access to up-to-date, understandable SEO ranking data that can aid in profit maximisation and large, quick business growth. You may browse data and reorder it with a few clicks to highlight potential SEO concerns and illustrate SEO trends.

Major search engines like Google & Bing can be set to provide organic search data to ProRankTracker. Depending on where your consumers are located, it collects statistics based on both local and international traffic. Additionally, it provides support for 11 other languages.

Important aspects of ProRankTracker

  • Reliable keyword and site ranking information

Personalized and thorough SEO and ranking reports

  • Accurate site auditing tool
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Verified YouTube video
  • Device and location-based keyword tracking
  • White label reporting at 100%
  • The availability of the file formats PDF, XLSX, and CSV
  • MyRank app for smartphone
  • Multiple search engine monitoring
  • Knowledgeable customer service and FAQs page

Advantages of ProRankTracker

  • The interface is neat and provides excellent data visualisation.
  • The daily updates to the keyword rank tracking data ensure their high accuracy.
  • Excellent client service. Personal account managers are available to Enterprise members.
  • A site audit gives you a detailed view of the data on your websites.
  • An API is accessible.
  • Because ProRankTracker is a cloud-based service, you can use any device with a strong internet connection to track the ranks of your sites wherever you are.

ProRankTracker’s drawbacks

  • Even on devices with a fast internet connection, the login procedure can become sluggish.
  • Since it isn’t a comprehensive SEO bundle, you’ll also require other SEO tools.
  • ProRankTracker’s main feature is rank tracking, but that’s about it.

10. Brightedge


A tool called Brightedge assists companies in optimising their web content to drive traffic, conversions, and sales. Because it can track content interaction in real time across all digital channels on the internet, this platform excels above its rivals. This is another keyword tracker.

Brightedge is most suited for businesses, but anyone interested in digital marketing will find the platform to be quite useful. It can be used by SEO managers to track keyword rankings and discover fresh optimization techniques. It can help online marketers create popular websites and increase brand recognition. Brightedge is a tool that content marketers may use to inform their content strategy and produce content that is optimised for their target audience. This platform may be used by anyone operating an online business to assess how well their marketing is performing in comparison to that of their rivals.

Brightedge is a tool package rather than simply one particular tool. Which tool(s) you find useful will depend on the type of business you run. These tools include, among others:

  • ContentIQ, a website auditing application that offers sophisticated website audit options for big websites. In order to enhance traffic, conversions, and revenue, this programme identifies website issues and instructs users on how to correct them.
  • Data Cube, a keyword research tool that assists users in locating the ideal keywords that can increase traffic to your website naturally. By displaying the keywords and relevant topics/keywords that their websites are ranking for, this tool aids customers in finding content marketing opportunities.
  • HyperLocal, which provides users with information on search volumes, local search trends, and keyword ranking information for up to 72,000 cities globally. Additionally, it displays to users how frequently their local listings appear in SERPs as well as a side-by-side comparison of their website data with that of nearby rivals.
  • Intent Signal, which enables users to rank their content higher in search results. The content concepts that are likely to rank highly on SERPs are also suggested by this tool. Intent Signal will let you know if one of your pages falls below the fold so you may take the appropriate action to maintain your position.

Added Benefits of Brightedge

  • Finding keywords and PPC
  • Monitoring backlinks
  • Task and workflow management
  • Suggestions for content topics
  • Information on digital marketing tactics
  • SEO performance evaluation and suggestions
  • Encouragement of teamwork

Benefits of Brightedge

  • Brightedge offers an incredible array of SEO tools.
  • You will receive automated alerts when your rank falls below the fold.
  • Brightedge is mobile device compatible. However, a desktop is recommended for viewing Brightedge.
  • Brightedge offers a specialised specialist who can show you how to use each Brightedge instrument to its fullest potential.
  • There are several tutorials and instructional films available to assist you learn about all the capabilities of Brightedge.
  • Content marketers can find fresh ideas for content, particularly blog entries, with the aid of Brightedge.

Drawbacks of Brightedge

  • A new user will need some time to become proficient with all of the various Brightedge features.
  • The Brightedge toolkit is fairly pricey.
  • Brightedge occasionally takes too long to load.
  • There are restrictions on how many keywords you can monitor. You will need to pay more money if you want to track more.
  • Subdomains that your team doesn’t need cannot be filtered out.
  • Before you can make some system changes, you must get in touch with the support staff.


There is no one keyword tracker that is the optimal keyword tracker for every company or website. Your business needs and budget should be taken into consideration while selecting a keyword tracker.

Use a free tool like Google Search Console if you’re just starting out or have a limited budget. You might also test out apps like SE Ranking, ProRankTracker, or SERPWatcher that offer a free trial.

You can utilise tools like Semrush or Ahrefs that you can customise to meet your unique needs if you own a small business or personal website or blog.

You can select ProRankTracker or AccuRanker if you own an agency and require white label reports.

Conductor and Brightedge are your finest options if you own a business. For content marketers that wish to optimise their material, Brightedge is also fantastic.

Consider employing SERPWatcher, Semrush, SEOmonitor, or Ahrefs if you are a blogger or digital marketer in need of an all-in-one SEO tool suite with a keyword rank tracking option.

Keep in mind that your decision will be based on the tools you want and the amount of money you are ready to spend.


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