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How To Reset Instagram Password Without Email or Phone Number

Best ways to Reset Instagram password without email or phone number will be described in this post. Have you lost access to the email you used to set up your Instagram account because you forgot your password? You must sign into your email in order to create a new password and retrieve your Instagram password. You will learn how to accomplish this without using your email in this article.

When do you need to change your Instagram password?

When do you need to change your Instagram password

You might find that Instagram occasionally requests that you update your password. What causes this to occur? When Instagram believes your account is in danger, it will prompt you to change your password for added security. As a result, it will temporarily lock your account until you change your password in order to keep it secure in certain circumstances:

  • Instagram or your phone have both been compromised.
  • You haven’t utilised Instagram in a sizable amount of time.
  • The material you posted violates Instagram’s privacy policies.
  • Sign in to Instagram from numerous devices at once.

Method 1: Use the Phone number to reset the password

You can use your phone number to reset your Instagram account if you use one.

Select the “Get help with logging in” option on the Instagram login screen.

As soon as you click the Next button, you will be prompted to provide the username, email address, or phone number that you used to set up your account. Also check Instagram Poll Questions

In order to prove to Instagram that you are a human and not a robot, you must now fill out the captcha code that appears when you click on the designated field. The Next button won’t turn on for you to proceed to the next step unless you successfully complete the captcha.

Now, if you input your username and click the next button, a new page will be given to you with the following 3 options, or some of them, depending on the data you entered during registration, as well as the next button.

Mail a message: You ought to choose this option if you registered your email address throughout the signup procedure and you still have access to it.

Send an SMS: This option is available if the phone number you used to register for the account is active.

Register using Facebook: When your Facebook account and Instagram account are linked, you can use this option.

Lastly, decide whether to send an SMS.

Your number will receive a link from Instagram. To finish the recovery procedure and open it in your browser, simply click on it.

Method 2: Use your facebook account

Use your facebook account

Many Instagram users have connected their accounts to their Facebook profiles, making it simple for them to switch from Instagram to Facebook.

Enter the Instagram app and tap the log in with Facebook link to access your Instagram account using Facebook.

You may view your Facebook account right here. Just click it. Search for your Facebook account and log in if you can’t see it. Here, you can link your Facebook account to your Instagram account.

Method 3: Using the password manager

Using the password manager

Because a password manager is in charge of saving all the passwords, you have a great probability of finding your Instagram password there.

  • Find Google in the settings of your Android or iOS phone and tap it.
  • Click Manage Your Google Account after that.
  • Go to the Security tab on the screen that appears.
  • To find Password Manager, scroll down.

Your account passwords are all saved here. Choose your Instagram account from the list to view your Instagram password.

Method 4: Passwords stored in the browser

Passwords stored in the browser

If you logged into your Instagram account using your browser, you can locate its password in the browser’s stored passwords for Google Chrome. Also check ¬†Instagram Not Showing Gallery¬†

  • Launch the Chrome web browser.
  • At the upper right of the net, tap the three dots icon.
  • Next, select Settings.
  • The Passwords option can be found here by scrolling down.
  • On the passwords page, you may view saved passwords.

Search for your Instagram profile. You can get the login details if you discover it.

To view the saved password, click the eye icon next to it.

Method 5: Send an email to Instagram support

Send an email to Instagram support

To reset your Instagram password, you need access to your email, phone number, and Facebook. Are usernames and passwords not kept somewhere? Can you reset your Instagram password in any other way? Ask Instagram support for assistance if none of the solutions in this post work for you to resolve this issue.

The only option left for you is to email an email with your issue to “[email protected].” Wait until Instagram sends you a link to reset your password.


Don’t give up if you need to modify and reset your password in order to comply with Instagram’s requests or your own preferences but are unable to access your email, phone number, or Facebook. On your computer or mobile device, you can still change your password using the aforementioned techniques.


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