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How To Fix Instagram Not Showing Gallery In 2022

Best ways to Fix Instagram Not Showing Gallery will be discussed in this post. Instagram is one of the multiple popular social networking services in the world. On Instagram, users from all around the world post pictures, videos, and stories. The platform is made much more engaging and popular by the abundance of filters and editing options. However, Instagram is a fantastic illustration of how nothing is flawless.

How To Fix Instagram Not Showing Gallery In 2022

In this article, you can know about How To Fix Instagram Not Showing Gallery In 2022 here are the details below;

People are now claiming that they can no longer upload their favourite pictures and videos to the Instagram app because their gallery has vanished. Do you have the same problem? Be at ease; we are here to assist.

The issue of Instagram not showing the gallery will be addressed in this article with several solutions.

Why doesn’t Instagram display my gallery?

As of right now, Instagram hasn’t made any formal comments on the bug. On social media, the topic has been brought up by certain users. Sadly, a flaw in the most recent software update prevents your Photo Gallery from appearing.

Your computer or network is not at fault; rather, Instagram is having technical issues that need to be fixed by its development team. It might, however, be for other factors as well.

Try the potential fixes listed below while you wait for Instagram to fix the bug.

How Can I Fix the “Instagram Not Showing Gallery” Error?

Instagram users have been venting their frustration with the non-existence of their picture gallery on Twitter for the past few days.

Your phone’s photo gallery will often open when you submit a new post to Instagram, allowing you to browse and select an image or video to publish. However, this week, a number of customers are complaining that the gallery isn’t showing up at all, leaving them with only a small number of stock photos.

We are here to assist because you could have had the same issue. Here are various solutions to the problem.

1. Check your internet Connection

Check your internet Connection

Unlike the gallery on your phone, Instagram needs a strong internet connection to function properly and access your database. Therefore, if the app is unable to load your photo gallery in order to share it, it may be an issue with your internet connection. Also check Intermittent Fasting Apps

You can try switching from a cellular network to a Wi-Fi network or vice versa. Try utilising other programmes that need a working internet connection to test your connection by using those that don’t. If they aren’t functioning properly, there’s a problem with the internet connection. You must move on to the other techniques listed below if they are effective.

2. Check Instagram’s Server

Check Instagram’s Server

If you’ve verified that your internet connection is stable, the problem can be with Instagram’s servers. Since Instagram has a large user base, there are occasionally server issues, and there are several causes for this. Also check Become Professional Gamer

The cause could be planned maintenance, server issues, or a brief power loss affecting their servers.

Whatever the cause, you shouldn’t panic because Instagram will ultimately back up its servers and you’ll be able to access your gallery on Instagram.

3. Restart the Instagram app

Restart the Instagram app

Most issues with the Instagram app can be resolved by simply restarting it.

Therefore, try closing and reopening the app if your Instagram gallery isn’t loaded. When you do this, Instagram will resolve the problem with the phone gallery. Try the other fixes if your Instagram gallery is still not showing up.

4. Clear Cache

Clear Cache

Cache, message temporary storage, image files, and other leftover items might accumulate and slow the performance of the app. Although cache makes the software run more quickly, there are some drawbacks as well. Every now and again, we ought to clean the apps’ cache.

The cache can be deleted to make some space available and to potentially solve issues like this one. It’s crucial to understand that deleting the Instagram cache won’t delete any of your account information. Also check instagram analytics

You can also get rid of any damaged files on your device by emptying your cache. Here are some easy procedures for clearing Instagram’s cache. Depending on the Android version and software you are using, the stages may vary, but the procedure is essentially the same.

  • Launch your device’s Settings application.
  • Select the “Apps” or “Application” tab from the list of settings.
  • Find “Instagram” in the list of applications, then click on it.
  • Click “Clear Cache” on the app page after you’ve opened it. This will delete your cache. Open the app now to see if the issue is still present.

5. Grant Permission to Instagram

Some applications need specific permissions to function. The Instagram app is the same. To function perfectly, it requires rights such as storage, location, etc. You must provide the phone storage permission in order for Instagram to display the phone’s gallery. Here is how you may follow suit.


Here’s how to give the Instagram app permission to store data on your android device.

  • Launch your device’s Settings application.
  • Select the “Apps” or “Application” tab from the list of settings.
  • Find “Instagram” in the list of applications, then click on it.
  • Tap “Permissions” and “Storage” on the following page.
  • Give the same permission, and you’re set to go.

iOS devices

On the other hand, here’s how to give the Instagram app permission if you have an Apple device.

  • Access settings
  • Look for and select the Instagram app.
  • Tap Photos to give the app access to your photos. Check now to see if you can access the Instagram app’s gallery.

These are a few techniques you can use to fix the Instagram app’s gallery not showing problem. Please be aware that these are not all possible solutions and that Instagram is the source of the problem. So, if the issue still persists after taking the aforementioned actions, give Instagram some time to resolve it.


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