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Top 15 Best SaaSquatch Alternatives in 2022

Best and most reliable saasquatch alternatives will be explained in this article. A loyalty, referral, and rewards platform called SaaSquatch provides company owners the power to convert patrons into brand ambassadors, boost engagement, and generate recurring income. Customers may track their points, receive incentives, recommend friends, and redeem rewards in-person or online using the programme. Additionally, companies can send customised offers. It aids eCommerce firms in attracting and keeping clients. It provides a variety of benefits, including as discounts, presents both real and digital, and unique access to events.

Online retailers may provide free shipping thanks to SaaSquatch. Additionally, your customers have the option of creating their own referral benefits by creating discount coupons for their friends to utilise when making purchases. It may be developed to meet the demands of any business and is very configurable. Users may be connected to an existing customer database or through social media logins; incentives are sent in real-time across all devices; data is safe and only the consumer can access it.

Top 15 Best SaaSquatch Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best SaaSquatch Alternatives are explained here.

1. Atentive


Through their websites and on social networking sites like Facebook, businesses may send and receive SMS messages, or text messages, by using the text message marketing platform Attentive. Businesses may send and receive text messages from clients thanks to the carrier-grade text messaging service it offers. With automated, targeted mobile messaging, Attentive is intended to boost your customer engagement, sales, and income. Messages may be sent, tracked, and measured directly through well-known services like Twitter and Facebook. Also check Zaui software

This is another saasquatch alternative. This implies that you may quickly send an SMS message to everyone who engages with your website or social media accounts. The solution provides the most cutting-edge text messaging capabilities, the most user-friendly interface, and limitless campaigns. The most cost-effective option for solopreneurs and small firms to develop their company communications is with attentive. This may be used to broadcast critical alerts, send automatically created receipts, or provide specially tailored welcome greetings.

2. Talkable


Talkable is a software programme for referral and loyalty marketing that provides tools for organising referral campaigns, monitoring referrals, and a closed social network for Ambassadors. You can look for partners with whom to collaborate, cross-promote, generate referral traffic, and reward repeat consumers. The firm gives business owners tools like 1-to-1 messaging, monitoring, automation, and analytics to communicate with their clients, reward them, and boost customer retention.

The goal is to assist companies and company owners in forging closer connections with their clients, which will improve business. Utilizing in-depth data analysis, pinpoint your most important clients and reward them. A/B testing and continual marketing optimization will unlock growth. Overall, Talkable is a fantastic product that you may take into account as one of its substitutes.

3. Spruce


A private messaging platform for patients, families, and healthcare professionals, Spruce blends an engaging online and mobile experience with secure messaging. Healthcare businesses may develop a thorough communication stream that incorporates phone calls, video calls, text conversations, file sharing, and access to video libraries in order to fully capture the patient experience. This is another saasquatch alternative.

The platform also enables healthcare providers to collaborate on care and education initiatives with neighbourhood partners including retail businesses. Spruce equips physicians, patients, and families with the knowledge they need to succeed at each stage of the process. Secure text messaging with your team and doctor (nurse, pharmacist, etc.). View a detailed history of all of your communications, including with when they were sent and when they were viewed.

4.  iVision Mobile

iVision Mobile

Business owners utilise iVision Mobile, an integrated white-label text and SMS/MMS communications platform, to handle communication with clients, staff members, and suppliers. Users may rely on this system to construct mobile apps by utilising SMS text messaging, Voice, and secure remote push notifications, from the most straightforward to the most intricate and dispersed systems. Through a web portal, you may access web-based features including operator selection, account setup, management, and message sending.

This enables businesses to control their mobile communications using any PC or laptop’s common web browser. For businesses that wish to send and receive texts for business from anywhere in the globe, iVision Mobile has made a name for itself. Because it is a SaaS model, it has numerous advantages including: No investment in hardware or maintenance costs; No monthly rental; Easy to use and administer; Never becomes outdated or inefficient; Simple updates and deployment; Individual branding capabilities; and many more.

5. Vibes


With the help of the Software as a Service platform Vibes, businesses can deliver mobile and interactive messages to their consumers at scale over all significant telecom networks while still maintaining control over their customers’ data. It removes the complexity of sending SMS by building up a self-service solution that enables customers to send SMS on their own without having any programming or coding experience, making two-way communication incredibly simple. Businesses may send customised messages to any cellphone number using Vibes.

This is another saasquatch alternative. The platform has a number of capabilities that help with message delivery to the appropriate person at the appropriate time. Utilizing Blueprints, you can use Vibes to transform the data from your app into imaginative marketing. Utilize Reactions to transform company information into user behavior-based automated message responses. Connect Vibes straight to the app for your company to make sharing and interacting with current customers simple. Create custom stickers with your messaging, then distribute them to your users.

6. Kangaroo


By sending customised emails and discount coupons to their fans, followers, and customers in a rapid, effective, and affordable manner, Kangaroo is a customer loyalty and marketing platform that helps you boost your customer lifetime value, retention, and engagement. Through customer points, competitions, and discounts, it helps retailers reward and keep their consumers. It contains customer features, email marketing, and customer analytics and is a very adaptable solution that can be customised for any site. Also check cocoleech 

Regardless of the platform, Kangaroo’s highly customisable interface enables the construction of a completely branded, seamless experience that offers seamless connectivity between all browsers. The platform’s built-in automation and intelligence make it simple to streamline the distribution of coupons or discount codes. Additionally, you may examine historical information like purchase history and geography, enabling businesses to deliver pertinent offers to the appropriate customers in their region. Overall, Kangaroo is a fantastic tool that you might look at as one of your options.

7. Annex Cloud

Annex Cloud

By boosting customer engagement and fostering loyalty and retention to improve sales, subscriptions, and repeat purchases, Annex Cloud, a platform for loyalty experience and retention, helps its clients meet their growth and retention business objectives. It gives you access to features from customer acquisition to payment and ongoing retention, as well as the tools that are essential for company success. Businesses may customise their loyalty programme to reward devoted clients while fostering development and raising the average basket size. This is another saasquatch alternative.

It is simple to create a fully interactive loyalty programme with cutting-edge features like review surveys to gauge consumer opinion and loyalty toward products, discounts, and rewards; it offers highly adaptable national points systems with the option to customise their loyalty programme branding; and it makes use of innovative promotional techniques for their loyalty programme through the use of email campaigns and tailored offers.

8. Insider


Insider is a platform for marketers that delivers digital experiences that seamlessly integrate social, mobile, and video with brand content and commerce. The biggest publishers in the world benefit from the creation of native advertising, programmatic marketing, and content experiences. There won’t be any limitations on the kinds of digital experiences you can make. With Insider, marketers can easily carry out media strategies that maximise a variety of customer touchpoints.

It is among the best options for international businesses because to its customization and AI-powered optimization capabilities. AOV, conversion rates, and lifetime value are increased by the platform’s unusual features including deep learning recommendation algorithms, which help provide rapid wins across sectors. Additionally, by connecting, predicting, personalising, and growing at scale with the data and technologies you currently have, you can build trust. To increase sales and provide customers a personalised shopping experience, this completely integrated system automates customer involvement, incentives, and recognition.

9. Klaviyo


This is another saasquatch alternative. By promptly sending clients emails and SMS messages, Klaviyo’s marketing technology aids in customer retention. This platform gives you the tools to build an interactive email that automatically sends your prospects. With the aid of value-driven SMS messages, you may also retarget your customers or leads. It gives you admission to real-time data that you can use to study client behaviour and grasp market trends. The real data is simple to include, increasing your consumer base.

You may target specific segments with your email and SMS campaigns thanks to Klaviyo. The segments can be made based on actions, occurrences, and different outcomes. Additionally, it enables you to create appealing, interesting, and value-driven content that draws in customers and automates your e-commerce marketing. The platform’s interface is quite detailed and gives you access to all the metrics in real-time.

10. Braze


Braze is a straightforward yet effective lifecycle management system that forges a solid connection between customers and brands. With the use of cutting-edge technology, the solution enables businesses to improve customer experiences while also boosting ROI, lifetime value, and retention.

It is a complete solution that enables you to interact with customers and provide sales and promotional information. You may organise a campaign and deliver messages to your consumers with the assistance of this product. The biggest feature of this solution is its ability to seamlessly interface with top marketing platforms, enabling you to send mass messages with a single click.

11. Xoxoday


Through the platform Xoxoday, users may keep their staff engaged and boost sales while accelerating their business success. Through its engagement capacity, the platform’s Empuls product enables customers to interact with, align, motivate, and empower their workforce. They may enhance the employee experience to boost their financial performance. This is another saasquatch alternative.

Users may utilise the platform’s Compass solution to assist their sales teams, channels, and call centre teams perform better. Additionally, it aids in the digitalization of the incentives, bonuses, and awards for their staff. Users may utilise it to add gift cards, experiences, incentives, and travel categories to their worldwide catalogue.

12. Birdeye


Birdeye is a comprehensive brand, and using product reputation management software may help you create enduring relationships with customers. You may do this to gather testimonials for your company or product across various social media platforms. You may improve your organisation by gathering the reviews’ records. It provides you with the most user-friendly interface and a cutting-edge dashboard to handle all review-related duties.

This programme has a notification feature as well; if a customer reviews your product or brand, you will be notified about it. You may post the rating of your business by gathering customer testimonials. To use this programme, you don’t need to have professional training. Depending on the size of your business, you may choose from a variety of Birdeye packages.

13. Postscript


For Shopify stores, Postscript is an all-in-one SMS or MMS marketing tool that enables the online retailer to increase sales. The platform distributes the appropriate material to the correct individuals, encouraging them to connect with your product with great intent and ultimately increase your store’s income. You may send ads and establish automation using an automated process, which will ensure a good return on investment. Also check chatty apps

This is another saasquatch alternative. With the aid of Postscript’s sophisticated tools, you can quickly expand a TCPA-compliant subscriber base and assist in the collection of subscribers through landing pages, checkouts, mobile pop-ups, and QR codes. With its SMS marketing services, the software helps several firms reach a global audience and interact with more customers.

14. Fivestars


Users may receive incentives and promotions from Fivestars, which also helps businesses automate their payment and marketing processes. It provides a customer acquisition solution that enables companies to find and retain new clients. All of the accolades are included in the marketing tools that aid in drawing clients to brick-and-mortar and internet businesses.

Customers may SMS their friends about offers they find, and users can touch on the deals to accept them. Businesses may automate the growth of cash and credit card payments, support loyalty programmes, and create marketing databases. It includes a credit card reader that enables companies to create databases.

15. Easy Texting

Easy Texting

Thousands of businesses across the US and Canada benefit from the outstanding self-service bulk texting services offered by EZ Texting, a text messaging solution. Through proactive outreach and interaction, the platform focuses in aiding small local companies in increasing and maintaining their income. This is another saasquatch alternative.

In addition to supporting customer service, collections, and logistical communication, its texting solutions also offer keywords, image messaging, and text to chat. It is one of the top MSG91 alternatives and provides all the same services with a few more features that set it apart from the competition.


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