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How to Fix Voicemail Not working on iPhone

Best ways to fix voicemail not working on iPhone will be described in this article. Is iOS Mobile’s Voicemail Service Not Working? The Easy Guide to Fix Voicemail Not Working on iPhone is available here. Voicemail on iPhone not working? Fix

Does your iPhone’s voicemail not function properly? Check out the numerous potential causes for this essential iPhone feature’s potential failure in this guide. I’ve also included some troubleshooting advice that you can utilise to get your device’s voicemail back in working order.

Voicemail enables sending voice messages to a peer-to-peer communication receiver who might not be capable to respond a phone call for some reason. Even though this feature has been there since the 1980s, telecommunications still rely heavily on it today. You do receive voicemail as a normal function on all mobile devices.

How to Fix Voicemail Not working on iPhone

In this article, you can know about How to Fix Voicemail Not working on iPhone here are the details below;

The incoming call or alternative voicemail will be transferred to another number if call forwarding is enabled on the iPhone. You won’t be informed of these calls or voicemails as a result. Second, an iOS bug can prevent the voicemail feature from functioning. If you are using an early developer build or beta build of iOS, this may occur.

Even failing to receive carrier upgrades for the iPhone might lead to problems with the network’s various functionalities. Otherwise, there can be a network setup issue that prevents some capabilities, including voicemail, from working.

The numerous remedies listed below should allow your iPhone’s voicemail to function once more.

1. Restart the iPhone

Restart the iPhone

Try restarting the iPhone anytime you run into any technical difficulties, as most of our iOS troubleshooting tutorials advise. Rebooting should fix a bug that just popped out of nowhere. This is another way to fix voicemail not working on iphone. Also check ways to record a podcast 

On the iPhone, press the side button.

This is another way to fix voicemail not working on iphone. There will be a Drop to Power off option on the screen. Observe the directions.

It will shut down the iPhone. Press the power button to turn the iPhone on after a brief delay.

Now see if your iPhone can receive voicemails. If not, try some of the other recommendations in this manual.

2. Install new iOs Update on iPhone

You should update to the stable version of iOS to avoid issues brought on by using beta iOS. Otherwise, be sure you frequently install iOS updates as soon as Apple releases them.

Launch the Settings app.

After that, tap on Software Update.

The iPhone will look for any new upgrades that are available and alert you.

To continue, click Download and Install. To ensure a quick download of the update, use WiFi.

How to upgrade iPhone’s iOS

If there was a problem with iOS that prevented voicemail from working on the iPhone, it should be resolved by this point.

3. Disable Call Forwarding to Another Number

If the call forward feature is off, the voicemail might be saved to your primary phone number. Your voicemails won’t be lost in the shuffle.

Launch the iPhone’s Settings.

To access the settings, go to Phone and tap on it.

Select Call Forwarding from the Calls tab.

In order to disable Call Forwarding, toggle the switch next to it.

On an iPhone, disable call forwarding

4. Check if You have Missed out on Any Carrier Updates

Check if You have Missed out on Any Carrier Updates

On the iPhone, always install the carrier updates to prevent technical problems with the network settings. Users frequently overlook these. You utilise the iPhone to install carrier updates for the network. This is another way to fix voicemail not working on iphone.

Activate the Settings.

Go to Network and click on it.

Install iPhone carrier updates

If the carrier update is available, install it by adhering to the directions on the screen.

5. Toggle Flight Mode

Toggle Flight Mode

Here is another method for resolving sporadic and minor network settings issues. The flight mode must be turned on, then immediately turned off. Also check content monetization

Open the iPhone’s control entry app.

Tap the Airplane mode button after that.

The network connections will all be cut off.

After a little delay, hit the flight mode button once more to turn it off.

Try to get to your voicemails once the network is up and running again. You ought to be able to now get new voicemails too.

6. Set Automatic Time on the iPhone

This is another way to fix voicemail not working on iphone. On the iPhone, it is usually advised to turn on automatic time zone. By doing this, you can be sure that the iPhone will always show the right time based on the location’s time zone. According to reports from a few users, they missed the voicemails when the iPhone was set to the wrong time zone. The problem with voice messages has been fixed by converting to automatic time.

On an iPhone, set the automatic timer to

The Settings app, then.

Tap Date & Time under that.

Turn on the setting Select Automatic by touching the adjacent switch.

7. Reset Network settings

Reset Network settings

You might think about working a complete network reset if all other fixes have failed. All of the adjustments you previously made or saved to the network settings will be undone by doing this. The steps to execute the reset are listed below. This is another way to fix voicemail not working on iphone.

Launch the Settings app.

Then select Transfer or Reset iPhone from the menu.

Syncing or restarting the iPhone

Then select Reset.

Choose Reset Network Settings from the menu.

How to Reset iPhone’s Network Settings

You need to enter your iPhone passcode in order to confirm and continue with the reset.

The iPhone will restart after the reset is complete, which should essentially fix all network-related difficulties. Now you may check your voicemail box for new voicemails.


These days, everyone is constantly occupied due to the pressure of their jobs. You won’t be able to answer a ringing phone right away. As a result, if the call is too urgent, the caller might leave a voicemail for the recipient. On the other hand, if voicemail on iPhone is not working, essential messages cannot be shared.

Follow the advice in this article to fix the voicemail on your iPhone if you can’t afford to miss out on your voicemails.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any comments on How to Fix Voicemail Not Working on iPhone. Additionally, for video instructions, kindly subscribe to our DigitBin YouTube channel.


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