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Top 15 Popular Affiliate Programs In 2022

Best and most popular affiliate programs will be discussed in this article. Without needing to sell your own goods, affiliate marketing is an excellent method to monetize your blog, podcast, or YouTube channel.

Which affiliate networks and programmes, however, are worthwhile joining? Which ones offer substantial financial rewards from companies you want to support?

This article will break down the top 15 affiliate marketplaces and affiliate programmes on the web and explain what makes affiliate marketing so profitable.

Do you need assistance selecting the best affiliate programme for you? For some helpful advice, go to the bottom of this post.

Not enough alternatives after 15? To allow you to continue exploring, we’ve included 35 other programmes at the end of this blog post.

Affiliate marketing: What is it?

In its most fundamental form, affiliate marketing is when you market or advertise someone else’s good or service and get paid each time you make a sale or bring in a new client for them.

Affiliate marketing has the potential to bring in more money than CPA (cost per action) marketing, which pays publishers and producers on a per-click basis, like YouTube’s AdSense.

If blogging is your thing, all it takes to get started is to sign up for an affiliate network or marketplace and prominently position product advertisements on your website. You then get paid when someone clicks on your advertisement and buys anything!

Since you don’t have any control over the platform where your information is being consumed, having a podcast or YouTube channel requires you to be a little more inventive. In those circumstances, you would prominently highlight the product in your video or podcast episode and encourage listeners to click a link in the show notes or description.

And if you have a lot of experience with social media or SEO, you might work as an affiliate marketer full-time, selling a variety of goods and relying on the commissions to support yourself.

Companies may identify which affiliates lead to which purchases by giving each consumer a unique link that contains cookies that track their internet activity for a predetermined amount of time. As lengthy as your cookie hasn’t expired or been cleared by the user, you would still receive credit for generating that sale even if the visitor leaves the page and returns later.

How do cookies work?

Small files known as cookies are kept on a user’s computer. They can be accessible by either the web server or the client computer and are made to retain a little bit of data that is specific to a given client and website.

In addition, the page itself may contain script that is aware of the information in the cookie and can transport information from one visit to the website (or related site) to the next. This enables the server to produce a page that is customised for a particular user.

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to make money online because it gives content producers and online marketers a lot of control.

Favorite Affiliate Markets

Platforms known as affiliate marketplaces enable you to execute affiliate contracts with numerous brands simultaneously. It resembles the distinction between visiting a solitary store and a mall.

If you want to promote several goods on your blog, podcast, or YouTube channel but don’t want to deal with the headache of applying to each affiliate programme separately, affiliate marketplaces are practical (though some marketplaces still require you to do that).

Top 15 Best And Most Popular Affiliate Programs In 2022

Top 15 Best And Most Popular Affiliate Programs are explained here.

1. Buzzsprout Affiliate Marketplace

Buzzsprout Affiliate Marketplace

The Buzzsprout Affiliate Marketplace is a great option for you if you’re just getting started with affiliate marketing (and you have a podcast).

Each affiliate partner has been created with independent podcasters in mind and offers large commission cash payouts, products with a wide appeal that are supported by reputable companies, and no “level of influence” criteria.

The term “level of influence requirements” describes situations where businesses and brands will only collaborate with content producers and influencers if they have a sizable audience and are therefore more likely to produce a sizable volume of sales.


  • Guaranteed acceptance
  • There is no middleman commission
  • An intuitive dashboard
  • Payments made using PayPal


  • Limited range of goods
  • To use, you must have a Buzzsprout account.

2. ShareASale


For 19 years, ShareASale has operated only as a network and affiliate marketing organisation. Their technology is praised for its quickness, effectiveness, and accuracy, and the industry is well aware of their reputation as a trustworthy company.

In order to assist you properly market each product to your audience, ShareASale also gives bloggers access to innovative tools like banners and text links.

One oddity with ShareASale is that they hit your account for a $25 fee if you have less than $50 in your account when your payments are due ($50 being their payout threshold).

And your account will be completely deleted if it has less than $25.

Therefore, to continue participating in the programme, you must maintain a consistent stream of visitors through your affiliate links.


3.900 and more affiliate programmes

  • Reactive customer support
  • Affiliate tracking in real-time


  • High payout ceiling (with penalties)
  • There is no notification if an affiliate programme is removed from their network.

The result could be a lot of broken links that don’t result in sales if you don’t keep an eye on your affiliate links and a brand is removed from the market.

3. CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction)


CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction)

Another market leader in the affiliate space is CJ Affiliate, which has been that way since its founding in 1998. Brands like GoPro, Lowes, & 24 Hour Fitness are just a few of the high-quality products that CJ Affiliate offers, along with a full suite of reporting tools that make finding and advertising them simple.

Although CJ Affiliate might be a terrific programme, in order to be accepted, you must already have a website with interesting content and steady traffic. Therefore, rather than podcasters or YouTubers, this market is better suited for bloggers.


  • More than 3,000 affiliate programmes
  • Complete reporting instruments
  • The capacity to oversee several affiliate sites


  • Hard for novices to get accepted
  • Reputably unreliable customer service

4. Rakuten Marketing

Rakuten Marketing

Another reputable participant in the ecology of the affiliate business is Rakuten Marketing (previously LinkShare). Rakuten makes getting started quick and uncomplicated with over 1,000 merchants to select from and helpful teaching resources.

It costs nothing to sign up for their affiliate marketplace, but to be eligible for the programme you must already have a website that receives regular traffic (just like CJ Affiliate).

Rakuten Marketing stands out in part because to its global infrastructure. Rakuten Marketing offers worldwide rewards with 25 accessible currencies, in contrast to many US-based affiliate marketplaces that only support a small number of currencies.


  • No cost to sign up
  • Global payments (25 currencies)


  • Unexpected payouts

Only on more substantial blogs and webpages

*Rakuten can take up to 60 days to execute affiliate commissions after the merchant you referred has paid for them.

5. ClickBank


One of the biggest online retailers, ClickBank reaches 200 million clients worldwide by utilising the strength of their digital marketing partners and a sizable catalogue of over 6 million distinct items.

On ClickBank, many of the products are sold through recurring subscriptions. These are fantastic prospects for digital marketers since you can continue to make money even after the initial sale as long as the client keeps their subscription.

But with such a large selection of goods also comes a lot of garbage. ClickBank is the wild west where anything & anything may find a home, in contrast to other affiliate marketplaces that carefully filter what makes it in. Therefore, it could take some time for you to find a product that you feel confident recommending to your audience.


  • Establish a custom payment threshold
  • Consistent direct payments
  • ClickBank University can assist you in being successful at affiliate marketing


  • A dated website and dashboard can be challenging to use.
  • A lot of dubious goods

We advise looking into FlexOffers and PepperJam if you’re seeking for even more affiliate markets.

Optimal Affiliate Programs

Many businesses have internal affiliate programmes, whereas affiliate marketplaces combine thousands of brands into a single platform.

These affiliate programmes frequently have more relaxed application conditions and bigger compensation than the brands you discover in affiliate marketplaces.

We’ll describe the operation of each affiliate programme, the affiliate payout commission, and the duration of cookie validity (i.e., how much time you have to convert your link clicks and still get credit).

The top 10 affiliate programmes are shown below:

1. Buzzsprout


One of the best platforms for hosting podcasts, Buzzsprout assists independent podcasters with podcast creation, promotion, and tracking. Also check Facelytics alternatives

This is another affiliate programs. Buzzsprout makes it simple to create and upload new episodes and offers simple-to-understand podcast statistics. It also assists you in getting your podcast included in all the major applications and directories (such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts).


  • $25 for each signup
  • OR recurring commission of 20%

2. BlueHost


One of the top providers of WordPress web hosting is BlueHost. Users may construct custom websites with the help of hundreds of WordPress themes, economical WordPress hosting, and an automatic WordPress installation.

Additionally, it should be pretty simple to persuade consumers who are considering WordPress hosting to switch with plans starting at $3.95/month.

3. Kinsta


Similar to BlueHost, Kinsta is another WordPress hosting service. However, Kinsta is targeted at experienced WordPress users who want the best hosting possible, whereas BlueHost is designed for beginners who are creating their first website.

Kinsta has the largest commission of any web hosting company, despite having a smaller audience than BlueHost. This is another affiliate programs.

Check out WP Engine, which is provided through the ShareASale affiliate marketplace and pays out $200+ for each new signup, if you’re looking for another WordPress hosting affiliate programme.

4. ConvertKit


An email marketing tool that has just emerged is called ConvertKit. ConvertKit is a well-liked option for startups and small organisations trying to advance their email marketing because it offers limitless tags, lists, and emails.

ConvertKit makes building your email list simple by offering customisable landing pages and embed forms.

Check out AWeber if you’re looking for another affiliate network for email marketing software. AWeber also provides a 30% recurring commission or $300 per new account if you utilise CJ Affiliate.

5. ClickFunnels


The concept of “sales funnels,” which are a collection of web pages that convert leads into paying clients, was made popular by ClickFunnels.

The organisation takes on the personality of its founder, Russell Brunson, and is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs develop profitable online enterprises and sell digital products.

This is another affiliate programs. As an affiliate, you can market ClickFunnels’ main software product as well as its extensive library of online training programmes designed to assist affiliate partners in their online marketing endeavours.

6. SEMRush


To assist businesses assess how they compare to the competition, SEMRush is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that offers SEO (search engine optimization) analysis and competition tracking. Also check SD Worx Payroll alternatives

The payments for this marketing tool might be substantially greater than your typical affiliate compensation because SEMRush is targeted at corporations and digital marketers.

7. Shopify


The preferred e-commerce platform for online retailers that don’t want to rely on Amazon is now Shopify. This is another affiliate programs.

Shopify includes all the features you need to run an online store, including customization tools, plugins, and integrations with almost any third-party application.

8. eBay Partner Network

eBay Partner Network

You can buy almost anything on eBay (even a car), so it’s not difficult to locate things to promote for your particular niche.

You can get paid for both the traffic you send to a certain time and the traffic that makes a sale. To increase conversion rates even further, funnel users to eBay’s landing pages.

9. Amazon Associate

Amazon Associate

This is another affiliate programs. Like eBay, Amazon is the premier online retailer, making it simple to find goods that will appeal to your target market. The likelihood of them converting once they get at Amazon is also above average because the majority of your audience presumably already has an account there.

Additionally, even though an Amazon affiliate link has a 24-hour cookie life, you still get paid a percentage on EVERYTHING the customer purchases.

Did they choose to purchase the new big screen TV they had placed in their shopping basket after clicking your link for a toaster oven? Both are paid for by you!

10. Target


Target has a loyal following of customers who go out of their way to shop there, even though it doesn’t have the same selection as Amazon or eBay. This is another affiliate programs.

Additionally, the affiliate payout grows as you make more sales, so if you send plenty of customers to Target’s online store, you’ll get paid for it. The breakdown of your commission growth over time is as follows:

How do you pick the best affiliate network?

It might be difficult to discover the ideal fit for your blog, podcast, or YouTube channel because there are so many possibilities available. So how do you select the programmes you want to participate in and the programmes that will perform the best for your audience?

Here are a periodic recommendations to assist you get started.

Promoting the goods you use

If you utilise a product yourself, you can be confident that it will be popular with your audience. This is because you have firsthand knowledge of the product, which has a direct impact on how you market it to your audience.

Because your audience trusts you, personal suggestions always have more clout than random ones. If you let them know that you happen to utilise a product that you also recommend, they will respect you as an authority figure in your field and take your lead.

Another reason why this is crucial is because you don’t want people to follow your recommendations only to be let down by the final outcome. In such case, people will link YOU to their experience with that product. So don’t allow your audience relationship suffer because you’re trying to make a quick money.

Promoting Items in Your Niche

Join affiliate programmes from travel websites and companies if you own a travel blog. Become a member of affiliate programmes run by email service providers and analytics tools if you have a podcast on internet marketing.

Your audience is more likely to act and purchase an affiliate product when you narrow down the selection (thus earning you that lucrative commission).

It makes no sense to advertise a high-end marketing tool on a Star Wars-related YouTube channel. Yes, there might be a few people who are considering marketing software. However, you’ll have more success registering with a website targeted at geeks and nerds, like LootCrate. Also check seo benefits

Promote Items From Premium Brands

Make sure the firm supporting the product has a stellar reputation for providing high-quality products when selecting an affiliate programme. Receiving a new thing in the mail only to experience buyer’s remorse right away (we’re looking at you, Wish) is the worst sensation.

Even if it could be alluring to select a brand that gives slightly larger commissions than its rivals, you should always opt for the market leaders with a large number of favourable internet reviews.

You are not required to utilise the product yourself (though it certainly helps). You should make sure that everybody who reads, listens to, or watches your content will be happy they clicked on your affiliate link.

Be willing to switch things around.

It’s tempting to join a few affiliate programmes, update your material, and then leave it alone. After all, if you’re getting paid at all, it must be working, right?

Your monthly commissions and affiliate dashboard from affiliate programmes will both show you how well your audience is responding to your promotions. Check your progress and the goods that are connecting with your audience the most once a month or so.

You’ll probably find that, out of the five affiliate programmes you promote, only one performs significantly better than the other four. With the help of this knowledge, you can then go out and look for more affiliate programmes that are connected to the most lucrative one.

Let’s imagine, for instance, that your best-performing affiliate programme is for web hosting and that your HootSuite links aren’t getting any clicks from your audience. This indicates that your target audience is looking for a new website but not social media management software.

Now you can search for more items you know they’ll need, like WordPress themes or graphic design services, and check into affiliate programmes in those industries. Therefore, you can combine links from Elegant Themes and 99Designs with your BlueHost affiliate links.


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