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Top 14 Best Facelytics Alternatives In 2022

Best Facelytics alternatives will be described in this article. You can incorporate facial identifying criteria and morphological data into your applications using Facelytics, a web-based SDK. It can identify faces in images and videos and provide details on each one, such as gender, age, race, emotion, and the presence of glasses or hats. Advanced facial recognition algorithms that have undergone testing and been shown to be accurate and dependable power the SDK.

Any software that needs facial recognition can use the SDK, whether it be in websites, mobile apps, or other applications. It enables you to recognise a variety of face characteristics, such as age, gender, emotion, and ethnicity. By having users fill out forms, you can get user information without troubling them. No matter how many people are in the frame, multi-face detection can recognise faces. Facelytics gives users access to a cloud-based portal where they may view the information that the solution has gathered and analysed.

Top 14 Best Facelytics Alternatives In 2022

Top 14 Best Facelytics Alternatives are explained here.

1. is a platform for beauty pageants where AI and ML algorithms evaluate contestants’ faces to determine their attractiveness. The contest is judged by artificial intelligence, therefore your appearance is assessed by the most objective eye. Compared to previous beauty contests, this one is fairer and more truthful. Machine understanding algorithms that have been trained to recognise the attributes of attractive faces power the judges. Also check Tik Tok tools 

As a result, no candidate will ever receive the same evaluation from two judges. Additionally, because our judges are always growing and learning, they will eventually get better at evaluating beauty. So is the competition for you whether you want to find out if you’re gorgeous or just check how you compare to the others.

2. PinkMirror


PinkMirror is a user-friendly online AI photo retouching application that can help you get the outcomes you want. It might be useful whether you want to smooth out wrinkles, correct blemishes, or change the colour and lighting of your images. Additionally, the software is simple to use, allowing you to achieve excellent results without having to learn challenging editing methods. Try PinkMirror to learn how an online photo editing tool may assist you in producing gorgeous pictures.

Your appearance will improve with skin smoothing, making you appear younger and more vibrant. A body sculpting tool can help you slim down or add curves to your form, while an eye enlargement tool makes your eyes appear bigger and brighter. Additionally, a function called Auto Retouching automatically edits your photographs to give them the greatest possible appearance. You can complete any mood you like with the numerous photo filters available.


You may find out how appealing you are to other people by using the AI-based hotness analysis tool called The software combines artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to give you a score and suggestions for how to raise it. You may increase your self-confidence and discover how to attract the individuals you want with the help of this tool. With the help of, you may enter any photo and receive an objective scientific analysis of how hot you (or anyone else in the photo) is thought to be by the general population.

Some of the capabilities allow you to analyse any image, regardless of size, analyse numerous images simultaneously, assess the attractiveness of any person or object in an image, and provide extensive reports on the attractiveness of persons and objects. Anyone looking to gauge the attractiveness of themselves, their loved ones, or their rivals will find to be the ideal resource.

4. Am I Pretty or ugly?

Am I Pretty or ugly?

Am I attractive or not? is a facial beauty and physique analysis tool powered by AI that analyses your appearance and provides feedback on how you appear, as well as how you stack up against other people. It scans and analyses your face and body using AI and machine learning algorithms, then gives you a thorough report on your appearance. Your physical form and facial traits are analysed using a series of algorithms by the app, which then assigns you a score on a range of 1 to 10.

Simply take a selfie to see the results of the app’s simple to use functionality. The software is ideal for anyone who wants to see how they compare to the competition and is accessible to both men and women. Am I attractive or not? is fantastic for aiding in your efforts to enhance your appearance. This software can assist you in identifying the areas that require improvement.

5. Betaface API

Betaface API

You can simply incorporate facial recognition capabilities into your applications using the face detection and recognition API known as Betaface. The API accurately detects and recognises human faces thanks to deep learning technology. It can be used to recognise individuals in pictures and videos or to confirm user identities. You can rapidly and hassle-free get up and going because it is straightforward to use and integrate. A variety of characteristics are available with the tool, including face detection, face recognition, age, gender detection, and others. You can choose from a variety of customization options to acquire the ideal API for your needs.

This is another facelytics alternative. Support for a variety of input types, such as images, movies, and webcam footage, fast and dependable performance, simple integration, multi-threaded face recognition, and algorithms that keep getting better over time are a few of the important characteristics. Betaface is a great option if you’re searching for an API that offers precise, dependable face detection and recognition.

6. FaceReader Online

FaceReader Online

You can read and analyse people’s emotions in pictures and videos using the online facial expression identification and analysis application FaceReader. With the help of this tool, you may investigate how various contexts, businesses, and cultures express emotions including joy, sadness, rage, surprise, fear, and disgust. By learning how to comprehend people’ emotions better, you can use it to enhance your own communication and social abilities.

To better comprehend the emotions being communicated by the people they are engaging with, the tool can be utilised by individuals, corporations, and researchers. It’s simple to use FaceReader Online; all you have to do is upload a picture of the subject you want to analyse and wait for the findings to appear. The instrument can identify up to 10 different emotions and offers a thorough report on the findings.

7. Faceki


Faceki is a platform for user authentication and identity verification that makes it simple for businesses to confirm their customers’ identities and for users to securely log in to websites and apps. Businesses can decrease the time it takes for customers to create new accounts or make purchases by swiftly and easily authenticating their identities. Additionally, because it is based on cutting-edge technology like AI and machine learning, businesses can be sure that the clients they are dealing with are who they claim to be.

To ensure that users can safely and readily verify their identities, the platform will make use of the most recent biometric technology. It’s more crucial than ever to have a secure and reliable mechanism to authenticate identities and preserve personal information as we increasingly perform more and more of our daily activities online, from banking and buying to socialising and dating. Modern face recognition technology is used by Faceki to protect and safeguard your data. The facial recognition technology has a 99.99% accuracy rate for identifying users. This is another facelytics alternative.



Reconess is a facial recognition and image processing solution powered by AI and ML that makes it simple and quick to recognise people in pictures and videos. It can correctly identify persons even when they are partially hidden or not facing the camera because of its powerful algorithms. This makes it the ideal option for a range of uses, including as security, marketing, and customer support. It aids companies in safeguarding data and safeguarding clients. In addition to facial recognition, it provides several other AI and machine learning-based technologies, including deep learning, NLP, catboats, data analytics, visualisation, speech analytics, and much more. Also check Lordicon Alternatives

It provides a collection of APIs and SDKs that streamline the process of adding these solutions to business applications. Real-time monitoring, which enables businesses to constantly monitor their data, is one of the essential advantages. Real-time image processing capabilities make it the ideal choice for businesses that need quick access to their data. Pattern recognition capabilities make it ideal for jobs like categorising and sorting photos. World-class security guarantees that the data of businesses is secure at all times.

9. FaceReader


A facial expression identification AI programme called FaceReader can identify emotions in people’s faces in both still images and moving pictures. It can be utilised by a wide range of businesses to better understand the emotions of its clients and people, including market research, advertising, healthcare, education, and customer service. The programme can be used for a variety of purposes, such as enhancing customer service interactions or monitoring the success of advertising campaigns for market research.

This is another facelytics alternative. The neural network is trained on a vast dataset of facial photos, enabling it to pick up on the minute variations in various expressions. FaceReader can recognise a wide variety of facial expressions and is incredibly accurate. It even distinguishes between various emotions including joy, sorrow, rage, surprise, and terror. FaceReader can also be used to gauge how test participants respond to advertisements and merchandise. The effectiveness of advertising efforts can be increased and future marketing plans can be improved using this knowledge.

10. Perfect Corp

Perfect Corp

The leader in AI and ML-based facial recognition, skin, and beauty analysis is Perfect Corp. Businesses and online retailers use the solutions to better understand their customers and provide a more specialised experience. This data can be used to enhance product development and marketing plans, as well as offer a more individualised buying experience. Businesses can get a competitive edge and give their customers a top-notch shopping experience with the help of this service.

The beauty solution provides real-time skin and cosmetics analysis, hairdo suggestions, and more. The analysis data can be used to locate potential clients, offer products and services, and even learn how to expand your business. You can also use this information to improve your products and services. All things considered, Perfect Corp is an excellent choice for the deployment of AI and machine learning-based technologies in the commercial sector.

11. Viralemon


Viralemon is a facial beautification application that uses advanced facial recognition technology to track the state of your skin over time. With a data-driven approach, you may identify and treat any skin anomalies before they become an issue. Its pleasant and straightforward style also makes it possible for you to keep track of your progress and keep motivated. Viralemon is really easy to use; all you have to do to get started is upload the image or connect your Facebook account. This is another facelytics alternative.

There is no need to set up any sophisticated or time-consuming processes. It can make the entire face look better while removing imperfections like wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness around the eyes. It also improves complexion and skin tone. Viralemon can help you seem more youthful without requiring expensive or invasive procedures. To sum up, this application is excellent for helping you find and fix face flaws in images.

12. How Normal I am ?

How Normal I am

Am I a Typical Individual? is a free AI-based application that assists in exploring the appearance of your face and how normal it seems. Using cutting-edge facial recognition technology, the app compares your appearance to hundreds of other people’s faces from around the world. Your face is then given a percentage score to represent how normal it seems. It uses a combination of machine learning and convolutional neural networks to analyse your characteristics and compare them to a database of thousands of faces.

This can help you better understand your appearance to others and your feelings. It is meant to be a fun & enlightening approach for people to learn more about their own traits and those of other people. The app’s several filters let you change how you look. Because they are based on the results of the AI analysis, these filters will change depending on how typical or deviant your qualities are.

13. How Old

How Old

This is another facelytics alternative. The facial recognition and age estimation application can determine the age of any person in a picture. what age. Simply upload a photo to the app, which will then utilise an automatic age detection algorithm to swiftly estimate the person’s age. It is a tool for anyone who is curious to find out an individual’s approximate age from a photograph. The facial recognition technology produces more accurate results.

How Old works by identifying the subject’s facial features and contrasting them with a database of features for people of different ages. This database contains photographs of people from all over the world, regardless of their ethnicity or nationality, thus it should be able to estimate the age of any person in a photo.

14. BeautyScoreTest


BeautyScoreTest is an AI-based facial beauty, age, gender, and emotions calculation. This programme is simple and user-friendly, so anyone can use it. Whether you want to know how you look or are a cosmetics expert, this tool might be helpful. This easy-to-use calculator uses state-of-the-art facial recognition technology and is based on years of research to give you accurate results. This is another facelytics alternative. Also check Vrois VPN alternatives

With BeautyScoreTest, you can take use of the most recent advancements in artificial intelligence to assist people in understanding their own beauty. You might learn more about your personal attractiveness and how you compare to other people. Thanks to AI-based technology, you can calculate the attractiveness score of any face with astounding accuracy. All you must to do is give a photo of the person you want to score; AI will take care of the rest.


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