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Top 10 Best Chatbot Development Companies in India 2022

Best Chatbot development companies in India will be described in this article. Owners of businesses are gradually becoming more aware of chatbots. In the digital age, they are essential players. These virtual assistants are becoming more popular, which has helped companies cut expenses while while enhancing customer service. Many businesses are embracing chatbot technology for a variety of uses, including marketing, sales, education, entertainment, etc.

Top 10 Best Chatbot Development Companies in India 2022

Top 10 Best Chatbot Development Companies in India 2022 are explained here.

1. YugasaBot


This is another chatbots development companies. Yugasa Bot offers cutting-edge, one-of-a-kind features that make it simple for you to accomplish your company goals. To control the intelligence of Yugasa Bot, no coding skills are necessary. On the site and through the mobile app, the section is accessible to numerous admins. For your website, you can make your own chatbot. Simply copy and paste the introduction to your business into the “Bot Training” box to get started. You can match the colour scheme of your chatbot window to your brand using YugasaBot settings. Check the chatbot’s functionality before launching it. Your chatbot’s performance information is gathered in one location. Recognize the origin and mode of travel of your visitors. Also check P Apps

Important characteristics:

  • Natural Language Understanding for conversational interfaces
  • Continuous improvement and reinforcement learning
  • Sentiment analysis for the optimal course of action in context
  • Integration with back-end systems (CRM, OMS, etc.) to provide relevant and individualised responses
  • Integration of the agent desk with human escalation
  • Integration of knowledge bases
  • Multichannel (email, chat, voice, social)
  • Real-time reporting and analytics
  • Multi-lingual
  • Committed team for customer success

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2. Haptik


Use an all-in-one platform that has domain-specific natural language models, ready-to-use Smart Skills, and scalable integrations to accelerate your AI journey. With our drag-and-drop conversation studio, create intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs), then switch to smart agent chat for more challenging inquiries. You can keep track of real-time user interactions with your IVA. Integrations for messaging platforms, live chat programmes, and CRM programmes are pre-built within the Haptik network of partners. This is another chatbots development companies.

Important characteristics:

  • Multiple channels (chat, email, and SMS customer service)
  • Escalation / Alerts
  • Computerized Routing
  • Knowledge Base Administration
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Flowchart configuration

3. Verloop


Our AI reasoner can ask follow-up questions, comprehend consumer inquiries and intents in a variety of languages, and deliver the right answer in natural language 90% of the time. You can link our conversational services with your current tools and CRMs to provide clients with a more tailored experience. Data from diverse sources should be combined to generate a single consumer profile. Also check Epom apps

Important characteristics:

  • One-Click Installation and WordPress Customization
  • Customized greeting cards
  • One mailbox receives all incoming messages.
  • Integration of your Facebook Business Page.
  • Works with every WordPress version

4. Infobip


This is another chatbots development companies. The Infobip chatbot creation platform lets you create, test, and deploy chatbots that use artificial intelligence and keywords. By using chatbots, you can provide customer service around-the-clock, seven days a week, while simultaneously decreasing your operational costs for customer support. Utilizing an NLP (Natural Language Processing) engine, our platform enables chatbots to comprehend consumer intent and deliver a completely conversational experience. When a communication needs to be escalated to a live agent, our system also connects with Conversations, an Infobip cloud contact centre.

Important characteristics:

  • Auto-Responder
  • A meeting planner
  • Auto-Responder


In order to deliver real-time resolution and on-demand fulfilment, we set out to build, which combines the best aspects of human and artificial intelligence. In a word, our goal is to improve the real-time, personable, and intuitiveness of business-to-consumer interactions for any enterprise. Also check AppsApk 

Important characteristics:

  • Fundamental reporting and analytics
  • Use a drag-and-drop interface to build a bot.
  • Integrations are available for Shopify, Google Sheets, MailChimp, HubSpot, ConvertKit, and Zapier.

There is no requirement for coding.

  • The setup process is straightforward and quick.

6.  Wati


Our APIs can be used to notify WhatsApp about updates to shipments, delivery deadlines, payments, and other notifications. Offer multi-agent customer care on WhatsApp and interact with your consumers on their favourite app. You can build and install a smart chatbot on your WhatsApp Business account in under ten minutes. This is another chatbots development companies.

Important characteristics:

Official WhatsApp Business API is now accessible.

Automate sales and support using WhatsApp Chatbot Broadcast Template Messages.

Integrated dashboard, APIs, and integrations

7. Smatbot

. Smatbot

You may ensure the highest level of dependability for your chatbot by using their cutting-edge testing platform, DialogScore. The effectiveness of the chatbots will be evaluated across a number of criteria using thousands of tried-and-true test cases. Their own automated testing platform will find the semantics understanding problems in the bot. The report also contains the recommendations and the dimensional scoring.

Important characteristics:

  • Handover of live agents
  • Case Study Research
  • Design of Conversation
  • Development of chatbots
  • Training & Testing
  • Deployment with Production Readiness

8. Daffodil


This is another chatbots development companies. As a specialist in chatbot development, Daffodil helps businesses automate client interactions using scalable, intelligent chatbots. Because of their top-notch customer support, this company has established a reputation as one of the greatest chatbot development companies. Mobile advertising is used by this customer intelligence platform to engage users.

Important characteristics:

  • Development of chatbots
  • Testing of chatbots
  • Bot Development for Microsoft

The development of Facebook bots

9. Hidden Brains

Hidden Brains

A respectable chatbot development business with years of experience in the field is Hiddenbrains. This business offers chatbots that employ a number of technologies, such as artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning. Their reliable business has a specialised staff of chatbot developers who produce interactive chatbots and automated customer care.

Important characteristics:

  • Chatbot by Microsoft
  • Watson from IBM
  • Dialogual Flow
  • Facebook Plugin
  • Chatting fuel
  • Lex on Amazon

10. Templar


Templar, a recognised Chatbot development company, develops bots that are specifically adapted to the requirements of your business. With the most recent technology, this company creates chatbots that improve interaction and deliver client happiness. This is another chatbots development companies. Also check Epom apps

Important characteristics:

  • Chatbots with FAQs
  • Chatbots for transactions
  • Chatbots for social media
  • Chatbots that can hold conversations

With companies like Facebook and Microsoft announcing their chatbot releases, chatbots are growing in popularity. This list of the top 10 chatbot development companies in India should assist you in finding a business to build your own chatbot or develop an existing one. Click on any of the links above to find out more about how these companies may assist in the expansion of your company!


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