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Top 10 Inspiring Coronavirus Business Pivots

Best and inspiring coronavirus business pivots will be described in this article. We have all now witnessed how the economy has been influenced in ways that no one could have predicted. Numerous people are without jobs, and numerous firms are in danger of going out of business.

Seeing businesses quickly and creatively pivot in response to the coronavirus is difficult to observe, but it motivates me. These improvements can give us optimism, whether they’re figuring out how to stay in business or producing desperately needed medical supplies.

On a broad scale, we are presumably already aware of the pivots that make sense in industries like home delivery, online meetings, and PPE production. However, I still enjoy spotting actual instances in the wild.

I’ve been a part of the digital economy for many years and have worked remotely for almost a decade, so I’ve seen the world evolve slowly but certainly in this way. We can only anticipate a rapid acceleration of this transformation during the next ten years.

Even though this outbreak has been devastating, it also seems to be hastening humanity’s transition to what I believe will be a better future.

Here are a few of the recent cool pivots I’ve observed, without further ado:

Top 10 Inspiring Coronavirus Business Pivots

Top 10 Inspiring Coronavirus Business Pivots are explained here.

1. Mobile Escape

Mobile Escape

A start-up company called Mobile Escape offers escape room programming to schools. The company developed EscapeMail since there were no plans to reopen the schools and few possibilities for pupils to learn at home. This is another coronavirus business pivots. Also check affiliate marketing programs 

EscapeMail offers the same kind of escape room experience in a practical, pocket-friendly, and socially isolated container.

2. Keep Your City Smiling

Keep Your City Smiling

Protect your city To assist struggling neighbourhood businesses, Smiling is offering gift baskets. Within four days of developing the concept, the team behind a Seattle-based events firm changed their mind and settled on the gift box idea. In Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and LA, they provide high-quality goods that are sourced from small, neighbourhood businesses.

3. Dave Craige’s Masks for Nurses and Doctors

Open source community founder Dave Craige converted his consultancy business into a non-profit. Their objective? Provide nurses and medical professionals with 100,000 masks. Through, a spreadsheet that groups all the various hospitals and what they now require, they are able to accomplish this. This is another coronavirus business pivots

4. Punchpass


To help their clients, usually small fitness and yoga studios, shift from instructing in-person classes to virtual ones, Punchpass launched a Zoom integration (within a week). The outcome? Amazing accounts of customers who managed to maintain their companies while urging other quarantiners to leave. The NHS has been offered the studios from the UK-based gym 1Rebel by its founder, which could free up room for 300–400 beds.

5. Ventilators in Italy

This is another coronavirus business pivots It is common knowledge that the ventilators have been insufficient. I found it fascinating to discover that 500 patients in hospitals in northern Italy are receiving ventilators made especially for them. These ventilators are constructed using modified dive equipment that Decathlon sold and added 3D printed parts to. In the meantime, facial shields and nasal swabs have been designed and scaled by the 3D printing business MarkForged.

6. Online Pasta-Making Workshops

One 84-year-old Italian grandma responded to the lockdown in her nation in the ideal way. In the Italian countryside, about an hour north of Rome, Nonna Nerina frequently conducts classes on how to make pasta. She had to cancel all of her classes nonetheless due to the present seclusion measures. Nerina has recently started taking her studies online alongside her granddaughter Chiara. Nonna is one of the many outstanding chefs who are switching to digital sharing of their culinary talents. For those of us who are steering out of ideas at home, cooking creativity is once again needed. This is another coronavirus business pivots. Also check projects management tools 

7. Cloudbeds


This is another coronavirus business pivots The San Diego software business Cloudbeds raised the largest round of startup capital seen locally all year only days before the markets fell. Now, the business is utilising its personnel and its extensive network of hotel clients to assist COVID-19 patients in finding accessible rooms and beds.

8. Hand Sanitizer

The inventor of Detroit Bus Company and the head of marketing at Basecamp, Andy Didorosi, began producing hand sanitizer. Check out this list of better than 100 distilleries, including well-known brands like Anheuser-Busch and Austin’s own Tito’s, that are following in his footsteps. He’s got the right concept. ChargedUp, a firm that makes phone charging stations, has switched its charging stations to hand sanitizer stations as part of a campaign dubbed CleanedUp.

9. Bauer

The hockey equipment manufacturer Bauer transitioned from producing equipment for the ice to producing medical equipment that was motivated by protection for athletes. Medical shields have been created to be worn in addition to standard medical masks to offer complete facial protection. The Minnesota sportswear manufacturer WSI has switched to producing safety masks for hospitals, first responders, and retail establishments in addition to clothing for professional and collegiate sports teams. This is another coronavirus business pivots. Also check Benefits of Forex Trading

10. Masks by Fashion Brands

A sustainable women’s clothing company called Reformation has teamed up with the city of Los Angeles to use its factory to make millions of masks for vital employees. This is just one of several fashion labels making the switch to produce masks and gowns instead of clothing, joining the ranks of firms like Dior, Nordstrom, and Prada.

In order to make it simple for users to find and browse these pivots, search by business category or pivot kind, etc., I have begun to consolidate them in an Airtable.

Final Thoughts

The constant barrage of distressing news can be discouraging during times of crisis.

However, you can find consolation in the fact that if you know where to go, there are always heroes and aid available. In fact, you might be one of them.

We hope that these real-world examples will inspire struggling firms to come up with innovative ideas to stay afloat.


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