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Top 15 Best Cloud66 Alternatives In 2022

Best and demanding cloud66 alternatives will be described in this article. An infrastructure management tool called Cloud66 enables you to build, manage, and maintain your infrastructure on any public or private cloud. Your apps can be created, managed, and deployed on the cloud of your choice. By offering instant scaling, continuous integration and delivery, monitoring, log management, security, and other features, the platform is designed to provide you peace of mind. Any size, scale, and complexity of apps and services may be moved to the cloud without worrying about IT.

It facilitates painless and seamless infrastructure management. Nobody wants to use up your important time checking that everything is current and functioning properly. Because of this, our special software solution will handle everything for you. Additionally, you receive 100% server uptime, no downtime, and zero deploys. Overall, Cloud66 is a fantastic tool that you may look into as one of your options.

Top 15 Best Cloud66 Alternatives In 2022

Top 15 Best Cloud66 Alternatives are explained here.

1. Limestone Networks

Limestone Networks

A top-tier platform called Limestone Networks offers on-demand SaaS-based services like cloud hosting, VPS, dedicated, and enterprise hosting. It gives you the tools you need to implement your IT strategy across a range of areas, such as mobile, broadband, gaming, and corporate. A thin-client interface will allow you to remotely access your Windows and Linux desktops. Also check Facelytics alternatives

By doing away with the need for staff to buy and maintain pricey desktop hardware, Limestone Cloud can provide you with a sophisticated yet simple virtual desktop experience. The platform’s scalable infrastructure offers solutions for mission-critical networks. The infrastructure is adaptable and capable of supporting your expanding business thanks to access to the most recent technology. Overall, Limestone Networks is a fantastic tool that you may take into account as one of your options.

2. HiVelocity


A full solution for colocation, dedicated servers, cloud hosting, and managed hosting is what Hivelocity specialises in providing. Physical space, power, and connectivity are all included. It offers specialised solutions that are tailored to your infrastructure demands. The solution offers the power, performance, and customization you require, regardless of whether the application relates to e-commerce, mixed computing, or big data analytics. Software-defined networking, adaptable integrations through APIs, and Webhooks allow for quick code deployment. Become in charge of your completely automated world data centre.

Enterprise companies should look into this service if they need reliable, secure, and scalable web hosting accounts. The platform aids companies with enterprise-scale needs in going online and standing out. To make using your website or conducting business online easy and pleasurable for your customers, you will have access to a variety of solutions catered to your needs. Overall, Hivelocity is a fantastic instrument that you may take into account as one of its substitutes. This is another cloud66 alternative.

3. Codero


The full range of hosting services offered by Codero Hosting are available on demand, and the company adjusts as customers move from managed to hybrid environments and, eventually, entirely cloud-based ones. With our strong, secure, and scalable hosting solutions, it keeps your organisation going forward. Codero Hosting offers scalable solutions that offer maximum performance and scalability to meet a growing business’ evolving needs. Codero Hosting offers a full suite of server options, including dedicated servers, managed VPS services, and shared web hosting plans designed to meet the needs of any business.

Unpredictability is a byproduct of data centres. Unexpected occurrences or circumstances might result in downtime, which can be expensive and result in lost income for your company. All of this is eliminated with Codero, which also ensures continuous website availability. You require a partner who can scale with you as your company expands. Because of this, its team of specialists collaborates with you to offer specialised solutions that satisfy the requirements of your dynamic network.


Platform hosting requirements for businesses, platforms, and software as a service can all be met by the platform known as Atlantic.Net. It has a group of highly qualified engineers committed to offering creative solutions that satisfy your company’s needs. The platform offers everything from dedicated server management to online infrastructure services, and it has a wide range of configurable products. Security personnel keep an eye on its data centres around-the-clock to make sure that vital corporate data is always protected.

The innovative hybrid architecture of combines the scalability and dependability of a private cloud alternative with the flexibility and speed of an on-demand approach. Along with the traditional Managed and On-Demand cloud hosting services, it also provides HIPAA-Compliant Website hosting, HIPAA-Compliant Email Hosting, and HIPAA-Compliant VPN Services. Moreover, if you want the full benefits of hardware with security, you have the choice to purchase colocation hosting alternatives.

5. ServerMania


All corporations, enterprises, developers, and e-commerce websites can use ServerMania’s business-class cloud hosting and dedicated server solutions. Additionally, it offers reseller services, VPS solutions, domain name registration, and SSL certificates. ServerMania offers you live chat, email, and phone technical assistance around-the-clock from a high-availability data centre. Your access to your server and network resources is always as good as it can be thanks to its 24-hour NOC infrastructure monitoring system.

This is another cloud66 alternative. The servers you receive are incredibly quick, safe, and dependable. To meet the unique requirements of both organisations and individuals, the company provides a wide range of solutions. ServerMania is the ideal answer for all of your hosting needs, whether you’re starting from scratch with a dedicated server, migrating to the cloud, or searching for a top-notch host with excellent service. Overall, ServerMania is a fantastic programme that you may take into account as one of its substitutes.

6. Sagenext


Sagenext is a cloud hosting service that aids CPA accountants and business owners in expanding their operations. It supports a number of accounting programmes, including QuickBooks Online, Sage X3, Sage 50cloud, and Sage One cloud. The platform provides a range of plans and sets itself apart from competitors by providing live support around-the-clock. You may get the best of both worlds with this cloud hosting solution. Also check Vrois VPN alternatives

You will be able to use all of the software’s other current tools and databases in addition to having access to the most recent versions of any piece of software you require. You can simply access all the data in one location with a fully functional dashboard that is centrally located. End-to-end encryption, multiple-factor authentication, round-the-clock supervision, BBB A+ certification, and frequent security updates are among its data security features. Overall, Sagenext is a fantastic tool that you may take into account as one of its alternatives.

7. CloudVPS


Scalable cloud servers, networks, and storage are all provided by the CloudVPS cloud infrastructure solution. It elevates your cloud computing experience by providing a range of solutions to meet your unique demands. Its datacenters are dispersed throughout the globe to provide you with fast speeds and virtually no downtime. There are numerous types of computing available with its unique OpenStack solution. There are four types of instances available: Standard, Small HD, Medium HD, and High Memory.

Additionally, you may access VPS, dedicated servers, load balancers, proxies, DNS, CDN, and VPN services in their OpenStack-based public, private, and hybrid clouds. High availability, various zones, limitless traffic, integrated data protection, top-notch firewalls, and many other features are also noteworthy. In conclusion, CloudVPS is a fantastic tool that you may take into account as one of your options.

8. Carpathia Hosting

Carpathia Hosting

A platform called Carpathia Hosting provides you with access to a variety of hosting solution providers and the ones that are best suited to meet your needs. It is the perfect option for small, medium, and large organisations because it provides flexible solutions to the complicated needs of clients with dynamic hosting requirements. With this platform, you can receive packaged offerings from its affiliates as well as well-liked hosted IT solutions including dedicated servers, cloud hosting, and colocation. This is another cloud66 alternative.

It assists you in maintaining your attention on your primary objectives while handling the challenges of maintaining the IT infrastructure. Additionally, you may learn everything there is to know about each business, including its main features, advantages over competing services, speed, and much more, through its FAQ and blog sections. In conclusion, Carpathia Hosting is a fantastic instrument that you may take into account as one of your options.

9. Dacentec


You can get IT solutions from Dacentec, including VPS, bare metal dedicated servers, and round-the-clock uptime support. It provides partners with an exceptional level of customer support and value-added services so they can provide you with comprehensive, scalable, end-to-end cloud solutions. Its bare metal servers give users access to a single physical server that is ideal for high-performance tasks that need fast IO, lots of memory, or powerful computing.

With the adaptable VPS option, you have more control over your hosting environment thanks to a separate virtual server node. In less than two hours, its pre-configured servers supply configurations while storing critical data despite high website traffic. Overall, Dacentec is a fantastic instrument that you may take into account as one of its substitutes.

10. bodHOST


A platform called bodHOST offers services such managed dedicated servers, data centres, and VPS hosting in addition to custom server solutions. You have the option of selecting from 6 Linux distributions or Windows Server. You have the option of hosting your servers on a private VPS system set up by the client or on the Texas-based data centre of bodHOST. According to its TOS agreement with you, it maintains the confidentiality of logs and information. Additionally, you can use all of the open firewall ports. The platform includes the appropriate package for your needs, ranging from shared hosting to business solutions.

This is another cloud66 alternative. It is superior to alternatives because of its good assistance, affordable costs, and high-quality services. Its primary goals include, but are not limited to, giving consumers the best possible service, caring for the environment, and always giving you 100% of what you need. Overall, bodHOST is a fantastic instrument that you may take into account as one of its substitutes.

11. IonBlade


In addition to shared hosting, email hosting, domain registration, and VPS hosting, IonBlade is a SaaS-based hosting solution that provides a variety of services. The business additionally offers services for domain name registration, transfer, and management. With a wide selection of standard packages and specialised projects, as well as substantial IT experience, the platform can design, develop, maintain, and support specialised solutions that are tailored to your needs. Also check crypto wallets

For individuals who desire a website, email hosting, and other capabilities, IonBlade provides many plans. The IonControlPanel and IonCMS are two of the most well-known features. Unlimited bandwidth, unlimited hosting, and an optional domain name are all features of its premium services. You may quickly establish a website using the Control Panel for either personal or commercial usage. Overall, IonBlade is a fantastic tool that you can take into account as one of its substitutes.

12. Stromonic


The cloud hosting company Stromonic provides up to 20X quicker SSD speed and free transfer to any cloud provider. Best-in-class cloud solutions are provided by this managed cloud hosting company at a fraction of the price of conventional IT solutions. With this platform, you get an All-Inclusive Platform with no hidden fees, a free transfer to any cloud provider, premium support that is available around-the-clock, etc. In the event that something goes wrong, you can easily restore one or more websites thanks to the daily automatic and on-demand backups, which is a terrific feature. This is another cloud66 alternative.

The core of today’s modern applications is cloud hosting. This kind of cloud server hosting has grown in popularity as a result of Stromonic’s scalability and pay-as-you-go pricing for startups and SMBs. The infrastructure is scalable, dependable, and offers the highest level of security and stability at the lowest possible investment cost. Overall, Stromonic is a fantastic tool that you can look into as one of your options.

13. TSOHost


For every kind of business, TSOHost is a pioneer in offering top-notch web hosting services, including dedicated servers and VPS. A group of software engineers and web hosting specialists with more than ten years of experience lead the team behind this platform. With its robust infrastructure, your firm has countless opportunities to grow. You don’t control to worry about technological issues with TSOHost because this service handles security, troubleshooting, and system updates.

For VPS and Dedicated servers, TSOHost provides managed or unmanaged hosting options as well as a free trial. Its plans include extra services including free server administration, free data backups, free SSL certificates, and free website migration as add-on features. Behind the security algorithm, you also receive advanced firewalls with various levels of enhanced security. Overall, TSOHost is a fantastic tool that you can look into as one of your options.

14. Globat


With the hosting provider Globat, you may host your website, online store, and blog while saving up to 70% per month on hosting costs. All new customers are given a free domain name and a free SSL certificate. The platform has created a new paradigm that blends the benefits of Open Source with conventional commercial hosting by using the most cutting-edge technical infrastructure.

Globat provides dependable and quick hosting for platforms as demanding as WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, PrestaShop, and more thanks to its community of webmasters from over 180 countries. Globat provides cloud hosting, virtual private servers, domains, and email addresses in addition to dedicated servers.

This is another cloud66 alternative. The new generation of Linux containers, which considerably lower hardware requirements, cut latency, and speed up contact between the site and the customer, is the technology underpinning Globat. Its servers adhere to GDPR and use contemporary software components. Overall, Globat is a fantastic tool that you may take into account as one of your options.

15. Tremhost


Tremhost is a web hosting service that offers quality Cpanel NVME web hosting, domain registrations, responsive web design, and Cpanel reseller in Zimbabwe. Any organisation, regardless of size, can use its hosting solutions, which range from beginning plans to enterprise packages. Its web hosting plans all come with a free domain name, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and zero downtime. This can be one of the best options for launching and successfully expanding your online business.

It provides you with everything you require to easily design and host your website. Additionally, Tremshost makes use of the user-friendly Plesk server control interface, which supports PHP scripting and MySQL database management so that your website can be more interactive and dynamic. Overall, Tremhost is a fantastic product that you may take into account as one of its substitutes. This is another cloud66 alternative.


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