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TOP 15 Best Instagram Analytics Tools In 2022

Best and most efficient instagram analytics will be explained in this article. Can you name the post or story that garnered the most comments during a certain week? If you don’t know the responses to any of these questions, you need a healthy dose of Instagram analytics.

Instagram analytics, for those who are unfamiliar with their purpose, are how you assess the success of your content and your profile as a whole.

Smart businesses monitor a variety of variables and evaluate the potential of their posts using Instagram analytics.

By paying close attention to the analytics information you receive, you may be able to optimise your Instagram marketing.

How can you get analytics on Instagram since the platform doesn’t have a dedicated analytics dashboard?

We’ll specifically be examining that.

This post will discuss the two main ways to obtain Instagram analytics as well as the best tools for keeping an eye on the metrics that matter to your goals.

Accessing the Instagram Analytics

You can keep track of important data, such as Instagram follower counts, by:

A company Instagram account

  1. An Instagram analytics tool

If you’ve previously created an Instagram profile for your business, you can examine your analytics in the “Insights” tab of the Instagram app on your smartphone.

If you already have a shape, you can rapidly convert it to a business profile by following these steps.

Get Instagram Insights: How to Do It

When browsing the main page of your Instagram profile on a mobile device, you’ll see four vertical lines in the upper right corner of the display.

You should now have entrance to a number of stats for your posts, activity, and audience demographics.

If you recently created or changed to an Instagram business profile, it could take some time for the platform to display information for your profile.

Instagram will also only provide insights for posts you published after changing to a business shape.

The benefit of using Instagram Insights is that it offers information that is generally easy to comprehend.

You don’t require to have any prior expertise in data analytics, and by using what you already know, you could even be able to learn some useful information.

If you don’t want to waste time attempting to put together data from the Instagram native app, you should consider utilising an Instagram analytics app.


TOP 15 BEST INSTAGRAM ANALYTICS TOOLS IN 2022 are explained here.

It’s frequently preferable to have a variety of analytics tools at your disposal given the vastness of Instagram and the variety of its data.

We’ll outline the top 15 Instagram analytics apps in this article so you can raise your general efficiency.

1. Squarelovin


One of the few applications that provides Instagram analytics without charging is Squarelovin.

It allows you to obtain monthly analyses of your development and most recent postings as well as a history of your material organised by hour, day, month, and year.

The software also provides information on the preferences and interests of your audience as well as the best and worst times to post.

Depending on which posts are most popular with your followers, you can even decide which hashtags and filters to apply.

2. Pixlee


Another free Instagram analytics tool that may be used to track your best-performing material and come up with concepts for fresh content is this one. Also check Link Building software

Additionally, Pixlee provides an easy-to-use reporting feature that offers weekly performance data.

This is another Instagram analytics alternative. Additionally, you can engage with supporters who are writing about your company on social media using its data to locate social media influencers.

Additionally, it provides hashtag tracking and statistics, a way to determine which of your posts are the most interesting, and a tool to monitor Instagram follower development.

3. Crowdfire


The Instagram data provided by Crowdfire provide a thorough analysis of the performance of your Instagram business account up to a given date.

You can select a date from yesterday to 90 days ago.

The alternative is to select a custom date range that is no longer than 90 days.

Additionally, you may select any Instagram measure you wish to compare using the platform, including posts, likes, reach, followers, comments, profile views, email link clicks, and text message clicks.

By switching the small switch at the top of your Crowdfire dashboard to “ON,” you can even compare your performance over the current period to that over the prior one.

4. Later


Another Instagram analytics application called Later can assist you expand your company by enhancing your IG marketing approach.

This platform stands out because to its Linkin-bio feature, which lets you link your Instagram posts to particular URLs, like product pages.

From your Instagram profile, you can then monitor website clicks, page views, and click-through rates in addition to seeing how many purchases a certain post led to.

Even while Later has a free plan for individuals, you may use its paid packages to gain access to a variety of essential IG analytics, including Instagram Story insights.


You might want to check, another Instagram analytics app.

It provides PDF reports that can give you details on many metrics, including your following growth, post and profile interaction rates, the most widely used photo filters, and more.

You also have the chance to ship your data in a nice format, which helps you to share information about your Instagram marketing campaigns with other stakeholders.

On, there is also a 14-day free trial that can be extended upon request.

Because of this, you can try it out risk-free to see if it’s the finest Instagram analytics app for you.

6. Smartmetrics


Every hour, Smartmetrics sends you more than 30 Instagram analytics about your stories, posts, and Instagram account. This is another Instagram analytics alternative.

It enables you to monitor communications with your followers, monitor the historical trend of hashtag usage, and even monitor comments people write on your postings.

By monitoring and responding to Instagram mentions, the app also offers a method to keep track of brand-related behaviour.

Exporting the Smartmetrics results as CSV or PDF files makes it simple to send them through email. Also check crypto wallets

7. Hootsuite


This is another Instagram analytics alternative. Hootsuite’s social listening and analytics features let you thoroughly investigate your Instagram data.

You have the possibility to create an infinite number of reports and compare prior data to assess your overall performance.

Additionally, you may use the platform to swiftly share reports with different team members from your Hootsuite dashboard.

8. Iconosquare  


This is the ideal solution for companies or agencies with several social media profiles.

It provides you with cutting-edge information to help you better your entire social media approach. This is another Instagram analytics alternative.

Its unique features include competition and hashtag tracking, analytics for Instagram Stories, engagement data, and competition statistics.

The Community Analytics tool on Instagram can help you understand insights about your followers’ age, gender, and preferred languages.

9. Union Metrics

Union Metrics

The free monthly Instagram account review offered by this tool can assist you in learning more about the hashtags you should use to increase engagement and the types of posts that your followers find most interesting.

Even better, it will inform you of the peak activity times for your followers.

However, if you want to use this platform to get premium Instagram analytics, you must pay a subscription fee.

As a paid subscriber, you’ll be able to acquire and retain important data regarding your brand.

Through their Graph API, you can also learn who your largest supporters are and obtain comprehensive statistics.

This is another Instagram analytics alternative. Additionally, you can always create customised reports and save your data as a PDF.

10. Keyhole


Keyhole is one of the most suitable Instagram analytics tools for monitoring the past and present performance of your account.

For both your recent and older postings, you may keep track of hashtags, mentions, keywords, and URLs.

In addition to the frequency of a hashtag’s use, the app also shows you popular hashtags and how well your content is performing.

Keyhole can be used to keep tabs on the performance of competing Instagram accounts.

You may track their engagement, growth, and activity data over a given time period.

Then, you may use these insights to develop custom KPIs (key performance indicators).

11. Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Utilizing Sprout, you can evaluate, review, and maximise the performance of your Instagram promotion. This is another Instagram analytics alternative.

It can be used to monitor trends in hashtag usage, the effectiveness of content, competition data, and engagement metrics.

For customised reports, you may choose a specific reporting period, and competition analysis1 lets you keep tabs on Instagram trends and audience segments across a variety of competing firms.

In order to track clicks, replies, and other critical KPIs to assess the long-term impact of your postings, Sprout also offers Instagram Story analytics.

12. Whatagraph


This is another Instagram analytics alternative. If you’re looking for an easy-to-read Instagram Insights report to communicate with your group, virtual assistant, or social media supervisor, Whatagraph will be helpful.

It provides amazing data visualisation with comprehensive statistics that show the rate at which your followers are growing, identify the top feed posts, and assess the interaction and engagement your Instagram content has made.

You can also create a cross-channel social media performance report to compare success across several platforms.

It is even possible to customise the report itself.

You can choose your preferred colour scheme, add your logo, and submit the report through Whatagraph using your personal email address.

13. Rival IQ

Rival IQ

You can more easily maintain an eye on the most important Instagram analytics using Rival IQ. This is another Instagram analytics alternative.

You may use it to track a variety of performance metrics, including Story taps forward and departure rates, peak audience activity periods, profile link clicks, follower additions and removals, and much more.

The abundance of demographic information (age group, gender ratio, etc.) at your disposal will also help you learn what is interacting with your followers.

The programme also helps you to analyse the most efficient post types, hashtag performance, and posting timings to assist you in creating the best content in your market.

14. Socialbakers


You may monitor your progress and determine what kinds of content your followers are most interested in by obtaining statistics for your most popular posts with Socialbakers’ free Instagram analytics tool.

This is another Instagram analytics alternative. If you want more complex analytics, including Instagram Story insights, you must subscribe to Socialbakers’ AI-powered marketing package.

The AI suite enables you to more intelligently manage your Instagram account by utilising predictive analytics to choose which stories and posts to promote, when to post them, and which follower groups to prioritise.

15. HypeAuditor


If you’re examining for an in-depth analysis of the quality of an Instagram influencer’s supporters or a method to identify phoney or ghost followers, HyperAuditor has you covered.

It meticulously reviews influencer profiles to ascertain their Engagement Rate (the percentage of followers who engage with the influencer’s posts) and how it compares to other experts in the same industry. This is another Instagram analytics alternative.

The AQS (Audience Quality Score) gauges an influencer’s real value on a scale of 1 to 100; a score higher than 70 indicates a valuable influencer.

The platform can be used to ascertain whether or not the audience behind an influencer’s comments is devoted and interested.


As you can see, a variety of Instagram analytics options are available to suit various requirements.

Using these services will enable you to reach your objectives, whether they be to increase engagement, grow your following, or discover the hashtags that are most likely to generate likes.

By observing and noting the information these technologies provide, you may identify what is and is not working. Then you can consider ways to close the gaps.


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