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Top 12 Best Outbrain Alternatives In 2022

For publishers and advertisers, Outbrain is the best platform for content discovery. By giving them access to the appropriate website, the content marketing modules of Outbrain enable online publishers and advertisers to increase web traffic. Outbrain offers recommendations for a variety of media formats, including online, news, video, and mobile, in addition to marketing modules.

Launched in 2006, Outbrain has been offering content marketing and website engagement services to willing online publishers and marketers ever since. In order to raise the revenue from advertising, all publishers need to increase both visitor numbers and engagement levels.

Top 12 Best Outbrain Alternatives In 2022

In this article, you can know about Outbrain alternatives here are the details below;

Here’s where Outbrain enters the picture, recommending engaging articles, blog entries, pictures, videos, even slideshows and other forms of pertinent and related content to keep readers on the website. It then has the effect of raising engagement and producing income.

1. Freemius


Freemius is an entirely managed eCommerce platform that helps developers sell WordPress plugins and themes by integrating payment gateways, affiliate networks, affiliate platforms, deployment systems for distributing software updates, and other features. All WordPress developers can distribute their software easily and securely with the aid of Freemius.

It increases developer income while saving them a tonne of time, money, and stability. It has all the analytics WordPress developers could possibly need, and its automated cart abandonment recovery feature will undoubtedly boost your revenue. It helps plugin and theme creators easily licence their goods, take recurring payments, and measure usage by offering a secure platform for the sale of plugins and themes. EA Vut, Stripe and PayPal gateways, software licence, automatic updates, PDF invoices, feedback forms, one version management, smooth upgrade procedure, prorating support, access to customer data, dunning mechanism, zero maintenance, and more features are available.

2. MoPub


With the help of adverts, MoPub is a monetization platform for mobile publishers and developers that can significantly increase your revenue. With the help of adverts, MoPub is a monetization platform for mobile publishers and developers that can significantly increase your revenue. By developing a strong cross-platform strategy, integrating, testing, and optimising ad formats, and maximising fill rate and eCPM to get amazing results, it gives you the opportunity to enhance your revenue. For web developers to fully utilise Advanced Bidding and impression-level revenue data, this will be extremely important. This is another Outbrain apps.

MoPub Marketplace, which provides guaranteed fill rates for publishers and high-quality inventory to buyers, is currently the most prominent international mobile real-time bidding market for impressions. Mobile publishers and developers now have a new method thanks to MoPub for maximising revenue from both within their apps and through the open app ecosystem.

3. MobFox


One of the top data-driven mobile SSPs and exchanges is MobFox, which enables publishers to effectively manage their ad serving with tools and monetize their stack with an automated and transparent process. By effectively matching their requirements with a large supply of mobile ads, MobFox assists the top operators and brands in the world in accelerating growth. In order to assist advertisers in achieving their business objectives, it blends the power of programmatic technology with audience analytics.

Advertisers may be certain that their campaigns are viewed by the intended audience at the appropriate time and in accordance with the campaign’s goals by using MobFox. Advertisers may effectively alter their budgets and efficiently reach their target audiences thanks to MobFox’s strong data-driven strategy. It includes a dependable and transparent mobile advertising system, which is crucial for advertisers, publishers, and app developers since it enables them to promote more successfully, increase their revenue, and offer an engaging in-app experience for consumers.

4. Appodeal


One of the greatest application monetization solutions is Appodeal, which enables you to enhance your app while generating more revenue by offering your users high-quality, unobtrusive video adverts. By integrating in-app purchases and video adverts, it offers a distinctive solution. This is a versatile solution that gives developers the freedom to select the method of revenue generation that best suits them. Both users and developers will be thrilled to find what they’re looking for and to make more money.

The same high-performance, adaptable, and customizable ad formats that power thousands of ads improved by our machine learning algorithms are now available through the Appodeal SDK. You may create customizable user cohorts with the help of this platform, accelerate product enhancements and UA events, forecast LTV, and—most importantly—make real-time decisions to expand and enhance your application’s marketing efforts.

This is another Outbrain apps. Your UA campaigns, creative management, site ID performance analytics, and ad channels are all intended to be streamlined and simplified by Appodeal. Additionally, since you have automated bid management in place, you may disable campaigns that have a poor return on investment (ROAS) or use target event optimization to generate new campaigns.

5. Next App

Next App

Developers and app makers may create, launch, and monetize any type of app in the iOS and Android app stores with the help of the appealing application marketing and mobile monetization platform known as AppNext. It offers developers a seductive application marketing platform to draw in new users and monetise their mobile apps.

Additionally, offers a collection of marketing tools that help app developers sell their apps and find new customers, which in turn boosts downloads and the percentage of repeat users. With AppNext, developers can communicate with brands directly and at a far lower cost because there are no middlemen involved. You may openly monitor the data of their marketing initiatives, establish direct channels of communication, manage the outcomes, and maximise their investment.

Brands can locate new customers, evaluate data in real-time, and make choices on the go thanks to AppNext’s innovative methodology. AppNext flips the notion of the marketplace on its head, in contrast to any other platforms created for app advertising. It enables developers to collaborate directly with companies and serve as a genuine conduit between them and consumers.

6. Aarki


Aarki, a mobile marketing platform powered by artificial intelligence, gives brands a competitive edge to expand, re-engage, and re-acquire their existing audiences on mobile for better outcomes. Aarki provides a mix of a single view of the consumer across mobile devices and a single view of the user within each device to address the fragmentation challenges faced by mobile marketers.

Through a single-to-many, multi-platform, tailored, contextual, and real-time acquisition and engagement engine, Aarki helps companies to expand and re-engage with mobile audiences. Because its AI comprehends the buyer’s experience from app store discovery to launch, engagement, and retention, Aarki produces outcomes. This is another Outbrain apps.

Trying to increase application user conversions? Go beyond the creation of tailored content by utilising Aarki’s hyper-personalized programmatic campaigns. This platform’s Bayesian model, which is employed in the machine learning process to create predictions, deserves special note. Through tailored messaging, highly relevant advertising, and efficient micro-moments experiences across the consumer journey, you can re-engage users at scale.

7 Pollfish


With a published survey that is simple to use and packed with information, Pollfish is an all-in-one platform for monetizing mobile applications. There are numerous different methods to monetize your mobile apps with Pollfish. Utilizing our tight connectivity with Apple and Pay, you can offer in-app goods and subscriptions in the shop area.

Additionally, you may sell ad space inside your app by integrating our SDK with our own native ad products. You may create stunning ad creatives that promote your app’s engagement or monetization plan using a variety of tools provided by the creative studio. Utilizing surveys that are simple to build and evaluate, the publishing platform assists you in determining the preferences or knowledge of your app’s customers.

It also has a committed staff of professionals who are always available to help you improve the performance of your app. With Pollfish, marketers can reach customers on their mobile devices and do it in the most economical way possible. Pollfish is up to the standards and demand for surveys and market research, especially in expanding areas.

8. TapResearch


One of the top companies for mobile data collection for surveys and app monetization is TapResearch. Through customisable interactive surveys and in-app messages, this service enables customers to gather any information from their target audience. Tap Research is a platform for mobile marketers and app developers to find new customers. Additionally, TapResearch offers top-notch CPI marketing for promoting mobile apps or gaining new users.

This is another Outbrain apps. TapResearch offers mobile research technology for surveys and apps that aids in the development of goods, content, and advertisements for brands, media outlets, and research organisations. It is intended for anyone who needs to gather information, assess their apps, and gain current customer insights. Marketers may use TapResearch’s technology in their apps to get results without spending thousands on focus groups. The system will translate the consumer’s response into text and send it back to the marketer after identifying the language. Marketers can then access an online dashboard to view real-time reactions.

9. StartApp


An innovative monetization platform called StartApp (now known as enables you to create the highest eCPM through excellent ad engagement, intelligent targeting, and native AD units. Additionally, with a high degree of technological knowledge and a focus on the end-user experience, it provides its clients with advanced solutions for Ad Servers, Ad Management, Mobile Revenues Optimization, Audience Targeting, Analytics, and more.

Our top-notch native ad units, which have the best eCPMs in the business, are engaging for millions of users who are actively using them worldwide. With the support of contemporary approaches and techniques, it is assisting hundreds of mobile app developers to enhance their earnings. The platform is built on the best-in-class artificial intelligence, which has a lot of promise for meeting customer expectations for brand experiences. StartApp uses effective ad selection and ad network integration to automatically maximise your app’s revenue and engagement.

10. Unity Ads

Unity Ads

The excellent in-game monetization platform Unity Ads gives you all the tools you need to achieve your revenue and growth targets. It provides you with a monetization option that enables you to make money off your mobile game by advertising adverts, in-game currency, or subscription services.

It is easy, efficient, and cost-free to download and utilise in your games on iOS, Android, and PC/MAC. The Android, iOS, and Unity Editor platforms are all supported by the Unity Ads SDK. With the aid of in-app purchases, advertisements, sponsors, mobile commerce, and Unity Game Ads, you are able to monetize games with Unity Ads. This is another Outbrain apps.

The platform also supports a wide range of ad formats that are appropriate for a wide range of game types, in addition to the most popular screen resolutions and aspect ratios. Thousands of game publishers and developers, including the biggest gaming firms in the world, already utilise Unity Ads, which was developed by developers for developers. Unity Ads offers you all the tools that are scaleable to your demands, from simple to complicated ones, whether you want to monetize your game or attract players.

11. AdColony


AdColony is a robust mobile advertising and monetization platform with state-of-the-art monetization features for developers and improved outcomes for advertisers. To engage its customers and assist them with the platform, the app offers information and how-to tutorials regarding the capabilities of AdColony. A full-service programmatic platform that is designed specifically for native and video ads is this one. It offers automatic bidding and both in-app and app install advertising so that apps may receive the best prices for their campaigns.

A complete range of mobile ad formats, video ad formats, deep analytics capabilities, smart targeting, and retargeting are just a few of the distinctive features offered by AdColony. It also pioneered the real-time bidding procedure, which offers a high degree of openness. AdColony’s robust ad formats give developers the chance to monetize their applications, and only the most potent advertising are used by advertisers.

12. Fyber


With all of their needs met in a single spot, Fyber is a next-generation based monetization platform for mobile publishers and app developers. The company’s goal is to enable publishers and mobile apps to make money by handling all of their monetization needs with a single supplier, enabling the mobile industry to develop sustainably. Additionally, it gives businesses access to the best-in-class video and creative experiences, enabling them to monetise their applications with the most cutting-edge video experiences.

This is another Outbrain apps. It does include a recommendation mechanism, which is automatically shown. This button will take users to a form where they may enter a promotional code. The code can be filled up by the user and utilised on the Fyber website. Create a unique link for usage on social media or the user’s website if they click. You may connect with the proper application growth through its appealing marketplace, and you can boost revenue with its swift integration support and total transparency.


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