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Top 10 Best Virtual Meeting Platforms In 2022

Best virtual meeting platform and software will be described in this article. Platforms for virtual meetings are video programmes and services that link users online. Typically, this software offers screen sharing, chat, reactions, and a type of video conferencing. Software like Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, Lifesize, and Jami are examples of this type. “Online meeting platforms” are another name for these applications.

This software can assist with virtual team engagement and facilitate team building exercises remotely. It is comparable to virtual event platforms.

This list specifically consists of:

Online meeting technology

Virtual meeting software

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Virtual teams can communicate in real time thanks to video conferencing technology. You and your remote team can test out these virtual meeting programmes, which range from the well-known Zoom to the lesser-known Jitsi Meet.

Top 10 Best Virtual Meeting Platforms & Software In 2022

Top 10 Best Virtual Meeting Platforms & Software are explained here.

1. Zoom


Zoom is a well-known video conferencing tool that has a reputation for being simple to use. Even if your participants don’t have Zoom accounts, you can invite anyone to a meeting with a URL. When team members click the URL, they immediately enter a virtual room where the rest of the team is already present. With Zoom’s free software, registered users can organise meetings with up to 100 participants. Zoom is perfect for holding meetings, games, and other activities involving virtual teams since it has entertaining features like breakout rooms. Also check keyword trackers

2. Google Meet

Google Meet

This is another virtual meeting platforms. Google initially created Google Meet as a platform for virtual meetings for its meeting clients. However, Google chose to provide Meet as a secure substitute in response to Zoom’s growth in popularity. Meet includes useful extras like live subtitles and anti-abuse tools, and it can hold gatherings with up to 250 attendees. If your company prioritises data security, Meet is a good fit as long as everyone has a Google Account.

3. Skype


This is another virtual meeting platforms. Skype, which Microsoft purchased in 2011, was the first well known brand for video calls. However, as stated on ZDNet, Zoom has become more popular as a result of consumer complaints, and Skype is no longer the only or best option for meetings. It’s the ideal time to revisit the well-known programme with a lovely ringtone as Skype is making a comeback with video conferencing. The software now provides meetings with a maximum of 50 participants that may be accessed via a generated link. There is no requirement to download or write.

4. Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex

This is another virtual meeting platforms. Cisco Webex is online meeting software that was created with commercial use in mind. Webex has long aided organisations in staying connected because to its easy-to-use controls and strict security. You can host virtual sessions or games with up to 100 individuals for any length of time by registering for Webex’s free plan. When three or more individuals are present in your meeting, this functionality contrasts with Zoom’s 40-minute meeting time cap. You won’t have to stress about time limitations for your next online meeting if you choose Webex.

5. Jitsi Meet

Jitsi Meet

Consider Jitsi Meet for your next virtual conference if you want an open source platform solution that you can customise. This virtual conference software is free, doesn’t require registration, and has no restrictions on how many people you can invite to meetings. It is protected by robust encryption. Jitsi Meet offers countless options for you and your team to arrange virtual meetings, online conferences, and more because to its versatility.

6. Toasty


Toasty is a virtual meeting platform that gives any meeting host the tools they need to hold the attention of their attendees and encourage cooperation in online meetings and workshops. The software includes built-in activities including polls, conversation starters, and icebreaker questions. Additionally, it has an interactive agenda that the host creates before the meeting so that everyone can follow the schedule and events. Knowing what will happen when is a fantastic way to keep people engaged. AWS and Jitsi, which are the foundations of Toasty, offer connections that are safe, dependable, and simple to use. This is another virtual meeting platforms. Also check benefits of Vpn 

7. Lifesize


Teams looking for high quality 4K video, many integrations, and a secure experience can consider Lifesize’s virtual conferencing software as a suitable solution. You can host an unlimited digit of online meetings with up to 25 participants after creating a free account. Lifesize is easy to use since, like Zoom, meetings can be made up via a shared link. Because of its emphasis on high quality video, which gives the impression that your team members are present in the room with you, Lifesize is best for remote team building exercises. Also check mobile app for business 

8. Jami


This is another virtual meeting platforms. Even the team members who are the most concerned about security should be satisfied with Jami’s signature peer-to-peer and end-to-end encryption. Data moves swiftly and securely without going via servers because to Jami’s distributed design, which enhances the video experience and ensures continuous service. You are complimentary to try Jami with more extensive groups as long as you run the session from a device with significant computational power and bandwidth. Jami’s designers have only hosted virtual gatherings with up to 16 participants.

9. Talky


Talky requires no downloads, making it the most straightforward option on this list for online meeting software. As an alternative, the website creates a special room URL that you may share with your team. Talky has only two features—locked rooms and screen sharing—which should be a relief for team members who are less tech-savvy. Just bear in mind that Talky only permits up to six individuals per session, making it an excellent option for brief conference calls or virtual meetings.

10. Whereby


Whereby’s four-person meetings offer another software choice for the most intimate team-building activities. Whereby is a browser-based tool that doesn’t require any further downloads or registration from your team members to operate. Even YouTube videos may be played, which makes it ideal for any virtual activities that call for a shared video, like group stretches with Yoga Norman. This is another virtual meeting platforms.

Final Thoughts

A crucial tool for collaborating and connecting with remote teams is virtual meeting software. These platforms include practical features like chat, breakout rooms, and screen sharing, as well as video chat and collaboration.

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FAQ: Software for online meetings

Here are a infrequent repeatedly asked queries regarding how software might make your upcoming virtual meeting run more smoothly.

The definition of virtual meeting software

Virtual meeting software consists of platforms and online tools that help your team connect and communicate via the internet, typically using video. These programmes, which are often referred to as online meeting software or virtual conference platforms, can be used to host conferences, virtual happy hours, team-building exercises, games, or other events for distant teams.

Which online meeting tool is the best?

The best online meeting platforms are simple to use, safe, and can accommodate the entire team at once. An excellent app for virtual team meetings is Zoom.

Does virtual meeting software really promote teamwork?

Yes, virtual meeting software promotes teamwork. These apps enable your team to share experiences and foster camaraderie even if members are dispersed across different regions by bringing remote team members into the room via the internet.


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