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Top 9 Best Digital Lending Companies In India In 2022

Best digital lending companies in India will be explained in this post. when it comes to paying bills & obligations, particularly when one has limited resources. As a result, there is a lot of pressure, and people start seeking for places to borrow money. Borrowing from friends and relatives in such circumstances may be awkward and stressful. And relying on banks could result in high interest rates. So where do we need to look?

Online money lending apps have been created as a result of acknowledging these circumstances and transactions. These give you the ability to lend money without any more hassles via digital channels.

Many companies give the option of offering loads right now with minimally competitive interest rates and necessary tenure lengths. Compared to traditional bank loans, these companies make the borrowing process incredibly simple and rapid.

With this advancement in mind, India has created a large number of financially sound digital lending companies. India is changing significantly in the financial inclusion and digital sectors. The nation has money on hand for transactions. But as development and modernization strategies change, India is moving toward a cashless economy. Let’s take a look at the top digital lending platforms in India to better comprehend its progress.

Top 9 Best Digital Lending Companies In India In 2022

Top 9 Best Digital Lending Companies In India are explained here.

1. Lendingkart


Maximum loan amount: Rs. 1 crore

Loan Term: Three Years

Website for LendingKart

Website for LendingKart

In 2014, the well-known digital lending platform Lendingkart was established. It functions by providing various business loans, including small- and medium-sized business loans, across India. They are well known for offering capital entirely online and starting the process with the least amount of paperwork. Also check data analysis tools 

Young business owners are distracted from concentrating on the expansion of their companies by the stressful nature of maintaining their money. To help enterprises avoid worrying about cash flow gaps, Lendingkart has taken the initiative to make capital investment easily accessible. Ahmedabad, Mumbai, and Bangalore are the locations of the business Lendingkart. But its services are available across all of India.

2. Pine Labs

Pine Labs

From 25,000 to 5 lakhs in loan amount

90 day term of the loan

The Pine Labs website

The Pine Labs website

Digital lending services are offered by Pine Labs, one of the top fintech companies in India that was founded in 1998. The business is well-known for its amazing capability of converting a mobile device with NFC into a card reader and turning on the service to accept all forms of payment digitally, including the “Tap n Pay” card.

Pine Labs has provided retailers with a wide range of services, including multi-channel, various payment methods, brand offerings, risk analyses, analytics, and many more.

For small- to medium-sized businesses, it offers working capital loans. You can apply for a business loan through their website or app, myPlutus. Their loan application process is really straightforward. This is another digital lending companies india.

More than 100,000 businesses in India as well as several Asian companies overwhelmingly favour and use Pine Labs’ services and solutions. PineLabs’ cloud-based system is estimated to have the power of over 350,000 PoS terminals, spread over more than 3,700 cities.

3. MobiKwik


Up to $5,000 in loan amount

Term of Loan:

Online MobiKwik

Online MobiKwik

A very well-known mobile payment company, MobiKwik, connects customers with businesses and several online vendors. The business was founded in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. This is another digital lending companies india.

Over 550 people work for the privately held company Mobikwik. The company has raised a total of 118 million USD from more than 8 funding rounds since its founding. Also check crypto wallets

Mobiwik offers quick personal loans. Once the loan is accepted, you can download the app, and the funds will be added to your wallet.

What is e-RUPI and how will it help Indian businesses?

PM Modi introduced e-RUPI, a contactless digital payment system. Let’s examine what e-RUPI is and how Indian firms will profit from it.


Inna Arangarajan

4. Shiksha Finance

Shiksha Finance

Up to $50,000 is being borrowed.

Term of Loan:

Shiksha Finance, one of the largest companies, is a financial lending focused on financing education. Shiksha Finance helps parents pay for their children’s school expenses by lowering the dropout rate. Additionally, it provides funding for the construction of buildings, properties, and working capital for educational institutions.

Loans from Shiksha Finance have payback periods of 6 to 10 months and have amounts ranging from 10,000 to 50,000. School fees, tuition, luggage, and stationary are just a few examples of educational-related expenses that can be covered by the loans offered by Shiksha Finance.

5. Money Tap

Money Tap

Up to $5,000 in loan amount

36-month loan term

Online MoneyTap

Online MoneyTap

MoneyTap, a lending company with headquarters in Bengaluru, is well-known for its extensive service of providing credit lines for customers to use as loans thanks to a collaboration with RBL Bank. One of the top lending companies today is MoneyTap. In order to co-lend with its lending partners, the company just got an NBFC licence. This is another digital lending companies india.

The least amount of paperwork required for a personal loan is one of the many fantastic benefits that MoneyTap has to offer. Additionally, its smartphone version includes tools for finding your borrowing history.

6. Paytm


Up to $2,000 in loan amount

Term of Loan:

Payments Website

Payments Website

Indians have a huge amount of fame for Paytm, the largest digital lending wallet company. The business was founded in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Millions of downloads have now been made thanks to Paytm’s significant growth.

The growth the business has experienced is amazing. It has a workforce of over 9000 and an annual revenue of $118 million. Paytm has a lot of expertise in online shopping as well.

An analysis of statistical data on the growth of the fintech sector in India

By 2025, it is anticipated that India’s fintech market will have grown to $84 billion. Here is a full analysis of the Indian fintech market.


Anghara S

7. PolicyBazaar


$410,000 was borrowed.

Up to 7 years for a loan.

Established in 2008 and with its headquarters in Gurgaon, Haryana, India, PolicyBazaar is one of the top online insurance companies in the world. This is another digital lending companies india. Also check Sarwa alternatives

It is both an online life insurance provider and an insurance aggregator. Indians love PolicyBazaar for all the amazing services and holdings it offers. It has a $21 million yearly income and more than 2500 employees (as estimated in 2017-18).

Yashish Dahiya, who is also one of the company’s founders, serves as PolicyBazaar’s current CEO. Through 7 funding rounds, it has raised about US$ 346 million.

8. Capital Float

Capital Float

$510,000 loan amount

Up to 36 months for a loan.

Website for Capital Float

Website for Capital Float

One of the top lending companies in India is called Capital Float. CapFloat Financial Services buys the company. For its wonderful service in providing specialised financial loans and commercial credits, Capital Float is well-known. This is another digital lending companies india.

With well-known companies like Shopclues, Paytm, and Uber, Capital Float has partnered. The business provides a loan to the potential borrower through its network of exclusive loans. Currently, Capital Float is focusing on small business owners and seasoned store owners.

Customers across Europe will receive more innovative and user-friendly solutions from financial services and fintech partners as a result.


D’Souza, Michelle

9. Faircent


5,00,000 was borrowed.

Term of Loan:

Sites like Faircent

Sites like Faircent

Faircent is regarded as being the biggest and digital peer-to-peer lending platform in India. The RBI has given it official registration. It offers a secure platform where users can lend money to a borrower. Organizations and people interested in lending money can access credit through Faircent. This is another digital lending companies india.

The process of lending the essential funds to those in need at fair interest rates is provided by Faircent, which is incredibly convenient.


There are numerous fintech companies in India that offer the service of digitally lending money quickly and with little documentation. These companies have created a tonne of apps recently to make money transfers completely secure. Additionally, anyone in need of a personal loan or commercial loan can readily obtain one. For this reason, we have identified the best digital lending companies in India.


Which Indian digital lending companies are the best?

Among the best digital lending companies in India are Lendingkart, Pinelabs, Mobiwik, Policybazaar, and Paytm.

How does a lending firm operate?

An entity receives loans from lending companies, and is subsequently required to pay back the money borrowed.

How many fintech companies exist in India?

In India, there are close to 2,000 fintech companies.


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