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Top 14 Best Lordicon Alternatives In 2022

Best and demanding Lordicon Alternatives will be described in this article. Are you striving for a tool that will improve your animations and works of art? If so, Lordicon will give you access to all of the functionality and toolkits necessary to create icons for your projects that have a significant impact. There are a large number of icons available on this online animation platform, and there are no limitations on how you can use them. You may utilise any of them right away by dragging them onto the present project.

You can select an icon or group of icons, adjust their properties, and download them in a variety of formats, including animated or static, according to your preferences. With Lordicon, adding icons is ridiculously simple. You can add animated icons to your projects using a variety of techniques, such as manually integrating them or HTML code embedding. Logging in is simple, and you can then access a rich collection with hundreds of high-quality animated icons.

Top 14 Best Lordicon Alternatives in 2022

Top 14 Best Lordicon Alternatives are explained here.

1. is a comprehensive, specialised online editor that provides users with all the tools and capabilities they need to be at the top of their creative game. Is it crucial for designers and animators to have a central location to demonstrate their abilities to the outside world, and are’s results meeting your expectations? The extensive icon library that comes with this online editor may be utilised right away for your animation, and all the designs can be saved in an account to be shared and worked on by others. Also check instagram analytics

With the help of Ajax Loader, animated icons, live backgrounds in many formats, such as CSSM PNG, SV, and more, animation is made incredibly simple with A number of features are available, such as upload and export support, high-quality graphics, transition effects, unrestricted access, PNG sequence generation, gif size optimization, huge image generation, seamless repeated patterns, vector format, and more. This is another lordicon alternative.

2. Svgator


An extensive assortment of animated icons from Svgator’s rich library can be used in your projects. Svgator offers editable icons that are always up to project requirements and expectations, so you can stop looking and spending time. Interestingly, there are a surprising number of variables that will be the key to adjusting your combination, and there are five various styles that are connected to your icon.

Additionally, you may utilise an online setup tool to test your icons and visualise and animate them, as well as adapt how they seem in a user-friendly manner. Processing is hassle-free; all that is needed is to upload the necessary files to the server, alter the appearance, and directly integrate HTML or JavaScript code into your page. A fresh design, jQuery support, triple animation, configurable settings, develop from scratch, support for all current browsers, and other features are among the important features.

3. LottieFiles


One of the leading websites in the globe, LottieFiles provides designers and developers with a huge selection of animation files, tools, and plugins. Are you seeking for animations of some kind that may be customised to meet the requirements of your projects for websites and applications? LottieFiles may then be a wise choice for you. In order to improve user engagement and increase conversion rates, the platform is supporting hundreds of application stores.

This is another lordicon alternative. You may build, test, edit, and present animations using all the tools and functionalities that LottieFiles makes available. The platform offers you an open-source file format that is interactive, high-quality, and, more than likely, may be used at runtime. It is designed to satisfy the requirements of the modern industry. Additionally, LottieFiles gives you access to a marketplace where you can sell your animations and hire designers for your ongoing projects. Complete integration support, editing support, Adobe After Effects support, drag & drop support, different file formats, layer effects, and more are among the capabilities that are available.

4. Getloaf


Getloaf is a one-stop shop icon library with sophisticated editing capabilities for your SVG animation. The platform greatly simplifies SVG for you and gives you a lot of tools to play with, including drag-and-drop support for animations and icons. Find the appropriate icon in the library, then start personalising it straight away.

You may effortlessly incorporate every design you’ve produced into any project you’re working on. Getloaf will handle all of the complexity and trouble of creating SVG animation for you with no manual processing. Additionally, you have access to a simple interface that is essential for creating your brand’s icon without requiring too many options. When you are finished, simply copy it and paste it into your code editor to seamlessly add the icon to your projects.


With the help of the animation platform, you may access high-quality, fully configurable icons and images. You can change the colour of the sides using a top-notch online editor with an easy-to-use interface. This is another lordicon alternative.

You have access to a wealth of searching tools that will help you locate the necessary icons among the library’s many thousands of assets. Users of will be able to export customised icons and graphics thanks to the web application functionality that is offering.

6. LottieFlow


LottieFlow is an all-in-one platform for online flow that allows you to customise icons using legitimate tools and capabilities. To utilise Lottie with Webflow, you may download Json files using this tool. All of the files are available and can be added immediately to your Webflow website.

Why is LottieFlow a relevant webflow reference? It is lightweight, interactive with Webflow, and totally free to use, so there are the first three benefits. A variety of categories, including media, play and drop down, eCommerce, loading, and many more, are supported. As a result, you select the appropriate icon based on the needs of your project. Also check crypto wallets

7. Drawer


Drawer is in charge of giving designers, developers, and owners top-notch Lottie animation. The platform has a UI standard built in that ensures you have high-quality, interactive file formats that may be changed at runtime. Drawer offers you an endless supply of Lottie animations and a source file in Ae with compatibility for numerous file types, including Figma, EPS, PNG, SVG, XD, and more.

This is another lordicon alternative. Additionally, you have access to more than fifty minimalistic animation loaders, which is a terrific place to start for all of your websites and applications. Drawer always exceeds your expectations by providing charming pack animations, medical and other characters, kooky heads, eCommerce characters, distance learning, food delivery, collaborative characters, and much more.

8. Nucleoapp


The all-in-one programme Nucleoapp offers the ideal and expert method for carrying out customising, organising, and exporting icons with support for numerous file formats. The drag-and-drop designer, project collaboration tools, and share icons are features of this Mac and Windows application. Advanced exporting options from Nucleoapp include the ability to export multiple icon sets, establish custom resolutions, create icon fonts, and create SVG symbols.

You have complete control over the editor’s colour schemes, frame, stroke, colour, size, and other features. When you are through editing, export your work or add icons straight to your projects. With extensive search engine support, you can quickly discover the appropriate icon by using the search box and applying criteria. Additionally, rapid actions may copy inline SVG code, retrieve CSS names, and correctly manage SVG symbols without the requirement for demo files. This is another lordicon alternative.

9. Boxicons


A cutting-edge internet platform called Boxicons enables designers and developers to get high-quality web icons for nothing. The site offers quick access to an extensive library with thousands of open source-based artisan icons.

Additionally, you have access to customization help, enabling you to choose the appropriate icon for your project. You just need to type a keyword into the search bar, and the system will deliver the results that matter most to you. Additionally, there are many other categories from which you may choose, and depending on your interests, you can find solid type icons as well as normal logos.

10. SVG Artista

SVG Artista

Create eye-catching SVG drawing animations by animating the stroke and fill characteristics of your SVG images with SVG Artista, a web-based and highly customizable SVG Drawing Animation Generator. You will need a web browser to use it because it is a web application. Any device with an Internet connection can access the website. You can import an existing SVG or start from scratch. Also check Link Building software

This is another lordicon alternative. Element class, animation type, background colour, stagger step, animation ease, animation length, and animation-delay are among the settings that can be changed. By selecting the “Play” button from the top menu bar, you can see the design in advance. The “Get Code” button can be used to save the design after it is complete. The saved SVG can be loaded into the tool at any moment in the future to be altered once more.

11. SVG Backgrounds

SVG Backgrounds

For usage in blogs and webpages, SVG Backdrops offers a variety of SVG-based backgrounds and repeating patterns. A background customizer is available on the website’s home page, which you can edit and export for use. The opacity can be raised or lowered, and the colour and mix can all be changed. The CC BY 4.0 License’s terms specify that the background may be used for both personal and commercial purposes. Other tools available on the platform include an SVG to CSS converter, an SVG Texture Builder, and SVG Icons. These resources can all be used without cost. This is another lordicon alternative.

12. Blobmaker


Blobmaker is an SVG form generator created by z creative labs that enables you to quickly generate distinctive, organic shapes. The blobs produced by this programme can be utilised in a variety of contexts, including landing pages and graphics. When you need multiple diverse shapes, the process of creating artistic and organic-looking shapes takes a lot of time and effort.

You no longer need to be concerned and can use Blobmaker to generate as many shapes as you like without any restrictions. You may change the intricacy by varying the number of contrasts and points to produce different kinds of organic SVG shapes. By building a flexible website that alters itself dependent on the screen, the developers have enabled users to access the tool from any device.

13. Haikei


With the aid of your workflow and creative tools, Haikei is a web-based application that enables you to create original SVG patterns, shapes, and backgrounds. The tool can be used without registering, using a credit card, or doing anything else of the sort. Every time you build a new visual, you may edit it to make it feel and look beautiful. Use the options to enter the proper search criteria, and use the dice button to generate a different graphic each time.

This is another lordicon alternative. You can choose from commonly used canvas sizes and a variety of production-ready designs. Additionally, you can change the size and contrast several generators using different formats. Regardless of whether a website or poster is being developed, the tool is highly specialised and can be readily integrated into the process. The background may be easily worked with by exporting it as SVG and PNG. Among the use cases are Haikei for presentation decks, Haikei for blog articles, Haikei for UI design, and Haikei for social media.

14. Get Waves

Get Waves

With the help of the wave generator Get Waves, you may produce original SVG waves for use in your web design projects. It is simple to use and asks you to choose a curve, change complexity, and randomise. When the design is complete, click the “down arrow” symbol to download it. With only one click, you can download or copy the SVG from the box that opens. The gadget stands out from the competition since it can do tasks quickly and is infinitely usable. This is another lordicon alternative.


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