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Top 15 Best AdSense Alternatives In 2022

Best and demanding AdSense alternatives will be described in this article. Google AdSense will be one of your first options if you’re a publisher beginning to monetize your website. It’s a fantastic place to start learning about ad revenue and ad tech. It is also the most widely used pay-per-click (PPC) service online, with over 10 million websites utilising it.

AdSense is available, simple to set up, and gives authors a fair part of click-through earnings. It’s not the only option, though. Publishers who seek to improve their ad monetization techniques eventually start looking at alternative networks on the market.

Let’s examine the reasons in more detail why you might wish to hunt for an Adsense substitute.

Why Use an Alternative to AdSense?

Small and medium-sized publishers with limited resources for managing and implementing ads as well as limited technological expertise might consider using AdSense. It is a simple and dependable service that gives publishers a fair part of click-through money. It’s not the only option, though.

The Google platform has a few drawbacks that make it unsuitable for some websites.

Here are a few frequent and good causes to search for Google AdSense substitutes:

  1. An AdSense application was rejected

Although AdSense is simple to setup and maintain, you might need to go elsewhere if your material is inappropriate or you just haven’t published enough yet.

  1. Banned AdSense account

In order to safeguard advertisers and stop click fraud, Google AdSense has a number of restrictions and a tight policy. If you accidentally broke the rules and were banned, you’ll once more need to look for alternatives.

  1. Adding new ad networks

To help increase your eCPMs, you might choose to diversify your income and add additional ad networks to your ad revenue.

  1. A limited number of ad types

AdSense is a fantastic advertising network, yet it sometimes feels constrained. Contextual text adverts could not match the layout or appearance of your website. You can incorporate different ad formats in your content thanks to other ad networks.

The degree of customization varies per service, but many allow you to change a unit’s colour and size, letting you match the look of your ads to the style and original content of your website.

  1. The lowest payment

The bare minimum of earnings required to qualify for a payout on a network is known as the minimum payout. Unlike some alternatives, AdSense will only pay you when your account balance exceeds $100.

  1. Share of revenue

Publishers get 68% of the money produced by the adverts on their website with AdSense. Although this is a competitive rate, rival networks offer an even higher share if you operate a high-quality website with significant traffic.

  1. Languages Not Supported

A list of the languages that Google AdSense supports is available. This excludes a lot of lesser-spoken languages, though. If you publish content in one of these unsupported languages, you might need to look for an AdSense substitute.

To maximise ad revenue, it makes sense for publishers to look into alternatives to AdSense—not as a substitute, but as a complement.

An AdSense substitute added to your ad inventory can assist in contextualising the performance of your advertising and identifying new opportunities to raise eCPM and revenue.

Top 15 Best AdSense Alternatives In 2022

Top 15 Best AdSense Alternatives are explained here.

1. Publift


A Google-certified publishing partner, Publift uses its ten plus years of expertise to assist publishers in comprehending and utilising the most recent ad technology. Publift provides ad layout optimization, reporting, deals, ad-block monetization, price automation, and Adwizard (blocks unwanted ads). This is another adsense alternatives. Also check Best online business tools

For publishers looking to increase their ad revenue and expand their company through a reliable, long-term collaboration, it offers an all-in-one solution. Publishers can get a free website or app review from Publift, which also offers recommendations for raising visibility.

Using Publift’s Ad Revenue Calculator, publishers may also determine their ad revenues.

2. PropellerAds


Publishers and advertisers are connected through PropellerAds through its Self-Serve platform. As the industry leader in popunder ads, the ad network has subsequently expanded into banner ads, native ads, and video commercials.

An all-inclusive self-serve ad platform called Propeller Ads offers ad layouts for desktop websites, mobile apps, and mobile websites.

PropellerAds is an appealing Google AdSense substitute for new bloggers because it has no minimum traffic eligibility requirements. $5 is the minimum payout amount.

3. InfoLinks


With a “unique real-time contextual technology,” Infolinks, which primarily focuses on contextual advertising, claims to be able to recognise intent and engagement on sites belonging to its more than 25,000 active website partners.

This is another adsense alternatives. The Infolinks platform states that it only has “minimal minimum criteria” for page views or visitors and is available to any online publisher. There are no setup costs.

Infolinks offers publishers a 65% cut of ad revenue and promises to approve applications in less than 48 hours.

4. Monumetric


Monumetric, which specialises in ad optimization, pays out based on the number of impressions. Despite the fact that an impression-based model pays less than a click-based model, this enables you to make money when users encounter advertisements on your pages.

In order to monetize client websites, Monumetric offers four different programmes. These programmes prioritise mid-sized blogs with a minimum requirement of 10,000 monthly page views and are based on monthly visits. This number is lower than those of several other top ad networks. Additionally, $10 minimum payments are supported.


One of the top five ad tech businesses in the world is It is one of the most appealing and well-liked Google AdSense alternatives since it offers access to the Yahoo! Bing ad network, which is its primary point of differentiation.

The market offers a variety of ad kinds, including text advertisements, contextual ads, display, search, and mobile ads, and gives advertisers access to prominent, content-driven publishers.

The server-side header bidding platform created by is the first of its kind that increases yield and transparency while retaining user experience.

6. Revcontent


Revcontent collaborates with publishers who have more than 50,000 monthly readers in an effort to obfuscate the distinction between reader and customer experiences. This is another adsense alternatives.

Even though Revcontent manages more than 250 billion recommendations for content each month, becoming a publisher is said to be very difficult and entails a human review procedure to make sure your site only produced high-quality material.

7. SHE Media

SHE Media

The SHE Media network caters to female viewers and accepts publishers with websites that cater to them.

The minimum traffic requirement for SHE Media is 20,000 visitors each month, which is lower than that of other ad networks. However, if a site has a high potential for growth, publishes consistently, frequently, and has fascinating material, it may also approve sites with lesser traffic.

Additionally, websites need to be brand-safe, at least 90 days old, receive more traffic from the US, and have no more than 5% IVT.

Additionally, SHE Media demands exclusivity for your desktop and mobile ad inventory, however affiliate links and banners are OK.

8. BidVertiser


Publishers can sell ad space to the highest-bidding advertiser directly using the direct advertising network BidVertiser.

This is another adsense alternatives. However, larger publications stand to gain the most from this strategy as advertisers would seek to place bids on the most reliable websites. This might not be the best way to monetize your website as a new publisher.

Direct navigation, popunder, push notifications, in-page push, injections, pops, and native advertisements are some of the ad formats used by BidVertiser.

Because of its direct bidding structure, BidVertiser does not require publisher clearance.

9. BuySellAds


Publishers can place their websites on the cloud market platform BuySellAds, where advertisers can receive a stats preview of the publisher’s website. If the statistics are impressive, they can buy website advertising space. The publisher has the discretion to accept or reject adverts. Publishers are urged to accept adverts that complement their editorial, nevertheless.

Advertisements such as native ads, content ads, podcast ads, display ads, and email ads are used by BuySellAds.

The platform functions as a virtual intermediary and levies a service fee of 25% on each transaction that is completed. The website of a publisher must receive above 100,000 impressions per month.

10. Skimlinks


A platform for affiliate marketing called Skimlinks searches the content of websites for links to other websites. To increase traffic, Skimlinks converts links that go to one of its other advertising partners into affiliate links.

This is another adsense alternatives. When a spectator clicks on an affiliate link, the publisher earns a 75% commission as well as additional money when the link results in a sale. For people who prefer to keep their websites’ layouts to only their content and are anxious to prevent overusing display adverts, skimlinks is a desirable solution. Due to its distinctive presentation method that condenses various ad formats, Skimlinks has a sizable partner network.

11. ylliX


ylliX welcomes publishers from all nations, regardless of size and reach, and offers customers total control over the targeting of certain campaigns.

It offers rapid account approvals and allows users to register free accounts.

In-app, redirect, pop-up, pop-under, tab-up, tab-under, direct link, and push notification ad tags are available from ylliX.

The portal boasts a 100% fill rate for foreign customers.

12. Sovrn



Sovrn positions itself as the transparent ad network for the independent web. Since Sovrn offers waterfall bidding for small content producers, its flexible bidding options make it simpler for them to transition from AdSense. After that, they might choose to use header bidding or server-to-server bidding. Also check payroll outsourcing services 

In order to fully externalise your ad operations and create specialised strategies to maximise revenue across all ad types, Sovrn offers a full-service solution. This is another adsense alternatives.

An affiliate link model is another way that Sovrn Commerce, formerly known as Viglink, allows a publisher to make money. It offers competition among advertisers to purchase ad space on a desired website and uses a method similar to BidVertiser.

13. Mediavine


With your cooperation, Mediavine, a full-service ad management platform, creates highly-tailored commercials with an emphasis on lifestyle areas like fashion, DIY, finance, and cuisine.

This is another adsense alternatives. Because Mediavine was founded by a group of bloggers with practical expertise and an understanding of publishing requirements, it appeals to bloggers.

Mediavine has policies in place to protect brand reputation and is aware of how advertisers approach brand safety.

14. AdClickMedia


With no minimum traffic requirement, AdClickMedia, which gives publishers a CPC model, is a simple monetization choice for freshly started blogs. Weekly or monthly payments are made through AdClickMedia.

15. Adversal


Adversal is a self-serve platform that enables advertisers to instantly set up advertising campaigns without having to wait for paperwork to be processed. This is another adsense alternatives. Also check HR consulting companies

A completely developed website that is older than two months and receives at least 50,000 visitors per month is required for publishers who wish to apply.

Adversal provides “robust” default tag management along with native, video, and display ads.


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