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Top 15 Best Online Business Tools to Skyrocket Growth in 2022

Best online business tools will be discussed in this article. It’s a fact that remote work will continue to exist. Furthermore, with the expansion of the digital workforce, the correct online business tools can significantly enhance how you manage your business.

The top online business tools for accelerating business growth are included in this comprehensive list. In reality, these technologies will benefit your company by enabling you to:

Enhance workflow effectiveness Manage files, projects, and tasks Offer insightful information for business decisions

  • Gather information and handle online payments • Assist clients wherever and whenever

Lastly, and most critically, expand your business.

Top 15 Best Online Business Tools to Skyrocket Growth in 2022

Top 15 Best Online Business Tools to Skyrocket Growth are explained here

1. Acquire


The conversational support tool from Acquire unifies all customer communications. A conversational customer service platform called Acquire enables companies to consolidate all of their digital interaction channels into a single dashboard. Also check payroll outsourcing services 

You can quickly and effectively resolve difficulties thanks to customer profiles that put your web surfing, purchase, and interaction history right at your fingertips along with other crucial information.

Additionally, Acquire offers self-service solutions that free up your employees to concentrate on the trickier in-the-moment consumer interactions.

Obtain the following features: conversational AI chatbots; real-time live chat; customer video chat; secure two-way cobrowsing; a self-service knowledge base; and a shared mailbox for support staff that may be used collaboratively.

This software suite streamlines service team procedures while making it simple to deliver high-touch, personalised experiences that consumers enjoy.

A single, unified perspective of the consumer is created through the seamless integration of all these products.

What is the price of Acquire?

Pricing for Acquire is determined by factors like as team sizes, utilisation, agent seats, and more.

2. ClickUp


An all-in-one productivity platform like ClickUp provides a variety of strong features to assist you scale your expanding business. This is another business tools.

For teams of all sizes and from a variety of sectors, it is a fully customised task management system. To see your project timelines, choose from 15+ dynamic displays on their site.

Dashboards consolidate all of your work into a high-level overview, allowing you to monitor progress from anywhere in your Workspace and make efficient use of resources.

Use ClickUp’s Docs, which are akin to Google Docs, to communicate with your team about ideas, issues, notes, and other things.

Choose from more than 50 widget versions to immediately gather, show, or share data for any activity, and embed other apps into your dashboards with a single link or piece of code.

ClickUp features include creating and organising goals, planning, tracking, and managing tasks; real-time team chat; collaborative online whiteboards; customizable dashboards; and 24/7, top-rated customer service.

The distinctive organisational system of ClickUp makes it simple to divide any project into small tasks, while subtasks and nested checklists let you keep track of everything from complicated workflows to straightforward to-do lists.

What is the cost of ClickUp?

Users of the Free Forever Plan can access 1,000 MB of storage, add an infinite number of members and projects, and access more sophisticated features with subscription plans starting at $5.

3. HubSpot


An inbound marketing, sales, and service software is HubSpot. It includes a variety of business tools in addition to a CRM software that is available as part of a free plan, giving business owners total control over sales and marketing. This is another business tools.

They’ve been recognised as one of the best tools for small businesses to launch your business with everything you’ll need to succeed.

Features of HubSpot CRM

  • A thorough picture of contacts and businesses

Use your contacts in email marketing campaigns, track contact progress via your sales funnel, create custom lists and target accounts, assign contacts to your team for follow-up, and convert contacts into customers.

  • Log sales and marketing interactions automatically
  • Website creator (CMS Hub)

HubSpot enables organisations of all sizes to collaborate while tailoring their approach to sales or marketing thanks to a scalable and upgradeable platform.

What is the price of HubSpot?

One of the best transaction tools available is HubSpot’s CRM, which is completely free.

4. 2Checkout (Verifone)


An online payment processing platform called 2Checkout (now called Verifone) is designed with business expansion in mind.

The monetization platform from 2Checkout helps businesses to quickly expand globally and maximise recurring income streams across channels by eliminating the back-end complexity that modern digital commerce implies.

Features of 2Checkout include: international payments, digital and business-to-business commerce, subscription billing, reporting, and analytics, as well as tax and financial services.

  • Partner sales; risk management and compliance

2Checkout can assist you in navigating the complexities of international digital commerce, whether you’re trying to grow your business worldwide, improve conversion rates, or run a subscription-based enterprise.

Numerous acclaimed e-commerce shopping carts are simply integrated with the payment processing technology from 2Checkout.

What is the price of 2Checkout?

Pricing tiers for 2Checkout’s platform are determined by individual sales.

5. continu


The Learning Amplification PlatformTM Continu was created with the modern workplace in mind. This is another business tools. Also check ebusiness pages alternatives

Continu has a stunning user interface that makes it simple for staff members, clients, or outside vendors to obtain the training they require, in contrast to more dated legacy LMS solutions.

Continu also effortlessly interacts with the tools you already use at work.

The LMS from Continu includes:

  • Use strong eLearning authoring tools to provide efficient and interesting learning materials
  • Make training resources available to everyone and everywhere.
  • Conduct online workshops and webinars with attendance tracking (Zoom)
  • Train both internal staff members and external partners
  • Monitor training progress with real-time information;
  • Strong manager and admin dashboards

With the help of Continu’s writing tools, you can easily import or create material on our platform, spending less time on content creation and more time empowering your students.

While combining training and learning resources, train your entire organisation using a single LMS.

What is the price of Continu?

Pricing for Continu is determined by individually-built bids based on the number of user seats and the size of the business.


Teams may develop, manage, and organise workflows using

Drag and drop workflow automation is simple and no-code with

To empower non-technical individuals with the power of workflow automation and to foster team productivity and growth within your firm, was developed.

What offers:

Drag and drop interface, pre-built automation templates, multi-step processes, no-code workflow builder, advanced controls, logic, and formatting

  • Connectors for the Rest API; shared files; and more than 200 application integrations

You can automate tedious tasks once and for all with the help of this online business tool, which offers small businesses the same capabilities as corporate firms at a reduced cost.

What is the price of

All sizes and kinds of organisations can afford’s pricing. A single user can use five bots to do 300 actions in the free edition. This is another business tools.

However, the business edition costs $159 per month and offers 200 bots, up to 10 team members, and more than 100,000 monthly actions.

7. slack


Slack is a tool for team collaboration that links individuals with the necessary data and resources to perform tasks.

Slack is used by millions of people worldwide, from Fortune 100 companies to small businesses, to connect their teams, integrate their systems, and advance their businesses.

Features of Slack include: building custom channels; real-time messaging and chats; Slack Connect (outside your company); voice and video conversations; integration with over 2,200 apps; workflow builder; and file sharing.

Slack gives teams the ability to centralise all of their business communication so that everyone is on the same page and can take decisions more quickly.

What is the price of Slack?

Slack has a starting price of $6.67 per person, per month (paid annually), and includes all the tools a team needs for remote communication.

Slack, however, offers Business+ and Enterprise tiers for larger businesses who want more capabilities.

8. zoom


A highly regarded video meeting software called Zoom enables users to organise meetings with top-notch video and audio for a maximum of 1,000 people. This is another business tools.

By offering meeting features that make it simple to start, join, and collaborate from any device, Zoom enables quick adoption.

With Zoom, you can host video conferences with up to 1,000 participants, view 49 displays at once, and stream HD video and audio.

  • Enable co-annotations, screen sharing, filters, polls, hand gestures, and emojis • Recording and transcripts

Zoom offers streamlined enterprise level video conferencing from your PC, smartphone, and dedicated Zoom for Home Devices and synchronises with your calendar (Gmail, Outlook, iCal).

What is the price of Zoom?

The free version of Zoom has a cap of 100 users for 40 minutes, while one-on-one meetings are limited to 30 hours.

Longer meetings, branding choices, social media broadcasting, transcription of meetings, and more cloud storage are all possible with higher tiers.

You can upgrade to 1,000 attendees using the “Large Meetings” add-on for all plans (except from the free plan).

9. dropbox


You can securely access all of your records using Dropbox. Collaborate with friends, family, and coworkers using any device. Similar to Google Drive, Dropbox is a stand-alone business application that can be accessed online or downloaded as desktop software.

Features of Dropbox include: File storage and accessibility from any location Online cloud storage Create and edit your work straight in Dropbox. Sync files across devices. Manage data securely. Restore folders and files. Make file sharing simple. This is another business tools.

Your Dropbox account serves as a central repository for all of your files, cloud content, and online shortcuts.

All team members with access receive new or updated files automatically.

What is the price of Dropbox?

Free trials are available for Dropbox’s plans, although the entry-level personal account costs $9.99 per month (billed yearly).

For larger teams, the price per user increases to $20 per month from the starting price of $16.58 per month for business use.

10. canva


Anyone can design anything and post it anywhere thanks to Canva, an online design and publishing tool. This is another business tools.

Canva meets all of your creative requirements with its vast selection of templates, graphics, and high-quality content.

What Canva offers

  • Thousands of expert design templates
  • High-quality photos and content
  • Team collaboration
  • Creation, scheduling, and publication of social media content
  • Effective use of built-in comments

What is the price of Canva?

Although Canva’s free plan has a respectable selection of design kinds, photos, and graphics, it is extremely limited in comparison to the subscription plans.

A team of five can purchase a Pro account, which includes a tonne of themes, photos, and content, for $119 for the entire year.

Please get in touch with Canva’s sales division for enterprise pricing.

11. clearbit


The world’s fastest-growing B2B companies are powered by the marketing data platform known as Clearbit.

Boost operations, conversion, and acquisition by integrating real-time intelligence throughout your whole stack. This is another business tools. Also check Chatbot development companies 

In order to engage with the right people, create lasting first impressions, and cultivate relationships over time, Clearbit gives you complete, up-to-date visitor, contact, and account profiles.

What Clearbit offers:

  • Track businesses that come to your website
  • Find the right clients
  • Share target clients with sales
  • Personalize campaigns
  • Create bespoke lists of firm kinds
  • Integrate with leading CRMs
  • Transform emails or domains into person or business profiles
  • Retarget eligible users on Facebook and Instagram

By integrating real-time data into your CRM, MAP, and ABM systems, you can enhance lead routing, strengthen segmentation, and disseminate information throughout your whole stack.

What is the price of Clearbit?

Contact Clearbit’s sales team for pricing information.

Google Analytics

You can access all the free tools you need to evaluate data for your business in one easy place thanks to Google Analytics.

You can complete the most of your data with tools like analytical intelligence, in-depth reporting, and others.

What Google Analytics offers

Tracking website visitors in real-time and top performing pages

  • Geography, interests, and demographics

Detailed personalised reporting; Acquisition channels (organic, direct, social media, etc.)

  • Conversions from e-commerce and goal values

You may quickly and easily access data from other Google products while working with Analytics to create a more fluid workflow that will save you time and increase productivity.

What is the price of Google Analytics?

As with the majority of Google’s business solutions, Google Analytics is totally free if you also have a Gmail account.

13. semrush


SEMrush is an online marketing tool with a focus on social media, SEO, content marketing, and competitor analysis. This is another business tools.

The full array of marketing solutions from SEMrush can boost your company’s online presence.

Robust content and social media marketing, detailed competitor analysis, accurate position tracking, extensive keyword research, and insightful (custom) reporting are all elements of SEMrush.

SEMrush offers users techniques to enhance organic traffic, a priority for any business, and can handle it all.

What is the price of SEMrush?

There is no free account available, although their Pro plan (ideal for small teams) starts at $119.95/mo and includes the fundamental restrictions.

But if you upgrade to their Guru or Business subscriptions, you’ll get access to even more useful features than you would with the standard package.


Teams can record interactions on the front lines using the revenue intelligence application Give your employees and leadership complete insight into all transactions, performance, and market developments. This is another business tools.

Gong monitors and records customer communications, letting you know when there may be dangers or opportunities. You’ll be made aware of all that is planned for the upcoming month. includes

recording consumer interactions; useful sales information; deal visibility and pipeline health; customised coaching; strategic efforts.

Additionally, interacts with Slack, Zoom, and HubSpot (mentioned above).

What is the price of

The cost of is quoted on a per-team and per-functionality basis.

With the help of the email finder and verifier, professionals can establish new connections with the people who matter. Every day, Hunter looks through millions of web pages in search of knowledge that may help his business. This is another business tools.

They categorise content that isn’t in any other database, just like search engines do, and continue to maintain an index of the whole web.

Find the email of any professional or blog author with’s services, which include: Verifying emails to ensure they are active; Creating outreach campaigns; Uncovering emails for entire firms using domain searches; Bulk lookups using CSV lists.’s collection of verified email addresses makes it simple to connect with business experts.

What is the price of

For short lookups, offers a free subscription with up to 25 searches and 50 verifications per month. But at $199 per month, the Pro plan is a wise investment for the majority of enterprises.

This will make it possible for team members to locate and confirm essential lists of up to 10,000 records. There is a wonderful online tool for business…

Businesses must adapt and use online technologies to complete tasks in order to keep up with rising digitalization.


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