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Top 5 Best AirTag Alternatives for Android Users

Best airtag alternatives will be described in this article. Although the Apple AirTag has just recently entered the market, it already has a sizable following. Its appeal is boosted by how simple it is to locate and track lost objects. Despite being able to read the tracker with an NFC-enabled Android phone, the AirTag cannot be used to track goods on an Android phone. When that happens, Android users need to consider AirTag alternatives.

Whether it’s a wallet, arranged of keys, or camera bag, the majority of these trackers use Bluetooth and crowd locating to enable you to track and trace your belongings. Additionally, these items are inexpensive and last a long time after you purchase them.

You’re seeking for an Apple AirTag substitute, so here are our top picks. However, before we begin,

Top 5 Best AirTag Alternatives for Android Users In 2022

Top 5 Best AirTag Alternatives for Android Users are explained here.



The Cjipolo One tracker is a good option if you’re looking for a cheap Bluetooth tracker. It includes practically all of the necessary functions, including a battery that can be changed, notification alerts, and water resistance. More importantly, it has a strong alarm that is audible and loud. Additionally, it notifies you when the linked phone leaves the range. Also check AdSense alternatives 

The setup procedure is not complex. On your Android phone, you must first download the Chipolo app and couple it with the tracker.

You can always utilise the ‘Ring to find’ option if you cannot locate the last known location, which is also shown on the app. The ring is loud, reaching up to 20 dB, as was already mentioned.

The Chipolo One has received a respectable number of favourable reviews thus far. Its lengthy battery life, ease of use, and ability to almost identify the exact position are all reasons why users adore it.

This is another AirTag Alternatives. Similar to the Apple AirTag, this one cannot be adhered to any surface; instead, you must use keychains to attach it to items.



To find the items attached to it, the Galaxy SmartTag uses Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology. This tracker connects to and locates using the SmartThings app and SmartThings Find module. There is, however, a small catch. With Samsung Galaxy phones only, the SmartTag functions. Nevertheless, using the linked phone makes finding the tracker simple. The ringtone volume is also respectable and helps with productivity.

The product requires some complicated installation. On the plus side, the app gives you a tonne of options for finding or ringing the tracker. You can also programme some clever If-This-Then-That-style instructions. The latter is particularly useful if you also own Samsung smart devices. Also check Sarwa alternatives

Other Galaxy devices are used to find the tracker’s BLE signal when it is lost. Again, the typical restrictions apply (much like the Apple AirTag); there must be a sufficient number of Galaxy cellphones nearby for you to be able to locate it.



The Nutale Key and Finder is the one for the you if you frequently find it annoying to seek for your keys every morning, as suggested by its name. These key trackers are straightforward and portable. It is powered by a removable battery, which should last for about 10 months per set. This is another AirTag Alternatives.

You will have to set it up using a companion app, just like other trackers. Additionally, you may configure it to ping you if the associated phone leaves its range.

Users seem to enjoy the setup process of the Nutale key finder, which has received a respectable number of good reviews so far. The notification sound is not as loud as its counterparts, according to some users, who have complained about it. In addition, the tracker frequently disconnects.



The Tile Sticker’s ability to cling to any flat surface eliminates the need for an additional holder or keyring, which is one of its main benefits. Having said that, it is intended for common home items like TV remote controls, ID cards, or game controllers. Basically, items that you are more likely to lose.

We use the term “household items” since this tracker’s range is less robust than that of its competitors and because it takes some time to find a lost tracker. This tracker, like the Apple AirTag, uses the Tile software on the phones of other Tile users to find itself when it is misplaced. Tile having one of the biggest crowd-finding networks, it’s important to note.

The battery has a lengthy lifespan of three years. You will have to purchase a new tracker because the battery cannot be changed.

The Tile Sticker is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones just like the trackers mentioned above. To make each tracker unique and recognisable, you can personalise the sticker’s name, icons, and ringtones using the companion app.

The sound and ringtone have a maximum volume of 118 dB. The Sticker tested at The Wirecutter produced sound at a level of about 103.9 dB.

This is another AirTag Alternatives. In summary, the Tile Sticker is a good option if you frequently lose things inside your home. However, you should pass on this one if you want to track your luggage while inside the airport or your pets.

The Tile Pro is a nice option, though, if you want an extended Bluetooth range, a loud ringtone, and a replaceable battery. Since you can attach it to common objects like keys, bags, or portable speakers thanks to its broad range, it helps the case. It is, nevertheless, a little heavier than average.



The Essentials package proves to be a wise investment if you want to take use of several well-liked Tile items like Tile Mate, Tile Slim, or the Sticker. You benefit from all the trackers’ advantages, as you may have already surmised. Additionally, you can use them both inside and outside because to the package’s adaptability. Additionally, they make excellent presents for tech lovers.

You can tuck the credit card-shaped Tile Slim tracker inside your wallet and bag. The breadth is equivalent to three credit cards placed face down, so it shouldn’t add extra weight to your wallet. The battery, however, is not removable, so you will need to buy a new one when it runs out. This is another AirTag Alternatives. Also check SD Worx Payroll alternatives

The Tile Mate, on the other hand, is compact and can be simply attached to any item of your choice thanks to the hole at the top. The range is reasonable, and according to Tile’s theoretical assumptions, it is 200 metres. It is powered by a CR1632 battery. The price of this battery is reasonable; a pack of four costs less than $10.

The Tile Mate’s lightweight form is one of its benefits. Because of its compact size and light weight of about 6 grammes, you can simply tuck it away in wallets, purses, and jacket pockets.


The market for tracking devices for iOS and Android devices is dominated by Tile. There are a few good trackers from the house of Chipolo or Nutale, but they are not the only ones out there.

The Tile Pro is a fantastic option if you want a reliable tracker for your Android phone with a loud sound and a broad range.


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