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Top 15 Best Crypto Games to Play & Earn In 2022

Best crypto games play to earn will be discussed in this article. The majority of individuals adore the fact that they can make money playing renowned online games. Our analysis indicates that the market value for crypto games has reached $55.38 billion and that it will expand to $50 billion by 2025, 10 times faster than that of regular gaming. By developing their own convenient games, players can also build their own Non-Fungible Tokens and excel as game designers.

This tutorial can assist you if you want to discover how to profit from crypto games. We’ll go through the top 20 upcoming crypto games you can play in 2022 to make money. Let’s begin by defining crypto gaming.

What is crypto gaming?

Since a conventional game is centralised, all obtained things and experiences (XP) can only be applied to that particular game. But blockchain technology brings a brand-new opportunity to make money from cryptogames. A crypto-game, on the other hand, is distinguished by distinctive items that may be held in-game and exchanged for real money. However, a number of crypto gaming initiatives now permit users to use their in-game currency and incentives.

With the game, players may also make real money. Players can make money in a variety of ways by participating in top earn cryptocurrency games. Consider the game Axios Infinity as an example. In this game, you can purchase Axis characters, level them up, and then sell them for more money. A fight with your Axis can also be used to win native tokens for Ethereum-based crypto games like SLP and AXS.

Top 15 Best Crypto Games to Play & Earn in 2022

Top 15 Best Crypto Games to Play & Earn are explained here.

1. Gala


The GALA tokens game’s price has increased by almost 300% as a result of the unexpected listing. However, the cryptocurrency’s price has also climbed to an all-time high, from $0.02 to $0.12 in just one week. It is currently trading on CoinMarketCap for $0.080. Gala Games shares several characteristics with Enjin as a whole. They developed a single utility token to connect the entire ecosystem. Additionally, GALA was formerly developed on Ethereum and ENJ but is now a BEP-20 digital asset based on the Binance Smart Chain. Consequently, Gala Games has recently accelerated in a number of games, including Town Star and Spider Tanks. Town Star is a favourite among Blockchain gamers due to its features.

Positive features

A lifelong benefit

Setup is simple.

Nodes continue to be inexpensive.

Negative features

There is no corporate investment here.

The gas costs for ETH are still very expensive.

Every year, the GALA prizes get less.

2. Smooth Love Potion 

Smooth Love Potion 

People enjoy playing Axiom Infinity, and they are presumably familiar with blockchain games and the crypto world. You do not? Numerous young Filipinos quit their professions in order to play this well-liked blockchain game and make $2k per month. Also check crypto wallets

You can earn a token of $SLP in an axie infinity-like variant. The governance-related coin AXS is the most analogous to owning stock in a company. You have the ability to vote and make changes to Axie Infinity as owners of these native tokens.

Positive features

A possible spike in the price of axes exists.

Beautiful pictures

Additionally, you can now play for free.

Negative features

Axies could lose value.

3. Decentraland


This choice definitely be one of the most well-liked blockchain games available.

As a result, Decentraland enables users to manage a shared virtual world with the aid of a worldwide user network. In addition, players can purchase and sell virtual property in this game’s virtual environment while they are exploring, engaging, and playing games.

Positive features

Auctioning NFTs and selling LAND for MANA are also options.

Tokens from Decentraland can be applied in a number of contexts.

Negative features

Decentraland has monotonous landscape.

Users avoid interacting with strangers when they come across them.

Employ licenced game developers

Request Free Pricing

200+ Certified & Expert Programmers, 1200+ Projects Delivered, 12+ Years of Industry Experience, 450+ Clients Worldwide. This is another crypto games.

4.The Sandbox 

The Sandbox 

Sandbox is an intriguing game filled with intriguing encounters. It is decorated in an environmentally responsible way with a mind-blogging atmosphere. A player offers several advantages. The peculiarity of this platform is to monetize at precisely the right points in the play. Even though players can play this game online by exchanging bids. In the virtual world, users can develop, construct, and own assets from anywhere in the world. Being incredibly enthusiastic when exploring new levels in Sandbox is impressive.

Positive features

Games and assets can be created, played, and traded.

Visuals made of voxels

Platform based on the metaverse

Negative features

The Alpha phase is still in progress.

5. Plant vs. Undead

Plant vs. Undead

Play the tranquil farming game Plant vs. Undead to make money in play-to-earn cryptocurrency games. Players who aren’t too interested in fighting games will find Plant vs. Undead comfortable.

In this game, you occasionally defend your plants from attacks by zombie creatures, but your primary aim is on cultivating uncommon Non-fungible tokens plants and expanding your farm.

Positive features

A lot of substance and replayability

An extremely compelling game

The graphics and music are excellent.

Hours of amusement and many laughs

Negative features

Every wave has a propensity to begin in the same manner.

If you don’t eat, you will perish.

It takes time for problems to emerge.

6. Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained

Fans of card games will be delighted by Gods Unchained. Players trade cards with their adversaries during the game to engage in combat. Players have to purchase trading cards from other players. A marketplace where cards can be purchased & sold is called Immutable X.

God’s Unchained uses the GODS token as its primary medium of exchange. It is an ERC-20 token that can be used to create NFTs and cast a vote on the governance proposal. Players must utilise an Ethereum wallet, such as Metamask.

Positive features

Over NFT, skills are given precedence.

Immutable X makes it feasible to trade cards.

Playing the game is totally free.

Negative features

Rules are challenging.

You Can Make Your Own Crypto Game

Request Free Pricing

200+ Certified & Expert Programmers, 1200+ Projects Delivered, 12+ Years of Industry Experience, 450+ Clients Worldwide This is another crypto games.

7. Illuvium


In Illuvium, participants fight one another automatically. LIV tokens can also be acquired through ranking up, winning battles, and completing daily objectives. Also check digital lending companies in India

Players can also gather Illuvials, an NFT monster. Additionally, the market provides trades and upgrades for illuvial. It’s also vital to remember that Immutable X is used to run Illuvium, therefore there are no additional gas costs.

Positive features


Fuel is free.

Increasing profits

Negative features

The only ways to get it are by trading and purchasing, not from mining.

8. Age of Rust

Age of Rust

Are you interested in going on a treasure hunt? The objective of Age of Rust is to go on the adventure of searching for 24 hidden Bitcoins by solving riddles.

The top crypto game, The Age of Rust, is an interactive story game that is based on the ENJIN protocol. Players must solve riddles in a post-apocalyptic environment in order to collect tokens. In a cosmos dominated by AI, there are ominous science fiction sequences. Age of Rust is a game worth playing. This is another crypto games.

Positive features

Enjoyable to play the game

Assistance with blockchains

High level of sophistication in the market

Negative features

There is not a mobile compatibility option.



This horse racing game is ideal for you if you’re curious about the best mobile game concepts and the best crypto game.

In the blockchain-based game ZED RUN, an NFT stands in for a horse. Each horse has unique qualities that can produce a champion stallion, or you might discover that your horse would be better served as a stud. Additionally to blockchain games, our exchange will allow users to trade these tokens.

Positive features

Races are common, and developers are helpful.

Players can make money through both racing and breeding.

Prize money is offered by prize pools and competitions.

Negative features

The popularity decline has resulted in lower prizes.

Strategies are not as important as chances.

Recent platform changes have made breeding less profitable.

10. Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds

One of the most captivating play-to-earn crypto games in the metaverse is Alien Worlds, a blockchain-based free crypto game based on WAX. You must Trillium (TLM) currency to mine Non-fungible tokens for this metaverse game.

Alien World is a valuable coin because it is compatible with Ethereum, WAX, and the Binance smart chain. You won’t require to spend any money in order to use the free mining tools.

Positive features

Discover the planets of a galaxy.

Create and refine your own ship.

Players can engage in battles and trade.

Negative features

Collapsibility is feasible at any time

There exist some game modes that aren’t open

11. Farming Tales

Farming Tales

The Metaverse as a place for agriculture? You are heading to have a fantastic time playing Farming Tales. Players gather NFTs in this play-to-earn crypto game founded on the blockchain operating devices in a crypto farmstead. To begin farming with real husbandry knowledge, you require a collection or singular NFT. This is another crypto games.

Farming Tales offers a combination of farming lands for you to research. Water towers (water supply) can be bought for around USD45 and land for as low as USD100.

Positive features

The play has a 16-bit look and feel

The benefit of NFTs is seamless

Negative features

There is no free-to-play alternative available

12. Splinterlands


Using Splinterlands, you can make money fast. During the trading process, you can earn prizes by trading cards. Known as DEC, Splinter Land’s permit is called Dark Energy Crystal. There will be battles, quests, & purchases to make.

Create an account & buy a spellbook to get created. Creating an account, collecting the crypto substitutable gaming cards (500+), selecting your army strategically, & using marketplaces such as Opensea are all the measures you’ll require to win.

Unlike other competitions, Splinterlands allows you to use third-party applications, so it’s super fun.

Positive features

A vibrant and colourful art style

A classic card battle game

Negative features

Card purchases are required for playing

13. League of Ancient

League of Ancient

In the crypto gaming demand, League of Ancients stands out due to its originality. Monthly users number 117 million. Featuring a combination of features, League of Ancients is a play-to-earn MOBA competition. Real-time rewards & earnings are unrestricted to users. This is another crypto games.

LOA BEP-20 is the money of the League of Ancients, which you make when you win. Your heroes can be selected according to their specialities. The open crypto marketplaces are a good location to exchange your heroes and NFTs.

In order to win, you must have a hero and a plan. In order to earn rewards, you must beat the opposing team.

Positive features

Playability is perfect

Champions of the world

Good residents can sometimes be found

A great value of knowledge can be gained

Negative features

The game is quite addicting

It can impact your daily life in a negative way

This game tilts like no other

People with toxic personalities

14. Sorare


Metaverse raised the Sorare one of the top NFT games to ensure football fanatics could have pleasure as well. Most football leagues (180) are registered members of this football restricted game. Your bonuses include ETH-backed cards, & you get to bet.

As a complimentary bonus, you’ll acquire four free cards from football participants that will recreate for you on the domain. NFTs or points will be made for every club win, for that matter. The problem of the competition determines increased rewards. This is another crypto games. Also check blockchain projects

The cards you will have to recreate with are so rare, they are legendary.

Positive features

Fantasy football is a fantastic way to earn money

More than 200 official licences

The MLB edition is now available

Negative features

The competition requires you to buy rare cards in order to progress

15. MicroPets


One of the leading metaverse frolics on the market is MicroPets . Users bet their coins by funding in mystery boxes & in-game characters established on Binance’s blockchain. This is another crypto games.

A multiplayer tower defence game with a trading platform & metaverse are all part of MicroPets. According to a retired game director, to earn a higher APY, you must select rare pets, which love around 555%, whereas the lowest is 100%. MicroPets are ideal for lazy farmers. NFTs are closed for 30 days, ensuring your peace of intellect.

Positive features

NFTs power Fortnite

Graphics of Triple-A quality

Negative features


What kinds of terms are used in blockchain gaming?

Make Money Playing

To earn money and take part in in-game economies where they may buy and sell game-related goods and services, players are reimbursed for playing blockchain and cryptocurrency games.

Unlike conventional models like free-to-play-to-earn games with in-game purchases or pay-to-play, the blockchain-based gaming ecosystem allows players total control over their digital assets.


Similar to play-to-earn crypto, the pay-to-earn model requires consumers to pay up front for an in-game asset.


Play-to-earn crypto and pay-to-earn models are both mentioned in GameFi, which stresses the income possibilities of gaming.

The blockchain foundation needs to be strong, quick, and fee-effective for a blockchain game to succeed.

Ownership of In-Game Assets

Players are reluctant to spend money on in-game items that are restricted to the developer and cannot be moved.

Because in-game assets are natively tokenized, developers can completely own the crypto they produce.

But as we’ve spoken about, there are several terminologies that are utilised in games. Let’s get back to the main subject, which is what the top cryptogames of 2022 are.

What advantages does cryptocurrency provide for online gaming?

Bitcoin advantages for online gaming

Online games are implementing cryptocurrencies to answer the worries of online game players regarding transactions and frauds.

The advantages include decentralised payments, streamlined payments, true player ownership, and cross-game compatibility.

A few benefits of using cryptocurrencies in online games are listed below:

Instantaneous transactions

With the help of cryptocurrencies, other gamers may enjoy their favourite games more swiftly and effectively by doing away with red tape and ineffective middlemen.

Instant and effective crypto exchange is possible with it.

Another issue developers confront is the challenge of selling gaming software outside of app stores. These developers can process nano-payments utilising blockchain technology.

Playing is possible anywhere.

With cryptocurrencies, players may compete abroad without being concerned about exchange rates or security.

Players don’t need to verify their identities or email addresses in order to participate. It allows gamers to withdraw money and make payments from their accounts without any limitations.

Safe and Secure

When making repeated purchases, security is essential because many online gaming companies lack credibility.

Blockchain technology is used in online games to stop illicit trade in digital currency. It stops hackers from hacking into systems and stealing keys in addition to eradicating key duplication.

It gives gamers comfort knowing that smart contracts are secure and safe.

A Better Return on Your Investment

Using cryptocurrencies is less expensive than using PayPal, credit cards, or bank transfers. With bitcoins, you don’t have to wait for your money to move and there are no additional fees.

Online games can be played without paying handling fees or exchange fees because to the peer-to-peer nature of crypto transactions.

As a result, the approach is more likely to be adopted by other players and the top crypto game producers. Other players receive greater value for their money, and developers profit more.

Safeguards Your Identity

Your personal information could occasionally not be protected while you play the greatest crypto games online.

Characters in bitcoin games that do not require you to divulge personal information are the finest.

Users have the option of keeping their bitcoin purchases a secret unless they choose to do so voluntarily. As a result, each time a user makes a purchase, their anonymous cryptocurrency address is modified.

Is the Future of Online Gaming Cryptocurrency?

The increased demand for crypto gaming has investors interested in it. Mark Cuban led the startup’s initial round of fundraising, which brought around $7.5 million. Andreessen Horowitz has established a new $600 million fund for Web 3.0 games in addition to Framework Ventures.

In addition to Solana, Polygon has started to invest in blockchain games using platforms that support decentralised money (DeFi). The crypto gaming market is probably going to expand as more and more investors support crypto gaming platforms.

Which Tech Stack Is Required to Create Cryptographic Games?

For the creation of a solid and dependable blockchain/crypto game, a team of professionals and a solid technical stack are required.

Front-end and back-end developers

Creators of UI/UX

Developers of crypto games for iOS and Android

The Quality Assurance Team and testers

Group PR

How much accomplishes it command to develop a crypto game?

Crypto games may offer players a better user experience depending on the features offered. Depending on the production process, games are frequently created at varying speeds per hour. Based on the costs associated with the creation of comparable games, the game’s projected price range is $200 to $350K. Depending on a game’s individual features and gameplay, the price may change.

The game with the highest development cost is listed below:

Making in the USA costs $300,000.

Making a product in the UK costs $300,000.

A crypto game in Canada costs $280K to produce.

$200k is the price of producing in India.

$265K is the price of production in Australia.

To maximise efficiency, crypto games should include these factors. We are one of the top game firms, nevertheless. So please do get in touch with us.


The digit of play-to-earn games in the crypto gaming industry will rise in the next years. The few play-to-earn games we’ve highlighted here make up a very small percentage of the total number of play-to-earn games accessible.

All popular coins are available for purchase if you want to start playing crypto-based games. The most advanced facilities and highly knowledgeable personnel are offered by Ninehertz. If you are interested, do get in touch with us via our website.

Questions and Answers about Crypto Games

1. What technological foundation supports cryptogames?

Using a non-fungible token market or through gameplay, users can earn bitcoin prizes (NFT). The marriage of cryptocurrencies and gaming is working well.

2. Can you earn money playing games with cryptocurrency?

One of the most well-liked play-to-earn crypto games available is called Plant vs. Undead. It is a diverse and distinctive game with excellent prospects and objectives. Tokens in the game, which is powered by Binance Smart Chain, can be kept in a Metamask wallet. You can acquire PVU tokens by generating light energy.

3. What games are available in the crypto world at no cost?

God’s Unchained is a free crypto game that has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. Online retailers provide digital card games based on NFTs. Ethereum cards built on the blockchain can be gathered, exchanged, competed with, purchased, and sold.

4. What is AXIE Infinity’s potential as an investment?

Axie Infinity is a worthwhile investment because the game’s token is essential to its operation. In the game, where there are more than 2.8 million daily players, AXS is presently trading for $3.6 billion.


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