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Top 15 Best eBusiness Pages Alternatives in 2022

Best ebusiness pages alternatives will be described in this article. EBusiness Pages is a comprehensive company directory where you can easily locate any item or service among the many listings. For both small and large enterprises in the USA, the platform is the best option for streamlining efficiency through efficient product promotion and listing. Then, the individuals will discover what they are seeking for.

You don’t have to deal with anything; all you have to do is register your company and website, then sit back and watch eBusiness Pages work wonders for your company. Do you want your website to receive more visitors? Gain more money? Then eBusiness Pages is unquestionably a worthwhile solution for you to boost revenue sources. You may do a search as a user to get the necessary company details, such as contact information, opening times, and more.

Top 15 Best eBusiness Pages Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best eBusiness Pages Alternatives are explained here.

1. Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages

A website called Yellow Page provides information on company listings and service providers, including phone numbers, events, maps, articles, and more. This is a location that openly displays the establishments you have recently visited as well as anything new or changed. With the help of this tool, you may create contacts for restaurants, hospitals, grocery stores, auto repair shops, and more. Also check business wire

This is another ebusiness pages alternative. It also provides a mobile application where you can search for products, services, directions, and even discounts. Based on your location, you may do a search using the comprehensive search engine. In addition, Yellow Pages also offers business advertising services, so take advantage of a free listing today to improve the growth of your company.


A popular website in Canada called offers a cutting-edge method to interact with local businesses by sharing, reading, creating, and sharing reviews about them. Depending on your region, you can search for any services or things, like carpenters, books, plumbers, goods, cosmetics, and more. also provides its customers with website designs that are SEO-optimized, enabling them to create online presences that have real-time customer exposure.

By having correct information to generate consumer traffic, you may use this resource to streamline the operation of your organisation, and a featured listing can help your SEO efforts. You can eventually receive reviews on your websites since an opinion engine powers every review that is written. Additionally, functions as a sort of business centre that lets you manage all of your listings thanks to data partners.

3. MapQuest Business

MapQuest Business

MapQuest Business is a neighbourhood business hub where you can get all the details about the company providing the service you need. No matter what products or services are most in demand, you may create your own list of the business’s contacts. Making a product listing for each item has another advantage since it allows them to view the services you are providing in full transparency. This is another ebusiness pages alternative.

By providing a local business centre with all relevant information regarding hours, phone numbers, and current information, MapQuest Business makes it easier for you to take charge of your business. With the millions of calls and visitors your business will receive thanks to having precise information, this is your opportunity to stand departure from the competition. Get the crucial transparency in real-time map instructions so that anybody can find your store or place of business. Claim your company, confirm who the business owner is, and begin by double-checking the details.

4. Superpages


Superpages is a local business directory where users can contribute information about businesses and their goods and services while also finding the appropriate goods and services. With consumers visiting the site frequently thanks to Superpages, your company will earn more. The key is to keep your information current so that customers can discover the service easily and your company will be more competitive than anybody else’s.

Superpages provides genuine product listings and information to thousands of clients in the United States. In order to get the dependable service, you may expand your contact list as a valued customer. By putting the name of the needed service into the search bar, the system will produce a list of the most recent information. Superpages also appears to be the most reliable internet site for learning about the goods and services of interest.

5. is a company listing website that enables you to get details about the necessary goods and services. You may search for any item or service on the site, including those in the automotive, food and beverage, meals, medical, metals, transportation, minerals, and more.

This is another ebusiness pages alternative. You may create your product listing as the owner of a business website to make it simple for people to locate the appropriate goods. This may increase the number of prospective clients for your firm, but you must ensure that the information is accurate. By including the appropriate goods in the Wand directory, it helps to expand company and increase productivity. Also check Chatbot development companies

6. 2findlocal


A local search directory called 2findlocal enables you to connect with services and goods that are appropriate for your products. As a company owner, you may list items, and buyers can learn more about services associated with the things they are searching for. Due to the platform’s ability to provide companies with up-to-date listing information, customers are more likely to return to your website. Whether you’re looking for hardware, appliances, clothing, fragrances, online services and subscriptions, routers, beauty goods, or anything else, 2findlocal has it all.

People will do searches based on the product and area, and an extensive search engine will quickly produce the results that are pertinent. It’s simple to enter your business online; just claim it, get your incentives, and join the affiliate programme. Additionally, 2findlocal is a trustworthy directory to have if you want to increase the value of your company listing by attracting more website visitors.

7. LinkedIn Company Directory

LinkedIn Company Directory

You can easily locate all the key company listings on LinkedIn Company Directory, allowing you to often visit the services and offerings of the nearby organisations. Everything is here, from technology to shopping and subscriptions. As a businessperson or entrepreneur, you may confidently pursue sales and profit for your company. There is a tracking box at the top of the website that you can use to find any product or service, and the search engine will give you the most recent results.

The purpose of the LinkedIn Company Directory is to provide your company a competitive edge by providing current information and product listings. Give yourself the opportunity to increase traffic to your online business, and these people will undoubtedly become prospective clients. You only need to submit your website, and LinkedIn Company Directory will take care of the rest. The platform now supports all of the top global brands, including Amazon, VMware, Alibaba, Tesla, IBM, BAT, Slack, Sasol, and more to come. This is another ebusiness pages alternative.

8. Yell – Local Businesses Near You

Yell - Local Businesses Near You

Yell is a platform for local business directories that gives you details on the most recent goods and services offered by all the nearby small companies. On the move, check for any services or goods you need, get in touch with, and leave reviews for nearby companies. As a business owner, take advantage of the opportunity to advertise your website so that it receives more and more visitors.

You may easily create your company listing regardless of the type of business you run, whether it be internet services, carpentry, a workshop, plumber, toys, or anything else. Verify the accuracy of all the information you’ve entered, including phone numbers, locations, opening times, directions, and more. People will therefore always locate the appropriate information and ease of access without any difficulty. Additionally, Yell may be a useful resource for locating any services you require in your neighbourhood and offers companies a chance to expand through their product listings.

9. EDC Business Connection

EDC Business Connection

One of the top platforms for businesses to interact with other companies across the world and boost their growth is EDC Business Connection. With the knowledge and insight provided by the Canadian and EDC Business Connection programme, your company will have a significant influence on the worldwide market. Additionally, all the top businesses striving to innovate are there. With a particular set of worldwide businesses, top-tier industry specialists work assiduously to uncover company demands that are useful in identifying the best chances.

This is another ebusiness pages alternative. You may confidently move your business forward with the help of EDC Business Connection if you have a current marketing standard and decision-making capabilities. Connecting all Canadian businesses access global business prospects is the EDC Business Connection’s core objective. Create an account and submit your company profile, and EDC will handle the rest as it relates to your firm.

10. is a comprehensive business management and software solution that offers a platform that enables your company to continue evolve at the rate it requires. The platform ends up being a digital hub for businesses where customers can get real-time data as well as items they can use and administer in addition to finding them. Using the tools and services provided by, you may list your products while having access to correct information.

Get the most out of your marketing mechanization software to run effective and dependable onboarding, cross-selling, upselling, winning back, and nurturing campaigns for users that are triggered by email and dashboard. provides all relevant information, from demographic to physiographic data, so you may base your predictions more accurately on the activities. It is also important to mention that is a comprehensive solution for all of your business needs, including security suite, marketing bundles, member and trade organisations, and digital transformation.

11. Myhuckleberry


Myhuckleberry is a comprehensive company directory where you may locate any goods, services, and bargains in accordance with your requirements. The product listing also gives you the opportunity to advertise your company, and the information you offer there can help other people find your service. You may create the advertising of any business that you are in, whether it be marketing services, furniture, an internet store, home appliances, or something else entirely. This is another ebusiness pages alternative. Also check annex cloud

It only brings a few easy steps to register your company and website; the rest will be handled by Myhuckleberry to increase your company’s sales and website traffic. Additionally, a simple search may be used to locate anything on this site depending on location. Additionally, you may use the dashboard to get a bargain or find coupons for special savings. Additionally, Myhuckleberry is offering professional guidance so you may choose before taking into account any possibilities.

12. Manta


Manta is the centre for small companies, where you may browse through hundreds of establishments or register your own to attract customers. Searching for chances for advancement? You want more clients. Manta will then use the free business listings to do priceless things for your company. There is no doubt that this will improve the amount of visitors to your website. As a buyer, you must enter the service that corresponds to the location you are in the search box.

The only something left to do is register your business and fill out all the required information, including the location, goods, and business hours. Any item or service is available to consumers, including ones in the fields of medicine, automobile rentals, the military, textiles, manufacturing, computer software, and more. Additionally, a proper review system is founded on it, so you can locate the perfect product with certainty.


This is another ebusiness pages alternative. is a classy online business directory where you can get all the necessary details about any company, including those that deal with appliances, furnishings, internet subscriptions, carpenters, and much more. By completing the information on the platform, you can quickly register your business, and customers will be able to locate it in their searches. With consumers visiting frequently, gives companies a competitive edge so you can end the day with more money in your pocket.

Each product has been examined by industry experts so you can determine which one has the greatest specifications available. Use Spoke’s wide search engine to conduct your search so that you can always find the information that best meets your needs. Sign up most likely using one of your social networking accounts, such as Facebook or Twitter.

14. Hotfrog


With the help of the respected marketing platform Hotfrog, your company may establish an online presence on any social media network or over the entire internet and have an immediate impact. Do you want to increase visitors and sales as much as possible? Then Hotfrog might be a convincing choice for your company to do the necessary adjustments.

Register with Hotfrog to add your company quickly and easily. Include all the details that will encourage customers to come into your establishment. For those seeking for goods and services, Hotfrog serves as a local business directory. People may discover the information they need before making a purchase by reading reviews of the items, which is another option available. In addition, Hotfrog offers information about nearby companies that provide the goods and services you require, like furniture, electronics, pets, and more.

15. Cylex


In order to improve their probabilities of making more money, businesses may connect with potential clients via the online business directory Cylex. Simply register your business with Cylex and complete your product listings, and different business owners can list their goods and services at any time. This allows customers to easily identify the things they need. This is another ebusiness pages alternative.

People from many nations will look for the things they need and buy them if, after reading various evaluations, they deem them adequate. Find any details you can about the company, such as its location, contact details, product categories, and more, to add. Additionally, Cylex is taking care of all of your website’s online and social media marketing requirements for exposure.


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