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Top 15 Best Mosyle Business Alternatives In 2022

Best Mosyle business alternatives will be described in this article. The Apple-based mobile device management solution Mosyle Business offers scalable endpoint management for organisations, complete security, and cloud support. The platform is affordable, expandable, safe, and simple to incorporate.

By utilising the mobile device management features of the platform to their fullest potential, Mosyle Business helps its consumers lower their total cost of right by streamlining IT management, cutting the cost of IT staff, improving control over sensitive company data, and reducing its susceptibility to pricey security crises.

With Mosyle Business, multiple user device management is trustworthy. We offer highly detailed access control, application deployment, data protection, and remote management. For organisations, the application provides total security, cloud support, and scalable endpoint management.

Additionally, it provides the architecture required to create a comprehensive automated workflow in addition to a potent reporting and business intelligence system.

You may manage your company’s Apple devices successfully with the aid of Mosyle Business, a new generation MDM provider, while upholding strict compliance and complete control over the privacy settings.

The solution works with all Apple devices that are simultaneously running iOS and Mac OS.

Top 15 Best Mosyle Business Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best Mosyle Business Alternatives are explained here.

1. Hexnode MDM

Hexnode MDM

A software programme for managing mobile devices and corporate mobility is called Hexnode MDM.

All popular mobile operating systems, including Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry, are supported by Hexnode MDM.

For better security and compliance, it is a comprehensive platform that allows IT total control over company data and company-owned devices (BYOD).

Using industry-standard protocols like Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP, SAML, OAUTH2, and others, Hexnode MDM enables organisations to enforce business policies across all mobile devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

This is another alternative of mosyle business. It includes the profile management function, giving you access to a full set of management tools for users and devices.

Devices or users are allocated profiles when the Administrator defines them in accordance with the business needs.

On the other hand, you have a system for managing policies that enables administrators to create, alter, implement, and keep track of enterprise security policies for all mobile devices.

The cost-effective solution provided by Hexnode MDM is renowned for its endpoint management capabilities, zero-touch deployment, intelligent automation, enterprise-ready connections, and other features.

2. Addigy


Addigy is a multi-client and multi-location remote management and monitoring programme for the mac platform.

It has a straightforward apple deployment and management system that integrates well with your tech stacks.

With the help of this web-based programme, it is possible to keep track of every client from any place using any device without the need to install or maintain complicated equipment.

Additionally, it has an integrated IT asset management system that allows you to monitor your devices’ settings.

Addigy will therefore handle it for you if you need to replace a device or remotely troubleshoot a problem with it.

It gives you the freedom to plan, follow, and watch from any location.

With Addigy, you get immediate access to information on all of your Macs, PCs, tablets, smartphones, game consoles, routers, and switches across numerous clients and locations.

By giving you a simple method for running scripts, sending messages, or sending files to individuals or groups of people – You can get access to everything you need to remotely manage or troubleshoot your clients with only a few clicks. This is another alternative of mosyle business.

Features include quick remote access, instant remote management for macOS, flexible client support, application monitoring, user activity reporting, and more.

3. ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus

ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus

Enterprises can manage and secure applications and data from a centralised console with ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus, a complete mobile device management solution.

Enterprises can manage and safeguard applications and data from a central interface with Mobile Device Manager Plus, a comprehensive mobile device management solution. Also check annex cloud alternatives

MDM Plus provides a wide range of versatile choices for managing various device types, including the ability to set policies based on device type and category, create black lists, and delete sensitive corporate data.

Additionally, MDM Plus provides a number of security guidelines like app management, remote wipe/lock, and password changes.

When provisioning, operating, or updating a device, the Provisioning Manager features allow you to automatically configure the settings on the device without user input.

The Administrator can easily configure devices in bulk by performing mass actions.

The Administrator is able to carry out tasks like simultaneously sending emails to several devices or initiating remote lock/wipe on several devices.

The device management console is accessible by several administrators, who may carry out a variety of functions include pushing software to devices, monitoring devices, remotely debugging devices, and setting custom policies for devices.

ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus handles all of your device management, app management, security management, email management, content management, and containerization needs.

Overall, the mDMP Plus solution gives you control over your devices and applications and is extremely adaptable and expandable with your business demands.

4. Devicemax


Devicemax is a luxurious mobile device management platform with lavish remote support that makes it simple to manage and configure a variety of devices.

This is another alternative of mosyle business. The software is renowned for managing services including tracking device performance, storage, and battery.

The app is always being updated.

This app is used by some of the top businesses to manage their devices.

Devicemax is a great tool for managing the data, apps, and images of many Android devices at once.

Additionally, it provides you with the ability to control and administer the installed software remotely.

Quick Scan is a very helpful function that enables you to quickly scan your device.

For both home and business customers, it provides the best device management experience, and administrators have the power to control setups.

Top industries are receiving a variety of solutions from the platform, which not only supports their MNOs but also MVNOs, ISPs, field assistance, retail management, and much more.

It has a wide range of parts, such as increased ARPU, remote access, remote file sharing, inventory management, remote lock, and hybrid development.

5. Esper


Esper is a cloud-based programme that offers an agile solution to manage your end-to-end policies.

To streamline your policymaking processes, Esper is offering powerful data, analysis, and workflow capabilities.

You may advance your business operations to the next level with Esper’s software.

You can effortlessly manage and keep track of your policies now that you have the full insurance management solution in your hands.

The app provides all the tools you require to increase the productivity of your company.

It greatly facilitates your job because to its automated and accessible tracking tools.

You can use any internet connected device to access this entirely web-based application since no installations are necessary.

Esper offers comprehensive data, analysis, and workflow capabilities on a user-friendly platform to expedite your policymaking processes. This is another alternative of mosyle business.

This is one of the more cozy methods to monitor and discover how much money your business is paying on insurance.

It is currently providing one of the most potent tools for managing and developing applications for Android devices, providing a remarkable user experience.

It has a wide spectrum of toolsets under its control for this, including control, visibility, and cooperation from development through deployment to production.

6. brightfin


A SaaS startup called brightfin (formerly known as Mobile Solutions) offers comprehensive mobile device management solutions.

Software for managing mobile devices completely is available from brightfin for startups, large businesses, and SMBs.

The mobile solutions assist enterprises in remote device management and data security.

Additionally, it ensures that they don’t lose any data.

It enables organisations in the people, private, and corporate sectors to exert more control over the mobile devices, apps, and generated data of their personnel.

The platform gives administrators comprehensive access and control so they can handle device configuration issues and remotely monitor employee productivity.

7. MobiLock Pro

MobiLock Pro

The most complete security and management tool created for company-owned and employee-owned mobile devices is MobiLock Pro.

BYOD security software offers the ideal level of protection without placing too many restrictions on users.

The most complete security and management tool created for company-owned and employee-owned mobile devices is MobiLock Pro.

This solution was created to enforce the rules required for a business with significant security risks, where it is vital to restrict employees from accessing private data or deleting it.

This is another alternative of mosyle business. You will be able to run one programme continuously on the device and can prevent users from installing unapproved applications.

It gives lavish support for a cloud-based device management dashboard that would be quite useful in controlling, enrolling, and administering many devices. It also comes with a mobile lock browser that lets you conceal the address bar of the Android.

8. Miradore MDM

Miradore MDM

Miradore MDM is a new smarter mobile device management software that has been making it exceedingly easy to securely order tablets, laptops, and other working systems.

The system has been outstanding with its broad feature that provides nicely for device management using a centralised platform. Also check  ebusiness pages alternatives

Miradore MDM is the method to go to make secure access of the device from anywhere and is placing the data security to its top priority to make sure no breaches are there.

This product is also assuring data compliance across the firm, and you have a visible means to encrypt all confidential data, a separate enterprise and personal use, and prevent the suspicious use of applications.

It has been easy to have proper command over the use of devices now running in companies and acquire a consistent way to make remote setups, manage apps, and access data and dashboards.

There are various components on offer that include automated chores, ensure adherence, lifecycle control, patch management, device and data security, advanced configuration, location tracking, ease of deployment, extensive analytics, integration support, and more to add.

9. IBM BigFix

IBM BigFix

IBM BigFix is an all-in-one system management utility that uses administrators with an agent-based solution in order to have total view of the endpoint and have an automated way to tackle issues.

The system administrators have the facilities to execute patch management, software allocation, operating system deployment, network access security, software inventory functionality, and remote control.

This system management software has multiple components that include lifecycle management, patch management, security & compliance, inventory, and server automation. This is another alternative of mosyle business.

The patch management will conduct OS rollout, remote control, and more.

Talking about patch control that consists of vendor patches developed for operating systems including Linux, Microsoft, Unix, &  Macintosh as well as for third-party programmes.

Security & compliance includes conventional CIS, STIG, and third-party baselines, removable device control, and network self-isolation.

In the end, server automation will give hypervisor activities that aid in developing and managing virtual machines right the data centre infrastructure.

10. Jamf Endpoint Security

Jamf Endpoint Security

Jamf Endpoint security is an all-in-one endpoint security delivering a utility that is tailored for the macOS system.

This agile and distinctive software is giving prevention against macOS malware and instantly identifies and resolve threats and provides constant monitoring of endpoints for sure make compliance.

Jamf Endpoint protection is offering support to security and IT teams with Mac regardless of the size of the organisation and is basically providing you tools to comprehend the Mac system better.

This dynamic programme is all about protecting and keeping Mac endpoint compliance and assists thru offering the whole facts required for addressing antivirus demands.

For macOS, Jamf Endpoint Protection employs its core security method to give stronger preventions, more robust controls, widespread visibility, and environment cleanup that is configurable.

This is another alternative of mosyle business. Comprehensive insight, defence against complex threats, alerting for diverse activities, minimising downtime, minimal end-user effect, isolating machines, deleting undesired data, and other functions are among the rich capabilities.

11. VMware Endpoint Security

VMware Endpoint Security

Modern enterprises that maintain security and compliance to stop data breaches utilise VMware Endpoint Protection software.

With the help of its endpoint protection product, Carbon Black from VMware, enterprises may more readily discover assaults and other crucial concerns.

VMware Endpoint Protection does a clever job of replacing the obsolete antivirus with lightweight prevention that suits your business demands while automating your investigative workflow to respond immediately.

Take full advantage of the cloud-native endpoint protection, which offers automatic detection as well as prevention, and acts as a reliable source of defence against complex cyber-attacks.

Since you have the attack chain facts that make it possible to immediately identify the underlying causes, you have transparent visualisation at every level of the attack.

The ability to block malware and ransomware, ease deployment and operation, quickly customise protection, get threat intelligence from the cloud, isolate infected devices, remove suspicious files, and more are additional essential advantages.

12. Manageengine Endpoint Security

Manageengine Endpoint Security

A unified product called Manageengine Endpoint Security performs a multitude of activities, including patch management, vulnerability analysis, application and device control, and browser security.

The software solution offers you an automated approach for controlling varied endpoints, automating repetitive operations, and, most likely, providing as a dependable resource for enhancing productivity by enabling mobility.

Manageengine Endpoint Security makes it quick and secure to diagnose a machine remotely and ensures that networks are protected against zero-day attacks.

IT enterprises and MSPs are utilising Manageengine Endpoint Security to centralise administration of web browsers, desktop computers, and mobile devices.

You have a choice of methods to safeguard all endpoint devices completely utilising the organization’s network from vulnerabilities and insider threats. This is another alternative of mosyle business.

The vast features include cross-platform patch management, data leak prevention, intelligent dashboards and reporting, flexible operations, web server hardening, thorough file shadowing, role-based file access control, and more.

13. Mobileiron UEM

Mobileiron UEM

Organizations can address today’s security challenges with the help of Mobileiron UEM (Unified Endpoint Management), an all-in-one unified endpoint management system.

In order to identify every user, device, application, and network before giving access to company resources, the system is implementing the zero-trust technique.

Through the usage of the unified solution, MobileIron UEM enables organisations of all sizes to preserve and streamline the security management of their endpoints.

UEM eliminates all expenses and complexity-related vulnerabilities and offers a pleasant, native experience for both end users and administrators of onboarding devices.

Businesses benefit from Mobileiron UEM’s device validation, user context, application authorization checks, network verification, and, most significantly, threat detection and remediation using a specialised mobile security platform.

Protecting corporate assets, following to regulations, maintaining application security, managing the entire endpoint lifetime, preserving employee privacy, native user experience, automated enrollment, fully supplied endpoint, and other characteristics are just a few.

14. Cisco Meraki Systems Manager

Cisco Meraki Systems Manager

A excellent tool renowned for decreasing network security and compliance vulnerabilities is Cisco Meraki Systems Manager.

This system uses a centralised strategy to provide, monitor, and secure all endpoints while making sure to be informed of the device change every time through the network. It also encrypts network traffic between the user’s device and the access point.

This is another alternative of mosyle business. With its intelligent provisioning, Cisco Meraki Systems Manager enables the pre-enrollment of devices or the dynamic addition of users as they join your network. Also check Chatbot development companies

You can gain the best benefits from real-time visibility on device health, security posture, and credibly get on top of software and hardware products for the full fleet of devices if you finish monitoring laptops and mobile devices wherever they are.

Numerous features include a variety of network policies, the ability to safeguard devices and data, integrate network access control, use an advanced system manager, provide hassle-free VPN access, and more.

15. Citrix Endpoint Management

Citrix Endpoint Management

Citrix Endpoint Management, initially XenMobile, is a unified platform that supports all endpoints and has changed the workplace experience.

With the support of the digital workspace, this utility improves everyone’s experience and enables the user to work more effectively.

You can construct a workspace with Citrix Endpoint Management that is intuitive, secure, and uses a single console to handle all endpoints.

You now have the chance to optimise the installation of Microsoft Endpoint Manager and give the optimum employee experience while minimising support calls. This is another alternative of mosyle business.

The strategic strategy for infrastructure upkeep, monitoring, delivery, and scaling is supplied by Citrix Endpoint Management.

Additionally, Citrix Endpoint Management manages upgrades and bug fixes for you automatically, saving you time.

Complete workspace solution, faster device and application management, support for seamless integration, proactive monitoring, identification of risk and security issues, sophisticated analytics and reports, and more features are among the many given.


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